UPDATE: Secret Santa Seed Swap 4 ( thank you and games)

flwrs4everDecember 21, 2013

Thanks to everyone for their kindness and generosity ! I love hearing the excitement and love in this swap :)

It isn't the quantity, it is the love that went into the ones sent !!!

Please post thank you's here once the last thread is full..and we will continue BINGO.

Please remember this swap will continue all month, or until all the cards and thanks are received.


bingo words

Christmas Cookies
jack frost

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iloveforac - sent me pretty kinkade painting card with Purple picottee petunia (love it), Lettuce Prizhead, Lettuce ruby and masclun gormet greens mix. Love it all. I grew ruby and prizehead lettuce before but lost the seeds so happy to get it again and I absolutely love them. Thank you so much.

sjc48 - sent me pretty :Let it snow" card with Tomato better boy (commercial seed of parkseed). Love tomatoes and grow every year. Thank you so much.

MissyGA64 - sent me pretty snowman card says (painted for you by sydney and me me) nice card love it. Sent along with lots of packs of seeds like Pepper Numex big jim, Big rainbow
heirloom tomatoes, Wisconsin pickling sme68 cucumber, Mizuna asian green, Lettuce amish deer tongue, Pepper sweet purple bell and Pepper hot hungarian wax. Wow! lots of pepper. Love the selection and can't wait to try it. Thank you so much.

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Thanks to:
Micyrey for Dames Rocket and Cosmos seeds

Pinkris for petunia "Laura Bush", two kinds of Salvias and celosia

Kchd for Asclepias incarnata

Naturegirl2007 for Impatiens

Cghpnd for three kinds of milkweed and candytuft

Sheryl for Coreopsis

Thanks for your generosity and for the beautiful cards! I shall think of you when I see your flowers in my garden.


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Received a really pretty Gingerbread Lady card today from Iris/rane_grow today. She sent me a generous amount of Bronze Fennel seeds, thank you, Iris! I'm going to be able to have lots of clumps of this, this year, thanks to all Santa's little elves!

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I slid down the driveway to the mail box and it was so worth it, I got 2 more cards.

from socalgardengal( I'm a so cal native too, but closer to LA) I got mongolian sunflowers, speckled gourds, and lavender and polor bear zinnias.

from sjc48 ( agreat homemade card) I got earthwalker sunflowers.

great seeds and cards

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roper2008 (7b)

I received seeds from Linda (clip clop). She sent
red & pink salvia and cosmos…

Thank you Linda
Merry Christmas

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Wow the seeds and cards are never ending :)

From VAJeff Purple Calabash Tomato and Japanese Black Trifele Tomato. Thanks so much!

From Detroitgirl77 Black Zebra Tomato and Black Plum Tomato. I love plum tomatoes

From MissyGA64 Hearts of Gold Cantaloupe, Delicata Squash, Cherokee Purple Tomato, and Black Krim Tomato :) They all sound yummy

From Christine Orange Manazono Pepper, Black from Tula Tomato, Black and Red Boar Tomato, and German Red Garlic Bubils! Thank you so much :)

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Thank you so much Christine (socalgardengal) for the darling sparkly kitten card! I just love it! Also for the awesome selection of tomatoes and peppers you sent! wow! new mex pepper, Alma paprika pepper, anaheim pepper, santa fe grande pepper, brandywine pink tomato, ponderosa pink tomato, and pink accordian tomato! Gosh! I am super excited! thank you Christine wishing you and yours a blessed & Merry Christmas and a fabulous 2014 gardening season! =)

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During the past week, some very generous Santas sent me -

From MissyGA64, I received seeds of thyme, and who ever has enough time? not me - my todos and dry slope out front thank you. And the black card drifting in white snow, sparkling stars and ice-crystalled snowman, with gorgeous graphic of a Celtic knot in holly inside is so lovely.

Also loved Micyray's pinked-edge card with navy-blue embossed snow flakes on navy-blue sky, centered on glittering stars. There are some places where dh and I walk with meadows among woods and streams - hilly - where I've seen some of the wild flowers she sent (in spite of deer) - and I look forward to wintersowing these and trying them out in a deer-challenged garden I'm trying to plant. The corn poppy, spurred snapdragon and Gregg's Mist Flower will be perfect there as well as a few other spots that need a touch of elegant wildness.

Lisa/ishareflowers sent two very pretty cards - one with deer prancing through a winter night's woods, their antlers done in embossed silver that played so well against delicately etched snowflakes and snowy boughs - she raided her commercial seed stash to share low, billowy annual blues of Brachyscome 'Little Missy', Lobelia 'Riviera Blue Eyes' and annual blue woodruff.

Inside Lisa's other card decorated with snow-laden red berries, was seed of a silver-leaved wormwood sage and brightly colored Calendula Zeolights. Am so looking forward to playing oranges/apricots against blues/violets and white-silver leaves next summer.

Thank you all - you have really fueled my winter dreams.


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So many wonderful secret santas lurking around here. I was away overnight moving our son back home from Indiana and came home to a pile of cards that were received while I was gone.

From Shirley/Sjc48, a beautiful handmade card with cucumber/bush pickle seeds
From Melinda/ilovefarac, a beautiful handmade card made by the children of St. Lukes hospital in Little Rock and cherry rose nasturtiums. Wonderful
From Ruthz, a pretty tree card with beaver dam pepper and Tolli's italian pepper.
A cute card made by Nikki's/Nikkineel's daughter containing echinacea Cheyenne spirit and Corkscrew vine.
A beautiful handmade card from MissyGA64 containing sweet pepper bright bell mix, Naranjilla, sweet pepper antohl, sweet pepper hybrid mix, 'homemade pickle' cucumber
A card with a sled of dogs and a cat on it, cute, and contained golden midget seeds from mchill320
A Christmas tree card from VaJeff with 'hello yellow' blackberry lily seeds which I have wanted for a long time.
A card with pretty Christmas bulbs on it from detroitgirl77 containing jalapeno and bi-color cherry tomato.
Thanks to everyone and their huge generosity. I am dreaming of deliciousness in my gardens as well as wonderful color.

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I just found four cards I missed posting. They are as follows
From Lexiegurl, a sparkly Santa card containing jalapeno pepper, Beaver Dam seed, Franks pepper, black cherry tomato, and dixie queen watermelon.
A cute Doctor Seuss card from jimryder containing gaillardia oranges and lemons which I have needed since my plant died, sweet chocolate bell pepper, and split second morning glory.
A cute kitten card from socalgardengal with gold cherry tomatoes, Irish eyes rudbeckia, lime green salad sweet tomato, and Chinese lantern seeds.
From ishare, a pretty deer card with heuchera Pistache and mocha and hello yellow blackberry lily.

So excited for Spring. Thanks to all and happy Holidays, Margo

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I received a pretty handmade snowflake card from Shirley (SJC48) yesterday. She sent Silene Regia. Can't wait to try it! Thanks so much Shirley!

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Yesterday I received a beautiful dark blue card from Michelle (micyrey) with elegant craft paper inside, perfect for making seed envelopes. Thank you Michelle!

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I rec'd a beautiful embossed card from Micyrey yesterday! She sent several sheets of Christmas crafting paper to use! I loved it! Thanks so very much! Melinda

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xiangirl zone 4/5 Nebraska(5)

Thank you redthreaddiy for the wonderful seeds: joe pye weed, allium purple sensation, dame's rocket and coreopsis mahogany midget in a cute card of penguin elves surrounding a reindeer on a moonlit night with snow lightly falling around them. Ahhhhh. Ooooooo. Thank you!

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Thank you! I got cute cards from redthreaddiy - a snowman snowglobe and cghpnd.- a Christmas sled.

Cghpnd, thank you for the variety of sunflowers. The only ones I grew this year were volunteers, and I missed having different colors and heights. Also yellow cosmos and tropical milkweed, perfect for my flower garden.

Redthreaddiy, thank you for everything! Violas, nicotiana "hot chocolate arugula, lemon basil and celery "red stalk".
i love that I got some of everything on my list - flowers, herbs, vegetables, greens!

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Many thanks to Alana (poisondartfrog) for the Carthamus tinctorius Lasting White Shiro (white safflower) seeds. As I've never grown safflowers before, I'm looking forward to trying them. Also I'm very grateful to Kathy (katkin) for a generous variety of seeds, including hyacinth bean vine, double orange cosmos, flax, and cilantro. Hey, it's already been a good Christmas, and we aren't even there yet!

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Many thanks to Iris (rane-grow) for the purple people eater daturas! cant wait to try these!! Thank you so much!
Would also like to thank Deb (Debby-1) for the daylily and red zinnias! My grandmother always grew zinnias...this brings back wonderful memories our her -will plant them in her memory, Thank you....
Wishing you ladies a Blessed Merry Christmas & Fabulous 2014 growing season! Many thanks!

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VaJeff, sent me pretty santa card with Tomato "roma" burpee, Pole beans "Fortex" and Canterbury bells purples (wow love it and I was looking for it). Love roma toms and beans too. Can't wait to try them. Thank you so much.

detroitgirl77, sent me pretty holiday card with tomato yellow pear and dwarf kale. Love to grow them. Thank you so much.

MissyGA64, sent me pretty hand painted card with lots of packs of seeds. These are Tomato black mountain pink, Opal Basil (2 pks), Tomato large red cherry, Pepper ornamental chinese 5 color hot, and Radish cherry belle. Love everything and these are very new to me so can't wait to try them. Thank you so much. It is really fun to get cards in the mail.

debby_1, sent me pretty winter scene card with Yellow pear tomato and Oat grass. Love grasses and tomatoes and can't wait to try them. Thank you so much.

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MissyGA64(8 (central GA))

Love mondays- always lots of mail

I received a cute Dr. Seuss card from Jimryder (& Tonya) with mugwort, tiki torch coneflower and Nyagous Tomato. Thank you so much

from Rane-grow I received a cute angel card with sweet Beverly tomatoe and Vorlon dark tomato. and a lovely note telling me she is from the town I now live in. Yes, indeed it is a small world. Thank you very much

from Patrob I received a sparkling Santa card with Arizona Sun blanket flower, Indigo rose tomato and carolina gold tomatoes. Thank you very much

All of seeds are new to me and I cant wait to get them started.

What a great way to start the week ! Thank you all so very very much !

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roper2008 (7b)

Wow, I found several envelopes in the mail today.

From Laurie (FryMomma) I received Black Eyed Susan
Vine (never grown this before), Tall Hot Pink Celosia,
Long floppy hot pink celosia, scarlet climber, basil and
Lima Beans. She sent them with a very cute santa
card. Thanks so much Laurie.

From Shirley (sjc48) I received a cute homemade card
with siline regia, very nice.
Thank you Shirley.

From Alana (poisondartfrog), I received Antirrhimun
majus "Lipstick Gold". Had to look this up. It's snap-
dragon. Will look great in my garden..Thanks Alana

From Debby (debby1), I received red zinnia, and
shades of purple petunia..I love zinnia's and petunia's.
Thanks Debby.

From Michael (heavenlyfarm) I received bronze fennel,
and garlic chives..Thanks so much, my butterflies will
be very happy..

