UPDATE: Secret Santa Swap Games and Recd Cards (#4)

flwrs4everDecember 6, 2009

Hello there Elves...we are on Thread #4...for thank yous and Games !!

PLEASE post thanks to people that mailed to you !!

Bingo starts today..enjoy !! Happy Mailboxing to you all !

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I got two more cards earlier.

spookycharles sent me Viola tricolor, red lepurchum romain lettuce, redina lettuce, merlot, aruba lettuce and a cute card. I can't wait to grow these lettuces and viola. I am so glad to receive these many lettuces.

micyrey sent me Salvia snow nymph and a nice home made card. Thank you so much. I love Salvias.

I already mailed my cards.

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Hello All,
I received a card from Neohippie, but haven't opened it yet. LOL Well, it was addressed to the name of (Chris) Pseudacris_crucifer, but to my address. I have emailed Neohippie through GW but haven't heard back yet. :-) I'd be happy to resend to Chris if that is where it was meant to go.

It is neat hearing all the cool seeds everyone is recieving and knowing that some of mine have made it to thier destinations. Hope you enjoy them.

Merry Christmas to everyone!

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Hi,in yesterday's mail i recieved two cards,from hdiperna with marigold seeds and from daisyb with marigold seeds.I thank you very much for the cute cards and seeds.

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I sent my bingo this morning, hope you got it kym.

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My seeds were all mailed out on 12/01/09. So far I have received seeds from Lois in Pa, MICYREY and HDiperna. Thanks so much to all of you. Can't wait until spring.
I sent individual emails not realizing that I was to post here so here is my post!!!
Merry Christas and Happy New Year to you all!
Barbara, Cincinnati, Ohio

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Got another card! That's one card a day, so every day I've had a wonderful surprise waiting for me at the mailbox. It doesn't matter whether it's an exact seed I'd been wanting, or a new type of seed variety that I hadn't heard of, it is ALWAYS so exciting to open those cards.

ruthz sent me two of my MOST wanted seeds. She sent me Rudbeckia 'Goldstrum' and Asclepias curassavica. YEA!!!

Thanks so much, ruthz! Hope you enjoyed your recent visit of the white stuff at your place, too.


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WOW...I received the mother lode of cards and seeds yesterday in the mail....just now brought in the mail and opened these envies up.

neohippe....sent Homestead Tomatoes, Straight Eight Cucumbers

just1hosta...sent royal family sweet peas

oswego...sent sunflowers

patti1957...sent violas bowles black, weeping charley, tall sunflowers noid, early white bush scalloped squash, red brandywine tomato, hank tomato, texas wild tomato

dusty314...sent cosmos and marilgolds

ptp813...sent rudebeckia r hirta cherokee sunset and gaillardia tokajer

hdiperna...sent tall sunflowers

Beautiful cards and wonderful seeds....thank you so very much! You are lovely SANTAS!

Merry Christmas!


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Kym...I sent you my bingo card on Friday night...hope you received!


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Hi everyone! I got two cards yesterday.
Micyrey and Hotwheel_Tim sent Salvia 'Snow Nymph' with a beautiful handmade card with sprakly snowflakes all over it - thanks so much!

Lois in Pa sent Lonicera sempervirens 'Alabama Crimson', Virginia bluebells, Japanese Anemone 'Magarete' and Adenophora lilifolia 'ladybells'. She sent a terrific card with a Christmas tree on the inside - the seeds were wrapped like presents and taped to the card under the tree. So cute!

Thank you for making my day!
I'll be sending my first batch of cards out tomorrow, and have found more wishes to fill, but have to make more cards first!

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I just got back from the mailbox and was thrilled to see the cards! I want to thank dusty 314 for the sunflowers, Melissa (isemae) for the soapwort, and daisyb for the old fashioned petunias. These made my day! Kelly (kellycomposter)

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Ok, I didnt respond to each BINGO card...so here is a list of players..

ten steps ahead
jas il
dirt under...


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hdiperna(5 PA)

Oh no don't start without me...Yes I want to play. I sent my list to you right after the words were posted. I will send it again.

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Heidi, we wont let ya not play...ill double check..

Ishareflowers...I have u, just missed ya on the list..U had sent ur words with info I needed to post..Sorry !

Bingo will be posted soon, for those of u that were in the swap last remember I have an assistant..well, I promised she could do it again this year !!

Krystal is now 17, and a bit social..so as soon as she gets home, she will be posting the words !! ( she made the word list ! )

Did I miss anyone else ???

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rane_grow(7 soMD)

Hi everyone ! I finally made it out to my mailbox today as soon as my car defrosted enough to run a few errands ... 2 cards were waiting in my mailbox !! they must have arrived right in the middle of all that rain/snow/sleet we got yesterday afternoon ...

dirt_under_my_ nails sent me Japanese morning glories ( hatsu arashi ) ! thank you so much !! never grown JMGs ... I've been wanting to try them !

ten steps ahead sent me joe pye weed and rudbeckia indian summer , also on my wish list !! thank you soo much !!

this swap is so much fun ... and I am so glad the cards I sent out have started arriving too !! I still have one more batch to send out ... I love being an elf ;-)


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I received my first cards yesterday. Hooray! Many thanks to the following:
Lois in PA (the "Christmas present" idea for seeds was darling!)

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Merry Christmas!

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ten_steps_ahead(6 NJ)

I received two cards yesterday! Thankyou's go out to Hotwheel tim for Rud. Cherry Brandy and to ptp813 for Lobelia Cardinalis, Asclepias,Penstemon "Mystica", and Butterfly Bush. I can't wait to start wintersowing!


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Here is todays Words !!! Feel free to say how many words u got each day...and good luck !!

Happy Mailboxing on Monday to you all !

*** Feel free to post pictures of ur cards, it is GREAT to see them all displayed !!

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daffodillady(7b/8a central AL)

Oh I'm doing the "Happy Mailboxing Dance" again- LOL
I recieved two cards:
Farmergirl- cute card with lamb and baby Jesus, and nice handwritten message about gardening hand in hand with God:
Red Hibiscus
Vinca-Madagascar Periwinkle
Poppies- pink
Celosia- Red Velvet

Ggwrn- adorable Christmas bear card
Coreopsis- Full Moon
Verbena Bonariensis
Milkweed Orange Glory
Thank you both for these wonderful seeds- I am am so looking forward to the new "look" and ease of care for my garden this year. Also, I know of an elf that is running a little slow in getting her cards out, but they will be in the mail in the next day or so.

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Listening Boccelli sing- wonderful concert on PBS, thinking--wish he and everyone were able to see, am thankful for the good sight, for good sense of humor- most of the time, lol, for my family, especially gem of a daughter-Mary, livens up my weekends, for my kitty Snowie, gives me more initiative even on a freezing and rainy day to get outside, lol, to my friends on line, to you all -some future friends too. Worked on cards earlier and am ready to get zzs.
Have one card so far, but I know Elves are busy at work, besides if some of you make a dish from a RECIPE I've emailed you, it'd make me happy.
Hopefully will be getting some of your recipes.

Kym, I have ANGELS in Bingo.

Hey....How do you know Santa knows if you've been naughty or nice?

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grovespirit(Zone 9)

Aloha all! Enjoy the bingo; I had hoped to make a list so I could play but my husband suddenly sprang a lovely and time consuming holiday surprise on me. I think his idea was to make this a part of our Christmas celebration. After all, this holiday all got started with a very special child in a manger. :)

At last he's decided to adopt and/or foster a child. We went to a fostering service, and then encouraged me to begin research into the adoption process. (I had already begun, and kept the info quiet until he felt ready.) He sweetly thanked me for what info I had already collected on my own these past years, took me out for a Chai and a dark chocolate bar! Yay!! :)

We REALLY want kids before we hit the big 4-0, and the usual way has not worked for us this past 11 yrs of our marriage, not even with extra medical help during the last few yrs.

So, I found myself OVERJOYED at this development. Bingo wordlist just slipped my mind, in all this excitement. I dont mind missing the game... I just hope you folks understand and aren't offended by my missing the deadline considering my reason for missing it!
Pseudacris, I hope you feel better soon. Having had similar surgeries to correct chronic female troubles, I can relate. Please take it easy :)
Velsgarden, Glad to know your sis is alright; I understand from last week's experience what it's like to be in her situation.

Most grateful for this Christmas: My life and mobility after recent wreck, DH's exciting holiday surprise, DH's continued employment, a wonderful nearby church that is very compassionate, A home which has no frost and includes a 10'x10' patio garden. Last but not least, fabulous friends both in RL and here on GW :*)

Well wishes and extra hugs to all, especially Ruth.
Still having cool rains which don't keep me in the house. Got some Ruellia brittoniana seeds from a roadside stroll recently, from mixed pinks and lavender flowered parents. Eyeing rare, RED colored Ruellia colorata aka R.chartacea plants on public lands near me every few days too, so that when they make seeds I can grab some. :)

Bea, I am one of those with 0 cards so far, but I say it's due to the extra distance between me and others! :)

My little Xmas tree is smelling GREAT. I'd try to keep it all year long if only it had been sold with roots. It reminds me of happy times with Grandma who lived and gardened in piney woods of Louisiana and then East TX. I spent my last Xmas with her in 2007. She's now gardening in Heaven's piney woods.

