And the winner is...

dciolek(5B)August 7, 2011

Taste test of the day's pickings -- the entries:


Brandy Boy



White Currant

Sweet Cherry

Black Russian


Yellow Pear

Unknown (bottom left)

Three different people came to the same top pick:

Persimmon (the larger orange one on the left). I'll be saving a bunch of those seeds for next year!

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It's certainly not yellow pear which, although cute in looks and a prolific producer, tastes no better than a store bought mass warehouse ripened tomato (bland and mushy). We have two of them this year which were mismarked by the local nursery supplier as Yellow Boy. Caveat emptor !

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

The variety Coyote was introduced by Craig LeHoullier, seeds from Mexico, and he thinks that he may have initially listed it in the SSE YEarbook as White Currant, so the two may be the same.


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I wondered about the Coyote and White Currant, they are "almost" identical (or maybe they are identical). And I agree the yellow pear tomatoes were not very tasty even though they look pretty cool. They have a tendency to split on the thin neck too.

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