tomato problem. pics

ChicagoDeli37August 4, 2012

Having tomato problems 4 better bush all.did well all season up until now. Few weeks bad had a bad storm. And these four got pretty beat up. Tide them back up and they seemed to be doing well. Lower leaves underneath and inside started dying and turning all 4 planted leaves are discolored slightly not everywhere though. The plants seem weak and some bigger stems seemed to heavy and want to just fall right over. I've been watering them everyday considering it's been hot and they are big plants. Here's some pictures.

This is a cherry in between the 2 better bush.

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Here's a cherry tomato in a. 5 gallon. He has been doing well up until now. But also has started turning yellow. I used organic ferts few weeks back as well as fish and seaweed fert mixed in water can.

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