Been matching recipients to wanted seeds, & LOVE sending them out to as many folks as I can!!
As with Bea my seeds don't last long stored here anyway-
not unless vacuum packed or refrigerated... due to the warmth and humidity. And my fridge is small enuff without me also hoarding 1000s of seeds in there, LOL :)

Peace on Earth and good will to humankind!

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grovespirit...I think it is wonderful !!!!!!!! Congrats, and I hope to keep hearing about your venture into having children enter your life !

Bingo has started, but...u can play the next game !! So dont give up !

I will do other games..as long as there is interest :)

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Iris, how exciting!!!!Happy for you, lady you got Bingo and then some, best wishes.

On my way to mailbox, now is time to get in touch with friends we've not heard from in a while but feel like relatives, meant to thank my real friends...it's ok getting a few cards..I'd be fine with a few with sincere wishes, oh plus a million dollars, lol

Seriously...checked site that Kym -our hostess recommended, check out site created for Morgan who'd be smiling in heaven we are wanting to help - all thanks to you Kym for being so wonderful and kind, thinking of Morgan's family, providing site on Morgan, bless you.


Have a good luck day, grab gusto all possible, grab a few more relaxing moments...

Any tries on how do you know Santa knows if you've been naughty or nice?

Ok, instead of Ho Ho Ho, he goes Ha Ha Ha

Here is a link that might be useful: Caringbridge.org/visit/ladybug

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Hi All,
I'm always amazed at the generosity of GW members. I've sent some cards out, but the majority are going out today. I've received purple larksur from Isamae, broccoli, tomato and zinnia from Dusty314, Heuchera, Coreopsis, 2 different rubeckia's, and Coleus from Hibiscusfan. Thank you, this has been a blast so far.

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I got 3 words in bingo.

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Merry Christmas All,

I received 6 more cards this weekend:

ruthz:Large Minibar Rose,Star of India, Kikyou Star-Morning Glories

yotetrapper: Cosmos Picotee

dirt_under_my_nails: JMG purple with white edge

mao_tse_mom: Hosta: Goldens Meadows, Yoruclama Flavocir, Blue Angel, Samurai, Big Daddy, Reptilian, Elegans, Niagara Falls, June, Lemon Lime

pesky barb: Hosta

spookycharles: Lettuce: Prizehead, Garnett Oakleaf, Cracoviensis, Read Sails, Cubanele pepper.

Ruth, Angela, April, Cathy, Barbara, Amanda

Thank you and have a Blessed Holiday

On another note I have recently been blessed in the form of a home for my older sister just two doors down from me which is great because I was all lone here in Georgia(I will share the seeds with her)


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Two words for me this am!


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bagardens (Ohio, Zone 5b)

Well I finally got some of my cards in the mail today, along with some of my moms (Sandy2). I have had almost all of the seeds packaged up and ready to go for some time now. I just had to get the cards done. I worked on my cards for over six hours yesterday, and stayed up very late doing so. But I am so relieved to have most of them all done. I will be sending out a little bit at a time.

Now I am waiting for the mail to get here, sitting by the open drafty window, watching. It should be here by now! Maybe I just did not get any mail today (sad). Must be patient. Well hopefully I will have something to post later after the mail comes.

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ishareflowers really does! I got a lovely card from Lisa on Saturday with White Pinwheel Zinnias.
Yipee skippee!
Thanks Lisa!

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I got three cards today!!!
Rane-grow sent me Abe Lincoln Tomatoes ( a variety i've always wanted to try but somehow never ended up with seeds for!!!) and dwarf grey sugar peas!

Lois sent me Lida Ukranian tomatoes, and Siletz tomatoes, both varieties I've never tried! Also Scarlet Nantes carrots and Alabama Crimson honeysuckle!!!! Yayyy!!

dirt-under my nails sent me white eyed susie! A couple got crushed but I still have enough intact to get me one growing!

And here is a snowy wintery picture for you all.

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Received wonderful card and seeds today from Hibiscusfan: Cany Lily, Coreopsis Heaven's Gate, Lavender Ciffon Rose of Sharon, and Coleus Mix. Thank you so much for your generosity - can't wait to plant them. :-)

Best to you and many thanks,

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Oops - too many interruptions here - my kiddo is sick - that was suppose to be "Candy Lily" not "Cany Lily" LOL. And Grovespirit congratulations on bringing children into your life they truly are a blessing. Hope everyone who is sick recovers soon.

Best to you and many thanks,

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donperkins(MS z7b)

I received 2 cards today. hdiperna sent White Liatris seeds & rane_grow sent Eggplant 'Black Beauty' & Dinnerplate hibiscus 'Luna Blush'. Thank you both so much!

Grovespirit, congratulations!

Thanks for the snow picture yotetrapper. I don't get to see much snow anymore.

Can someone please tell me how to post a picture in the forum?

Thank you & Happy Holidays to All!


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Just got the mail today and had two cards, one from Patti1957 with sage, straight 8 cucumber, rutgers tomato, boston pickling cucumbers, stupice tomatoes, which are my favorites, and maui purple pepper. From naturegirl236, blue bedder sage, california wonder sweet pepper, and casa blanca oriental lily. Thank you so much. I am really looking forward to trying so many new things.

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Thank goodness I stuck it out and made myself behave all year...well...er...except for the last part of January, part of February, June, September, part of October, and yesterday....but other than that I was good, and it's paying off.

For example I received all kinds of LOVE in the form of Christmas cards today.

All the way from New Jersey I received a fine card with dianthus, ornamental terbackey, beauty berry AND Lambs ears from none other than the Ten_Steps_Ahead family, (a name that does not describe me at all).

Ms. Poisondartfrog, a name that has seen my mailbox before, was kind to send a lovely politically correct card that contained stevia, and American beautyberry. BTW the gossypium hirsutum crop was successful, and I made green yarn.

Fellow Southern resident Agnella, and little helper Maddie blew me away with the COOOOLEST handcrafted card that I've ever seen. It practically POPPED to life when I opened it up, and lying beside the rug on the floor was a gift to lil ole me. A gift of Beautyberry seeds.

I am very gratefull to all.

Ya'll ROCK!

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For the record, you guys are crazy! I received SEVEN seed swap cards and a small box today. This is just too much. You are a very generous bunch.

Thank you rane_grow for the early prolific straight neck squash and ruby red swiss chard

Thank you dirt_under_my_nails for the Kong sunflowers

Thank you hdiperna for the tall sunflowers and tract (which was printed in my home town of Grand Rapids.)

Thank you wipe_yo_feets for the cilantro

Thank you patti1957 for the squash, tall sunflower, black krim, tomatillo, and cilantro

Thank you cryptid. You are an overachiever among overachievers. The package was great (handy for camping) and the sleeve was a big hit with my 4-year-old. We will enjoy the columbine, marigold, and snapdragon, use the extra envis.

Thank you kamiljablo for the green hubbard winter squash.

Thank you Lisa831 for the cilantro and Amish pie pumpkin.

And last but certainly not least, thank you spookycharles for the American chestnut, cabbage, swiss chard, nodding wild onion, and blue curled vates (kale?).

Merry Christmas!

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ptp813... Oops! I must have sent it to the wrong address! That card is meant for pseudachris_crucifer. *blush* I didn't have any of the things on your wishlist.

How embarassing! Well, it's my first year elving. Dunno how Santa keeps them all straight. ;-)

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I rec'd some wonderful cards today!
Becky/booberry sent me calendula mix, eggplant udmalbet, and buttercup squash!
Amanda/spookycharles sent me some viola, magic carpet snap-dragon and buckingham arugula.I love your big furry elf!!
Faye/nottougly sent me some new york blue aster, crego aster, and jewel mix nasturtium!
Thanks so very much to all you elves! I will enjoy each and everyone of this come spring!!
Don't stop mailboxing too early! Some of us are late birds and getting a slow start!

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hdiperna(5 PA)

I got 3 more cards today!!

rane grow~ lemon basil, mixed columbine, mammoth dill, orange profusion zinnias

Patti1957~ Lovage, cilantro, garden sorrel

kamiljablo~Kitchen herb mix and Bronze fennel

My herb garden is going to be awesome thanks to you all!!

I usually enjoy winter, but I am wishing for spring.


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bagardens (Ohio, Zone 5b)

I got three cards today! Hopefully the mailman does not think I am nuts. Lets hope he did not see me staring out the window, and running down the driveway. I am so glad that I can see my mailbox from the house, if I couldn't it would really drive me nuts!

But anyhow, many many thanks to:
~poisondartfrog for the celosia pink candle

~kamiljablo for the black cherry tomato and yellow pear tomato seeds

~wipe_yo_feets for the green globe artichoke seeds

I had a very rough day today and your generosity really helped, thank you all very, very much.

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)


I mailed out 2/3 of the cards today from the list I sent you, but I ran out of envelopes large enough to fit the cards we made, so I'll have to pick up some more before I can mail the rest. They will go out in the next day or two, and should get there before Christmas anyway, LOL : )


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Thank you to:

Nature girl for the two salvias and thecute snowman card!
farmer girl for the snapdragons,basil,Maltese Cross!! and Campanula. :) and the very sweet and warm and fuzzy feeling inducing card
Our Happy Home for the cucumber and tomato seeds. Especially the breako'days which mature in 65 days, always looking to try those early growers. Pretty treee card also!

And Thank ytou also to Kamil for the Cukes and the pretty Santa Card!