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xiangirl zone 4/5 Nebraska(5)

debby_1 sent me a card with a horse-drawn carriage sliding through the snow and inside the card was Joe Pye Weed and Rudbeckia Rustic. I'm excited about both. Thank you so much!

socalgardengal sent a glittery card with a red cardinal. It's just eye-popping and beautiful. Inside was Seashell Cosmos and Shirley Poppy! Can spring be here now?! Okay, maybe Dec. 26 we can flip to spring!

Thanks, girls!
I sent my cards one week ago today. Can't believe they haven't arrived. Santa's postage elves must be busy wrapping presents or something.

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Feeling so blessed .....thank you everyone....my girls making a collage with all the beautiful Christmas cards....

Merry Christmas Everyone! And wishing everyone the best for 2014

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socalgardengal (Christine) - sent me very cute card with a kitten wearing santa hat. I love cats sooo.. cute. Card is so cute and glitterly love it. Along with she sent me 5 packs of different kinds of tomatoes like dward czech bush tomato, tomato Ingegno Gigantic Liscio, red pear toms, and Jaune flamme tomato. Everything looks new to me and very excited about it pecially red pear. I have yellow pear but red pear will be awsome. Can't wait to try them. Thank you so much.

ishare (Lisa) - sent me pretty glittery winter wonderland card with torenia mixed, carnation white and campanula takion blue (looks so amazing very excited!). Love them all and can't wait to sow them. Thank you so much.

debby_1 - sent me pretty snow painting card with tomato beefstake and African Marigold seeds. Love it. African marigold is one of my favorites! Can't wait for spring. Thank you so much.

primrose1x3 (Karen) - sent me very glitterly poinsetta card with coleus rainbow commercial, Malabar spinach rubra, torenia fournieri (love it), carnation picotee fantasy mix (wow love it) and baby's breath (one of my favs). Excited and can't wait to try them. Thank you so much.

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Received some more cards today.

A pretty angel card from Iris with Honkin Big Black Cherry, Smokey Fennel, and Emerald Giant Sweet Bell Pepper.
A pretty winter scene from Debby1 with fennel and pepper seeds.
A card with polar bears on it containing coconut lime, pink, white swan, harvest moon, and coral coneflower from from Brittanysgrandma/Shirley.
Thank you to everyone for making me think of wonderful bounty and beauty that is to come in my garden.

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Ruth Z, thank you so much for the beautiful card and all the seeds! The butterflies and hummers are going to love the bronze fennel, cypress vine (YES!) and the cleome. Thank you!

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flowergirl34(5 Upstate NY)

I'm having some weird computer things going on. Tried to post yesterday, and it never made it on here...hopefully today will be better.

I would love to thank...

Christine (socalgardengal) for the very sparkly winter scene card! And the Giagante Liscio Tomato, Morning Glory Flying Saucer, Blackberry Lily, Morning Glory Velvet Plum, Beefsteak Tomato. WOW!

Iris (rane_grow), for the primitive Angels card and the Krystal Columbine, Vorlon Tomato! THANK YOU!!!

Jim and Tonya (jimryder) for the very cute Grinch card and the Split Second Morning Glory, and the Cosmos Sea Shell Mix! THANK YOU!!

Faye (nottoughly), for the pretty wreath card, and the Mixed Morning Glories! LOVE Morning Glories!!! THANK YOU!

Melinda (ilovefarac), for the LOVE PEACE JOY card, and the Autumn Beauty and Solar Eclipse Sunflower and the Cocoa Chocolate Morning Glory! So pretty!! THANK YOU!!

Linda (clipclop) for the very pretty horse scene card...very sparkly! And the Castor Bean and Marigold Seeds :D THANK YOU!!

Shirley (sjc48) for the amazing Let It Snow homemade card...saying it again...You are so talented!!! And the awesome! Titanic Sunflower Seeds...Can't wait to try these! THANK YOU!

My garden is going to be overflowing this year!! I can't wait to get started!! Mother nature has other ideas...we already have a few inches of snow, and we're getting another 4 inches tonight...YEAH White Christmas!! Kids are so excited!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!


ps...Taylor is also doing the Happy Dance after looking at the seeds I just put on the table! My 'gardener in training' has just put some of the packets in HER seed box...LOLOLOL!!!! THANKS AGAIN!!!

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flowergirl34(5 Upstate NY)

The mailman just came and I am so overjoyed with what he brought me...CARDS!!!!

Taylor, Billy and I are opening them as I type...

THANK YOU! Michelle (detroitgardengirl77), for the very pretty ornament card! And tomatoes: Great White and Northern Lights! YUM!

Nikki (nikkineel) for the very cute handmade snowman card!! My kids love this!! Corkscrew Vine, White Lady Butterfly Pea, Autumn Beauty Sunflower, and Christmas Basil...WOW! THANK YOU!

Debby (debby_1), LOVE the winter scene card! So pretty!! and the Morning Glory Mix and Beefsteak Tomato!! THANK YOU!!

Alana (poisondartfrog) for the beautiful ornament card. HOLY TAPE! We needed to break out the scissors for this card hahahahaha :D And the Sunflower Italian Green Heart. Needed to look this up...SO GORGEOUS!! THANK YOU!!! :)

Merry Christmas!!!

ps. Taylor just confiscated all the sunflowers and morning glories. A girl after my own heart :D

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I have a lot of thank you to go out today.
xiangirl sent Gaillardia-Pulchella and Burgandy. Coneflower-Secret affair, white dove, and Cheyenne spirit. Bachelor Buttons-Blue. Ornamental garlic.
debby_1 sent Cosmos Mix and Holly Hock light Pink.
jimryder sent Lettuce,Gaillardia Oranges & Lemons. Ornamental Persian allium, Echinacea Sunshine, Black flowered fountain grass.
lexiegurl sent Lettuce-Bibb & Giant Caeser ,Amish paste tomato, and Kale-Dwarf blue scotch and Siberian.
SJC48 sent Gaillardia-Arizona reds.
ilovefarac sent Allium-Stellatrem & albopilosam.

Thanks to everyone. You have more than generous.

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Another wonderful card from L1oness (mandy)

Thanks so much for the Chocolate Habanero pepper, Nighthawk Tomato, and Carbon Tomato.

Thanks so much for the fun tomato seeds

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Wow! Another great day! I received from Karen (primrose1X3) Milady white aster, Primula auricula Viennese Waltz, Dianthus Marguerite, Ipomoea gray with white picotee, Ipomoea nil Chocolate Fuji, and Ipomoea tricolor Pearly Gates. I also received from Nikki (nikkineel) Clitoria Double White Lady, Cosmos Double Click, and the sunflowers Prado Red and Teddy Bear. Thanks so much to both of you! That is such an abundance of good stuff that you've left me almost speechless.

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Three more cards!

Thanks SJC48 for the sunflower seed and the pretty LET IT SNOW card! Gee it sure did Saturday!

Thanks Jimryder for the Dr. Suess card and the lemon basil(yum) and the Nyagous and Money maker tomatoes!

WOW! Thanks Lexigurl for the pretty snowny mailbox card and the turnips, cayenne pepper and fish pepper seeds and the black Krim tomatoe. This is one of my favorites!
PEACE and MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone, dd.

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xiangirl zone 4/5 Nebraska(5)

Shirley (sjc48) sent me a beautiful blue and white Let It Snow card with Teddy Bear sunflower seeds inside. I planted some last year and one came up and I didn't get the seeds before the birds did. They have such a unique look. Can't wait to try them again!

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I received a beautiful Santa card from Kathy(katkni)! Inside were seeds of Sensitive plant,Yippee my teenagers love this plant, Flax, Moss Rose, Hyacinth bean vine and Cilantro :) I love them all very much! Thank you Kathy and have a very Merry Christmas :)

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A surprise in my box today from Betsy/rubydog. A cute snowman card containing blacktail mountain watermelon, lavender monarda, and dark green zucchini seeds. Thanks Besty.

I will be posting good feedback for everyone that has sent me the wonderful cards and seeds once the hustle and bustle of the holiday is over. Thanks to all and to all a Merry Christmas and the best in the coming new year. Margo

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Wishing Everyone A Very Merry Christmas!!! I too will leave feedback after the chaos. Wish we had a white christmas but it's going to be 80 degrees tomorrow :) Here's a picture of all the Wonderful Christmas cards from the swap. Thank you Kym for all the hard work you've done. Already planning for next year :)

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roper2008 (7b)

I found 6 envelopes in the mailbox when I got off
work today. Nice way to end my day.

(jimryder) send me a cute grinch card with cosmos,
zinnia's, Salvia Purple Volcano, Agastache Apricot
Sprite..Thanks so much Jim.

Imogene(cardinalwv 5) sent me a nice homemade card
with foxglove and columbine…Thank you Imogene.

(Browneyedsusan) sent me a cute glittery snowman with
Salvia hot trumpets and salvia negteliana(not sure if I
spelled that right)..Going to look these up, cause I don't
know what they look like, but I like all savia's. Thank
you Susan.

Susie (SusiQsie) sent me cosmos, Pink Vinca, Yellow
Zinnia, Pink Snaps, Pink Petunia, and Asclepias yellow.
Wow, thank you very much Susan.

MissyGA64 sent me a very cute homemade card with
a snowman..Aww very nice Missy. In the card is
Naranjilla, Florence Fennel, Cosmos Sensation mix,
and Greek Basil….Thank you Missy.

My last card is from Kathy (Katkni). She sent me
Black Cumin, borage, Zinnia Zahara Mix, Zinnia
State Fair Mix, Zinnia Giant Cactus, and Calendula.
Thanks so much Kathy.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!!

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plant-one-on-me(MI 5b)

Here we go again LOL. Everytime I try to post thank yous the computer glitches and I have to start all over. I guess I am just writing too much and it is saying to hush up and just say thank you. So here I go again...

I would like to thank 3 more wonderful people for the gifts. I always plant way more than I need and donate the extra plants to the senior center and local churches that grow them out and give the food away at their food banks. I know that my neighbors will appreciate my extras as well.

So here I go and lets hope no more glitches :)

debby1-thank you for the michili cabbage and the Waltham broccoli (my granddaughter will be thrilled)

Rubydog/Betsy-thank you for the orange tendersweet watermelon, early white kohlrabi (I am thrilled for this!) and the lavender bee balm which the bees, butterflies and I all will be happy for.


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plant-one-on-me(MI 5b)

Ok I decided not to press my luck and to break this thank you down into 2 separate posts :)

Lexiegurl/Dawn--you have been so very generous! I cannot wait to get planting this year. Thank you for:
Parris island cos lettuce, red cabbage, savoy cabbage, Milan purple top turnip, Siberian kale, little finger carrot, franks pepper, sierra gold cantaloupe, crimson sweet watermelon, bloomsdale spinach, ruby red lettuce and the dwart blue scotch kale.

Wowie! As soon as the holidays are over I will be getting hot an heavy into the wintersowing and planning on where I can fit everything. Oh what fun!!!

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Thank you Jeff (VaJeff) for the beautiful Santa card filled with tomato Indigo Rose- wow! and the white Daturas! I am so looking forward to Spring! =) Thank you very much Jeff, wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas & fabulous 2014 Gardening year!

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Wishing everyone a Happy Christmas Day, and many thanks to Alana for the beautiful card and the Tagetes Patula Alumia Vanilla Cream! Love them!

