badduckyNovember 25, 2012


My wife and I just moved to San Antonio from Georgia, and I was curious to know if we're close to tropical enough for ginger plants. If so, is there any recommended varieties or techniques we'll need for the winter?



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You should look for a variety called Moy ginger. I work at the Botanical Gardens and we have that one growing everywhere in the gardens. I know there are others that will do fine here but there names escape me at the moment. I know the botanical society has some they sell at the plant sales. Welcome to Texas!

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lots of ginger around the Houston area, San Antonio should be fine. just cover with mulch/hay during the frost/freezes.

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Lynn Marie

I have ginger growing in Dallas, so it should be fine there. It doesn't seem to like the brutal summer heat here though, but you might have better luck. They die in the winter but come back in the summer and multiply nicely.

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carrie751(z7/8 TX)

I have white butterfly and hidden ginger growing inground in North Texas. As Lynnmarie said, dies back in winter, and resprouts each Spring.

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Just go to h e b and buy the ginger that they sell, cut it in chunks and plant in the dripline of the roof. I did and it smells great snow white flowers and spreads good too

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