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jt_gardenerOctober 4, 2010

Hi everyone,

I wanted to ask if Fort Worth gardeners believe it is a good idea to apply a "fall" fertilizer or "turf builder" to the lawn. I have a little lawn in the front of my house that has never been taken care of by anyone who lived here before me, and I would like to see it come back and look nice next year. Is it worth spending the money on these "fall" mixes, or do they not really do anything? If it would be better to save the money for spring fertilizing, I would like to know. The lawn, oddly enough, looks like a combination of both Augustine and Bermuda!



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Yes, you should fertilize in the fall - but I think it may be too late to do it in your area. September is the month in central Texas to apply a good 8-2-4 organic slow release fertilizer. However, any time is good to put down a quarter inch of good compost, so you could do that now and it would be helpful to your lawn.

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Yes, fall fertilization is probably the most important application for a decent lawn the following year. There is no need to purchase expensive mixes and definitely steer clear of anything with phosphate in it (the middle number) unless you have done a soil test and have a known deficiency. Potassium is nice but not necessary. It is generally considerd to improve stress in regards to tolerating summer heat.

A simple bag of ammonia sulphate (21-0-0) from the feed store will perfom admirably. Put down between 4-5lbs of actual fertilizer per 1000sft of turf. This will give you between 0.8 to a tad over 1lb of actual Nitrogen per 1000sft of truf.

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Dittos to the fall fertilization. But you should get right on it.

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