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Want to say a special thank you to Susie! (susieqsie) I absolutely love everything you sent! plumeria- fragrant rainbow parent-think Im going to start these today! LOL, yellow dancing lady ginger! wow!! seminolu pumpkin yum!, giant imperial mix larkspur! going to wintersow these, and lady in Red Salvia! Love salvia! =) thank you so very much Susie wishing you and yours a Very Merry Christmas and Blessed 2014 gardening season! Hugs!

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Merry Christmas to all of you.

Only got 13 bingo words, and 5 cards that I sent still haven't made it to their destination.

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ForeverRecycleReuse(MN 4b)

I received a few more cards yesterday which added perfectly to my Christmas Eve. A few last minute purchases, lots of wrapping, family movies and more snow falling.

Rane_Grow sent a lovely poinsettia card with Black Sea Man tomato seeds. Thank you Iris!

MissyGA64 sent a amazingly hand-painted snowman card. From previous posts, when I saw the black envelope I knew who it was from :) Naranjilla seeds with a detailed growing description was included. These seeds sound quite interesting -- Thank You Missy!

Aquadragonfly sent a Peace dove card with many seeds which I hope none were lost as it appears that the postal machine literally ate the envelope. Seeds included were tomatillos, stringless blue lake beans, Christmas lima beans, brown Spanish lentils, and white wonder cucumber. Thank you Aqua!

SJC48 sent a handmade Christmas themed 'Let it Snow' card with Robin Hood beans. Thank You Shirley!

I am very grateful for all the Christmas cards and seeds that I have received in this swap. I had so much fun participating in the sending and receiving and reading everyone's posts.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Ruby_Dog(6, Virginia)

Taking a break from the kitchen to thank Alana (poisondartfrog - I love that name) for a pretty card with Christmas ornaments that arrived yesterday. Inside were seeds of Zinnia Zahara Sunburst! This is a gorgeous flower and I really appreciate them. Thank you!!

I'm glad a few of my cards have started to arrive; hope for more later this week.

Merry Christmas, Alana and ALL!


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heavenlyfarm(zone 6b)

Got a few more cards the last couple days :)

VaJeff- Purple coneflower and canterbury bells were definetely on my want list!! can't wait to winter sow these soon!!!

MissyGA64 - Beautifully handpainted card with a few treasures inside! tomatoes for growing and enjoying next year, some more canterbury bells and lavender...love the smell of lavender

ilivefarac(?) Melinda - lovely card with english daisies and white yarrow which will look wonderful on my front hill this year coming up!

???? - From a mystery secret santa, I happened to get another variety of tomato to try and Sweet Autumn Clematis!! I do love clematis!

Ruby_Dog - Betsy, thank you so much for the nice card and several of my wants that I've been searching awhile for! summer berries scabiosa and lupine along with another variety of yarrow to try :)

Thank you everyone who sent me cards this year!! I am so thankful and so surprised with how many I got my first year participating in this swap!! :) :) Merry Christmas everyone and Happy Holidays!

I didn't happen to display the cards but kept them in with my gardening journal this year to look back on. Next year tho I think I will hang them up above my bed next year as a reminder of love and gardening! thank you guys :)

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Merry Christmas to one and all....

Shirley (SJC48) thanks for the Christmas card and lemon yellow columbines. I don't have any yellows..can't wait to see them bloom.

Melinda (I Lovefarac) thanks for the Christmas card and seeds Euphorbia Lathyrus and Dianthus Barbarri Red. My wish list is getting fulfilled fast.

Patricia (patrob) thanks for the Christmas card and seeds Dianthus Neon Star, Columbine Mix and Foxglove Pam's Choice. Counting the days until I get them started.

Christine (socalgardengal) thanks for the Christmas card and seeds Columbine mixed colors, Fushia 4 0' clocks, Straw foxgloves and Yellow 4 o'clocks. So thankful you shared all these lovelies with me.


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A few more cards and seeds.

From browneyedsusan a Santa with two snowmen Christmas card. Inside were seeds for coreopsis redshift and platycodon marredii (blue) .

From poisondartfrog a Santa and a train Christmas card. Inside were seeds for gomphrena globosa white and gomphocarpus fruticosa "Family Jewels".

From FryMomma a Snowman and Snowdog Christmas Card. Inside were seeds of blue wave petunia, organic bibb lettuce, yellow black-eyed Susan vine, red Oriental poppy, Cracker Jack marigold, carrots, and portulaca moss rose.

From SusieQsie a Nativity scene Christmas card. Inside were seeds of pink petunia, Mexican cosmos, romaine lettuce, yellow milkweed, pink vinca, coral nymph salvia.

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TWO MORE CARDS! And Christmas!

socalgardengal sends kbx, old german, Czech bush, ingeglio and jaune flame tomatoes! I did grow Old German many years ago and they were very big and tasty! THANKS!

debbi-1 sends basil, fennel, thai basil,red zinnias, African daisy marigolds, and oat grass! These will find a home in our front flower and herbs beds! THANKS much to all,dd.

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cryptid(Southern OR 7)

All my cards-n-seeds were mailed out from the 19th-21st,...13 of them. One for Kym, and 12 others. Thank you, Kym, for this (particularly if it was empathetically intentional), else it would've been waaayyy harder to get everything out any sooner (read dang near impossible). I do sooooo hate shingles!! : Big ol' proper positive rate-n-reviews will follow for all who I've received cards-n-seeds from, within the next two or three days. Trust me, it's crazy around here, even today. Relax?...What's that? Elly cooked and baked loads of thoroughly wonderful foods-n-goodies today, including pumpkin pies, and she even did whipped cream (with Splenda and vanilla). Dang, I love her sooooooo freakin' much!! :)

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lorabell NC(8)

My favorite Christmas gift:

Santa has spoken,
' You've been such a flirt--
No presents for you!
Just a truck load of dirt!'


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erika_ct(6b - CT)

Been away a couple of days, and i returned to find many envelopes!

Thanks to Nikki Neel for the sunflowers and clitoria. My daughter cant wait to see the teddy bear sunflower. :)

And thank you to debby1 for the erianthus and oat grass. My two new gardens this year are all about grasses anf foliage, so these are perfect!

Thanks Browneyedsusan for the pennisetum and miscanthus. I've always loved the look of pennisetum. Cant wait to have it in my garden.

Thanks ishareflowers for the generous seed packs of geranium, tellima, and calendula. I have a sunny spot already picked out for those geraniums.

Last, thank you Micyrey for the butterfly weed and nierembergia. I cant wait to see all those monarchs.

I certainly have a lot of wintersowing to do. Thank you everyone!

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Another cute Dr. Seuss card came today! From jimryder I rec'd zinnia mix, nyagous tomatoes, sweet 100 tomatoes, and empress of india nasturtium!!
Thanks so very much! I'll be planting them all!

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Thank you to Debby.

I received a cute reindeer card (which my son already hijacked from me) with 2 packs of seeds in there. ( Thanks to the stupid post office I have no idea what they are as the bags are tore up from the crusher, I am so mad at them ).
There are a few seeds at the bottom of the envelope they look kinda hairy (im so sorry i cant explain more)

I really appreciate you taking the extra effort of sending me something extra -=>

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redthreaddiy(6a MI)

lexiegurl - Thanks so much for the glittery stocking card and all of the seeds! She sent Black Prince tomatoes, Oregon Spring tomatoes, Costoluto Genovese tomatoes, Sugar Pie Pumpkins, Red Cayenne Peppers, Purple Tepin Peppers, Fairytale Pumpkins, and Thai Bird Peppers.

HeavenlyFarm sent a Santa card with Bronze Fennel, Blue and Pink Balloon Flowers and Garlic Chives! Thank you so much! I hope you get your farm!

Patrob sent a glittery Santa card with Glass Gem Corn seeds, Parisian Pickling Cucumbers and Indigo Rose Tomatoes! Thank you so much!

Katkni spoiled me with Blue Corn, Waltham Candy Stripe tomatoes, Sweet Mace, Mexican Butterfly Weed, Cardoon, Cupflower and Pride of Barbados seeds! Thank you!!!

VAJeff sent Variegated tomato (OMG - I have never seen anything like that before!) Tomato 'Remy Rouge', Tomato 'Aunt Lou's Underground Railroad', Persicaria 'Painter's Pallette', and Balloon Flower 'Sentimental Blue' - thank you so much for these unique varieties. Can't wait to grow them all!

ClipClop sent a snowman card with Basketball Gourds, Apple Gourds, and Dipper Gourds! YES! I love gourds! Thanks!

WonderWeasel sent a glittery home card with Hot Paper Lantern Peppers (ooooh!), 'Costoluto Genovese' Tomatoes, Dark Opal Basil, and Jaloro Golden Jalapeno Peppers. Thanks!!!

RuthZ sent a beautiful Christmas tree card with Lantana, Jimmy Nardello Peppers, and Riesentraube Tomatoes! Awesome! Thanks Ruth!

Loved everything! Thank you all again!

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Many thanks to Nikki & Sarah kate (nikkineel) for the beautifully handmade snowman card! (I love snowmen!) and the captain blue on celebration of angels (wow!) Benary's Giant White Zinnia! Yay!! and the Zinnia Elegans! Love zinnias!! Thank you so much! Also would like to thank Imogene (Cardinal WV) for the beautifully handmade Christmas wreath card! and the white and red hibiscus & the blue baptisia!wow! Looks like Im headed towards working on a little more wintersowing =) Wishing you both A Very Merry Christmas & holiday season and a Fabulous 2014 gardening season! thank you ladies!

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I am behind on my thank you's!

PRIMROSE 1X3 sent Red Dianthus, Anemone, Carnation Giant Chabaud Mix, Beet Bull's Blood, Morning Glory Chocolate Fuji, Nasturtium Empress of India. WOW! Thank you very much. Happy New Year!

DEBBY_1 sent marigolds. Thanks!

KATKNI sent Petite Orange Marigolds, Amaranth LLB, Lemon Drop Marigolds, and Blue Corn. Thank you for everything! Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

CANYONWIND sent Sacred Purple Basil and Red Plume Tomatoes - is that what they are? Red Plume? I think something else was written on the packet but I can't make it out. Thank you very much - I don't have either of those varieties yet!

PATROB sent Red Poppies, Drama Queen Poppies and Indigo Rose Tomatoes. Very cool! Thank you!

LEXIEGURL sent Black Tomatoes, Bradley Tomatoes, Sub Arctic Plenty Tomatoes, California Wonder Peppers and Spaghetti Squash. Those Sub Arctic ones look pretty cool. Thank you very much and have a great new year!

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redthreaddiy(6a MI)

BrownEyedSusan - thank you so much for the Gladiolus 'Atom' Seeds! I LOVE bulbs and these are a variety I don't have!

Debby_1 sent Marketmore Cucumbers and Smokey Fennel! Awesome, thanks!

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Two great cards today!
Shirley/brittneysgran sent a sweet mom and baby polar bear card with Purple Majesty Millet. I love the stuff! I am looking forward to a big patch this year.

Chrystal/cghpnd sent a jolly Santa card with yellow Asclepias curassavica and Marigolds for my butterflies. Wonderful!

Thank you both! I will grow them all.

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Ruby dog - sent me pretty reindeer card with swiss chard bright light (love it) and hardy hibiscus (pure red), Can't wait to try them. Thank you so much.

lexigurl (Dawn) - sent me very cute glittery wreath card with several packs of seeds. Thank you so much for Marglobe tomato, varigated tomato, Purple Tepin pepper, Gold rush tomato, siberian kale, hot cherry pepper, kentacky woner pole bean, Georgia collard, marketmore cucumber, Bibb lettuce and Fish pepper. Wow! super excited and can't wait to try them. Thank you so much.