(the elf hostage)

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Well, I got another card today, retsec sent me, Asters, Cosmos and Poppy seeds. Thanks so much. Really cute card with puppies (I love dogs) on it.
Thanks so much Nancy!

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To post photos here, you need to host them on a photo hosting site such as photobucket or imageshack. Go to one of those sites (I use imageshack.com) click on upload photos then browse to open the folder that should have your pics in it, then pick which one you want to upload, then click "upload". When it's done doing it's thing, it will give you some codes. [img]http://www.whatever.com is one of them, but not the one for this forum. For this forum look for the one that starts......<....a href="http://www.whatever.com";>

Dot's were added to make the code show up....

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agnella(7 W. TN)

Two words on the bingo game today.
I'm soooo happy one of our cards made it. Glad you liked it wipe_yo_feets! My daughter is pretty crafty. I sent out a handful of cards today but she only made 4 cards for me so they are limited edition...haha.
Today confirms my theory that the mail lady does not like to see me run. Did some shopping so I pulled to the mailbox in my car and there were 3 cards. I shall never run again! I'm going to have a great veggie garden this year thanks to:
- kamiljablo, a lovely red & silver card with 2 kinds of zucchini
- thinkingstomach, a funny nun card with rattlesnake beans and something that sounds really great, blue coco pole beans
- farmergirl2000, cute manger scene card & even cuter saying inside with pinkeye purple hull cowpeas (my faves), blue lake pole beans, pumpkin, purple top turnips, chives, and zucchini
Thank you all! I will get to make LOTS of zucchini bread, YUM! Can't wait!

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That's right 9!!! MANY MANY thanks to:

donperkins~Ipomoea nil 'Aomurasaki blizzard yoigiro,Aomuraski zyouhanten shibori,4 packs of unknown ipomoea nil,zinnia 'Lilliput',Zinnia orange with purple splash,sunflower'Mammoth Grey Stripe',verbena bonariensis,'Sweet Delight' burpless cucumber, & Burpee Burpless' cucumber!!!

naturegirl236~pinwheel zinnia & cosmo bipinnatus!

ruthz~Purple Ballerina Datura,JMGS kikyou shibori & ukigumo!

carol57078~nigra hollyhock,Datura Double yellow,&Datyra double purple!

patti1957~tall noid sunflower & pink brandywine tomato!

lisa831~lemon cucumber & Sungold Tomato!

kamiljablo~black cherry tomato,brugansia mix,white datura,maroon hollyhock,& Apricot Twist sunflower!!!

rane_grow~scarlett o hare & crimsonrambler mix MG,purple datura,& orange profusion zinnias!!!

poisondartfrog~ipomoea nil pink Mt Fuji type,White eyed susie, & ipomoes nil Gray Fog!!!!

I can't wait till spring!!!


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I had two words on bingo today! It is pouring rain today which is welcome. We had our first rain last week in 164 days! I actually had to bring some seedlings I had started inside to my garden window because of the rain and wind. We don't often get "weather" so it is kind of fun.

I had a few more cards today
Many thanks to wipe yo feets for dipper gourds. This is my first year working with gourds I dried from last year. So far we've made some gorgeous birdhouses, and soap dishes. These seeds will give me a new variety for next year..thanks!

Thanks to kamiljable for buttercrunch lettuce,rhubarb,burgundy onion,pink oxheart , currant, and jubilee tomato, and walla walla onions. I have grown onions before, but never walla wallas. We used to live in Washington and we love walla wallas..Thanks so much!

Thanks to Lisa 831 for lemon cucumber, my husband's favorite.

Thanks so much! I have been mailing cards a few at a time to stretch out the fun. Hopefully we will all get mail throughout the Holidays.

Thanks to everyone!


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Today in the mail I got...

Some bills. :-( Including my first student loan payment. They want me to pay almost $400 a month. Ouch! I filled out an application for them to reduce my monthly payments, but knowing how the government works that will take some time, so in the meantime I have to cough up the money. Even if I had been able to find a full time job so far, which I haven't (I'm working as a part-time intern... it's the best I could do... stupid reccession), an extra $400 a month is still a lot of money!

BUT... to cheer me up I got two more cards! Christine aka thinking_stomach sent me some blue coco beans, and Patti1957 send me some squash and carrot seeds. Awesome! Can't wait to try them out.

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rane_grow(7 soMD)

Hi everybody !! I got 3 cards today !! Never has checking the mail been so much fun !!

Thank you Hdiperna, for the sunflowers ! I love them and grow as many different kinds as I can !!

Thank you Poisondartfrog for the japanese morning glory seeds, lavender mist, they sound beautiful ! I can't wait to grow them !

Thank you Ruthz, for the rudbeckia "irish eyes" and " cherry brandy" been wishing for those awhile now !! and japanese morning glories too, wow, I am going to make a new spot in my garden just for all the different ones I am receiving ! I can hardly wait !!

I am thinking like you too Heidi, I am sooo ready for spring so I can add all these wonderful flowers and veggies to my garden !! I hope winter passes quickly !


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ten_steps_ahead(6 NJ)

Got another card in the mail today. Thank you retsec for the impatiens and touch me nots!

I also got 2 words on Bingo...

Sending out more cards tomorrow. I love the Secret Santa Swap!!

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Todays words are.........


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keiki(10 FL)

I got my first 2 cards today :o)

Thank you Patti1957 for the royal burgandy bean, early white kohlrabi and orange pepper!

Thank you rane_grow for the mixed nasturiums and lemon basil!

I am so excited, cant wait to start sowing!!

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plant-one-on-me(MI 5b)

I received my first cards and want to thank:

hdiperna, Heidi for the pumpkin seeds
booberry85, Becky for the gold nugget, moon & stars and purple sprouting broccoli (really looking forward to trying it)
Dusty314 for the yellow crookneck squash,broccoli,and tomatoes

and ???for the coneflowers...I got a pretty red card with a yellow star but am not sure who to thank as it was unsigned but thank you very much anyway :)


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velsgarden(TN 7)

Congratulations grovespirit,I am so very happy for you.
YEA!!! I got two very pretty cards today with seeds that I really love.
rane_grow-mixed dahlia
nottougly-red fountain grass-jap varigated grass
Thanks to both of you.

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Still no cards yet ... maybe I made my wishlist too difficult? Well, at least I got my Fedco and Bluestone catalogs in the mail today, so I'll enjoy those while I watch the snow fall outside.


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hdiperna(5 PA)

Yes!!! *jumping up and down* I have all of today's bingo words. That makes 9 all together.


    Bookmark   December 7, 2009 at 6:45PM
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My mailman starts looking more like Santa each day... I sent out 4 cards, slowly but steadily they get sent out.
My mailbox was stuffed..and not counting misplaced mail somewhere in the neighborhood, lol, it'll hopefully get here.
Received 2 very nice cards from Sandra -QuiltingFox --thank you , sure hope your child recovers soon, btw, your red spider lilies are doing great...and from Charles- Wipe Yo Feets, someone I've never traded with? omg, laugh, thank you so much for Basil Spicy Globe and especially Red Ruben- on my want list for a while.

Gotten 2 large envelopes with assorted, pretty seed pkts, what a pleasant surprise, also huge envelope of seeds plus one in a trade, was going wow , all morning, while cleaning out seed pods and separating them into packets, something I'm familiar with doing since I accept unopened seeds, sit on my patio and clean away.
These were from my not at this time SSS friends.
Fran, you got it! Some of us are slow starters!! But, we keep at it, still are still 16 more days til Christmas!!
Hope you're doing well.

What fascinated me was the showing of LADY BUGS! As I walked in the yard, one landed on my right cheek, then on my shirt, near my heart, since we were talking about Morgan- Ladybug, sweet girl in heaven, I thought she was sending a message of approval, smiling, glad we were keeping her memory alive and wanting to help her cause, may be it was coincidence, may be angel, we choose to believe what we want, I think it was some of each.

Saw a lot more lady bugs soon afterwards, reds and orange, put halves of navel orange on the gate posts, as few years ago, they filled up orange top.
Thing is, only saw 2-3 ladybugs in a long time, may be 10 years, have never seen this many.
Many thanks to you my friends, especially you Kym, Fran and Sandra, well wishes to all,


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I got 4 bingo words today! Grand total of 6.


    Bookmark   December 7, 2009 at 7:14PM
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Got a card from hdiperna with large pumpkin seeds! Thanks.
Let it snow, let it snow!- Dirtdaddy

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dirtdiggin(8b NW WA)

I received 4 wonderful cards today.

One from isamae, with new england aster seeds

One from booberry85 with mexican hats and giant violet queen zinnia

one from micyrey with snow nymph salvia

and one from wishdesign with Aunt Molly's Ground Cherries, Lettuce Leaf Bazil and Guatamalan Blue Banana Squash.

Thank you so much for the lovely cards and wonderfully special seeds. A few more I can take off my wish list.. :)

Merry Chirstmas everyone and thanks again :)


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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

I got my first card today from Sandra/quilting fox! She sent me hibiscus and a lovely card...thanks so much Sandra!!

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rbrady(5/Eastern Ia)

WooHoo! I received my first card today! Hotwheeltim sent me Red Amaranth. Thanks for the seeds and thanks for the lovely handmade card. This makes checking the mail sooo much fun!


