Plum Delight, chang's ruby or Burgungy blast Loropetalum

cynthianovakOctober 8, 2011

Do you have this plant in your landscape? I just bought one then read online that it is happiest in zone 8 and 9!

It said it could be OK in the warmer sections of zone 7. Say's it will be burned back by too much cold. errrgh or perhaps that is brrrr.

I hope someone has this in her garden in the DFW area.

I also went for Chang's Ruby and Burgundy Blast. Yes, I'm replacing some azaleas that didn't make it.

thanks all


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debndal(8a DFW, TX)

I have Chang's Ruby against the south wall in partial sun (until midafternoon, then late afternoon). It really looked ragged after last years cold spell, but it bounced back quickly once it warmed up. I like it cause it holds the purple leaf color pretty well, the leaves are fairly small, and even tho it is taller than I expected it to get (about 6') it is light and airy so doesn't block the South bedroom window, just shades it nicely. I cut it back to about 3' after it blooms, and then let it grow until the next year.

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Thanks Deb
I might drop a cover on it if we get another nasty freeze.

I didn't realize it would get to 6 ft tall. How many years did it take to get there?

I thought Purple Pixie was a goner. I planted 3, kept the pots and receipt just in case and all 3 made it. They are still small, just starting to look as nice as they did when I bought them. Can't wait to see them in another year. I did tear up that receipt from a big box store.


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debndal(8a DFW, TX)

It got there in 3 years, but as I said, it is not thick so doesn't block the light into the room and can still look thru the branches from inside and see the rest of the garden. Just long arching branches, and I really like the way it looks - not wild and rangy, but graceful. I just cut it down below the window after it blooms and let it grow up again.

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Ohhh Ohhh
I need to move one or two before he gets too happy in his spot.

I got used to camelias. They say 6 ft but it takes 16 years to get there.

Need to rethink quickly

I love Chang's foliage too.


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debndal(8a DFW, TX)

My Chang gets quite a bit of sun, and is right in front of a sprinkler head, so I know he is happy. If you have less water and less sun your Chang might stay smaller - but definitely not azalea small. My azaleas didn't survive the summer either. That's the last of the azalea growing for me. I'm letting the blue mist flower take over their spot. The monarchs are loving it right now.

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I Love Blue mist almost as much as the Monarch's do. I hadn't thought about transplanting some in the now open azalea spaces. I tried to gather and sprinkle seeds this spring, but no success. Guess I'll do some transplats.

I moved on Chang's Ruby and am so happy I heard from you because the new spot is perfect! It is near sweet almond verbena and will make a nice purple back a few years..for the white delicate flowers.

thanks again for the infor and great ideas.

BTW how much sun does your blue mist get? Is it the tall one? I assume so because it's gorgeous right now


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carrie751(z7/8 TX)

If you need a lot of Blue Mist, Cynthia, I am your girl. I have it in a number of areas and it always needs to be thinned. Most of mine is in full sun, but I also have it in dappled shade, and it is more obedient there and continues to bloom.

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Thanks Carrie
I have a patch myself. Started transplanting some this afternoon. More to move. Putting it in a sunny patch to join a young loropetalum and beauty berry. It should find the sun around them and make me smile when I look at the hacked hedge of my nasty neighbor. Flowers and crawling plants are wonderful buffers.


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debndal(8a DFW, TX)

My mistflower Conoclinium Coelestinum gets sun till about 1-2PM and then shade. It's pretty agressive in its spot, so after it freezes back I pull it like I'm trying to get rid of it, and that leaves me just enough roots left to get it going again the next year. It's surrounded by nandina and hollies, so doesn't really overtake its area like it would if there were other perennials in its way!

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