UPDATE: Secret Santa Swap (thread 6)

flwrs4everDecember 17, 2010

PLEASE POST your thank you's and play games here ...

I want to THANK EACH of you for being ELVES and sharing in the SPIRIT of Christmas with your garden buds !!

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Someone said they cant get to my email addie on the site ..
it is flwrs4ever@yahoo.com

There are MANY people who cant log in or post...I hope we will see more thank you's as the site is fixed.

Merry Christmas to you ALL !!

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sandlapper_rose(Zone 8)

Thank you to Debby (Debby_1) for the seeds and card. The seeds are California Wonder Peppers and Red Spider Zinnias. I will really enjoy both!

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hibiscusfan zone5-Northwest Ohio(5 northwest Ohio)

Thank you oolumbusgardener for the pretty manger card and seeds, two of my favorites. May you have a blessed and joyous Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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# Bustani, I love surprises. So far, I have a few different kinds of Basils from my good friends here at GW. Finding out which kind these are will really be special. I can't wait to try my Chamoile tea in the summer time. I love the note that you've attached to the Cactus Mix. "If your plants reach at least 4 inches in height, please return to the desert from which it came." I can't tell a lie, don't know if I will be able to do that. lol!

* Basil Mix

* German Chamolie

* Cactus Mix

actually that was the sheet i got with the cacti when i baught the seeds (there plain cacti mix i could dig out the packs and list what all they are if you like?) i just photo-copyied it thinking people would like growing instructions with it if theyve never started them from seeds before (my seedlings are prolly like 3 years old and are STILL in there first container)

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lois(PA Zone 6)

This has been a red-letter day in the secret santa dept...

Odin and Thor received their very own gift from dirtdaddy, wrapped in cat-pictured paper. Here they are, posing proudly in front of their present.

I was not left out of the festivities; dirtdaddy sent me sweet corn, Laura parsley, Dr Wynches golden yellow heirloom tomatoes, and moonflower bush. Thank you so much! And Odin and Thor thank you, too!

Debby_1 sent purple coneflower and penstemon prairie dusk, which I look forward to growing for the finches and hummingbirds. Thank you, debby_1!

flowergirl34 sent coneflower ruby giant and pink perennial sweet pea, which will also look great in the garden. Thanks!

ilovefarac sent me salvia greggii, something I wanted very much for the hummingbirds. Thank you very much, ilovefarac!

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celeegra(6 NYC)

Hi highalttransplant,
I just saw this post & I'm so sorry.
*** but the seeds in one of the packets, Flying Dragon, were completely crushed :( ***
Sad for the seeds too. I'll have to make it up to you!
My grandparents used to live in Colorado, & I wanted to send you something special since I used to go visit them & they always had a wonderful garden.
Let me know if there is anything specific from my list that interests you! If I don't hear from you by January, I'll send a little surprise selection.

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Mail delivery yesterday and today, I was so excited!
Thanks to Miss Mojo for balloon flower
Canyonwind for sugar snap pea, ester swedish bush bean( I've never tried these!), mustard greens and lettuce
Margaret for dark opal purple basil
and Flowergirl for yarrow and ruby giant coneflower
I really appreciate all of the seeds and can't wait to plant them. Normally I would look them all up and plant as many as I could right away, but I think I will wait until after Christmas. The first of my three children arrives home tomorrow and the other two next week and I am so excited. We haven't all been together since May when my youngest graduated from college. So it is back to present wrapping and cooking!
Happy Holidays to everyone!

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Many thanks to Neohippie (Amanda) for the lovely card and wonderful seeds. She sent Vates Collards, Mortgage Lifter pink tomato, and Charentais melon seeds. I love them all and can't wait to plant them in the spring! Chirstmas blessings!


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Another trip to the mailbox and more wonderful seeds. From highaltransplant a neat handmade card/ornament designed by Ezra and winter squash uchikikuri, collective farm woman melon, noir de carmes melon, agastache sweet sunset (which makes everything smell great in the envelope), and snap dragon scarlet giant. Thanks so much for these little seeds. If my gardening skills and the weather cooperate this year my garden is going to be fabulous.

From Ronneil, aka virtuosity, zinnia zowie and orange cosmos. Thank you for sharing the seeds that you love with me. They will make my garden more beautiful for sure.

I love this swap and I found these quotes on seeds to share:

"Though I do not believe that a plant will spring up where no seed has been, I have great faith in a seed. Convince me that you have a seed there, and I am prepared to expect wonders." - Henry David Thoreau

"Happiness held is the seed; Happiness shared is the flower."-Unknown

"Before the seed there comes the thought of bloom."
- E. B. White

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celeegra(6 NYC)

I love you bumblebee!
Just got 2 different types of amaryllis, eucalyptus which I was just covering from someone else's post, and plumbago Did I tell you I love you?
Thanks!!! I can't wait to sow.

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skywaitress(5a, Central Oregon)

Thank you so much to Jasmine "jas_il for the lovely card from the SOS Children's Village Illinois and for the wonderful seeds of mixed hollyhock and chiensis pink aster. Thank you so very much!

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Lois, absolutly priceless photos, have a good new year!
Bustani, thanks sooo much for the lettuce and basil mix!

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lisa831(KY 6)

Receive 2 cards today

Flowergirl34, Snowman card with Pink malva,Hollyhock-mejsti,Clematis-jackamaii

Canyonwind,Santa card with Salva-rose queen,Salva-bonfire.
Thanks to you both

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Yeah! What a great couple of days! Talk about ask and ye shall receive, thank you to this wonderful community of generous gardeners.

Debby (Debby_1) sent a sweet Santa card and rose campion and zinnia seeds. The rose campion looks so cool! I can't wait to wintersow it.