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crisann(4 SD)

I recieved five cards in the mail today -- I couldn't believe it! Had to trudge through the snow to get to the mailbox -- but it was sure worth it :)

ten_steps_ahead sent 'sweet autumn' clematis, love lies bleeding and 'ocean foam' sweet pea.

daisyb sent yellow hibiscus.

perkybarb sent love lies bleeding.

ruthz sent 'lemon mint' bee balm, 'high scent' sweet pea and 'Golden bowl' abelmoschus manihot hibiscus.

naturegirl236 sent rose of sharon (white w/red center) and red swamp hibiscus.

Thank you all so much for your generosity! I can't wait to see them growing this spring!

I had two bingo words yesterday and three today!

Everyone keep mailboxing -- there are more seeds on the way!
Have a great evening ~

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I received another card today canyonwind sent red currant and persimmon tomato seeds. Thank you very much! I can't wait to try them.


    Bookmark   December 7, 2009 at 8:53PM
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I got two surprises in the mailbox today:

rane_grow sent me Lady in Red Salvia, Mixed Columbine, and "Luna Blush" Dinnerplate Hibiscus". Oh, I love red! And I can't wait to see the Dinnerplate Hibiscus - I bet it will be beautiful! Thank you Iris. I hope your parents enjoy living here in Georgia as much as I do.

hdiperna shared some Gaillardia "Arizona Sun" with me. I googled them to see what they look like and they are gorgeous! I was glad to see a note that deer tend to avoid them also! Bambi and all her relatives seem to love my plants and flowers as much as I do.

Thank you also Heidi for the beautiful card and I enjoyed reading the little insert. I wish you the blessings of Christmas also.

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No more cards yet but not worried. Having fun reading what everyone else has gotten.Winter weather has set in here we got a wee bit of snow but the wind chill Tuesday is to dip down to below zero. I am sleeping next to the heater folks.


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Hello all! Just wanted to post a quick thank you to for the cards I received today.
Thanks ishareflowers and wishdesign for the columbine seeds!
I really was in it to give this year, but I'm very appreciative of your generosity!
Merry Christmas everyone! Please remember to keep all of our soldiers in your prayers and/or hearts. My son is included in them.

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dusty314(7 TX)

Hi all! 5 more surprises in the mail today! I recieved cards from Patti1957, hdiperna, naturegirl236, canyonwind, and farmergirl2009. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you again....I'm very appreciative of all your generosity.

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dirtdiggin(8b NW WA)

Oh my Goodness...we're in an arctic blast! Started yesterday and in the low teens in the night...we don't normally get below 25 in the winter, so this is quite a thing for us. Plus we have some major winds dropping the wind chill to below zero. It's really cold out there!!! It's tough to keep the house warm even when the heat is cranked! Our puppy...he's only 9 lol...won't sleep in his normal spot, by our door...it's too cold. So he curls up at my feet where I keep my treated blanks for dying grrrrrrr...lol. So I found an old wool blanket to lay out for him and an old towel to block the breeze from the door...he's a happy camper now :D

Everyone stay safe and keep warm! The cold can be dangerous. We've had several sad outcomes in our neck of the woods. Would hate to hear anyone suffer the same.

Take care,


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lisa831(KY 6)

I had two bingo words yesterday and three today, And recieve 2 more cards today
Kamiljable Thanks you for the 5 color pepper seeds.
Spookycharles just love the card with picture of the dog (is he your and what kind is he)Thanks for the Black Pearl,Praire Fire ,Sweet Pickle,Marbles,Numex Twightlight,Peter pepper seeds and Asian Red Ruffled eggplant, Can mark alot of stuff of my list now.Thank You
It great to get christmas cards from my gardening friends.

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My Goodness! I'm behind on posting! I received two cards on Saturday and I received the big bonanza of cards today. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you everyone! I just got home about 20 minutes ago. I've been having a crazy busy time. The Dh was complaining of stomach pain yesterday. They admitted him in the hospital yesterday. Dh underwent emergency gall bladder surgery today. He should be released from the hospital tomorrow. He's looking & sounding a whole lot more like himself. To top it off, I had to work out of town today. I was on the road at 6:30 am and didn't get back in town to see the DH until 9pm. I just got home about 20 minutes ago.

Anyway, I'll give more personal thanks when things calm down. I just want people to know I appreciate the cards, seeds & good will!

    Bookmark   December 7, 2009 at 10:42PM
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Thats awful booberry, hope he's doing okay.

Prariewinds, thank your son for me. God bless him and keep him safe!

    Bookmark   December 7, 2009 at 11:45PM
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dirtdiggin(8b NW WA)

Oh Becky, I'm so sorry....hope things work out and your DH feels better soon. Take care,


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daffodillady(7b/8a central AL)

Recieved TWO MORE CARDS today!!

Micyrey- Coreopsis Baby Sun. I loved looking up the pictures of this one- so cheery looking with that red eye. What a cute homemade card (-:

Debby_1- Poppy-red orange. My step-mother used to make a chocolate chip poppy seed zucchini bread that I absolutely adored. Looking at these seeds brought back a lot of good memories. And of course, I loved the christmas doggies- LOL
Thank you both for being so kind.

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I received my first card today from mary_littlerockar. She sent Clematis 'Radar Love'. My son built me 13 trellis this year and I am anxious to get something growing on them. Thank you Mary.
Have a wonderful holiday season.

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aphroditelaughs(Puget Sound)

Two cards today! From Lisa831 I got Jalapeno and Mexican Sour Gherkin seeds. Thank you so much! And from Kamil I got Yellow Bush Scallop squash. I actually jumped up and down opening my mail. My husband just laughs and shakes his head.

Thank you.

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wishdesign(z7 MD)

Three more cards today! Lisa831 and hdiperna both sent me different types of marigolds. I plan on carpeting most of my beds next year with marigolds, so I'm thrilled to be getting lots of them. And from ruthz, I got a bunch of awesome seeds that I'm really looking forward to growing: Cherry Brandy rubeckia, Ballerina Purple datura, and Wine & Roses and Mt. Fuji morning glories. Thank you all so much for your generousity!


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intelkid(6 KY)

I'm back now. Have been very busy lately. I noticed I missed the Bingo. Last year Seed Swap I was very active and hope to be again. :) We had our first snow on the 6th at around midnight! Was exciting to see part snow and ice. Lightly covered the houses and ground. It's Gonna be a cold week, keep warm everyone.


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I got another card today! Thank you so much to Mary for the Eschscholzia californica california poppy and soapwort! It is much appreciated.

My husband said to me after I opened the envelope that he was glad that receiving seeds makes me so happy.

From one happy camper (Kelly aka Kellycomposter)

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Gee,got 6 more cards today and i wasn't really expecting any more!!Thanks you all!!
rane grow sent a cute card and lemon basil seeds,sweet annie seeds[yay]and french marigolds..thanks
wipe-yo-feets sent a nice card,2 types of basil that i didn't have yet and marigolds.thanks..
lisa831 sent a santa card with rosemary and tabasco pepper seeds..thanks..
booberry85 sent a pretty card and 4 types of hot pepper seeds,mini bell pepper seeds and marigolds..thanks..
farmergirl sent a beautiful babe in manger card,marigolds,sweet basil,peppermint and amaryllis seeds..thanks..
cryptid sent a cute card,a small supply of seed baggies,an ornament,4 types of marigolds,columbine seeds and a handy little keychain with a light on it..thank you,you are so generous.
All of you are generous.I hope all have a splendid Xmas and the new year will bring us all bountiful crops of veggies and flowers.

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The other day I posted a thank you for the wonderful hollyhocks, but just saw that I left out who sent them. The fantastic red hollyhocks were from perkybarb  thank you so much!

And pseudacris_crucifer, yes youÂre right on with the ÂDwarf Blue Curled VatesÂ. It is an open-pollinated kale. It was developed by the USDA at their Virginia Truck Experiment Station (VATES) and released in 1950.

Now for todayÂs thank yous  four fantastic cards arrived today:
Rane_grow sent an absolutely adorable woodland Santa card with the ÂGolden Jubilee tomato  thank you! I love strangely colored tomatoes and this one sounds as if it should do exceptionally well in my area.

From naturegirl236 I got an extremely cute snowman card with the white currant  IÂm so looking forward to trying this variety! My family loves the ÂSweet Pea and ÂGold Rush currant tomatoes and IÂve really been wanting to try the white. And the ÂHot Pink flamingo feather is going to be so gorgeous. IÂm rekindling my obsession with celosias and want to put in a little celosia centric bed this next season  these will be a perfect addition. And IÂm really excited the cardinal flower. I havenÂt yet had a chance to grow any of the species Lobelias, so that one will be a lot of fun.

Yotetrapper sent a beautiful Santa card with pink hollyhocks, which are going to look so beautiful in the cottage garden and a mix of joe pye weed, liatris and ironweed. IÂm starting in bee keeping and the hive and the butterflies are going to love these flowers. Thank you!

And last, but certainly not at all least, Faye sent a gorgeous snowflake card and an incredible bounty of amazing seeds including: Amur maple, big leaf maple, birch, Douglas fir, mugho pine, red elderberry, red pine and mixed pine seeds for trees. And for grasses bunny tail, Indian, maiden, red fountain and Japanese. It really is like Christmas  thank you so much for sending the absolutely incredible assortment of seeds. I already have an area of the garden that IÂm working on for the grasses and plans for the trees. IÂm so excited about all of them and am going to start planting them tomorrow.

Thank you so much to everyone for the incredible seeds and beautiful cards.


