Too small tomatoes

ybindsNovember 7, 2013

I have too many tomatoes on almost 8 plants and none of them are any closer to big in size. All are pretty tiny and with the temperatures dropping, should I go ahead pull the trees out or should I wait for few more days and try my luck to get atleast few batch of big tomatoes (if they ever turn big). This is my first year of growing tomatoes. I had good yield of okra and cucumbers (melon variety, they are also green, waiting for them to turn yellow as well). Any suggestions please. Any idea if they would grow into bigger size. My tomato plants are semi determinate and I have almost 8 of this variety plants. I live in san antonio, tx. I was happy to see so many on the tree, but none of them are growing into bigger size. Please advice.

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andbowen(7b/8a DFW TX)

Once the temps start dropping below 50, your chances of getting ripe tomatoes drop dramatically. You can leave them in the ground as long as the weater allows, but be sure to cover them if it drops below 40. If temps are projected to be under 32, your best bet is to harvest them with as much of the vine still attached as possible, and place them in a sunny window to ripen. They will only turn red if there is already a slight blush of color. If they are all completely green still, just make pickled green tomato relish or fried green tomatoes. Next season, try pinching out the suckers on your plant once it gets over 2 feet tall. This will allow the plant to put its energy into fruit production instead of foliage.

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