Darlyn (Darlyn58) sent a beautiful card and zinnia "Lilliput" seeds.

Paula (Paulan70) sent a lovely card and mixed cosmos.

Carolynp (Does that p stand for pea?) sent three peas! Sugar Ann snap, Cascadia snap and Russian Sugar. I am very excited about growing peas the first time this year.

Thank you again everyone!!!

Cheers, Aggie

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It is going to be sad when this swap ends. The cards and seeds are nice but it is the thoughtfulness that goes into your efforts to surprise members that makes this swap so special.

I received an elegant hand embellished card for Miss Mojo. She included seeds for balloon flowers which are a favorite. Thank you so much.


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maozamom NE Ohio

I received a card from Columbus gardener with rudbeckia and sunflower seeds. Flowergirl34 sent a card andechinacea, scabiosa, lily mix, and gaillardia seeds. My garden will be so much more colorful with these additions.

My Odin didn't get any seeds and he's too tired to care. From inspiration


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cryptid(Southern OR 7)

Yo-ho-ho! Totally rippin', hooray hooray! Another card-n-seeds today!

From suegardens2 (Sue): A wonderful "Merry Christmas" card (with the letters comprised of red glass ornaments, framed by pine boughs and pine cones) and an extremely generous helping of Marjoram seeds! Marjoram is definitely one versatile herb, both culinarily and medicinally. Uber thanks, Sue! All the best to you and yours this Christmas season and always! Your wonderful card will now be added to our official SSSS card tree! :)

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OK, here we go:

#crisann# sent yellow hollyhock, fig leaf hollyhock, mix hibiscus and a precious photo of her dog, Elli - love it Crystal, thanks so much.

#Darlyn58# sent hollyhock seeds and lettuce seeds along with a very sweet Christmas card. Thanks Darnlyn.

Thanks so much to both of you!!!

PerkyBrb Barbara C. Zone 6 Cincinnati Area

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Soooo exciting waiting for the mailman everyday, I think I get more excited then my dogs!

Revieved three wonderful cards and seeds, thank you so very much~

Debby for the lovely card and the mammoth sunflower seeds, the mixed annual poppys and the maltese cross!

buturfliis_mom for the beautiful card and the frenchmarigold durango, morning glory something old something new, blue larkspur, comos pirotee, the laurens grape pavaver poppys and the 'foxy' foxglove!

Darlyn58 for the lovely card and the ruby queen sweet corn-ohhh yummmy!!

I just love them all so much, you have brought spring into my grey wintery days.

Many blessings for you and your families, have a very Merry Christmas, you sure have made mine!

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daffodillady(7b/8a central AL)

Msirie- I was saddened to hear that some of your seeds were crushed. But, on a happier note- if two or three of the castor beans made it to intact, you should have plenty of seeds in the future. They are an annual in most zones. I posted a picture of their "mother" on my exchange page. The daylilies will probably take 2-3 years to bloom. They may bloom the first year if you winter sow them or other wise start them early. Blessings and hugs

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Started strong with many seeds early, then a week of bills, flyer, and requests for donations, but no seeds, I got seeds yesterday from ladygardener. Yea! Thank you for the Fairy Tale Eggplant, Early Purple Vienna Kohlrabi, Bouquet Dill, and Purple Beauty Bell Pepper.

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keiki(10 FL)

Another envelope of fun for me! Honestly I love coming home to these little treasures. karendee sent me a seeds n greetings card with chives, thank you.

Im glad to see some of my cards are making it, so far only about 1/4 of them. Its weird cause some I sent almost 2 weeks ago. I am hopeful since pseudacris crucifer just got his Friday the rest should be close to their destination.

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flowergirl34(5 Upstate NY)

Happy Saturday everyone!!
So glad my cards are making it to there destinations :)

We have received over 70 inches of snow in the last 7-10 days. Needless to say the snow banks at the malls are about 20ft. Making my little last minute runs a little bit more challenging.

I just want to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday if I'm not able to log back on before Christmas :)


ps. I am getting a little closer to bingo...keep em coming! :)

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Canyonwind! Thank you soooooooooomuch for the double click cosmos. I love the card also.

These pretty cards always make me want to draw or something, too bad I have only the desire and not the talent. :)


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Thank you to *Dirthdaddy* (David) for wonderful seeds and pretty snow scape card. I am so thrilled and i don't know how to express my joy. Thank you for your generosity. I got 11 pks of pepper seeds (Wow!),
Pepper Lemon drop
pepper jimmy nardello
Mini pink
pepper cascabella
Long red
Purple pepper
Red cayenne
Black pearl (is it edible?)
Thai bird
Pepper thai red,
Passilo green chillie,
Lettuce bibb and
amaranthus hopi red.
I love peppers and it would be fun growing them. Thank you so much.

Thank you to *Xiangirl* for Cute card with silk flower on it and Gailardia goblin and
kong flame (I could not read it correctly what it is?) seed.
Thank you so much

Thank you to *Bustani* for nicely packed seeds in christmas paper, Cute dove card,and
Pepper Habenero,
Strawberry (wow, it's edible right?)
Basil mix
Petunia wave mix (love it)
Baby's breath white (wow)
Thank you so much.

Thank you to *Debby-1* for pretty card with christmas tree, teddy bear and gifts, and 3pks of seeds.
Asiatic lily (simply wow! love it)
Petunai purple white (wow)
and Poppy (can't wait to grow these)
Thank you so much for the seeds which i really love.

A big thank you to *Paulan70* for cute card and 2 pks of seeds
Petunia mixed (love it and can't wait to grow them)
Moss rose (another favs)
Thank you so much

Thank you to *Micerey* for cute felted card and two cute snowman sticker on envelop and
Ballon flower lilac seeds.
Thank you so much

Wow can't wait to grow them. I am so overwhelmed with generous amount of seeds and cards. It is such a fun swap. Thank you Kim for hosting it.