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Panhandle_Seed_Swap(8 Florida Panhandle)

Today, I got a homemade snowman card from Nikki & Sarah Kate (nikkineel) with Malibu Ploe Beans, Dahlia "Fireworks" and Christmas Basil. Wonderful rare sees! What an excellent selection... thank you so much!

This post was edited by Panhandle_Seed_Swap on Thu, Dec 26, 13 at 18:38

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Thank you, thank you to Katkni! I love the packet of pansy seeds! And also thanks for sending me your extra Lemon Queen sunflower seeds - I'm looking forward to these. The leaf lettuce seeds are going in tomorrow . . I'm so happy for all the seeds everyone has helped with my lettuce growing this year.

Also Tuesday's mail brought me a Merry Christmas present from Betsy Ruby-Dog - thank you so much for all the great flower seeds: Gaillardia and Tithonia and Calendula. I love all of these and they will make my yard so beautiful!

Then today I got a snowman card from Debby-1 and she graciously overloaded me with purple wave petunia seeds. Great googley-moogley! there must be 5000 seeds in that envelope! On top of all that excitement, she included Solar Flare tomato seeds. Thank you so much Debby!

I am truly blessed. Love to all,

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I am working my way through mail since last Friday! I hope I don't miss anyone! I am saving my cards in a pile to leave positive reviews next week.

Aquadragonfly sent a card with a beautiful nativity scene. The envelope was torn along the side and bottom, so I hope all the seeds made it! I got a generous selection of lima pole beans, borage, tendergreen spinach mustard, lavender, dwarf pumila sprite zinnia, AND jalapeno! I can't imagine what else would have fit in that card!

From canyonwind, I think my favorte card so far because it has adorable lab puppies, and for seeds, corn salad greens aka mache, and baby bak choy. I am so glad I had generic "greens" on my wish list, or I never would have known to ask for these. :)

Thanks to both of you and sorry for the delay in posting!

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MissyGA64(8 (central GA))

I received a cute santa pulling the reindeer card from :

Cryptid with Horehound, pequin and cubanelle peppers seeds. and a lovely crocheted butterfly pin too. Thank you so very much.


This post was edited by MissyGA64 on Fri, Dec 27, 13 at 0:14

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xiangirl zone 4/5 Nebraska(5)

The seeds in the mail just keeps Christmas going and going and going!
Ruby_Dog sent me gaillardia (my favorite flower), Maltese Cross (more red flowers) and red yarrow (more red flowers). Red flowers is one of my goals this year. The seeds all made it nice and safe. Your envelope was hand-canceled, but every bubble in the bubble wrap was smashed flat. Wouldn't you love it if bubble wrap could talk?!
Rane_Grow. Thank you for the Joe Pye Weed! Can't wait to attract the butterflies with these! I love all the stickers on the envelope. (I'm a kid at heart.)
CardinalWV I love the words on the glittery beautiful card, "How silently, how silenty, the wonderous Gift is given; So God imparts to human hearts the blessing of His heaven." It touched my heart. Thank you for the Double White Rose of Sharon and Blanketflower (my favorite flower).
Thank you all! I wintersowed 7 containers today. Have to save up more containers first.

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Thanks to Debby-1 for happy mail waiting for my return among the bills. A cute snowman card, with yellow mustard seeds and marigolds! I grew up on a farm and I think of all those mustard plants we pulled as weeds, and never ate, what a shame. And marigolds are my favorite, I ask for those every year because I can never get enough varieties or colors.

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roper2008 (7b)

I received a homemade card from Nikki & Sarah Kate
with Zinnia Peppermint Stick, Zinnia Swirls, and Malibu
Pole Beans..Never seen these zinnia's before…Thank you.

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heavenlyfarm(zone 6b)

Got another in the mail today! :)

Browneyed Susan ( Susan Ruppert)- Nice glittery snowman card with amaryllis seeds!!! So excited, I had almost completely lost hope of getting these from this swap as they were one of my top wants for sure! Thank you and now I also have something to plant tomorrow morning! ;)

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cryptid(Southern OR 7)

So, sooooo sorry I'm so totally tardy getting back here to post "Thank you's". You wouldn't believe how hectic and semi-weird things have been around here lately, what with holiday preps and other matters.

--Cryptid's BIG TIME Thank You Catch-Up Post--

From redthreaddiy: A kewl, artsy santa-with-gifts card, with "Lemon Basil" (extremely versatile) and Great Blue Lobelia" seeds! Lobelia and Marigolds planted together are a very attractive combination.

From detroitgirl77 (Michelle): An artfully rendered card featuring gold-themed ornament balls, stuffed with "Tomato - Great White" (boy-howdy, am I ever gonna be happily growing these puppies this coming season!) and "Tomato - Black Plum" (even more of what I really wanted).

From VaJeff: A nice green-n-red "Merry Christmas" card with snowflakes, and (drum roll, please,...) "Indigo Rose" tomato seeds! Woo hooooo!! Another one of the major, major wants from my wish list! :)

From SJC48 (Shirley): A super nicely done handmade, scrapbook-style red-n-white "Let it Snow" card featuring applied silvery snowflakes,...wow!, with "Big Bertha" pepper and "Celebrity" tomato seeds. Very kewl!

From Ruby_Dog (Betsy): A cute cartoon-type card with a dog on candy cane skis, giving a ride to an orange tabby cat, who in turn is giving a ride to a red Cardinal bird (talk about a Christmas fantasy scene...LOL!), and the following seeds: "Watermelon - Orange Tendersweet", "Arugula", "Columbine - Pink, Purple, Yellow", "Lupine -
Russell Mix". What a great selection!

From socalgardengal (Christine): An extremely sparkly, snowy, festive card featuring a cozy-looking hillside home and a Cardinal bird (not to be confused with a Vatican Cardinal ;) ) perched on a Holly bush, with the following seeds: "Tomato - Annas Noire (aka Black Pineapple)", "Tomato - Gypsy (Tsygan) Black", "Tomato - Spudatula Black", "Tomato - Tim's Black Ruffles", "Tomato - Paul Robeson Black" and "Marigold - Harlequin". Yesss! Loads of dark tomatoes, from my wish list, and I've also really been wanting Harlequin and/or Court Jester Marigolds! I be one happy camper! :)

From Lexiegurl (Dawn): Another glittery, sparkly card, this time with filled stockings hanging on an outdoor line entwined with Ivy vine, along with "Kale - Dwarf Blue Scotch", "Tomato - White Wonder", "Tomato - Super Snow White", "Tomato -
Amish Paste", "Ruby Lettuce" and "Hot Cherry Pepper" seeds. Still more from my wish list! :)

From Debby_1: A cute, kewl card with 3 penguins together on a sled, whooshing downhill out in the snow with a generous supply of "African Marigold (big, tall poofy beauties)" and "Pale Pink Hollyhock" seeds. Gonna be great lookin' in our garden fer shur! :)

From poisondartfrog (Alana): A big ol' fun triptych-type card with fold-out sides with Santa in the snowy woods, decorating a tree, accompanied by realistically rendered bunny rabbits and a fawn. As for the seeds, she sent "Spun Orange Marigolds", which have big double flowers with tubular petals. How totally fab! :)

Elly and I are truly extremely appreciative for the many wonderful cards and the HUGE variety of (often rare and unusual) seeds we're blessed to have received from all of you, and especially for so many seeds from my wish list,...holy katz!. Boy, am
I ever gonna be busy sowing--wintersown and otherwise! I definitely gotta get more potting soil. - "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" to everyone who has participated in this always-wonderful swap! Elly & I sure hope you had a great Christmas with lots of love and fun, many memorable moments, and of course scads of good eats! :) Thanks again for making our Christmas special, and particularly to you, Kym, for hosting once again! - May 2014 bring you all many blessings and bountiful, beautiful gardens! :)

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Received a nice fat envelope today from Cryptid. It contained wonderful seeds for me to grow this spring including
Fennel - green
Pepper - yolo wonder
Compass flower
Love in a Mist - Miss Jekyll
Love in a puff
Hollyhock - Nigra
Bachelor button - black magic

I love them all. Darrin also included a cute handmade card. These gardenweb members have talent. Ellie also crocheted a butterfly pin in the prettiest lavender color.

Thanks to the Wright family for the wonderful envelope.


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cryptid(Southern OR 7)

Yayyyyyy, hoorayyyy...one of our packages finally made it through!! "Woot-woot-woot!!" I mean, we got a card from Elly's brother only just today that he mailed on the 18th. - So glad it pleased you, Margo! :) --grinning ear-to-ear-- :)

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Wow. I have a bunch of people to thank that have sent me cards over the past week. I am so amazed at the generosity each year that this swap brings, which is why I love it so much! So now for my thank yous:

-From Christine (socalgardengal) a pretty, glittery, cardinal and house snow scene card with chile de Arbol peppers, starfish peppers, Anaheim peppers, Jaune flamme tomato, dwarf Czech bush tomato, and Ingeg lio gigante liscio tomato seeds! Several varieties I have never heard of! I look for ward to learning more about them and trying them, Thank you!

From Missy (MissyGA64) a beautiful handmade painted snowman card and envelope made by her and Sydney (Great Job!) with purple plum radish, tolli's sweet Italian pepper, and big rainbow tomato seeds! Thank you so much!

From Mchill320 a cute card with dog and cats in a sleigh with candela di fuoco radish seeds. That is a pretty awesome looking radish by the way :) Thank you!

From Sarah (Vogt0047) a cute wreath with birds and squirrels snow scene loaded with seeds including: Zapotec pink pleated tomato, cherry tomato fom her grandmas garden, Matt's wild cherry tomato (On my needed to order list- yay!), red Russian kale, purple top turnip, scarlet globe radish, and cabbage seeds. What a variety! Thank you so much Sarah!

From Nikki and SarahKate (nikkineel) a cute homemade snowman card with helda pole beans, Kellogg's breakfast tomato, and christmas basil seeds. Thank you Nikki and SarahKate!

From Shirley (sjc48) a nice let it snow card that is very pretty (I wish it would snow here! :) ) with bright Brussels sprouts seeds. I can't wait to try them! Thank you!

From redthreaddiy a cute, colorful snowman card with Black Russian truffle tomato, bola Macizo tomato, SMR58 pickling cucumber, and coyote tomato seeds. Thank you! I am going to have to look up the Bola Macizo tomato, I have never heard of that one before!

From Laurie (fry momma) a cute, glittery snowman and puppy card with lots of seeds including: carrots, sweet pepper, Lima, basil, Cracker Jack marigold, and orange marigold seeds. I will do companion/beneficial planting (I think that's what it is called) with the marigolds. I can't believe we live so close- I may have to get some gardening tips from you ;) Thank you Laurie!

From Patricia (patrob) a glittery Santa carrying a big bag with lots of seeds :). Inside was rosa Bianca eggplant, red Marconi pepper, and tender sweet carrot seeds. Thank you Patricia!

And finally, today I received a card from Debby (debby_1). I am amazed it made it here. 3 of the four sides of the envelope are cut. Miracously however a nice wreath card with garden beefsteak and green bell pepper seeds arrived :). Thank you Debby!