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Good Morning all!

I see that there are lots of elves that have been busy.

I'm glad to see that some of my cards are finding their way home, there are alot more out there so keep checking those boxes!

I haven't gotten any cards yet but my mailbox is about 250 feet from my house so I'm at least getting some exercise checking.

I got an email yesterday from one of the newbies in the sss saying that she noticed that I hadn't gotten any cards and offered up some of her seed, how cute is that? To me, it was better than a card in the mailbox. Thank you Deanna!

I have 4 words in the bingo game so far.

Happy mailboxing everyone!


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Must be a bad year for gall bladders! I really feel for your DH. I just had mine out on Friday, (scheduled, not emergency). I am surprised how fast the recovery is and how much better I feel. My doctor said I'd probably been having low level problems for years. Here's hoping your DH will be home soon. He'll be in our thoughts and prayers.

And thanks to the SSS for keeping me exercising, checking the mailbox, repeatedly, every day.


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Got another surprise yesterday! I really do LOVE this one-card-a-day thing. It's kind of strange, but I love it when our kids get late birthday presents because it extends out the birthday fun, in my opinion. Shoot, I'd love to get late birthday presents, but I need to be thankful if I get even one!! So, getting one card a day makes me feel like everyday there's a little surprise. Better in my opinion that lots of cards on one day. Makes EVERY day fun!!

Ten_steps_ahead set me up right yesterday! She sent me wonderful valerian seeds and Rudbeckia Goldstrum.

I can't WAIT to plant the valerian. When I made my wish list I basically went through Well-Tended Perennial Garden and picked out things that I liked. I was totally taken with her description of valerian's beautiful scent. A flower's scent is one of my favorite things. I am so excited to plant and smell the valerian! I have already done research this morning into what blooms with it. I think I'm going to try planting it with Monarda and see if they bloom at the same time and give me beautiful colors and awesome scents. YEA!!!!

One day I hope to own every Rudbeckia there is, too. I'm well on my way to a nice Rudbeckia display. THis year I had only one, and now I already have at least 5 seed varieties. Yea!!!!

Thanks so much, ten_steps_ahead!!


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Hello everyone!!

I got into a bit of food poisioning this past weekend and have been down, man that stuff is aweful, just when you think it's over its not! Guess who's not eating shrimp anymore!!!

I recieved six more cards this weekend!! I was so excited! I didn't think this many would come!!

The Galek Family - I don't know your user name, but the card was beautiful! Thank you so much for the Morning Glory, Dill, and the Poppy! I can't wait to try them!!

Wipe_Yo_Feet- Thank you so much for the Ipomoea and the Dill!

Rane_Grow - The Morning Glory, Datura, Dill, and Poppy is Ama=zing! I can't wait to get them going! Thank you so much!!

Farmgirl2009- You've outdone yourself!! Thank you so much for the Echuracea, Anise Hyssop, Dill, Papaver, and the Echinacea!!

LoisinPA - Thank you for the Poppy, Cinnamon Basil, and the Garlic Chives! The drawing of the christmas tree inside the card made my day!! Thank you so much!!

Kamiljurla - Thank you so much for the Dill!!

This is so wonderful! I love these kinds of swaps!

I've been sending out my cards a few at a time, to stager it out.. My mailman is looking at me funny as i've been there everyday he has been there. I told him that I was getting cards from my garden friends for christmas! He just smiles and laughs! I bet he's jealous!!

Have a wonderful day everyone! Happy mailboxing!


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Snow snow snow! Got another couple inches last night with a baaaad front moving in today....and I have to go to work!!!

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Kat, with all that dill you recieved, you are all set for homemade pickles next summer! Last year was my first to try canning, and dill pickles were the first thing I tried. This year, I did tons of jams, jellies, salsa, and of course pickles. It's great to be able to use fresh herbs out of the garden.

We got a foot of snow last night, and may get more today. Great day to stay inside and work on Christmas cards!


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PLEASE...dont worry, if u havent recieved !! I truly asked several of our busy elves to mail out all tru the month, so it wouldnt all come to ur mailbox in one day !!

You all need to mailbox ALL month...Santa doesnt want us all gaining weight..get out there and WALK to ur mailboxes...LOL

Ok, I still have lists coming of people mailing..and a few people asking for a list of "help needed" I will mail to those this evening that are still willin to help me !

I woke up to 50 some emails...so I will be busy today :D

To those that missed this bingo..a new game will start soon, so keep checking back !!

Thanks again to you ALL for joining ! It makes my season hearing all the fun !

Hugs to you all !

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for anybody that is worried about not getting cards, I will be mailing out tomorrow and you just may be on my list!!!
I have been in slow motion this week!! I have several people to thank. Unfortunately my cat knocked my card off my desk so I am not sure who sent what :( But I have gotten some great seeds!!! Zinnias,malva, nicotiana,yvonnes salvia, peony poppies, foxglove,dasies Is it spring yet???


Thanks everyone!!!

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Woohoo! Another big Thank You goes to Farmergirl2009. I rec'd rocket arugula, white snapdragons, mixed columbine,
dianthus clove pink, and columbine vulgaris!
I will definitely be sowing all of these! Thanks, Melinda

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msirie(7 - GA)

Yesterday, I got my first speeding ticket. I did'nt think I was going that fast. Most of my friends tell me that I should get a ticket for always going so slow. So imagine my surprise and frustration when I saw the police lights in the rear view mirror. That really ruined my day....

....and then I got home. 4 cards from you guys. Talk about a pick me up.

I recieved a beautiful Christmas card from Ruth Z with Irish Eyes (in my favorite color) and Cherry Rudbeckias. Thank you so much.

Hdiperna/Heidi send Lilac seeds. Super! I think it's going to make a beautiful shrub in my garden. It is a shrub right? Thanks! Either way it's going to go beautifully with my Lavender plant.

Jill/Naturegirl236 was kind enough to send me Pineapple Sage. According to my research it really does smell like pineapples. Yum yum! Can't wait to plant it.

And big hugs to Micyrey. You send me lots of seeds that were not on my wishlist. How did you know I needed these: Calendula, Sunflower, and Cosmos Echinacea. I am especially grateful for Moonbean Coreopsis. (That was on my trading list) I REALLY wanted it, but did not mention it on my wishlist. A big thanks to you all for making a bad day MUCH better!

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Hi All,

Last night I received the following cards and seeds:

ranegrow: Burpee Spinach, Lemon Cucumber, Amethyst Falls Wisteria

kamiljablo: Buttercrunch lettuce, Strawberry Cabbage lettuce

lisa831: Lemon Cucumber, Ornamental Pepper Black Pearl, Boston pickling cucumber

farmergirl2009: Cucumber Everbearing, Green Forest letucce

nottoughly: Italian salad blend, Spicach Bloomsdale, Grand Rapids Lettuce, Malabar spinach, Spinach Savoyed Leaf Tyee

Thank you all for the wonderful seeds. My grandchildren don't know it yet but they are going to be eating vegies all summer long.


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maozamom NE Ohio

Rbrady sent a snowman card with dianthus crimsonia seeds. Thank you Rhonda, these will be fun to grow.

With such wonderful cards and seeds coming in I'm having lots of fun. I'm in the spirit for giving and am preparing more cards to be mailed tomorrow.


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Today i recieved a holly card from Debby_1 with some mixed marigold seeds..Thank you so much.
and i recieved from Kamil a santa card with two kinds of hot peppers that i didn't have yet.Thank you very much.

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Hi all. Overcast and 70 degrees here today and in shorts. This is just after having snow for 5 hours on Friday. But not complaining enjoying wearing shorts today. Suppose to have a cold front come in and cool things off later this week. Today I received beautiful Christmas cards and seeds from:

Micyrey and her son - Salvia Snow Nymph

Plant-one-on-me - Blue Eyed Daisy

Can't wait to plant them!

Best to you, many thanks, and Merry Christmas!,

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Hello Everyone! I receieved several cards recently.

Thanks P. Crucifer for the sneezeweed and the red bud seeds!

Thanks Neohippie for the parisian pickling cuke seeds!

Thanks Dusty314 for the zinnia seeds!

Thanks Lisa 831 for the white wonder and red cuke seeds!

Thanks Ptp813 for the nicandra, zinnia and tithonia seeds!

Thanks Just1morehosta for the hosta, ligularia, and zinnia seeds!

Thanks Patti 1957 for the eggplant, sunflower and gourd seeds!

Again thanks to everyone! Especially you Kym for hosting!


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Let it snow, let it snow...on radio- by Dean Martin!

Nice pictures of snow, suitable for postcards or better yet Christmas cards. I know it'd be tiring if it lasted a while especially if it turned into sleet and ice.
Sandra!! We didnt get any snow but sure was stormy last night, soggy yard, some places flooded , mostly in New Orleans, thankuly we don't flood...wish it snowed in Ft Worth where my grandson is.

Another card in the mail, thank you Rane Grow- Iris for the beautiful card with Angel and packet of seeds.. we love Hibiscus Luna Blush, next to Camellia my daughter's very favorite.
Have you seen SAINTS on Sunday????? WHO DAT SAT THEY'RE NOT GOING TO WIN SUPERBOWL???? lol

Neighbors were dancing in the street!!!

Sister from Bosnia came on SKYPE, yay, see you all soon.
She sure has enough snow.

Have I missed Bingo game?