Merry Christmas

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I have soo many people to thank! I appreciate all of the cards and seeds! I hope that you all have a joyous holiday and that your gardens grow and flourish!

a great BIG splendiforous thank you to :
Keiki (especially for all of the knowledge on what grows locally!)

I am inspired by all of your generosity and truly thank you for helping me feed my family this year!

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Thanks Bustani for the peppers and Basil yummy

I sent my cards out last weekend. I am so sorry it was so late. I have had a horrible flu/thing. yuck!

Kym, do you need any elves? I have several packets ready to go for anyone that did not get a lot of cards.


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flowergirl34(5 Upstate NY)

My mailman just stopped and brought me some Christmas cheer!! :)

Darlyn58 (Darlyn) for the Santa card and the Oriental Poppy: Brilliant Red (I'm excited to sow this!) and the Rudbeckia.


GraanieB (Bea) for the lovely pine cone glitter card and Cosmos: Sonata: White, Celosia: Giant Red and Night Blooming Jasmine! WOO HOO!!

Merry Christmas!!!

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Thank you columbusgardener for the basil and catnip seeds.

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found a large bubble to see a batty x-mas card (really cool sort) and red brandywine tomato jalapeno peppers and vates collards from neohippy


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Can't wait to try the sweet orange bell pepper you sent; they're a favorite around here. Our edibles have been confined to containers so I was pleasantly surprised when I looked these up and found their deer resistance to be "high."

Thanks for the first such edible to find its way to us!

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I am so so sorry for this late response. I haven't been able to post on this site for two weeks and I was going into withdrawl. Finally today I got in so I'm posting a giant thank you to everyone who sent me seeds. I'm thrilled everytime I go to the mail box!
Thank you to Ellen- butturfliis_Mom
Thank you to Cuddeback Hugs
Hi ya Lisa Punkingal and Thank you!
Thank you to gmom 2-6 boys
Thank you to missmojo
Thank you Pugh
Thank you gardendad_2K10
Thank you Nancy NLB52
Thanks again Veronica Peet
I wish that as a newbie I had more seeds I could have sent out in return. Next year! Happy Holidays to everyone

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I should have waited to post my thank you's two more cards came today

Darlyn58 � Ruds and Basil yeah
Buturflis's mom � marigols, cinnamon basil, gallardia, lupine and foxglove

Thank you both! I love every seed packet I have gotten so far. You guys and gals are great!!

I love getting these cards. I have my whole stairs railing covered! It looks so nice!


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Got a wonderful card with seeds in the mail today, am fighting sickness so this truly brightened my day!

Thank you so much~

karendee for the wonderful card, I just love it! The pup on the card looks just like one of my pups with his big smile~lol~ and for the dark green zuchinni, very yummy, Ohh can't wait for spring!

Many blessings to you and your family for a most wonderful holiday season!

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cards1 by ~crystal-biyu on deviantART

cards2 by ~crystal-biyu on deviantART

as of yesterday hope mess can be ignored

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Many more thank yous for more awesome seeds!
Jodie74 for the daisy mix and the forget me nots..I have the perfect place in mind for these :)
RuthZ for the Red Jalapeno, Hostas, and Genovese sweet basil. Sounds great for making pesto and salsa :)
Ivyp for the red hot pepper and green bell pepper..more salsa peppers! yumm :)
Debby_1 for the Henryi Clematis, yellow daylilies, and Rutgers Tomatoes. I love that Clematis! :)
Lisa/pumpkingal for the Hosta Ventricose, Black eyed susan shrub, Clematis Allanah, California red pepper, Gloriosa daisy, bee balm, elegans hosta. Lisa always shares so many seeds...such a generous Christmas Elf :)
Rane_grow for the Butternut squash (LOVE squash:))

Thank you all so much! Now I'm going to have to spend some time in the wintersowing forum to figure out how to plant these seeds... I have no idea how to plant hostas or daylilies yet.
Happy Holidays everyone!

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Buturfliis_mom (Ellen) sent me a most lovely Christmas card and wonderful seeds. She sent me Italian flat leaf parsley, cilantro, cinnamon basil, blue lupine, espada bush beans, and my most wanted from my list peach melba nasturtium!!! Many thanks to Ellen for sharing with me and making my Christmas so much merrier this year! Blessings on you and your family this Christmas season!

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Oh my goodness.. you all are just wonderful! The cards are so uplifting.

Mao (Cathy) sent me a terrific card packed hosta 5 different types of hosta seeds. I am so excited to receive these :) Yippee!

Bubblebee (Eva) I love getting seeds that I have never heard of. Necklace Pod, Autograph Tree, Brazilian Rock Rose and Eucalyptus. I have already sown the Eucalyptus seeds!

Debby_1 Great Day! Black Eyed Susan, Hosta and Quaking Grass. The quaking grass sounds wonderful. I am getting a nice variety of seeds to try out.

Thank you all very much.


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Good Evening Everyone!
Tonight I get to thank Crystal & Elli for sending me a picture of one of Elli's prouder moments, getting all tangled up in the christmas lights! That picture is just too cool! The nasturtiums, zinnias, and morning glories are great, but that picture takes the cake! THANK YOU!!!