I have received so many new to me varieties this year that I have started a new spreadsheet. Once again, I really appreciate all the seeds everyone has sent me and can't wait to start growing them. Thank you sooooo much!


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I'm a little behind on my thank-yous due to the holiday season, so I have a list to post LOL

Christian (Gardendad_2K10): Thank you so much for the 'Black Sea Man' and 'Kellogg's Breakfast' tomatoes, as well as the nice card. I have never grown either of them, but they are both very unique-looking. I'm sure they'll be delicious, as well!

Darrin, Elly, and Roy (Cryptid): First off, I love the card. The reindeer must be UAW or Teamsters LOL. Thank you guys so much for the Japanese maple and cumin seeds; I now have seeds for everything in my barbecue rub, with the exception of mustard and brown sugar! Also, thanks A LOT for the keychain light. I do 90% of my garden work after dark, and I used to have a keychain light for that exact purpose, but it got a little too wet one night while watering, and I'm too lazy to go out and buy a new one LOL.

Kathy (katkni): Another lovely card, and yes, I can absolutely use some of what you sent me! I have moss rose growing in a small rock garden, and would like to add a bit more, so this will save me a trip to the nursery. Also, the black cumin and lemon basil will make a nice addition to my herb garden. Thank you so much!

Missy (MissyGA64): I love the hand-painted card. I can tell you put some time into them, and I (and I'm sure everyone else who received a card from you) greatly appreciate the time you dedicated to making these. I am excited to try the 'Malachite' tomato and 'Cuban black' pepper for the first time, and trying to grow the 'Cherokee Purple' tomato for the 2nd time (not very good luck with the first go-round LOL). Again, thank you so much, Missy!

...and last (but certainly not least) in my stack of envelopes, Christine (socalgardencal). I love the card, although I'm perplexed as to how they got a kitten to stand still long enough with the Santa hat on to get a shot (lol j/k). Thank you so much for the seeds. I've grown the 'striped cavern' tomato before, but didn't have enough foresight to save seeds from the last growing season (they are great stuffed like a bell pepper, breaded, and deep-fried. That's what happened to all of them LOL.) The 'devil's tongue', 'lemon drop', 'Thai orange', and 'ring of fire' peppers and the 'Marianna's conflict' tomato are all new to me, so I am looking forward to popping them into some peat pellets in a few months!

This post was edited by WonderWeasel on Fri, Dec 27, 13 at 5:21

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Good Morning, just stopping by to thank Debby_1 for the lovely card and the Gaillardia seeds and the Disco Queen marigold seeds! Generous amounts too, thank you, Debby!

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Good Morning Elves....Opening yesterdays mail.....More Christmas cheer from Jim Ryder!!! Jim and Tonya sent me a cute Grinch card....And seeds of plenty, Yellow Bell Pepper, Tenderette Bean, Pickling Cucumber, Valley Pole Beans. Thanks so much for sharing your garden with me. May 2014 be full of wonder and happiness!

And Gardendad...apologies for my handwriting. I tried to be a good elf this year and not scribblel!!! LOL!! I did not send you Red Plume Tomatoes....I think I sent you Red Plume Orach???

Happy New Years!!


This post was edited by canyonwind on Fri, Dec 27, 13 at 9:08

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A big thank you to Dem-pa for the card (my son has taken all of the cards to hang in his room) and the great tomato seeds.

I'm already getting visions of tomato sandwiches in my head :)

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Thank you, Shirley (sjc48), for the beautiful handmade card. It's beautiful! And thank you also for the seeds of Salvia nubicola! I've been wanting that salvia, and I am delighted to receive these seeds. I'll be starting them inside right away.

Then yesterday as we returned home from a couple of days with our three-year-old granddaughter, who received a PA system with a microphone and a keyboard with a thousand different sounds for Christmas, I opened a pretty card from Debby_1 with the sentiment "Wishing you joy in the quieter moments of the season." Ahhhh .....There's a lot to be said for peace and quiet, though we do love the incredibly noisy child a lot. Thank you, Debby, for the seeds for oat grass and Lettuce Crispy Frills. I'll definitely be growing both of those.

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I received 4 cards Christmas Eve and am greatful for each one,

from Debby 1 = marigold and daylily seeds with a snowy decorated card, thank you Debby!!

from heavenly farm micheal I received marigold seeds that were packaged very well, big yellow and orange blooms!

fromAquadragonfly - I received a beautiful card with the three wisemen on it and it included marigolds andbuddlei butterfly bush and celosia and dwarf marigolds red and yellow!! Will be sowing all of these in a week or two!

from Katkni I received anenvelope with card stuffed with seeds!! including african daisy tricolor daisy, shasta daisy, marigold sunset giants, and marigold petit yellow!! Thank you soo much!!!

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I received a few cards after Christmas, and am happy for each one!

From Debby_1, I received a cute snowman card with hollyhocks and Armenian Cucumber - thank you! I haven't tried this variety before.

From Imogene (Cardinal WV5), I received a pretty dove card with Columbine and Foxglove. Thank you! I can't wait to have these in my garden this spring.

From Darrin (Cryptid), I received a cute Santa pulling the sleigh card (very funny!), and a beautiful crocheted butterfly pin (thank your wife for me please!). Included were several seeds I am looking forward to including Calabrese broccoli, Pak choi, Tom Thumb lettuce, Green globe Artichoke, White Columbine, and Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach. I absolutely love the labels for the packets - so helpful! Thank you.

Happy Friday everyone!


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aquadragonfly(7b NC)

Ok playing catch up as I wasn't home all day Tuesday, I cooked all day Wednesday and was wiped out and pretty much slept all day yesterday, wasn't feeling spritely!

ANYWHO, I took my cards into the PO and handed them to the postal worker, they were not supposed to be ran through the machine! Gotta love the postal system!

OK I need to thank debby_1 for sending a cute Christmas Tree card with 3 different trees in patterned Christmas colors and Happy Holidays on it.
Inside were:
Cannellino Bean
Red Russian Kale (3rd person to send these, THANK YOU, I wanted to grow a lot of this now I can!!!)

Katkni (thank you for your generosity!) She sent me a package with lots of wanted seeds. The card was hand written with a punched snowflake on it.
Inside the package were:
Marketmore 2 pks
Kentucky Wonder Bush Bean
Pencil Pod Bush Bean
Dragon Tongue Garden Bean (SO WANTED THESE!!!)
Hutterite Soup Bean
Pink Runner
Scarlet Runner (I wanted both these runner beans so much as well!!!)
Parsley Moss Curled
Marigold Crackerjack
Zinnia Giant Cactus Mix
Thank you so much Kathy, I can't tell you have happy I am to receive all these. I was thinking after I posted my wants I should have asked for some flowers too because I plan on interplanting flowers with the veggies this coming season to draw in pollinators so this is perfect! Thank you again!!!

And from Miss Nikki and Sarah Kate a handwritten note with a present and bow drawn on it:
Beet Tall Top Early Wonder
Kale Dwarf Blue Curled, Vates Strain
Thank you both so very much I do absolutely appreciate it.

I can't tell you all how much I appreciate all the seeds and cards. I only have one person in my life who does anything for me for Christmas so your cards and seeds helped me make it through this year. Thank you all so very much. It really was a Merry Christmas for me because of all of you. I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas as much as I did. Thank you all again and Miss Kym for doing all you do to make this swap special and to make it happen for each of us and for taking time to do it again this year.

:) Aqua

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nikkineel(GA 8/7b)

I have been crazy busy over these last wonderful days. I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas! I have had so much fun receiving such wonderful and creative cards - and the seeds too of course:)
From Laurie, a card with sweet note about hollyhocks. I love them too! Yellow daisy, long floppy celosia, black eyed susan vine, blue wave petunia, mystery coneflower, hollyhock - Ford hook Giant, coleus, scarlet climber, and gallardia - WOW! Thank you so much!

Betsy - Ruby Dog - sent Mexican sunflower, zinnia, and Dahlia unwins dwarf seeds. Some of my faves! Thanks!

Debby1 sent fennel and red zinnia - my zinnia's are going to be beautiful this year. Thank you!

Alana sent Dichondra Silver Falls - I've been waiting to try these! Thank you!

Iris - Ranegrow - sent mammoth dill, and bronze fennel. Can never get enough of these, thank you and Merry Christmas!

Jim and Tonya (jimryder) sent habanero pepper, Hungarian yellow wax pepper, and giant zinnia. Yumm! Thanks!

Annie sent a sweet card with personal note (love the confetti), red plume, columbine, pasillo pepper, fennel, shishito pepper. Can't wait to try these! Thanks so much!

Susie, what a sweet note! Thanks also for the purple angelonia, white 4 oclock (never seen white), yellow zinnia, plumeria (wow), and purple torenia. These will be great for my sister's memory garden. Thank you!

Michael (heavenlyfarm) sent a hefty amount of fennel (wow), and blue and pink balloon flowers. Thank you for the helpful tips on growing too.

Feeling abundantly blessed this Christmas season. The generosity of this group of gardeners is truly humbling. Thank you all for everything!

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Panhandle_Seed_Swap(8 Florida Panhandle)

Today, I got a colorful Christmas card of Santa's house with Nicotiana Scentsation and Unwins Dwarf Dahlia seeds from sweet RubyDog (Betsy). Two really great seed varieties that I don't have! Thank you so much!!!

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Thanks Ruby Dog for the dog, cat, bird card and the red choy sum,itialian parsley, and arugula seed!

Rane grow, thanks for the snowbear card and the barlow and chocolate stripes tomatoe seeds. And the bronze fennel seed.

Cryptid, thanks for the Santa cartoon card! And the mini light! It fits good on my key chain! Will also put to good use the garlic chives, the green fennel, and the white egg and purple top turnip seeds!

I musta been reall gooood this year........hmmm.peace, dd.

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I received a peaceful dove and tree card from Iris/ranegrow today with Purple Majesty Millet seeds. It looks like my dream of having a big patch this year may become a reality! Thank you!

I got a vine covered JOY card from Kathy/katkni with Moss Rose, Flax, Hyacinth Bean and Cilantro seeds. Thank you Kathy. I am delighted to have your fresh seeds for my garden!


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From brittneysgram a Reindeer Christmas card. Inside seeds for coneflower "Harvest Moon", two packs of Siberian iris, coneflower pink color, coneflower coral color, and calla lilies.

From cardinalwv a nativity Christmas card. Inside seeds for green coneflower, balloon flowers, and foxglove mix.

From debby_1 a winter scene Christmas card. Inside were seeds for oat grass, Siberian iris, "Warm Gold"
moss rose, and white gomphrena.

From cryptid a Santa pulling a sleigh of reindeer Christmas card. Inside were seeds of Little Gem and Tom Thumb lettuce, Little Finger and Solar yellow carrots,Hailstone and White icicle radishes, and Oriental Poppies mixed colors. Also a mini Phillips head screwdriver and lighted keychain with batteries.

Thanks for the cards and seeds. I appreciate everything.

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I just posted Thank yous in the Rate & Reviews to all Secret Santas that sent me Amazing Christmas cards and Wonderful bounties of seeds this Christmas! Thank you everyone for your generosity this holiday season! It means alot to me and I appreciate everything you do Santa Kym!!!

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MissyGA64(8 (central GA))

Today I received a card from

Debby_1- thank you so much for the cute snowman card and the seeds for chamomile and I'm not sure what the other one is, I cant seem to find my reading glasses and cant read it.

