Just starting out! Questions need answered

jamesyd77August 16, 2012

I have a grow light set up which Im hoping will allow me to grow 1 tomato plant but I was just wondering what cfl lightbulb should I get? How many hours a day do I have it on? What tomato plant will fit into a 12 inch space? What are some links to good websites?

Thanks James

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For tomato varieties, try Tiny Tim and Bitonto. They are very small.

It's hard to produce much fruit with flourescents. A small hps light would work better, but they make more heat, and you have to ventilate more. Tomatoes are day-length neutral, so I don't think it matters much how long you make your days. You could turn the lights off for a few hours in the hot part of the day if you have heat problems.

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