It's also my privilege to thank Bonnie/highalttransplant for sending me some of her daughter Eva's artwork! Eva made a beautiful christmas tree and decorated it with stars and glitter, and then put a red ribbon in the top so I could have a great tree ornament! Bonnie, tell Eva she did a terrific job! I wish y'all could be here enjoying the fantastic yummy smells I'm enjoying because of the seeds Bonnie sent! There's greek oregano, dwarf parsley, broadleaf sage, and garlic chives creating a mouth-watering aroma in the office right now while I'm looking at the orange glo watermelon, double tangerine gem poppies, and cinderella pumpkin seeds she also sent! WOW! What a night! Bonnie, I've been thinking of breeding a white, warty, cinderella-type pumpkin, but didn't have the seeds for the cinderella part of the potion. Now I do! THANK YOU!!! You've given me the final ingredient...lol!

and now it's time to play some Nina Simone and tend to my cities and farms on facebook! g'nite all!!! and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


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cryptid(Southern OR 7)

Awriiiight! Another fab card-n-seeds in the box today! Really, this is just too, too much fun!!

From canyonwind (Annie): A really great card featuring a smiling Santa framed with Holly (looks a lot like the Coca Cola Santa), containg even more wonderful Black Pearl Pepper seeds (Bwahahahaha...love it, love it!) and Borage seeds (Another super culinary/medicinal, most commonly with blue star shaped flowers that turn pinkish when aged due to extended UV light exposure! Also reputedly a good companion plant for legumes, spinach, brassicas, strawberries and tomatoes. Culinarily tastes a lot like Cucumber) Years ago a good framily friend gifted Elly & I with a Borage plant for Christmas, but I haven't grown it since. How totally excellent, now, we're gifted with Borage seeds for Christmas! Thank you so very much, Annie! Wishing you-n-Yours the best this holiday season and always!!


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hmm looks like the da html didnt take --what was the code again? [img]imageurl[/img] is CAKE for me (its called bbc most forums seem to use it

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I received a card from canyonwind today. She sent 2 different kinds of brugmansia seeds. Thank you Annie, I can't wait to try growing them.


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Just finished posting in Rate & Review for a good portion of the people that sent seeds to me. Had some I could not find and maybe they are not in there yet. I will try again soon.

Also, there are about 5 people that I sent seeds to (mailed on 12/10/10) and have not seen where they received them. I will wait another week and then contact them. If you do not receive my seeds, I do want to resend.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

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Wonderful day again today 2 more cards;;
Big thanks to
GrannyB thank you so very much for salvia,cosmos happy ring,red celosia (love them) beef stake tomato,,you are so kind B,very pretty card too..

big thanks to;; dirt_under_my_nails-- wonderful sparkly card of snow man and easter egg plant,, oh my grandson will adore these..
A very Merry Christmas elves and garden friends

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I got card from lovefaRac with burgundy gaillardia and canna seeds. Thank you.

From debby-1 , I got a Nice card with cAt sleeping in beD, very cutE
Inside I found rudbekia and gaillardiA goblin seeDs
Another card from darlyn58, gave me zinnia and rudbeckia seeds. Thanks for sharing me your gardens

Stay warm

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wishdesign(z7 MD)

I apologize for being so behind in thanking everyone! It really sucks to not have a computer and have to rely on borrowing my neighbor's laptop on weekends when he's not using it. Anyway, I've received a wonderful card almost every day now for the past couple of weeks, and I can't say how much it's meant to me this year. I call it my daily dose of joy and hope in an envelope! So thank you to the amazing people who have generously shared their gardens with me:

suegardens2 - cosmos seashells mix
ivyp - red ruffled poppies
bustani - batchelor's buttons mix
debbi_1 - carpet of snow alyssum and oriental poppies
virtuosity - batchelor's buttons, firewitch dianthus, orange cosmos
missmojo - ballon flower
margarita10 - burgandy gaillardia, mixed impatiens, rainbox mix statice
beauswatch - caesar's brother siberian iris, dill
rbrady - apricot sprite nasturtium, lobelia siphilicata alba
jmtzz13 - mammoth dill and bachelor's buttons
flowergirl34 - paprika yarrow, ruby giant coneflower, cardinal flower

All your lovely cards are displayed on my hall table where I pass by a hundred times a day, and it never fails to bring a smile to my face. Can't wait to try all these new (to me) varieties and see all the blooms next summer as well! Happy holidays to all!

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I received 2 cards today! WOOHOO!!! :)

Thanks to Karendee and Vina for the seeds! :)


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WOW!!!Last few days have been busy for me & my mailman!!!
Many thanks to:

neohippie~Black Cherry Tomato seeds & 2 WHOLE Garlic heads!!Broableaf Czech & Tochliavri!!! THANKS!!!! :0)

Debby_1 ~Rutger Tomato & Hollyhocks

Darlyn58~Mixed Hollyhocks & Lilliput Zinna

jas-il ~Curly Mustard & Mixed Hollyhock

hightalttransplant~ Triple Yellow Datura,Fiesta del Sol Tithonia, Black Hollyhock, & Greek Oreganokarendee~ Butterfly Bush

keiki~ Milkweed, Gaillardia & Blue Pea Vine

suegardens2~Seashell Cosmos & Blue JMG


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Finally after about a week and a half I am able to get into anything on the GardenWeb. With all that was happening on all the sites, mine took second place BUT IT'S FIXED. Hey! I have some thank you's for:
Lois (Loisinpa) White foxglove & Clematis - dark purple. Each package was individually wraped with Jesus in the manger.
Ellen (buturfliis_mom) the card was just darling. I thought it was made..going to see if I can do something similiar next year since I just started stamping. She sent
Clematis - sweet autumn & Miss Bateman; Ligularia; papaver-dbl pink & red lace and bergenia - winter glow.

Thank you so very much for the wonderful seeds. As some of you know I know have a green house in which to play STARTING after the holidays. I have had the heat on so its a wonderful retreat. Merry Christmas to all of you and that you for all the work Kym you have done on this swap.