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cryptid(Southern OR 7)

Whoa, hey,...I got another card today! - This time it's from Canyonwind (Annie). What a really great, cute card! Two Lab pups (yellow & black) are posed on the front, laying amidst a pile of shiny, polychromatic ornament balls (looking all innocent,...like those two wouldn't be trouble, LOL!), but that's not the best part. On the back I discovered the card was purchased in support of "Guide Dogs for the Blind - www.guidedogs.com."; Way t'go, Annie!! Makes the very card, itself, a gift as well. As for the seeds, she sent two different types of cabbage; "Tronchuda & Nero Di Toscana". Both are totally new to me, so once again, more wonderfully unique seeds to try out! While Elly's not the biggest cabbage fan in the world (`cept for slaw, and sometimes in a salad), I'm about the exact opposite, particularly when it comes to St. Patrick's Day and as sauerkraut. It's the Irish (maternal, Hurley side) and German (again maternal, Kramer side) in me (Side note: "Eating pork and sauerkraut on New Year's is a tradition by the German and Pennsylvania Dutch..." - source ask.com). Besides, raw cabbage is nice and sweet. :) - Thanks a lot, Annie!

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nottougly- alyssum- carpet of snow. I am going to have a beautiful front of the border.

ruthz-rudbeckia cappicino- love these! Thank you Ruth!

roper- shared her commercial mask flower seeds and petunia exserta. Thank you Linda, can't wait to get them in the soil.

canyonwind sent standing cypress and petunias. Thank you Annie, I will plant both! "love the Lab card>

katkni- sent me moss rose, carnation and double cosmos. I know these weren't on my list Kat BUT I will use them and the card is great for an ornament too!

Debby1 sent rudbeckia cappaino and I think alssum"the package isn't labeled>. I will plant it anyway and see what comes up.lol

I received 10 beautiful cards with seeds this year, I will plant at least a few of each gifted seed. I will also be attempting to make ornaments out of all of them. Thank you all!!!

There are still 6 out of 20 cards that I originally sent that have not been accounted for, watch your mailboxes. I have an additional 4 going out on Monday...keep your eyes peeled!

Kym, Do you do any container gardening??


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plant-one-on-me(MI 5b)

The Christmas Joy continues! I have 2 more special santas to thank.

Browned eyed susan/Susan Ruppert (love your GW name!) sent annual milkweed and perennial butterflyweed, my new butterfly garden will benefit greatly from these thank you!

Cryptid/Darrin--first thank Elly for the lovely butterfly she made. I will wear it with pride the next time I show my Papillon dogs (aka butterfly dogs) and a huge thank you for the bloomsdale spinach, purple top white globe turnip, white egg turnip (I have never seen these before), Minnesota midget melon (I LOVE these), Pak choi, calabrese broccoli, solar yellow carrots (my granddaughter will love growing these) and the little fingers carrot.

I am so very thankful to everyone for the lovely cards and seeds. I have enjoyed receiving the cards more than I could ever express to everyone. I lost my husband in 2009 and get very melancholy this time of year and for the first time, I have to say I did not slip into a depression and I know I have all of YOU to thank!

I wish all of you a happy and healthy year to come!!! Kim

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rane_grow(7 soMD)

Good morning everyone ! I apologize for being so behind in my thank yous ... I hope you all know how much the beautiful cards and lovely seeds brightened my evenings when I opened my mailbox and found them instead of bills ;-)

Thank you Don / dem_pa for the card and wonderful assortment of seeds - hummingbird vine, petunia, salvia, will rogers zinnia, roma and snowberry tomato and several great kinds of bush beans ! love them all !

Thank you Jessica / ForeverRecycleReuse for the zucchini and california bell pepper seeds, 2 of my favorite veggies we grow every summer !

Thank you Sharon / gmom2 6 boys for the Brandywine tomato seeds , love them ! they grow very well for me every year !

Thank you Heidi /xiangirl for the wonderful assortment of flower seeds - zinnia, rudbeckia ( esp the dwarf variety ! ) salvia,
gaillardia and coreopsis , my hummers and butterflies will love them all !

Thank you Vina / flowergirl43 for the groovy card ;-) ,the strawberry seduction yarrow ! this is a new one to me , can't wait to see how it looks ! and the feverfew !

Thank you Jayeanne / pinkiris ( love your name ) for the scarlet sage salvia butterfly bush and mixed greens !

Thank you Sheri / Panhandle Seed Swap for the basil seeds ! I grow several kind every year and use it all year long in my recipes !

Thank you Jordan / Wonderweasel for the lemon oxheart costoluto genovese tomato, thyme and purple basil ! love them !

So as not to monopolize half this thread with all my thank yous I am going to stop here and start a new post ! Again, thank you all so much !


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redthreaddiy(6a MI)

ishareflowers - did your card from me get to you? I wanted to make sure :) It wasn't a lot of seeds but I still want to make sure you got it.

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It seems several of my cards are in limbo somewhere, too. I hope they find their way.

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rane_grow(7 soMD)

Good morning thank yous ! PART 2 ! ;-)

Thank you Debby1 for the Anna Russian tomato seeds, looking forward to growing this one next summer !

Thank you Jim & Tanya / jimryder for the great Grinch card and the agastache, basil, and purple volcano salvia ( love this name, can't wait to grow it for the first time ! )

Thank you Betsy / rubydog for the Cherry Brandy rudbeckia, constaluto genovese tomato and swiss chard seeds, 3 of my favorites !

Thank you Shirley / SJC48 for the Silene Regia - this is a new flower to me !

Thank you Nikki and Sarah Kate for the wonderful homemade card and the zinnia, basil, corkscrew vine, chocolate covered cherry coleus ! ( new to me, love the name ) and the clitoria double white lady butterfly pea vine seeds ( another new one, can't wait to grow it ! )

Thank you Christine / socalgardengal for the sparkly card and the Joe Lauerer , dwarf wild fred, dwarf czech bush, yellow ruffled and Inglegio Gigante Liscio tomato seeds ! These are all new to me and I can hardly wait to grow them ! Tomatoes are probably our all time fave summertime food and I especially appreciate the new dwarf ones !

Thank you Susie for the Yellow Asclepias, zinnia, salvia , purple angelonia ( a new one for me )pink petunia and pink vinca ! love them all !

Thank you Melinda / ilovefarac for the fabulous assortment of seeds - Armeria Red Thrift, 2 different kinds of bush beans, carnival mix sweet bell peppers, Lungo Fiorentino and black beauty zucchini and coreopsis sunburst ! is it Spring yet ?

Thank you Redthreaddiy for the cute card and the lovely seeds !- coyote, bola macizo and black russian truffle tomato seeds, italian large leaf basil, italian parsley, thyme, mahogany midget coreopsis and trailing magenta petunia !

Thank you Dawn / lexiegurl for the Roma bush beans, collard greens, zucchini, chocolate cherry tomatoes, Orange Sun sweet pepper and marketmore 76 cukes ( we grow and eat all of these all summer ! yum ! ) and especially thank you for the African Queen tomato seeds, been wanting to find these seeds and grow this one for awhile now ! ;-)

Again, Thank you Kym for hostessing this unbelievably fantastic swap every Christmas and thank you all for taking the time to share your Christmas wishes and wonderful seeds with me, I appreciate each and every one.

Thank you and God Bless.


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Big Thanks goes out to:
Iris for Hollyhock-Dark Knight
Ruby-Dog for Mexican-Sunflowers, Veronica-Sunny Border, Gaillardia
poisondartfrog for Sunflower-Italian Green Heart
Canyonwind for Hollyhock-Indian Spring, beets
socalgardengal for Bachelor Buttons-Blue, Tomato-Jaune Flamme & Ingeglio, Blue Thimble flower, Blue Aster, Dwarf Fountain Grass
Brown Eyed Susan for SloKesia leaves-Blue, Platycadon Maries
Nikkineel for Nastustiun-Banana Split
Yutetrapper for Lettuce, Hollyhock-mix, Echinacea-Big Sky, Coneflower-Green Envy-Ruby giant-Yellow Clasping

Thanks to everybody for all my wishes.

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Yesterday I received a wonderful package from Darrin (cryptid) and his family. I love the cute card of Santa pulling the reindeer haha. Thank you for the good garden wishes also. Inside the package was more than a card though. A beautiful hand crocheted blue butterfly pin (side note: I love blue and I love butterflies... Perfect fit, I love it! Thank you! It really made me smile) and lots of seeds. Included were Champion collards, Liberty Brussels sprouts, Solar yellow carrot, little finger carrot, hailstone radish, and white icicle radish seeds. I will probably start them all very soon. Thank you so much for everything Darrin! I hope you and your family had a great Christmas and a wonderful new year!

Thank you to everyone once again for all of their generosity during this swap! I will participate in this swap every year from now on. Thank you again!


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More thanks to poisondart frog for the beautiful card and the Itialian Green Heart Sunflower. thanks, Happy New Year! peace, dd.

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Thank you Shirley (brittneysgran) for the beautiful card and the wonderful selection you sent! daylily-vanilla fluff, daylily, toad lily yellow, siberian iris, and the calla lillies! wow! Im headed off to do a litte more wintersowing =) Thank you so much Shirley! wishing you all the best for 2014 and a garden full of blooms!

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Panhandle_Seed_Swap(8 Florida Panhandle)

Today (Saturday) , I received a beautiful "Joy" card from Katkni (Kathy) with 3 of her favorites, fresh from her garden... Lemon Basil, Moss Rose and Double Cosmos Orange! I don't have any of those and I love them. :) Thank you!!!

The envelope was open a bit on the side, but I think all the seeds made it, thanks to your great packaging, katkni!

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lorabell NC(8)

I received two cards this week..

Thanks to cardinal wv for the lovely nativity card. I appreciate the blanket flowers and especially love the green coneflower. Very nice.

And thanks to ruby-dog also for blanket flowers, astra balloon flowers, and am so excited for the orange tender sweet watermelon.
Appreciate it! Lorabell

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I received a fat envelope today from Karen/primrose1x3. Can you believe it was postmarked December 21 and was just delivered today? Ridiculous. The beautiful poinsettia card contained the following

white ageratum
bells of Ireland
Nasturtium "empress of India"
painted tongue
Snow drift marigolds.

Thanks so much Karen. It is always such a bummer for the cards to stop arriving when Christmas comes so this was a pleasant surprise.


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Saturday I received a cheerful Santa card from Shirley (brittneysgran) along with seeds for calla lilies and two kinds of coneflowers, White Swan and Sundown. Thank you! I'll be starting all of those right away.

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I am so sorry I couldn't post the seeds and cards I received the past week due to my computer not working then when I got on, I couldn't locate the current posting. Now that I found the current one for this year here are the cards and seeds I received:

From Nikkineel: a home made card with Mexican Hat yellow & red seeds and blanket flower seeds.

From Jeff (VaJeff): yellow ratibida; gaillardia goblin & canterbury Bells.

From Heidi (xiangirl): husker red penstemon; 2 color pincushion flower; 2 colors of gaillardia; New England Aster 2 kinds of Mexican Hat; and helenium flower seeds.

Thanks so much for all the flower seeds. I will be busy fixing a new spot for these come warmer weather.