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Thank you to apploosa xmas tree card and also for the Rose Campion, Clara Curtis and the two tomatos!

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lois(PA Zone 6)

Yay, got another card! This one was from farmergirl2009, and it had cantaloupe, garlic bulbils, and chinese forget-me-nots. I'm really looking forward to growing these this coming summer. Thanks very, very much!

Lois in PA

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appaloosa909(6b Central NJ)

This has been just as much fun this year as it was last year!!!

Thank you to...
Carol (Carol57078) for the 4 O'clocks
Iris ( rane-grow ) for the nasturtiums, dahlias, and 4 O'clocks
Cathy (mao tse mom) for the Bishops Children Dahlia, Pink sweet wiliam, 4 O'clocks limelight rose, and calendula Candyman
Ginger(ggwrn) for the melapodium, Custard & Cream 4 O'clocks and Cardinal Flower
Lisa (Lisa831) for the neon Eggplant and sungold tomatos (YEAH!!!)
Ellie (Farmergirl2009) for the cinderella stock, oats for my kitties, Double Clarkia, and Thunbergia vine
Darrin, Elly and Roy (Cryptid) WOW!! what a envelope, Red, WHite and Yellow 4 O'clocks (matching color labels!:0 ), Columbine, marigolds, seed bags (can always use those), the lovely hand-made polar bear holder and the tiny wrapped present with the squeezy light (already on my key chain).

Thank you everyone so much.... I think I have received more Gardening friends christmas cards than from friends and family!

I shouldn't complain... I have sent a bunch of cards to gardening friends and have yet to finish the friends and family cards... :)

Great Swap Again Kym!!

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carol57078(5 S. Dak.)

I received some wonderful cards in the mail.
plant one on me some brads black heart tomato seeds
ruthz some japanese morning glory, rudheckia cherry brandy (really wanted) and peach foxgloves. Thanks so much for making the holidays brighter.

    Bookmark   December 8, 2009 at 4:57PM
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Lisa831, IÂm so glad the seeds made it safely and I hope they grow wonderfully for you. Yes, thatÂs one of my dogs on the card, Moby. HeÂs our youngest (and biggest) Newfoundland. HeÂs very excited about Christmas because he always gets lots of presents too  we have to hide the wrapped doggy toys until Christmas morning though because all our dogs now check under the tree for the smell of squeaky toys.

For cards today, I received a beautiful flower card from Don, with a fantastic assortment of amazing seeds including ones that IÂve been looking for and new exciting species to try.

The Agalinis purpurea and Bidens aristosa look like absolutely gorgeous plants and IÂve really been wanting to try the Pavonia hastate. IÂm obsessed with sunflowers and am really excited about growing the Helianthus augustifolia  it looks like an amazing species and is going to love our sunny field.

WeÂve been growing our herbs in whiskey barrels and mixed in with the cottage garden plants, but weÂve started putting in a herb specific garden and the Nepeta cataria will be absolutely perfect there.

IÂm going to get the American beautyberry and southern magnolia started tonight  my mother has been asking me to grow her some beautyberry and I have been looking everywhere for seeds for the southern magnolia. ItÂs one of my favorite of the magnolias.

The tomatoes and peppers are fabulous. The ÂMaraglobeÂ, Roma and ÂRutgers should do really well here as should the ÂCalifornia Wonder and ÂSweet Banana peppers, which my family will love. And IÂve really been wanting to try the ÂGarden Peach and you sent another currant tomato that I havenÂt been able to find  the ÂRed CurrantÂ. The currants are just such a fantastic species of tomato and I really look forward to growing all of these wonderful varieties next year.

And thank you for the Japanese painted fern spores! I have a portion of the greenhouse I just finished setting up for growing ferns from spores, but I was only able to collect spores from one species this year, but now I have two gorgeous species to grow.

Thank you so much for sending the outstanding seeds.

    Bookmark   December 8, 2009 at 4:57PM
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Another card today courtesy of hidperna! Honestly, I could do this forever. I'll bet I won't have enough seed senders for it to go on forever, but there's no harm in wishing!

Today hiperna sent me a Gaillardia 'Arizona Sun' and I can't wait. I didn't know much about gaillardias until ishareflowers was generous enough to give me 2 at our plant swap. One was 'Fanfare', and after reading about it I can't wait for it to bloom. Now I just love the gaillardias. I had decided to do a red/yellow bed, and before ishareflowers shared flowers with me (Ha!) I hadn't thought of gaillardia. What could be more perfect for a red/yellow bed!

Thanks, hiperna, for a great gaillardia to add to my bed!


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hibiscusfan zone5-Northwest Ohio(5 northwest Ohio)

Yea!!!! I'm up to four words in bingo and I'm not even sure how to play, anyway this is fun and makes my day just reading what everyone has to say. Received a very pretty snowflake card from Micyrey with Salvia Snow Nymph and one from nottougly with delphinium, three kinds of salvias and five types of grasses. Thanks to both of you!! How did you know today is my birthday? Expecting freezing rain tonight so my DH is not taking me out to dinner but making it himself. He's really a better cook than I am.

Blessings to all our service men and women. Also to those of you under the weather, hope you get to feeling better soon. My thoughts and prayers are with you and also my gardenweb friends.

    Bookmark   December 8, 2009 at 5:18PM
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Thanks for the well wishes. Dh is out of the hospital and doing well. He's planning on being in the office at least part of the day tomorrow. BIG THANKS to a bunch of people for great cards & fun seeds!

BIG THANKS to Lisa831 for the Hilly Billy Tomatoes & Tobasco Peppers seeds

BIG THANKS to Kamil for the African Daisy, Black Hungarian Hot Pepper, Damini Hot Pepper & Swan River Daisy seeds

BIG THANKS to Hdiperna for the Large Pumpkin seeds

BIG THANKS to Debby for the Rudbeckia Seeds

BIG THANKS to Ruthz for theNicotiana Lime Green, Rudbeckia Cherry Brandy & Rudbeckia Irish Eyes seeds

BIG THANKS to Patti1957 for the Brandywine Pink Tomato, Tenderette beans, Mauri Purple Pepper, Tenesee Sweet Potato Squash and Black Krim Tomato seeds

BIG THANKS to Gramsgarden11 for the Cherokee Sunset Rudbeckia, Indian Summer Rudbeckia, Shasta Daisy, Green Jewel Echinaea and Harvest Moon Echinacea seeds

BIG THANKS to Iris for the Atlantic Giant Pumpkin, Rudbeckia and Nicotiana Perfume Mix seeds

Thanks to everyone for making this so much fun! I have 3 words in Bingo. I feel a surge of words coming my though!

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I received a card from canyonwind yesterday. She sent me "brown berry" tomato seed. Can't wait to try them.

    Bookmark   December 8, 2009 at 6:24PM
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I received lots of cards today.
From Alana,I received,One of the most Beautiful Morning Glories she grows,I can't wait to start WSing,she sent me,I hope i spell this right,Ipomoea nil Seium ,Thank you so much Alana,your description of it does sound Beautiful.
From Ruth,I received Digitalis purpurea 'Excelsior'Light Blue Mt,Fugi ,Japanese Morning Glories,Ipomoea nil Large MiniBar Rose,and 'Sun Smile Red morning Glory,Love that name,:0)"Sun Smile Red" thank you,we have a lot of Geese,that fly over all the time, your card reminds me of where we live,such a nice welcoming sound they make.
And from Elsie,I received Foxglove and Sweet Alyssum,thank you so much,And the cover of your card, looks just like the house on the corner where we live,all wooded,and the trees covered in snow,so peaceful,we are in the middle of a snow storm right now, they are calling for 6-8 inches.Good thing i have plenty of baking ingredients in the house, I think i know what i will be doing tomorrow.:0)
Oh, I also received seeds from Doris L,Clematis Savannah,I do not have any Clematis growing in my garden, I tried to start it from seed last year,but it did not come up, i was soooooooo disappointed, now i can try again, thank you,
She also sent me Bottle Gentian, i will have to look this one up,and last,Veronia Arkansas Ironweed,I know what this one is,and i have wanted to grow it,such fun surprises,i love them all.

On a sadder note,some one had opened the envelope with something sharp,both sides had been slit opened,the only ting holding it together was the licked tab,i am surprised it held up, and that the seed packs were still in there,has any one else had this happen?Such a shame eh.

Happy mail boxing to you all,Christmas is almost here,do you all have your shopping done?

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agnella(7 W. TN)

Walked cautiously to the mailbox today because of the torrential downpour and found 2 cards! Lots of thanks to:
- debby-1 for a very Christmasy santa card and chives (mmmm, makes me think of homemade potato soup with all the fixings)
- booberry85 for a cute winter scene card with Kentucky wonder beans, tricolor amaranthus and cocozelle squash which looks really cool...
and yes, booberry, I think this will be the best gardening year ever. Hope everyone with sick loved ones are doing better.
Got 3 words on Bingo.

