mushy tomatoes..?

ladybugsmom192(9)August 23, 2010


i've searched and have had no luck, so i thought i'd give it post.

as you all know, we're having a not so great year for tomatoes, and the paltry few i've managed to pick have been mushy. do any of you know what this means? soil issues? water issues? due to the cold weather/lack of sun? due to sitting on the vines too long?

i have TONS of unripened tomatoes on the vines (sweet100s, romas, and yellow pears), adn the plants are thriving in good organic (composted) soil in raised beds (3ftx3ftx16inches deep).

thanks for any feedback you can offer.

angela :)

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taz6122(N.W. AR.6b)

No I didn't know. Mine are producing just fine.

Over ripe probably. How often do you pick them and at what stage? There's no need to leave them on the vine after blush and certainly not when ripe.

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Bets(z6A S ID)

Hi ladybugsmom,

As Taz said, over ripe tomatoes tend to be mushy. I have read (but can't verify) that vine ripening at temperatures above 90° can cause mushiness. (Most of mine ripen in that range on the vine, have not noticed it to be the case.) Low temperatures can also contribute to the problem, along with uneven or excess watering. It's also pretty common for the first tomatoes to be a bit mushy with the later one's being of better quality.


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ok, maybe i didn't give enough info...?

i'm in the san francisco bay area and we've been having incredibly unusual weather. til yesterday, it's been 20 degrees below our norms - highs of low to mid 60's, with lows in the low to mid 50's.

like i said in my original post, i have TONS of tomatoes but they are UNRIPE. not one red or yellow tomato. the few i've managed to pick were mushy.

so i'm wondering why - the weather? on the vine too long while unripe?

haven't had to water too much because it's been so cold here. the plants are thriving, just not ripening.


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I think its caused by a combination of variety and over-ripe. Some tomatoes like Juliette never get mushy, but have very thick skin. But Isis Candy, another cherry with medium thick skin does get mushy if left on the vine too long.

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ok, thanks

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