Are Biltmore Tomatoes good

win586w(Zone 7 NC-Texas)August 7, 2007

Any one on the board grown Biltmore Tomatoes. If so how do they taste, are any info you know about Biltmore. I've heard that Biltmore are very good.


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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Hi Winnie - I am trying them for the first time this year and am very impressed. Large fruit on semi-determinate vines. I had no BER on them and so far, no disease problems either. Took them quite awhile to ripen - just had our first ripe ones 2 days ago - but they were worth waiting for. ;) Meaty and a good solid tomato taste.

They are listed as a determinate variety but my plants are easily 6' plus tall and still setting fruit. That's why I'm calling them semi-determinate. ;)

Here's a pic of some of the fruit.


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win586w(Zone 7 NC-Texas)

Thanks, Dave for the info and picture. I did a web search and Park Seed was the only company that come up. Do you are any one else know of a company that Sells Biltmore Tomato seed besides Park Seed. Dave your Biltmore Tomato look very healthy.

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Siegers also sells them... bill

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