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in the last 2 days I have gotten many cards my card string is almost full(guess I'll have to hang anew one)
special thanks to....
retsec - cosmos,sunflowers, and several flower mixes
mopar360 - sunflowers
naturegirl - pinapple sage, and salvia
kellycomposter - sweet corn
cryptid - tiney flashlight, cuit little penguen pouch with columbine, poppie, chives, beans and baggies in it
carol57079 - larkspurs, dahlia, hibiscus, columbines
ggwrn - echinacia, hibiscus(lemon slice**YAY**) rudbeckia, milkweed, basil
gramsgarden - coriopsis, milkweed,echenacia,cardenal vine
hdiperna - pumpkins
wishdesign - basil, milkweed,dahlia
patti1957 - bushal gourds, sunflowers
poisondartfrog - yellow morning glories
all I can say is WOW I feel so special, opening up my mail box to find so many cards with your garden tresures in them. thank you very much to all of you very generous people. we will hopefully be moving next year and I'm taking my garden with me, that is how much my garden and all my garden friends that have helped me grow it mean to me.
thank you all

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Hey everyone, It's Krystal! :] Here are tonights bingo words:
candy cane

Good luck everyone, Merry Christmas!

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Hi everyone,

I received 4 cards today. Which was great because it snowed here last night and I am afraid to go out. My husband went to his office and brought them to me.

P. S. Ann I also love where I live. To wake up and see the mountain out your backyard is fantastic. It is challenging to garden here between the deer and the gophers and other creatures you almost have to garden in a cage.

Thank you to Patti K, Ann H, Angela W and Angella (she sent me a wonderful home make card). Now I just have to figure out where to plant them all. My green house is full so I might try some winter sewing on the picnic table and benches in the garden area.

I think I might have stuffed my cards too much. I hope they all get to everyone alright.

Happy Gardening always

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dirtdiggin(8b NW WA)

I received a very nice card today, with Polish Linguisa tomato seeds, from debby_1. I've been wanting these and I'm so happy to receive them...THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!


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I received a very cute snowman card in the mail today with some ornamental pepper seeds! Thank you Kelly_composter. Can't wait to try them. Melissa

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I got two more cards today.

Kamil - sent me viola and a cute santa card. I really wanted viola and I am so glad. Thank you so much

farmgirl2009 - sent me a beautiful card with baby Jesus and lamb with sweet peas royal mix (commercial pack), carex comans bronz form and poppy double red. Wow I can't wait to grow them. Though the address on the envelop was wrong and a note was written on it, "nobody here by that name" but I am so glad that it finally made it. Thanks a lot


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hdiperna(5 PA)

What?!?!?! No cards and No Bingo words...I guess I shouldn't complain, I have been blessed in both departments so far this week. Oh well "There's always tomorrow for dreams to come true, Believe in your dreams, come what may" (from Rudolph) HAHA one to many Christmas Specials and cups of Egg nog for me.


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ten_steps_ahead(6 NJ)

I received two more cards in the mail today.
Canyonwind aka Annie sent a beautiful angel card filled with two types of Gaillardia - Burgandy and Fanfare.
Thank you!!

A big Thank You also goes out to Rbrady. She sent a cute penguin card filled with pink and white dianthus, mixed heuchera, Lobelia cardinalis, and a bag of mixed yellow and red Gaillardia.

I also received my Bluestone Perennial Catalog today. I've been dropping hints to my hubby saying "Wow, they have gift certificates!" and leaving it on the table next to his chair. How long to you think it will take him to catch on?

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Two more stuffed envelopes with nice surprises arrived today!

Thank you Carol57078 for the cute snowman card filled with Yvonne's Salvia, Purple Million Bells, Purple Astilbe, and Dahlia Victorian. I just know they will all be beautiful!

Also, from rbrady is another fat little snowman bringing Lobelia Cardinalis, Rudbeckia Triloba, Shade Fanfare Hosta, and Blackberry Lily. The Hosta and Lily can go in my shade garden I'm planning.

Thank you so much Carol and Rhonda for helping fill my Santa's wish list. I can't wait to start sowing!

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Thank you to Poisondartfrog for the monarda didyma! I got this in the mail today and it was definately worth it go to out in the cold the mailbox. It is much appreciated. Thanks, Kelly (Kellycomposter)

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crisann(4 SD)

Today I got a card from appaloosa909 with some purple balloon flower seeds -- and a card from debby_1 with some single purple clematis seeds. Thank you both so much -- purple is my favorite color!

I got 2 more words in bingo tonight -- 7 total.
Tonight we have snowing, blowing and wind chills -- icky!

Thanks again ~

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Ho ho ho! the Elves have been very busy! We are still wrestling this annoying cold/flu in my house. But will be heading out to the PostOffice today!

I have recieved more cards. Many thanks for Coleus, marigolds, viola, tagets ternifolia, ForgetMeNot, MorningGlories and balloon flowers!

Thank you for the lovely cards and thoughtful wishes, they certainly brighten my day!


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I got two cards yesterday!! And 2 bingo words.

Ruthz sent me Stupice tomato and cherry brandy rudbeckia!!

And patty1957 sent me FOUR tomatoes, and a pepper: Brandywine pink, Delicious, Anna Russian and Amana Orange!! as well as Alma Paprika pepper.

Thanks so much guys! Today, we have a "blizzard". Snow accumulation wasn't too awful much but it's blowing and drifting like crazy. Dont think I'll get into work today. Gonna spend the day decorating for Christmas and getting the last of my santa cards ready to mail!


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I couldn't get on the forum yesterday. I'm guessing it must have been due to the CRAZY weather that blew through here. I think many of you are experiencing some of that system today, so hang on tight.

Our fearless mail person was right on schedule though. Among the soon to become composted items was a warm, and cheerful card from RANE_GROW. Not only did it say that we are "winter friends" but it also included a generous amount of lamb's ears.

Thank you rane_grow. Merry Holidays!!!

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Yay, got two cards.

hdiperna - I received a lovely card with baby Jesus in manger with white liatris seeds. I loved the card very much. Thank you so much

poisondartfrog - I received a cute card and Nicotiana sylvastris, Nicotiana purple perfume and nicotiana glutinosa. Big thankyou, I am so delighted.

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dusty314(7 TX)

Ho ho ho!I have recieved cards from ptp813 & rbrady. Thank you for all the seeds. Can't wait to plant them all!!
Thank you very much.

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Two more envelopes in the mail yesterday! That's 3 for me!
Poisondartfrog, thanks for the white tomato and bonus flower. Can't wait to try them. Kim, (no gardenweb handle provided) this is the first time I've seen potato seed. Seed potatoes - yes, potato seed - no. Thanks loads!

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8 bingo words for me so far!!!

3 cards yesterday!!
Thanks to :

hdiperna~ purple cleome!

nottougly~cherokee purple & red brandywine tomato!

kellycomposter~double red hollyhocks!


Wonder what today will bring?

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Wonder if our mailman will GET here today? LOL. Drifting horrible, wind insane, was just outside doing my chicken chores, near froze to death, LOL.

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Hello there Elves !! I just updated the recieving list, if anyone asked for me to email the list, and I didnt..would u kindly send me an email today, and Ill pass it on tonight. I think today will be my last attempt..life is taking a fast paced hold on me ! Was up 24 hours as of 3 am this morning, slept 4 hours, and going again..lol

MUCH MUCH thanks to each and everyone of u for making this swap such a success !!

We had snow when I woke up, but now getting hit hard with rain, standing water ALL over, making it hard to get around on the roads ! Hope ur all safe and warm...

Be back in a bit with BINGO...and I need to post some thanks for cards !

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catrionaa(8 Texas!!)

Ho ho ho! Looks like it will be hoe hoe hoe this spring! I received lots of cards in the last few days! Lots of seeds and so many pretty cards certainly made the weekend brighter. We've had a virus circulating through the house - first my son, then me, then my daughter. Just when I thought I was over it, they announced a hard freeze on it's way and I had to hustle outside to cover and move plants. Then in came the cold front and with the atmospheric pressure change came a migraine that knocked me out for a day. So I am really thankful to all who sent the seeds, they brightened my day! Here goes:

Holly Jolly Christmas from debby-1 with some hardy hibiscus!

Spookycharles sent an adorable card with Santa's favorite canine helper on the front and three kinds of alyssum seeds - "Tiny Tim" (how appropriate for this time of year!), "oriental nights" and "rosie o'day".

Quilting fox sent a lovely Christmas ornament card with giant zinnia seeds that are mostly pink -- yea!

just1morehosta sent a card filled with wonderful wishes and wonderful seeds: sweet peas and zinnias!

msirie sent a cute Santa card with coleus seeds. Yea! The hard freeze we just had finally killed mine off.

Next is Lisa831 with more giant zinnias - including some giant Envy (lime green). Can't wait to see what they look like!

Maotsemom sent a card from "A Christmas Story" where the kid has his tongue stuck to the pole! LOL We love that movie!! And along with it are pink hardy hibiscus and echinacia - woo hoo!

hibiscusfan sent a beautiful golden card with a snow covered church scene and hardy hibiscus mix, purple clematis, amarantus "love lies" and dark purple & green coleus! wow!

ptp813 sent an angel card with pink dinner plate hibiscus and dwarf stock. :) Love the smell of stock and can't wait to see the hibiscus!

ruthz, sent a card with red blooming prickly pear cactus - mine blooms yellow - and two varieties of hyacinth bean - "ruby moon" and white. I haven't seen white, just the pink ones, so this is a treat! And she also sent Dames Rocket. Yea! I remember seeing these grow along side the road when I was visiting family in Nebraska, so I can't wait to see them in my garden!

naturegir236 sent a lovely card with a white dove and red swamp hibiscus seeds. Also there were Rose of Sharon seeds - white with red center. Cool! Mine are purple with a darker purple center, and lavender. Thanks!

daisyb sent a beautifully glittered church in the snow scene (these cards are as close as we'll get to snow down here! :( ... we had a chance last week, but it all went to...Houston! booooo!) The seeds inside the card were yellow hibiscus and tall mixed zinnias.