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keiki(10 FL)

OH NO! I was cleaning out the car and found one of my envelopes under the seat. One of you is going to get somethng from me late. I'm sorry but maybe when you think all is said and done you will get one more. LOL

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More thank yous to flowergirl34!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I am so behind in posting my Thank You's.

daffodillady - Rosie O'Day & Carpet of Snow alyssum
keiki - tomatoes Viva Italia, Martino's Roma, Azoychka
debby_1 - Rosie O'Day & lots of Carpet of Snow alyssum
karendee - cute homemade card with Carpet of Snow alyssum
dirt_under_my_nails - Lilliput zinnia

and finally cryptid - WOW
a beautiful homemade personalized card
Beautiful little Christmas seed packets w/ planting info
containing alyssum, bachelor buttons, love in a mist
and dame's rocket (on my want list for a long time)
As if that isn't enough his, wife Elly crocheted a beautiful Butterfly pin.

Everyone is so generous and giving this year.
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Merry Christmas and Happy Mailboxing to ALL

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Got more cards. Woohoo..

Debby_1, sent me cute santa ride card with dwarf hollyhock and poppy oriental seeds. Wow! (do you know what color of the blooms of poppies are?). btw this card ended up in my neighbor's house and she brought it for me. Thanks a lot for my fav seeds.

Darlyn58 - sent me Nice doll sticker on envelop with santa card and Hollyhock mixed and impatience flavors mixed seeds (love it). Thank you so much.

buturfliis_mom - sent me pretty snowman card and black pearl pepper (my favs), Capsicum annum calico (i love ornamental peppers), Lobelia cardinalis, foxglove foxy (pretty), hosta sagae, garlic 'music'(i really wanted it and am so excited about it). i loved all the seeds. Thank you so much

Keiki - cute Christmas tree card and 3 pks of seeds Tomato huski gold, florida pink and red Lettuce (love it). Thanks you so much.

Rbrady - sent me pretty poinsetta card, Poppy mix and digitalis lutea (yellow foxglove). Love them. Thanks a lot.


    Bookmark   December 19, 2010 at 3:36PM
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Bit late with my thank you's. Some I have gotten but don't have everything in front of me right now.I know one thing I will have plenty of cosmos and Jalape�o for next year.

In the mean time I would like to post this for all of you especially anyone on the list who is or has serving our Country or family members who are vets or serving.Thank you for such a great gift to defend our freedom.

Here is something of a reminder and to let our soldiers know we are thinking of them.Posted about this last year and wanted to do so again as a regular Holiday post.


Thank you to all our soldiers for your service and may God bless you all.

'Twas the night before Christmas, he lived all alone
In a one bedroom house made of plaster and stone
I had come down the chimney with presents to give
And to see just who in this home did live.
I looked all about, a strange sight I did see
No tinsel, no presents, not even a tree
No stocking by the mantle, just boots filled with sand
On the wall hung pictures of far distant lands.
With medals and badges, awards of all kinds
A sober thought came through my mind
For this house was different, it was dark and dreary
I found the home of a soldier, once I could see clearly.
The soldier lay sleeping, silent, alone
Curled up on the floor in this one bedroom home
The face was so gentle, the room in such disorder
Not how I pictured a United States soldier.
Was this the hero of whom I'd just read?
Curled up on a poncho, the floor for a bed?
I realized the families that I saw this night
Owed their lives to these soldiers who were willing to fight.
Soon round the world, the children would play
And grownups would celebrate a bright Christmas day
They all enjoyed freedom each month of the year
Because of the soldiers, like the one lying here.
I couldn't help wonder how many lay alone
On a cold Christmas Eve in a land far from home
The very thought brought a tear to my eye
I dropped to my knees and started to cry.
The soldier awakened and I heard a rough voice
"Santa don't cry, this life is my choice;
I fight for freedom, I don't ask for more
My life is my God, my country, My Corps".
The soldier rolled over and drifted to sleep
I couldn't control it, I continued to weep
I kept watch for hours, so silent and still
And we both shivered from the cold night's chill.
I didn't want to leave on that cold, dark night
This guardian of honor so willing to fight
The soldier rolled over, with a voice soft and pure
Whispered, "Carry on Santa, it's Christmas day, all is secure".
One look at my watch and I knew he was right
Merry Christmas my friend, and to all a good night.


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I received more beautiful cards and seeds this week!

canyonwind sent me Hollyhock "Indian Spring", Indian Grass, and Malva in a pretty card. Thanks so much Annie.
ilovefarac gave me Salvia "Blue Bedder", Hibiscus "White Texas Star", and I can't wait to try the White Hibiscus with pink eyes.
Debby_1 sent me Dwarf Hollyhock and Sunflower seeds. Thanks so much Debby.
I loved the beautiful card created by the SOS Children's Village that jas_il sent me. It had Gloriosa Daisy, Hollyhocks, and Shasta Daisy seeds tucked inside.
WOW! Bumblebee1 filled my beautiful card with Cosmos "Daydream", Cypress Vine, Fortnight Lily, Tall Broom Corn. Thanks Ewa, I can't wait to try all of these!
darlyn58 sent a beautiful card and added a sweet message along with Hollyhock seeds.
buturfliis_mom filled a beautiful card with Papavov Laurens Grape, Morning Glory "Something Old Something New", Hyacinth Bean "Ruby Moon", Asclepias "Soulmate", and "Silky Red", and Cosmos Picotee. Thank you so much Ellen.

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I am so behind in everything right now and I apologize for the lateness of this post.

I received a very pretty card from Iris with nasturtium seeds. Thanks Iris. I will love adding these to my nasturtium collection.

I also received a beautiful homemade card from Cryptid and it contained zinnia and four o'clock seeds. There was also a lovely crocheted butterfly pin. Even the package was decorated with a bow and butterfly sticker. Thank you for your wonderful thoughtfulness.

I also received a card with a lovely selection of seeds from Ellie including cleome, cosmos, sunflower, zinnias, calendula, and sweet peas. Thank you Ellie.

