Worm Damage?

jmbradd(7b)August 6, 2011

Is this worm damage? I can't find any other signs. We also had cucumber beetles (bad for our cucumbers) and this potential worm issue so last weekend we sprayed with some neem oil (trying to do this organically). Is this possibly cracking because the weather has been so odd (and thus changing growth rate) or is it possibly worms?

ps. the cucumber beetles are nowhere to be seen but the bee's and those little parasitic wasps are plentiful so the neem seems to have worked well. From tomatoes From tomatoes

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

The first tomato has catfacing, which is usually blamed on cold temps during early development, but can also be caused by a number of other factors. Beefsteaks are more prone to catfacing than other types. Sometimes it results from abnormal blossoms. Other times from too much nitrogen, so you're on the right track to suspect it could be due to a weather-related changing growth rate.

The second looks odd, but I'd call it catfacing also, because of the "zippering" that runs across the odd spot from stem to blossom-end. Zippering happens when an anther remains attached to a baby fruit. It's usually seen without catfacing, but sometimes the two are seen together.

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