Sprouting Bluebonnets...

grittymitts(7/8)November 12, 2013

I live in far North East Texas where bluebonnets usually
come up in early spring. Yesterday I stopped at entrance of our long driveway to treat fire ant hill.

As I got within a foot or so of the hill, I noticed the bluebonnets have come up.

Anyone else encountered this?


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The bluebonnets have already come up around here in San Antonio. They'll overwinter as tiny rosettes then get bigger around March.

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I have always had the bluebonnets up at this time of year.

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Maybe you just never noticed them before but they will germinate and sprout in the fall whenever there is adequate moisture, which there has been this year. Mine are up as well.

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Similar situation here in Kyle. However, frequently the ones that germinated early die during the winter.


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I agree with Omar. Some of the young bluebonnets that germinate early do indeed die during winter, although the majority do just fine. In addition to the self-sown BBs, I always broadcast a few more seeds to allow for the loss.

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