Meyer Lemon

ruthzNovember 22, 2013

Is it normal for a Meyer Lemon to bloom this time of year?

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Ruth- can't say whether it's normal or not, but has happened to me more than once. Seems to happen more on the side of the tree facing the house which is brick and usually after there's been a late warm spell. They drop off when it turns colder. Don't know if it makes a difference, but mine is in the ground.


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Since citrus trees are tropicals they will bloom year round when conditions are right. You'll also see ripening fruit while the tree is in bloom.

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Mine that was cut back to the roots and regrew all year is covered in big fat buds. The kumquats are covered in fruit...and in the garage as of right now, and have tiny white bits that will be buds soon.

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Lin barkingdogwoods

When I lived in Florida, the blooming of the citrus was 'the' sign that spring was here! They didn't really bloom the rest of the year, just the flush in the spring, unless they were fooled into it by the changeable weather.

Of course YMMV, especially if the citrus is potted.


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Got my fingers crossed for your lemon, and for all other citrus in the area. :(

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When I lived sw of Houston, kept a lot of citrus in pots. They bloom anytime, but winter was the big time. The loquat in the ground, too.

On mild days when I'd lift the plastic off the winter hoop houses the fragrance was intoxicating.

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also from sw Houston. This fall I had citrus blossoms, amaryllises blooming and blooms on sweet bell pepper plants.

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Mine produced a huge crop of lemons last fall. It is now in full blossom with the honey bees enjoying the nectar. It is in our greenhouse along with lime, orange, moringa, papaya, fig dragon fruit and guava trees. Most in full bloom.

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