You all have been so generous! Many thanks and warm wishes to all of you!


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Wow feels like Christmas here - got 4 more cards with seeds today: :-D

GraannieB - Christmas Angel Card - red pepper, ornamental pepper mix, Mexican sunflower, and giant celosia burgundy and perilla herb

Naturegirl236 - Christmas Snowman Card - Siberian iris and Flamingo feather Celosia hot pink

Crisann - Christmas Polar Bear Card - zinnia California Giants, zinnia "Salmon Queen", zinnia giant mix and Ice Plant

Nottougly - Red and Silver Snowflake Christmas Card - Celosia Sparkler mix, Iris yellow flag, Celosia Chief Bicolor, Sweet Pea Royal mix

Thank you all so much! Can't wait to plant these seeds! Taping all my Christmas cards above my computer/craft desk. Hope everyone is having a great day and staying warm and safe. :-)

Best to you, many thanks, and Merry Christmas!,

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I opened three more cards last night.........so much fun!

sji1981...sent me snapdragons and buttercrunch lettuce...and a special Christmas tree card

debby_1...sent me sweet william...and a santa card

rbrady...sent gaillardia red and yellow mix, mammoth sunflowers, dianthus pink and white mix...and a snowman card

Thank you very much for the lovely cards and seeds. Merry Christmas..............And to all of you in the very cold...snowy weather...be safe!


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Three cards today with a blizzard winding up outside. Snow is supposed to start in earnest in a few hours. We are supposed to be in the middle of a doozy of a lake effect band with high winds. School canceled and kids bouncing off the walls.

Thank you to gma2-6boys for the walking onions. I got some last week in the mail, but they seem to have wandered off. Will keep a closer eye on this batch. :)

Thank you DorisL for the Clematis Savannah, Arkansas Ironweed, and bottle gentian. I looked up the clematis and it looks like it is a "nonclimbing" variety. What will they think of next?

And thanks to booberry for the hubbard squash, acorn squash, and red acre cabbage.

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! I finally got a card! It's a lovely handmade card from Jean (wishdesign) and had West Indian Gherkin cucumbers, and Blacktail Mountain watermelon seeds. Thank you so much Jean! I can't wait to grow them.


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velsgarden(TN 7)

Got a cute santa card from debby_1 today with daylily seeds.yay...one of my favs.Thank you so much.

Just a note,for some crazy reason my post office always charges me more when I send out bubble envies than other post offices charge.I dont know why,but anyway when I mailed my xmas cards he only charged me 1 stamp.If anyone is charged extra postage for the cards I sent,please email me and i will return postage to you.Thanks

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2 more cards received this pm. Thanks to:

robin1962-2008 for White Datura & Lilac Datura!!

appaloosa909 for Star of Yelta MG, white Datura,lavender datura,& Lilac LeFleur datura!!!


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Yeeeah...glad my cards are starting to be received, seeing you got first one Sandra-Quilting Fox, is a nice feeling.
Haven't gotten any cards today from SSSwap but got more stamps in mail from my older dd, she feeds my addiction, lol
My other dd sent me card with beautiful pic of my 10 year old grandson in front of a Christmas tree...and added bonus---we'll see you soon.
Hope everyone feels well and gets well soon, stays warm,
enjoys themselves.

No fun driving thru blizzard, if you really must, be very careful.

Had as many Bingo words as cards, slim pickings , smile..Tomorrow, tomorrow, the sunshine will come up tomorrow...even if behind the grey clouds.

Have the best Christmas season,


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Merry Christmas!!!

A big thank you goes out to:

Hotwheel Tim: for the wonderful card and Monarda seeds. This is a new one for us. We are anxious to see what they look and smell like!

Lisa831: for the Amish Pie Pumpkin seeds. Joshua is excited about baking a whole bunch of pies next year!

Canyonwind: for the special message and card and the Spinach and Dahlia seeds! We are very excited to see what color that Dahlia's will be.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to share this experience with all of you. We wish you all a blessed Christmas and prolific New Year!!!!

Paula & Joshua :0)

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aphroditelaughs(Puget Sound)

Three cards came in the mail today. I am really starting to feel the holiday spirit!

Thanks to Auntnawnee for Mini yellow bell peppers and mesclun salad greens; Thanks to Yotetrapper for California Wonder bell peppers; and thanks to Doris1 for Echinops ritro and milkweed.

I almost have my envelopes ready to ship. I am sending to more people than I did last year. Yay!

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UNBELIEVABLE! I received a wonderful (handmade?) card from Wishdesign! Is the flower from your garden? I love the card and how great to receive the lovely seeds that I can't wait to grow (corkscrew vine). What a treat!

Thank you and Merry Christmas too, Wishdesign!


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I got three more beautiful cards today!

Thank you canyonwind for the broccoli raabe, Kim for the kale, and wishdesign for the basil and pumpkin! Y'all are awesome!

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Bingo words for Wed are.......


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lisa831(KY 6)

Recieve a pretty card from Kellycomposter with ornmentral pepper seeds,Thanks You
Everyone be safe with this wild storms blow in around.

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

I mailed a few more cards today, and the rest will go out tomorrow, so keep checking your mailboxes!

Sandy2, I was wondering the same thing, if the flower was out of her garden. Very creative!


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ten_steps_ahead(6 NJ)

Didn't receive any cards today but I did get four words on Bingo that takes me up to eight. Sending out more cards tomorrow. Gotta get to the post office for more stamps over the weekend. Happy mailboxing!!


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Three more cards. Many, many thanks to PerkyBarb, The Galek Family, and rane_grow. Woohoo! I wish you each the best holiday season ever.

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Good Morning All,

Received two more cards:

debby-1 Neo Green Hosta - I am creating a shade garden and this will be a great addition.

mojo1967-AJI DULCE DE PUERTO RICO this was a longshot request at most. I am so happy these peppers are an integral part of Puerto Rican cuisine and impossible to find in Georgia.

Thank you ladies very much


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Hi everyone,

This has been just about the best swap. The cards are just so nice and fitting from each person. The seeds are an added bonus.

I've received 2 more cards;

One from Plant-one-on-me with yellow pear cherry tomatoes, my husband really likes yellow tomatoes and brandywine tomatoes and a very nice card.

One from Bashfull Gardener with a beautiful homemade card with a very lively and appropriate verse inside, I just had to laugh. It contained, Glaskin Perpetual Rubarb, Chinese Giant Pepper, Staight Eight Cucumber, Marglobe tomato, and Bloody Butcher tomato, this one sounds similar to Stupice which is my favorite tomato so can't wait to try.
Thanks alot everyone

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wishdesign(z7 MD)

Two cute Santa cards arrived in my mailbox yesterday from rane-grow (zinnias and morning glories) and debby_1 (zinnias)! Thank you both so much! I can't wait to grow all these out, especially the zinnias which are becoming one of my favorite plants because they're so easy, reliable, and pretty.

Sandy2 and highalttransplant: I'm glad you like the cards! My mom actually makes them and the pressed flowers are either from her garden or mine. :)


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Great envelopes in today's mail!

Thank you Faye ( Notougly ) for a nice card and seeds of: Anise Hyssop, Cosmos "Bright LIghts", Hardy Hibiscus "Grenache" pink, Salvia Regaliana...love 'em all.

You hit the spot Heidi!!! Beautiful blessings with 2 healthy, simple and yummy sounding recipes, many thanks.

Heidi's recipes:



3 c peeled and sliced apples
1 ( 8-oz) can frozen Apple juice
1 tsp cinnamon
4-6 sugar-free graham crackers, crushed
1 T cornstarch
1 T butter

Mix apples with cornstarch and cinnamon. Put in a glass baking dish. Pour apple juice over. Dot with butter.
Put cracker crumbs on top.
Bake at 350 deg for 1 hour or until apples are tender.



3 oz Strawberry Jell-o ( sugar-free)
3 oz instant vanilla pudding ( sugar-free)
4 c sliced strawberries
large graham cracker crust

Add jello @ pudding to 2 cups of boiling water. Mix well.
Add strawberries. Put in graham cracker crust. Chill.


Actually fun coping recipes, haven't done it in a while, almost always make my own.

Here is one that was printed in today's Times Picayune- New Orleans, simple recipe for NO SALT SEASONING.
Glad Judy Walker printed it and added ---Great for gifting!

Hope you all enjoy these or at least one, keep warm and be well.

Wishing you merry and blessed Christmas season,

Here is a link that might be useful: NO SALT SEASONING

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I received a card yesterday from debby_1. She send pink and purple gomphrena seeds. Thank you Debby!


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I have received an embarrassment of riches over the last couple of days.
From patti1957 White Habanero peppers! Yipee! along with Pear gourd
From ruthz Blue Silk JMG...very exciting!! and birdhouse gourd
From bashfulgardener, ornamental peppers and crown of thorns gourd!!
From Aunt nauwnee, Ornamental and edible pepper Super Chilli!!
From naturegirl236, ornamental peppers!!
From kamiljablo Chinese 5 color peppers!
From wishdesign, tricolor variegata and Fish peppers!!
These are all wonderful. My pepper garden next season should be spectacular. I can't wait to grow them, as well as the gourds!
Thank you all so much,

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