Planning ahead: Elephant Ears

Lynn MarieNovember 7, 2010

What is the biggest, blackest, clumping elephant ear and where can I get them? I don't plan to plant them till the spring; I was just thinking about it now and thought I'd ask.


Lynn Marie

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I think what you are looking for is Giant Black Taro. Many Taro are black and they can grow in water gardens, bogs or in soil. The ones planted in soil still have very high water needs though and will die if they dry out. The thing about them is that they are fairly tender perinneals and depending on the conditions where you plant it you might need to take it up and store it over the winter. I have actually seen them in some of the big box stores in the DFW metro area. Cheryl

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Lynn Marie

Thanks, Cheryl. I'll keep a look out for them. I have some regular sized black ones, and plan on putting big ones in the same bed. It is a well protected and well mulched area, and all the different kinds of EEs came back this summer after last winter, so I want to try to leave them there all year. I'm a gambler!

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