I am so excited for my next gardening season. As I plant my seeds, I will think of the wonderful people here at Gardenweb.


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just got a cool card from vina with ruby giant coneflower dark purple yarrow and fiesta daisy gaillardia (something to look up! yay!)


    Bookmark   December 20, 2010 at 12:22PM
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I'm way behind, just not enough time in the day. I've received cards from:

Karendee with yellow/orange marigolds, I love marigolds.

Bustani, dianthus-princess mix. Dianthus is some of my favorites.

Keiki, Waltham Broccoli, patio tomato, bush champion tomato, and african daisy. All I have to do this year is convence my husband that the veggie garden needs expanding.

Dirt under my nails, Tiger stripe tomato, and Black cherry tomato. Thank you, you can never have to many tomatoes.

Buturfliis mom, papaver double pink mix and laurens grape, foxglove, cinnamon basil, french marigold, digitales lutea. Does cinnamon basil taste like cinnamon? Can't wait to try it.

Crypid, A beautiful blue butterfly that will go well on my work jackets and dwarf marigold, lemon basil, blackberry lily, sundown echinacea, mixed pink poppy, Mr. Stripy tomato and cherokee purple tomato. All kinds of good things.

Darlyn58, lilliput zinnias and de cicco broccoli. These are great. I have a lot of room for just about everything I've recieved but just have to find the energy to get it all done.

Thank you everyone so much.


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Iris Hendry

Happy Monday everyone !

My mailbox has never been so happy or full of joy as it has these past couple of weeks ... when cards far outnumber the bills its a good thing ;-)

I received more cards today !

Neohippie/Amanda sent a cute snowman card with some of the best smelling garlic and Mortgage Lifter tomato seeds inside ! Makes me want to go make spaghetti for dinner ! Yum ! Thank you ! We love garlic and I cook with it all the time ! Now I will have some in my garden once I learn how to grow it ... hee hee ;-)

DirtDaddy sent a cool Elvis card with lots of my favorite edibles - Dr. Wyche's yellow , Chocolate Cherry, Gold Nugget and Dr Carolyn tomato, ( have I ever mentioned I am a tomatoaholic ? ) a mesclun Lettuce medley and Strawberry Popcorn corn ! Thank you ! Cannot wait till spring , my veggie garden is going to be awesome !

Debby_1 sent a cute card with Tenderette bush beans, black eyed susans and sunflowers ! Yay, 3 of my favorites I grow every year ! thank you Debby !

Darlyn senta pretty Santa card with Rudbeckia ! My BES flower bed will be so beautiful this summer , they are my SO'S fave flower, I love them myself but I grow them especially for him !

Columbusgardener/Mike and Debbi sent a beautful nativity card with Old Mexico and Giant Cactus Zinnas , 2 of my most wanted Zinnias ;-) Thank you so much !


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I have to add another thank you to nottougly for the beautiful card and seeds. Thanks Faye!

    Bookmark   December 20, 2010 at 3:56PM
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Another great day at the mailbox!!!

#Michiet (Michelle)# A very cute card with Hollyhock and Cleome seeds. Thanks so much, love them both.

#Daisyb# Great Christmas card along with White Cleome and Figleaf Hollyhock. Two of my favorites, thanks so much Daisy.

#Cryptid - Darrin# - a wonderful homemade card along with the following seeds, spinach, lemon basil, Black Hollyhock, Double Pink Hollyhock and rose queen Cleome. Along with a very pretty hand crocheted butterfly (wife Elly crocheted it). Thanks so much Darrin, love it all!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.

Barbara C. PerkyBarb Zone 6 Cincinnati Area

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I am literally crying over the generousity I have seen here. Cryptid, your wife's crocheting is beautiful! Thank you so much for the seeds. I can't wait to try these sub arctic plenty tomatoes! I've never tried alma paprikas or these cherry tomatoes. Sounds like a year for salsa!!
Mollyandme, I've always wanted to try Lillian's Heirloom tomatoes, but somehow I never remember to find some! I can't wait to get my hands in the dirt.

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Above is a picture of kholians black morning glories, which April/dirt_under_my_nails. Thanks April! They'll look great in the Halloween garden!

And those are pics of the thai basil and earthwalker sunflowers Diane/w9yards sent! Diana, those will also look great in the garden!

Thank You Ladies for brightening my day AND my 2011 garden!!!

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Very neat recycling idea for our christmas cards. Hubby threw all the christmas cards from last year and the year before in the bottom of one of my storage boxes.

This idea is to make small gift boxes from your old greeting cards. I think it is a neat idea.


Thank you
Highalttransplant for sending --- 3kinds of peppers, lavender, sage (yum), and parsley


Here is a link that might be useful: make small gift boxes from your old greeting cards

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More beautiful cards in my mailbox today.

Big Thank You's to

nottougly/Faye for the Dame's Rocket, Mexican Sunflower, Cherry tomato, Snow Cloth alyssum, and Mt. Fuji JMG

buturfliis_mom/Ellen for Digitalis lutea, foxglove 'foxy', Lobelia Cardinalis, and much wanted cardoon

my garden and salads should be blooming with rainbow colors next year.

Merry Christmas and Happy Mailboxing to ALL!!

We're in the seventies and sunny, so all you people having a White Christmas 'Enjoy'

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Your welcome, Karen! Glad to see some of my cards have arrived. Cute idea for recycling old greeting cards!

I received a card from flowergirl34 with a wonderful assortment of flower seeds. Thank you for the Cardinal flower, sunflower, Rudbeckia, Penstemon, yarrow, lily mix, marigold, and Gazania seeds! All of my favorite colors : )

Also need to thank Annie (Canyonwind) for the Fresno, and NuMex Big Jim pepper seeds. Yeah!!! I loooove peppers, even if I can't handle the super hot ones.

