My First Taste of Black Sea Man

andrea_san_diego(z10 So Cal)August 3, 2008

This year I planted 7 different varieties of tomatoes. I chose them by the description on the tag with a mix of hybrid and heirloom types. They were all organically grown in the same 8'x4' raised bed and received equal attention, staking, pruning, water and organic fertilizer. The best of the bunch has been the Black Sea Man. Amazing flavor, visually appealing, consistantly large round with no dimples or lobes, and very prolific. The losers this year were:

Beefstake: Large, red, average storebought taste.

Beefmaster: Same as aobve.

Monkey's Bum: The plant produced nothing, zippo, zilch so I can't really judge it.

Black Prince: Produced 1 tomato then sriveled up and died.

Amish Paste: Red plum with average taste. Prolific but fruit got smaller and smaller as the plant aged.

Neves Azorean Red: Large plant, prolific, red deformed lobed fruit. The plant is loaded with fruit but none have ripened yet.

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In Nanaimo my first and biggest tomatoes are BSM. Still not ready but very close. The only other plants with nice sized fruit are Silvery FT and they fruited way before all the others. Things are growing slow here in the PNW but lots of tomatoes are now on all plants (large plants). Sugary are almost ready too.


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ok everybody i am a really nice guy 92% of the time. but if you look at the title of this post you'll see a very bad joke in the making.

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

ok everybody i am a really nice guy 92% of the time. but if you look at the title of this post you'll see a very bad joke in the making.


Maybe it appears that way to you but I just saw it as someone praising the taste of the tomato variety Black Sea Man. No more, no less. There have been lots of plays on words for that variety ever since it was introduced by SSE back in the early 90's but the thread title here is not a play on words for it just straight out names the variety. ( smile)

The same is also true for Grandpa's Cock's Plume, a variety that Bill McDorman brought back from Siberia, and I could name several more, but won't. LOL

And actually Black Sea Man is not one that appeals to me and that's true of the other black PL det one called Southern Nights.

There aren't that many blacks that I do like, and I've grown quite a few. The ones I do like are Cherokee Purple, Indian Stripe, Black from Tula, all pink/blacks, and Black Cherry, a red/black.

These days I'm most interested in the green when ripes and any terrific heart shaped variety that comes my way.

But there will never be total agreement on the taste and yield of any one variety, that's for sure.


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Carolyn. lol! I have seen some unfortunate names for tomatoes. That was the first one I commented on. I was being silly this morning. I'm usually a bit prudish to be honest. I'm growing Cherokee Purple again this year. The tomatoes seem huge! way bigger than I remember and I see some darker green stripes on it I donÂt remember ever seen that on this variety. A bit concerned that it wonÂt be a black tomato. I just got a digital camera but havenÂt figured out on how to post pictures yet.

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Andrea, I'm growing(or trying to)BSM for the first time this year, too. Tried my first one the other day and liked it very much. Deer ate my two plants half way down early in the season, so they're playing catch-up and I almost missed the first ripe was small(about 2 1/2"),hidden in the center of the plant and cracked, but very tasty. The rest of them are still green and I'm hoping they'll be larger and even better tasting.

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carolyn, name some? if it wasnt for grandma seeing grandpa i wouldnt be here.

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andrea_san_diego(z10 So Cal)

Watboy...DUH, you are so right. I really blindsided myself with that one. I'm certainly old enough to know better but some of the names are tricky like that. I don't know why my toms taste so good this year, but I've been living on tomato sandwiches for the past week. I'm expecting to break out in hives any day now.

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I ate my first Paul Robeson (another black tom) a couple of hours ago. IT fully lived up to its reputation. Wow!

Laurel's Heirlooms has had a piece on their website for years saying Paul Robeson was "The Best Tomato Of them All" or something equally hyperbolic along those lines. But I can see where they are coming from. It's up there.

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andrea_san_diego I am jealous! I haven't had any tomato sandwiches yet. I've gotten plenty of cherry tomatoes and that is all tha has ripened. It's te first week and August and no ripened tomatoes! I'm going crazy. I have tons of huge green fruit just mocking me. I did however pick cucumbers and carrots and more snap peas and green beans I know what to do with. But I want a BLT like you wouldnt beelive it. I almost felt like going to a farmers market and buying some tomatoes. But I want the first tomato taste of the year to be from my garden. *sigh*

Andrea have a great sandwich for me!

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