Crocus in Texas

srilunewgardenerOctober 23, 2010


I live in Round Rock, TX. I bought crocus bulbs from Home Depot. But I am not sure if they do well in this area. Did anyone try crocus here. Do they need to be refrigerated? Could you suggest some other bulbs that do not require refrigeration. I already have daffodils. What else can I plant now?



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Crosus do very well here if the squirrels don't eat them before they have a chance to bloom. In fact most bulbs will do very well and the only ones the squirrels don't like are the daffodils. Daffs are toxic and the squirrels won't touch them. Many people plant their other bulbs under a piece of chicken wire to protect them from wildlife that will dig them up to eat them, namely the squirrels.

It usually gets cold enough for daffs to come back year after year, but many other bulbs benefit from chilling since winters can be mild.

A lot of the local gardening books recommend that bulbs be treated as annuals and dug up and replaced every year. Oh what a waste! After blooming if you just leave them in the ground until the foliage dies back then dig them up and let them dry for a couple of weeks, they can be chilled year after year and look just fine. Cheryl

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random_harvest(z8 TX DFW)

Srilu, you might want to try Dutch iris. They're often overlooked because they're tender further north, but they easily overwinter in your part of the world and come back year after year to increase to big clumps. No chilling required and I've never lost any to my many squirrels -- just plant 'em and forget 'em. Another "indoor" bulb that's hardy for us is ranunculus.

Crocus may be a disappointment -- here in Dallas they'll only last a couple of years and then disappear. For small early spring color, try ipheions.

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I have planted more and more crocus over the last few years and haven't noticed any diminished returns. I love them because they poke their heads up and bloom when spring is still very far away. I do have dogs that may keep the squirrels away. Mine are all planted out in the lawn and get no supplemental water or anything else. They are long gone by the time the mower gets pulled out. My mother says there are some at an old rent house they have in a very bad neighborhood and that they've returned there for over 20 years.

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it's an annual here! The heat and humidity of the coast gets them.
Tally HO!

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