I got all of the packages to family shipped out today, wrapped most of the presents, and helped my daughter make a batch of pretzel turtles. It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas : )


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I have more people to thank! Received so many beautiful, thoughtful cards and packages in the past few days.

Ivyp sent italian green flat parsley, spearmint, and marigolds -- Thanks Ivy! Loved the festive card, as well.

Karendee sent marigolds and a card with a Christmas pup! (So cute, is this your artwork?) Thanks Karen!

Cryptid sent "Violet Queen" bee balm, "Golden Gate" marigolds, yellow snapdragons, mixed pink poppies, a hand embellished card, and a beautiful crocheted butterfly from his wife Ellie! What a generous envelope -- thank you both!

Buturfliis-mom sent "Lauren's grape" & double pink poppies, asclepias incarnata "Soulmate", Mrs. Burns lemon basil, marigold french "Durango", and fresh jack-in-the-pulpit!! Thank you so much Ellen! These all look gorgeous/delicious and I am SO excited to grow them!

Highalttransplant sent an awesome Christmas tree card/ornament made by Elijah (love it, already on my tree), and greek oregano, broadleaf sage, and scarlet giant snapdragons!! Can't wait to plant these (envelope smelled amazing as well :) Thanks to Bonnie & family!

Hoping the first of my cards arrives soon!

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amybeth82 I got the artwork from online. I am not an artist at all :) I borrow my ideas..lol


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I have a few people to say "THANK YOU" to after getting my mail today.
MissMoJo - sent me a homemade card with platycodon seeds inside;
hibiscusfan - sent me a neat card with a neat deer on the front and some coreopsis seeds which were on my wish list;
Zmroctx = Ruth Z - sent me a beautiful card also with rudbeckia cherry brandy and balloon flower double blue which were on my wish list.
I am so excited and happy to have joined this Secret Santa trade and will be glad to see spring come to try starting these great seeds. Thanks so very much.

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I'm enjoying reading and seeing pics of flowers and pets---dog on his back having gotten no seeds is funny, flower pictures so pretty-Dan, those sunflowers especially are pretty.
No cards lately but know they are coming as are mine to you.

Kevin, great reminder any time, got to thank heroes for protecting us.

Been busy like most of us these days. Keep reminding myself to make haste slowly.

" The nicest thing about December is letting friends know we care and remember "

more soon, Blessed Holidays,


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rosemctier(z5/6 waynesburg PA)

thank you, bumblebee1, for the cute penguin card and datura colletion-- lavender, purple, and yellow! and pink astilbe too! i can't wait until spring :)

vina, every time you post about snow amounts i just shake my head and wonder how you all do it. plows must be going 24-7!

only 5 words left in bingo :)

anyone planning on watching the lunar eclipse this morning? it is supposed to be pretty cloudy here but i'm thinking about meandering to the field to check it out anyway-- i love the skyscape in winter.

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Hi everyone,

I am really late with a few more thank you's but the site was having problems.

molly_and_me/Margaret: Orange Bell Pepper
rosemctier/Rose: Golden Tears Bleeding Heart Vine, Culantro(I use this in my cooking but have a hard time finding it in Atlanta now I can grow my own)
canyonwind/Annie: Impatiens "Tutu", and one I am not familiar with but will look up "Incarvillea Cheron"
purpleflowergirl34/Vina: columbine purple & yellow( I don't have this color) Fuschia Crepe Myrtle, Moonflower(one of my favorite vines)

note to gardendad: the Bulgarion Carrot Pepper is orange and looks like a baby carrot-Hot. The other is a mix of hot peppers.

Thank you all for really great seeds.

Merry Christmas


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I received a cute card from April today and it contained nasturtium seeds. I am hoping those are the only seeds she sent because there was a big tear in the envelope right over the note that she put on that read, "hand cancel". Obviously the didn't.

Thank you April and I hope to post a picture next summer of the huge nasturtium garden I am going to have. :)


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MANY MANY people are writing me ...saying they cant get here to post !! We still have a few weeks, so dont worry yet if you dont see people writing thanks . It saddens me that the swap is being messed up from the site, but please know your generosity is MUCH appreciated !!


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crisann(4 SD)

Evening everyone.

I received a card today from skywaitress with cosmos (gazebo white) and marigolds (moonstruck yellow). Can't wait to see them in my garden! -- and such a cute crafty card, you are giving me ideas for next years Christmas cards! :)

I have been busy making crafty stuff for Christmas presents

crocheted grapes (crocheted around bottle caps)

and beaded ornament covers.

We had six inches of snow today -- tired of shoveling!

Thanks again skywaitress!

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Almost the winter solstice....... More fun than Christmas... whoooohoooo... Let the planting begin!!

I received some great wintersowing candidates over the weekend... I received Rudbeckia Hirta from Molly_and_me. Thank you so much, I love rudbeckia and your topiary card was adorable.

I also received a fun boating card from Ivyp with some balloon flower and some giant red amaranthus. They will look stunning in my new red wine garden. Thank you so much for brightening the solstice.


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I have been out of town for several days. I just returned to find several surprises in my mailbox.

Melinda (Ilovefarac) sent me....
Bright Lights Cosmos
Sunflower Teddy Bear
and a lovely card

Daffodillady sent me...
Marigold mix
and a lovely card

Skywaitress sent me...
Summer Squash Super Pick
Marigold mix
and a lovely card

Bonnie (Highaltransplant) sent me....
Snapdragon Scarlet Giant
Sunflower Sunspot
and a lovely card....love the Christmas tree

Faye (Nottoughly) sent me...
Psychic mix Cosmos
Salvia Lady In Red
Bachelor Buttons Blue Boy
Giant Imperial Larkspur
Marigold mix
Stock dwarf
and a lovely card

Ladies, thank you so much for the wonderful Christmas wishes and surprises inside.

