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wiringman(ZONE 4)August 18, 2011

i have never had such a unproductive tomato year.

we are one month away from the first frost and i have gotten maybe 2 dozen tomatoes so far. and i have 600 tomato plants in my garden.

we have not had a day ove 90 degrees yet. and it has been a wet year.

our reservoirs are still full and we can still use 200% or our water shares. by this time last year we were down to 20%.

and when i do water the garden it rain the next day.

well my cabbage, beans, corn, cucumbers and rood crops are doing very well.

my peas and radishes were great this year and for some reason my onions are doing well.


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Aw, Dean, I have the opposite problem - too much heat - but I still know how you feel when you don't get tomatoes after putting in all that effort. I can't imagine what it is like to have 600 plants and only get 2 dozen tomatoes, though. That is just heartbreaking.

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I'm with ya Dean. Though we did have some hot weather in early June (before I transplanted) and hot and DRY in July, most of the year has been really wet.

Most of it's my own fault - 75 plants in soil that wasn't ready for them, planted late, but nothing off the 1 plum and 2 heirlooms that are in good soil (though they have green fruit), so far almost 7lbs of Glaciers from 9 plants (actually only 7, 2 plants haven't had any ripe yet though they're coming along), but most of those are split and/or have green shoulders.

My peas rotted instead of germinated, half the lettuce rotted and the other half bolted, but the cukes are doing well. Still haven't picked much squash. I swear I had more tomatoes from 6 plants last year than I will get from 82 this year!

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that sucks. did your crop get wiped out from diseases or do you still have the majority of plants?

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Cry cry cry - the first heirloom that was breaking rotted. Big soft spot on the side, black mold on the top near the stem. And it was nowhere near ripe, though bigger than my hand, must have been 2 lb! Darn rain...

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