My tomatoes look like they may be dying help please!!!

boulou3August 10, 2014

I need help, as you can see in the pix I have 3 living beefsteak tomato vines that look iffy and one that's dead...a number of weeks ago I had a small hornworm problem but quickly got rid of it, until then all 4 vines were very lush and green and growing, after the hornworms I pruned all the dead leaves and leaves eaten by the hornworm expecting then to grow back easily like they always used to but they never grew back, they stopped growing in height was a few days ago that the one vine died and I don't want that fate for the other 3 vines...recently I planted sweet basil next to it because I heard that they help eachother grow. As of now I don't know what to do because they look will be greatly appreciated please and thanks in advanced. By the way I live in zone 10 south Florida

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From the looks of it, would be a miracle for that plant to come back and give you any tomatoes. I would hazard a guess that it is simply too hot in your zone right now. Plus it looks like you have too many plants growing in that small area, not enough sun judging by the legginess of the plants, and the soil seems to be quite heavy. I have also heard that gardeners in the warmer areas have to contend with soil nematodes, but not sure whether that's a factor.

There is a forum member who gardens in Florida and she plants a second crop of tomatoes in the Fall. Good luck.

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conchitaFL(10 Hutchinson Island)

Yes, nobody grows vegetables like Silvia can. But Donna is right. Most of us pull out tomatoes and many other vegetables starting in May, then either take the summer off or switch to hot weather veg like okra, sweet potatoes, gandules, malabar spinach and so on, and start up again with tomatoes in the fall.

The summers here are just too hard on plants, not only the heat, but the explosion of pests. And many of us stick with containers for tomatoes because of the nematode problem.

If you aren't familiar with it, the University of FL publishes an excellent guide to vegetable gardening in Fl, including suggested planting dates for each region.

Also, you might want to read around at He's in West Palm, but his blog and videos will give you a good idea of what produces when.

Here is a link that might be useful: IFAS Planting Guide

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