I hope everyone had a Very Merry Christmas with plenty of seeds to plant come time for planting in their different areas.

This post was edited by cardinalwv on Sat, Jan 4, 14 at 20:47

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Sorry everyone, I got hit Christmas Eve with the flu, followed by a head cold...not what I wanted from Santa, but even with being sick..I enjoyed time with my kids. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas !!



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Lisa ..ishareflowers, to answer your question..I didn't do any gardening this year. I have to have help, and both of my kids are so busy in school and working, that I just enjoyed what was growing. I appreciate everyone asking...I love doing this swap, because it allows me to still enjoy being connected :)

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I finally it to the mailbox and low and behold, there were 3 more cards!

Primrose sent me centaurea the bride, gomphrena, melampodium,silene and purple alyssum. Thank you Karen!

Redthread sent me a cute snowman card...It came in a baggie from the post office because it was opened But the seeds made it through! She sent trailing petunia and alyssum. Thank you!

Sjc (Shirley) sent me a cute card of thanks for the seeds I sent her and included a unopened package of rudbeckia Cherokee sunset seeds...Thank you Shirley, you didn't have to do that!!!

Kym, Sorry to hear that you can't garden at all. I was hoping to be able to send you a little something pretty..lol


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MissyGA64(8 (central GA))

My card tree, made with all the wonderful cards I received during this trade. The cards on the mantle are from family.

I have to confess, my dog swished his huge tail across the table and mixed up my cards. I had them seperated into thanked and need to thank. So I would like to make sure I thank everyone that sent me a card and seeds.

Thank you to : Dem_pa, DirtDaddy, ForeverRecycleReuse, Lorabell, Patrob, plant-one-on-me, roper2008, yotetrapper, jimryder, flowergirl34, mchill320, nikkineel, panhandle_see_swap, detrilgirl77, pinkiris, ran_grow, socialgardengal, VaJeff, cghpnd, cryptid, debby_1

Thank you all so very much. I am planning two new flower beds and 3 elevated garden beds to make room for all the lovely seeds I received this month. Happy NEW YEAR to everyone and successful gardening to all,


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I hope all had a wonderful Christmas! Some of the cards are from family and other friends! But I loved them all. Thank you all so much for making my Christmas brighter! Melinda

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vajeff(7b VA)

I have a few belated thank you's. Sorry for the late response! With having to travel out of town and the chaos that followed upon returning, I'm just now catching up with things.

From socalgardengal I received a sparkly card of a cardinal perched on a holly with a snowy winteresque background. Included were seeds of white rosa rugosa, which I've read is rather prolific with hips (good for tea) and tolerates part shade - it will make a great addition to the tea garden. Also included were dwarf cherry rose nasturtium seeds - I'm going to have a ton of nasturtiums this year and I can't wait to grow them! Thank you!

Roper2008 sent an adorable card of a puppy in the snow. These cards are too cute. They make me want to go out and adopt another puppy. Included were seeds of siam queen basil (I love basil, especially the thai types); hopi red dye amaranth - looks surprisingly similar to, but darker than, a volunteer celosia I've had for years - which will add a great pop of dark red/burgundy to contrast the other plants; lady bird nasturtium - a great addition to my new collection! Thank you!
I've been going to that Feed and Seed every spring and summer for the past four years or so for bedding plants, vegetable starts, potting supplies, and seeds - great prices and a nice assortment! They're very friendly and helpful.

From Ruby_Dog, a cute reindeer and santa card with seeds of siberian iris 'Caesar's Brother' (I've wanted this for a while now), veronica 'Sunny Border Blue' - will go great around the buddleia and chartreuse agastache, and mixed calendula - another fantastic addition to the tea garden. Thank you!

This swap has been a treat, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday season and thank you for all your generosity and kindness. Happy gardening in 2014!

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Christine (socalgardengal), sent me a cute sparkly cat card with Tomato Ingeglio, Jaunne Flamme, dwarf czech bush, rutgers (c), stump of the world, Marrian's peace, Lettuce red salad bowl and Argula Roquette. Thank you for your generocity. Love tomatoes and can't wait to try them. Thank you so much

Nikki, sent me a hand made card with Pole beans "malibu", Coleus chocolate colored cherry (love it) and Dahlia Fireworks stripped (love to try). Thank you so much

lexigurl, sent me a very cute wreath card with Bibb Lettuce, Burpeeana early peas, Yellow pear tomato, Peurvian purple pepper, Hungarian yellow wax pepper (love peppers) and sibarian kale. Love everything and can't wait to try them. Thank you so much.

Alana, sent me a nice santa christmas tree and deer card which folds over with Zinnia 7 color mixed (commercial) seed. Love Zinnias and will grow it. Thank you so much.

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xiangirl zone 4/5 Nebraska(5)

Admission of Guilt
I was searching for one more stamp today and found 10 cards I had forgotten to mail. If we can't find something in our house I say, "It's carefully filed." These really were carefully filed. I should have left myself a note to make sure I mailed them!
So...if you get a card halfway through January it's probably from this crazy seed swapper! I am so sorry. I apologize to everyone, especially Santa Kym.
Heidi in Nebraska

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cryptid(Southern OR 7)

Aha,...tonight I finally finished posting positive "Rate & Review Exchanges" posts for all who have so generously sent Elly & I cards-n-seeds. - Truly, we absolutely dearly love this swap!! Super-duper ultra thanks to all!! :)

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Thank you browneyesusan for the wonderful seeds you sent!!

    Bookmark   December 30, 2013 at 11:50AM
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I have 2 more thank you's!
Ericka-ct sent me bright lights swiss chard in lovely Noel card. Love chard!
Annie-canyonwind sent me rainbow and oriole orange swiss chard!
I am thrilled with these seeds! Thank you both so much!

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lorabell NC(8)

Thank you very much poisondartfrog for the green mist Ammi visnaga. How perfect as I do both fresh and dry flower arrangements. Appreciate it.

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Panhandle_Seed_Swap(8 Florida Panhandle)

I got a lovely Labrador card from Annie/canyonwind today! She include Stump of the World Tomato and Ananas D'Amerique Char Verte melon... thank you!

Thank you to all the dear Secret Santas who sent me cards and seeds! I got cards and seeds from:


The USPS is a bit strange this year, so please let me know if you sent a card and I didn't receive it. Thank you!

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Lorabell, I'm glad you got that! It was mailed 10 days ago and was among several others that apparently did not find their way. That means there is still hope that they will!

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The USPS is either really lightning fast or turtle-slow! I just read Heidi's post about her cards going out yesterday and then I got one in my mailbox tonight.

And it feels like Christmas all over again. Thank you so much, Heidi, for sending me my wishes! The Morning Glory seeds are amazing and I'm so glad to get white ones. My husband and I saw a wild one and tried to keep watch of the one bloom to see if it set seeds, but it disappeared. So these seeds are special as though from a special friend.

Also, I'm looking forward to growing impatiens again since they are hard to come by down here.

Thanks a million - may your gardening days all be blessed....and I love the little seed packets that look exactly like big ones. Did you make them yourself? They're perfect!


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And two stragglers for me, today.
Debby_1 sent Coleus along with one of my all time favorite Marigolds-Simba, in a peaceful rural snow scene card. I am so happy to have them!

Shirley/sjc48 sent a lovely commercial pack of Coleus, Rainbow Blend, that appears to be intact despite the abuse the pretty "Let It Snow" card apparently endured. Thanks Shirley! I will be sowing them soon.


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I've received 3 more beautiful cards since Christmas.
primrose1x3 sent, blue flax , clematis meraclei folic, dianthus Holborn Glory, Liatris spiceta & achillea millefolium yarrow.
ishareflowers sent, Blue Hungarian poppy, Prince of Orange poppy, red, purple, pink poppies, California poppies Jelly Beans & Sonata White cosmos.
debby_1 sent Rustic colors rudbeckia & Containers Choice
Red tomato seeds.
I'm going to sow the cutting flower seeds in my raised beds, hoping to have blooms for April 26th. My daughter is getting married and if I have enough flowers blooming, I'll offer to make mixed bouquets for the reception.
Thank you for the beautiful cards and sharing your seeds.
Happy Gardening in the new year!!

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May be this one is the last and final card of the season. Enjoyed the swap very much. Thanks kym.

Cryptid Darrin - sent me a nice hand made card, "how to grow Japanese red maple tree instruction." How sweet! Pretty crocheted butterfly pin. So pretty. My special thanks to Elly, and lots of seeds. Seeds are Japanese red maple tree (super excited), Tomato san marzano (looks interesting), Tomato Mortgage lifter (love it too big fruits), Basil Napeleatano (good one to try), Pole bean kentucky wonder, Eggplant florida market (yum). Thank you so much can't wait to try these.

Happy New Year to all.

This post was edited by jas_il on Mon, Dec 30, 13 at 20:23

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detroitgirl77(6a MI)

I haven't updated for awhile, but these are what I have received. I may have already posted some of these though.

From Dawn(lexiegirl) a glittery card with a mailbox full of presents. Seeds were jalapeno pepper, red cayenne pepper, variegated tomato and red russian tomato.

From Iris(rane_grow) a cute happy holidays card with a bear balancing presents. Seeds for black prince tomato.

From Imogene(CardinalWV) a handmade card made using magazine cutouts.. Seeds were columbine, hibiscus and black knight butterfly bush.

From Kathy(katkini) a lovely card of a holiday garland. Seeds were nemophilia, jewels of opar and flax.

From Anne(canyonwind)an adorable card of a black and a yellow lab puppy surrounded by colorful ornaments. Seeds were dr. lyle tomato and rose beauty tomato.

From Patricia(patrob) a nice card of santa carrying his sack of presents. Seeds were matina tomato, amana orange tomato and mexican mint marigold.

From Alana(poisondartfrog) a santa express card. Seeds of calendula bon bon apricot marigold.

Thank you so very much everyone for the lovely cards and seeds. Such unique and interesting varieties that I can't wait to grow out!

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aquadragonfly(7b NC)

I received a beautiful card with the Santa Express Train on it with Santa waving as he enters the train from Miss Alana, thank you so much Alana, it's a very beautiful card and I was so happy to have gotten one more in the mail.
Inside were:
Basil Summerlong
Organic Watermelon Allsweet (have never ever heard of this one, will be anticipating the watermelon from these...woohoo!!!)

Thank you so very much Miss Alana!

:) Aqua

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I'm glad to see cards still coming in. I feel like I have a few I haven't heard about but I know between the irregularities of holiday mail, people getting busy and/or sick and cards getting mixed up, there's some that we'll just never know about, and that's OK!

The most fun for me this year was figuring out what to send to people who had the most specific requests. I don't have a lot of specialty varieties that were on wish lists, but didn't want that to stop me from sending a card to as many people as possible.

    Bookmark   December 31, 2013 at 7:58AM
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I received yesterday--just in time for my birthday today--some balcony petunias and cockscomb mix from Annie (canyonwind). I suspect those are the old-fashioned petunias whose scent I love so much, and cockscomb's unusual blooms always fascinate me too. Many thanks, Annie!

    Bookmark   December 31, 2013 at 8:37AM
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I recieved a pretty card with huechera seeds yesterday from erika_ct. Thank you much! :)

    Bookmark   December 31, 2013 at 11:27AM
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First off sorry for the delay... wait times and bad hold music have made the new year celebration a bit edgy :(

Thank you Cryptid for the lovely butterfly pin. Let you wife know they are my favorite colors and I love butterflies. Perfect gift. and also for the cinnamon basil and parsnips and salsify. I love growing root veggies for the cellar.

