Did anyone try "Sweet Zen"

braeburn040(2B/3 BC)August 26, 2013

Just checking to see if anyone grew Sweet Zen grape tomatoes this year?
I purchased a pkt. this year (10 seeds $5.95) from Stokes.
They grew well in the green house, but I was disappointed in the taste. The write up said they were high brix, but I didn't find them as sweet as Sweet 100, or Sweet Chelsea. They are very prolific, and hold a long time on the vine. The stem end stays green for a long time and when the entire fruit is red it is as sweet as it gets. I guess I was expecting more, with a price of .60 a seed. Any other thoughts with regard to Sweet Zen?

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Hadn't ever heard of it before so had to look it up. Appears it is a relatively new hybrid bred for shipping and greenhouse growing. I would have expected it to do well in your zone unless you have had an exceptionally warm year. No way I could grow it here in the GH except perhaps over the winter into mid-spring.

As you likely know greenhouse temps and growing conditions can be very difficult to stabilize during the summer months and even though it is listed as "heat tolerant" the heat, especially inconsistent heat exposure, will easily affect the brix levels.

Better luck next time.


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braeburn040(2B/3 BC)

Thanks for your reply Dave. I have pretty good ventilation in in the GH, my Big Beef, and another tomato (no name) came from seeds saved from a supermarket tomato,( one of the cluster types) grew really well and ripened perfectly on the vine, but this year had more green core than they usually have. I guess I can blame it on the cool nights we had this spring the GH temps likely dropped below what the tomatoes were used to. They all went in the GH on the first weekend in May Their sweetness seemed the same except for the green core part. I also grow a heritage variety given to me from a friend , his family grew it commercially on Vancouver Island B.C. in 1926! The first few sets of fruit usually get blossom end rot, but they pick up after that and have a "real Tomato taste" with no core.
My friend told me he thought the name was Marvel , but it doesn't fit the description I got from the internet according to the article it should have had yellow stripes.
I'll put the lack of sugar down to temp fluxuations as you suggest. Thanks again

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That is quite possible Marvel and Globe were the parents Pritchard used to introduce Marglobe in 1925. Marvel woudl still have been commercailly available well into the 20's or 30's. It was a round red. Today heirloom folks are using something usually called the Arkansas Marvel which is a bicolor beefsteak. I have no idea of the source of that one.

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

Dill, below is a link toTania's page giving the origin of Arkansas Marvel.

Neil Lockhart is one of my best tomato friends. And he's gotten other varieties from Fleeta as well/

If I were up to it I'd go back into the Yearbooks and read his description but I had surgery today, can't sleep, which is why I'm up at this ridiculous hour, at least for me. Sigh.


Here is a link that might be useful: Arkansas Marvel

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braeburn040(2B/3 BC)

Thanks for the link to Arkansas Marvel, as I remember the fellow that gave me the seeds referred to the variety as "French Marvel" I will try to post pictures later.

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braeburn040(2B/3 BC)

Thanks Seysonn for the tip. Please ignore this post to the thread.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

I obviously screwed up on that post, I'll try and figure out what went wrong and re- post.

you can "Edit" your post.

I just edited my post. When you click on "Edit Post", your original post will open. Then do any addition, deletion and then update it.

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braeburn040(2B/3 BC)

Further to my earlier posting on Marvel Tomato Here is a few photos of different stages.

Ready to eat

ready to pick

not quite ready to pick

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