    Bookmark   December 31, 2013 at 12:28PM
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I have many thanks to post...I always wait till Christmas or Christmas Eve to open my cards, and actually opened them the day after this year since I am sick.

I truly appreciate that you took the time to send to me...
I do the swap because It brings me so much joy in seeing the happiness :) Many thanks to you ALL for joining the swap and making it what it is !!

Thanks soo very much to those that sent cards ...love them all !!


and to those that added a little something ...which wasn't needed, but enjoyed ;)

ilovefarac thanks for the cute Santa card, and for the help with my Angels this season...meant a lot to my family !

ruthz thanks so much for the tea ! I will think of you as I enjoy a cuppa :)

panhandle seed swap, thanks so much for the music cd !

dem_pa thanks for the zinnia seeds , I will have my daughter direct sow them this spring.

l1oness the gift tags are so cute ! thanks :)

katkni, the snowflakes are just adorable, what talent you have !

naturegirl_2007 thanks so much for being a SECRET santa this year, and hope you will join in fully next season :)

plant-one-on-me thanks for the cute paper seed strips, what a cute idea ! I hope you and your granddaughter are doing well ...

canyonwind, what a sweet thing to do ! I was given a Santa of the Year award...much thanks !! Much thanks for the help with our Christmas :)

lorabell, sent me a bar ofhandmade honeysuckle soap, which I cant stop smelling :) thank you !

dirtdaddy has always sent to my dog Princess, since she injured her back a few years ago. She knew as soon as the package came..and really enjoyed her bones. She says "ruff, ruff" to ya Dave :)

clipclop sent a beautifully handmade ornament made from a Tennessee spinner gourd she grew, how creative ! much thanks :)

cryptid and Elly, sent me two beautiful butterflies, and a ladybug. Darren, not sure if you remember my friends daughter passing away, and they called her Ladybug..but anytime I see a ladybug I think of little Morgan. hope your feeling better, and please thanks Elly for me !

flowergirl34 sent me a hand crocheted tea towel with apples on it, just happens my kitchen is done in red and apples ! thanks

To those that sent one card, to those that sent 60....this swap couldn't be as awesome as it is without YOU !! It isn't about how many you can mail......its about sharing in the spirit of the holiday with our fellow friends and gardeners.

Thank you for making my season bright, and I wish you ALL the best in 2014. Anyone want to keep in touch on FB...feel free to send me a request.

I will be back with card count total, and more BINGO...just wanted to post my THANKS :)

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detroitgirl77(6a MI)

Today I received a cute card of animals climbing on a reindeer from Katie(redthreaddiy) She sent quinoa and lemon balm, along with other seeds that are part of a trade. I will get your seeds to you asap.

Thank you!

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And yet another card arrives in my mailbox. I received it from Erika-ct yesterday. The card contained picklebush cucumber seeds. I am going to be making a lot of cucumbers this summer. Yum, thank you Erika. Margo

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i returned from a week long visit with my family in Florida to find a pile of cards containing seeds. It was like Christmas all over again! Thanks to:

Canyonwind for Balcony Petunia and Cockscomb seeds

Nikki Neel and Sarah Kate for Vigna caracalla, and oregano.

Katkni for Cosmos and Double Cosmos, lemon basil and moss rose seeds.

Poisondartfrog for Salvia nubicola- I do not have this one and am looking forward to trying it.

Ishare for Helenium helena Red Shades, Tiarella 'Silverado', Platycodon 'Astra" double white, Geranium 'Confetti", Heuchera 'Mocha",Celosia 'Pink Candles',two kinds of petunias, Salvias 'coral nymph' and 'Snow Queen'. I was blown away!

Debby for Heuchera and Iberis seeds.

Many of these seeds were on my list and some were new to me. I love trying new plants and will enjoy interplanting perennials with annuals that I received. Thanks for the beautiful cards as well.


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Just wanted to stop by and thank Kym for hosting this swap again this year. It is one of my favorites and I appreciate the time that Kym puts into it. Good Job, Kym!
Happy New Year, Everyone!

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Happy New Years!!!!

I have been out of town. I returned to find more elf action in my mailbox!

Ruby_Dog sent a darling card....a very brave cat sitting on a dogs back!! And seeds Snapdragon Tall Deluxe mixed colors, Rutgers Tomato and Gaillardia. Wonderful!!!! Thanks so much Betsy!

Erika_ct sent a snowman card and Heuchera seeds. Looking forward to growing this.....the dark peach foliage wil be nice!! Thank you so very much!!

Erika and Betsy, may 2014 bring you a happy garden!!


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xiangirl zone 4/5 Nebraska(5)

susieqsie I'm so glad you got the card. I mailed those cards 12/16. That's 14 days! So for those cards I just found and mailed...it will probably be Valentine's Day or Easter before they arrive. I also know I've been worrying about this way too much. Let go and let God...or the USPS! I loved hearing your stories! So often morning glories have become invasive and I was hoping nobody would say, "Oh great, more morning glories...what was she thinking?" lol
Here's our Nebraska weather report. Sunday was 60. Monday was 6. Tuesday was 53. Wednesday it's 25 and 6" of snow! We're taking a state vote whether to call it "bipolar" weather or "whiplash" weather! Gotta love it!

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heavenlyfarm(zone 6b)

Got a late card in the mail made by Nikki/nikkineel, containing lots of interesting seeds to try and echinacea cheyenne spirit which I just saw in a catalog the other day that I wanted!! :)
Thank You and Happy New Year Everyone!!

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Hi all,

A little late thanking everyone. I hate to see this end, but will eagerly participate next year.

From erika_ct I received purple broccoli. We grow a lot of broccoli.

CardinalWV sent foxglove and sunflowers. I'm just getting ready to start a batch of foxglove so that should work out well.

Ruby-dog sent watermelon (my husband loves these), sea holly, and columbine.

Xiangirl sent double zinnias, conflowers, and marigolds, several varieties of each. These are all my favorites.

Poisondartfrog sent Vanilla Cream marigold (yea).

And last but not least Susie sent marigolds, geranium, salvia, romaine lettuce, and zinnia.

Thank you and I hope everyone has a very good gardening season for 2014.


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ForeverRecycleReuse(MN 4b)

Lexiegurl -- Thank you for the lovely Christmas card and the following seeds: Purple Tomatillo, Ananas Noire Tomato, Boothby's Blonde Cucumber, Roma II Bush Bean and Blue Lake Pole Bean. Thank You Dawn!

Thinking this will be the last card that I receive in this swap. I have definitely enjoyed both the giving and receiving of all these holiday cards. It had made checking the mailbox fun :) Thank You Everyone!

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Sorry I haven't been here. I was out of town for the holidays, visiting my family back home in NY. I just got home last night and was blown away by how many cards I received, more than any other year I believe!

Thank you so much to everyone.

CardinalWV: Columbine and Sweat Peas

ClipClop: Confederate rose, moon and stars watermelon and 4 o'clocks

BrownEyedSusan: Rose Campion

Nikkineel: Swirls and peppermint stick zinnia, rose campion, and double white lady butterfly pea vine

Debby: hollyhocks and red zinnias

VaJeff: fuschia and bicolor 4 o'clocks, and knee high red profusion zinnia

SoCalGardenGal: Fuschia and white 4 o'clocks and dark pink hollyhocks

Laurie: Fordhook Giant hollyhocks, Lima beans. 4 o'clocks and basil

I1oness: Homemade Pickles cucumber and dill

jimryder: Sweat peas streamers mix and azureaus blue, boston pickling and Beit Alpha pickling cucumbers

MissyGa64: Dixie speckled butter pea and moon and stars watermelon

Rane-Grow: Rebel Yell tomato (new to me, had to look it up, excited to try this one!)

Cryptid: Mixed color o'clocks and rose campion. Cryptid's wife Elly also crocheted a beautiful butterfly pin for me. I also crochet, and it's very very nice work! Be sure to thank her for me, it's lovely!

I feel I may have forgotten one or more people who sent me cards, and if I did, I apologize. It was a crazy Christmas for me with a recent loss in the family, and going out of town and if I missed you it wasn't intentional. All these cards really brightened up my days. So thank you all so much again!

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Sorry I just now found the current listing for thank you's for the seeds I received just recently after they were forwarded due to me travelling to warmer weather.

I want to thank the following:

debbi1 - sent a santa claus Christmas card with cherry brandy rudbeckia and larkspur flower seeds. I love both kinds.

patrob (Patricia) sent - nicotiania; helinium; gaillardia. inside a beautiful card with santa on the fronnt.

Betsy (Ruby-dog) sent: helenium red & gold, geum which is new to me but I love pictures of them; nicotiana mixed. inside a Christmas card with a cat & dog on the front

Lisa (Ishareflowers) sent: scabiosa red; 3 different varieties of geum; and double balloon flower seeds plus some stokesia seeds (I have only one color stokesia and I love them).

Thanks so much and I love all the flower seeds I received and plan on planting them come warmer weather.

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


This post was edited by cardinalwv on Sat, Jan 4, 14 at 20:44

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Another card in today's mail! What fun!

Alana, thank you for the glittery Santa card and seeds for Redman Super Cactus zinnia. I love cactus zinnias and look forward to growing this beautiful variety.

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Cardinal, would you be kind enough to go and edit the post that you put my last name? Thanks I share

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Today I received another card! According to the note written on the envelope, it was delayed due to the zip code being incorrect, but at least it made it!

Thank you Kathy (katkni) for the very pretty cardinal card and seeds. I received lemon basil (I've been looking forward to trying this!), calendula, black cumin (sounds interesting), and cosmos. Thank you so much!

P.S. Although a bit late, I finished my rate and reviews for everyone I received from today. Thank you all!


This post was edited by l1oness on Thu, Jan 2, 14 at 19:41

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roper2008 (7b)

I wanted to thank Kym for hosting the Secret Santa
Swap, and also everyone that participated. I think
this is my 3rd time, and I always look forward to it.
Lots of fun sending out the cards, and receiving them

Happy New Year Everyone.

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We mailed 1,023 cards, and ilovefarac guessed it EXACTLY !!! WOW !!!!!!

by my records, no one should have received less than 10 cards, which is amazing in my book..I always strive for no less than five.

Many, Many thanks to everyone for such a wonderful swap, and I hope you will join again next year. Happy growing :)

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Just when I thought we were done, I received another card from Heidi (xiangirl). Thank you! I look forward to growing the different kinds of Cosmos and Columbine you sent.

Thank you! I hope everyone has a great 2014! Thank you for running this swap Kym!


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Thank you so much Heidi (xiangirl) for the adorable Christmas card and the much appreciated cactus zinnias, husker red penstemon, and the moonflower daturas! I will be growing all of these for sure! Thank you so much and I hope you have a blessed and beautiful 2014 !

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Wow, that is cool! I never thought I'd get it exactly right on the exact #. That's just the number that popped in my head. I just love this swap. People are so kind and generous and makes it so much fun at Christmas! Thanks again Kym for hosting!

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redthreaddiy(6a MI)

Thank you to Detroitgirl77 for all of the pepper seeds! There are a lot of new varieties that I don't have yet and can't wait to grow. Thank you!

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