I so appreciate each and everyone of you.

Merry Christmas...


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Have more time now , yeah when sleepy, smile...took notes...

*Lois--Odin and Thor are cute with their Santa Claws gift.
*Amberroses--great quotes, wrote em down. Did you know there is a popular thread on GW on the subject ( Favorite Garden Quotes)
*Lisa (Pumpkingal) and Vina ( Flowergirl134 ) happy when you are happy ( goes for others as well), Merry Christmas!
*Dan (mailman)-thank you esp. these days. What pretty pics, esp. of sunflowers!
*Chrisann-what a talent! Beautiful ornaments! Good ideas!
*Perkybarb-thank you for posting on Rate and Review, I'll do more eventually.

I'll see you tomorrow, being busy with baking and cleaning, daughter and grandson are coming in.
Merry Christmas and thank you Kym and all,

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Yay! More treats in the mailbox from Santa's elves.

From Faye-orange cosmos, gloriosa daisy, sugar baby watermelon, and chocolate joe pye weed sealed in bubble wrap with a cute Santa sticker. Thanks Faye for these gifts. I think I may have to open a flower stand of some sort with all of these beauties.

From Daisy6-yellow hibiscus and celosia. Thank you. I can't wait for my celosia to get 6 feet tall!

From Skywaitress- A cute (homemade?) card. I really have to step it up next year with my cards. Inside I found burgundy blanket flower and cosmos gazebo white. Thanks for the gift. These seeds will look great in my garden.

From Karendee- Another cool handmade card and hacenda canteloupe. Thanks for the melon. I have great melon growing dreams for this summer. I love melon.

From Graanie B- a sparkly card with a hummingbird sticker and lemon balm, cinnamon basil, and tithonia. Sounds like I will be making some tea soon thanks to you. Thank you for your generousity.

I am over overwhelmed by all of the generous Christmas giving. Thanks all.

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Thanks bustani for the basil, eggplant, and catnip seeds!

    Bookmark   December 21, 2010 at 12:02PM
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Wow, wow, wow, I can't believe I am still getting seeds! What a wonderful Christmas this is~

Thank you so much~

Cryptid~and your wife Elly for the beautiful crocheted butterfly pin, What a beautiful piece this is, I can't stop looking at it and the lovely card and seed packets, one or both of you is very talented for sure! And for the seeds, sunflower vanill ice, cosmos candy stripe, collards (yummm), mixed pink poppy, chater's double yellow hollyhock!

daisyb~for the wonderful card and morning glory seeds mixed grandpa otts and crimson rambler, celosia! I can't wait for spring to arrive to plant these!

Again thank you all so very much, I just love them. Here is wishing you and your families a very happy holiday season and many blessings thru the new year!

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I received another pretty topiary card from molly_and_me. Thank you! I have plans for every Calendula seed I get.

I also got a pretty and different card from butterflis mom with Angelica gigas seeds-I will defintely grow them come spring, and two other packets which I appreciate but can't recall now. I will name them when I go home tomorrow and have another look. I was in a hurry to get on the road.

Thank you both!

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More beautiful cards in my mailbox. wow!

Thank you to *nottougly* for cute card and
baby's breath pink (wow very much wanted)
Swiss chard (love it)
Spinach early hybrid
Petunia (my favorite)
Thank you so much

Thank you to *highaltransplant* for pretty home made christmas tree card which is done by 7 yr old Ezra. So cute i loved it! he is very talented.
Poppy double tanerine gem (wow love it)
Okra burgundy
Pomegranate seeds (very generous amount)
Loved all the seeds. Thank you so much. Can't wait to grow them.


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I received a few more cards to brighten my day which I definitely needed! It has been raining for 2 days straight and tomorrow it is supposed to continue to rain. We have had over 5 inches in our rain gauge so far which is really unusual for Southern California!
Thanks to Rosemctier for banana passion fruit seeds, I am excited to try this, I have a heat mat which will be perfect for starting these.
Poison dart frog sent Basil Amethyst and Purple Dog Creek tomato..I haven't grown either of these so that will be fun!
Crisann sent hibiscus mix which is my daughter's favorite flower, as well as steak sandwich tomato and dill.
I finished all of my shopping and wrapping and am busy baking and having fun. I am really trying to slow my mind down and just have fun when the family is home and not worry so much about details. So far it is working, but I still have five more family members arriving and lots of entertaining left to do so we will see how I fare. Hope everyone is having a wonderful and festive Holiday season!

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Good evening everyone; I want to say thank you to Kim (plant one on me) for the pink salvia seeds I received today and which I had on my wish list. Thanks so very much to all the gardening friends I have met on this site. Imogene

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daffodillady(7b/8a central AL)

I haven't recieved any cards for about a week, so I thought that this season's mailboxing fun was all over- then today when I checked the mailbox- Merry Christmas to me!! Sweet Faye (nottougly) had sent orange cosmos, Achillea millefolium lavender, cone flower, hardy hibiscus, globe amaranth, yellow aster and a neat card with a fun hologram sticker. Great seed selection and a true mood lifter for this dreary cloudy day. Thanks so much Faye!

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Anyone want some Purple Agastche or Sweet Autum Clematis?

Post here or send me a note.

I am sending out more cards in a second mailing tomorrow and would like to make sure I get some seeds to more people.

I also have some yellow/orange marigolds I can send.

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daffodillady(7b/8a central AL)

Hi Karen, I would love the Clematis in particular. I don't have anything fancy on my list right now, but take a look and see if there is anything that I can send to you (-:

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Wow. I got two cards today and both elves were very generous!

Notoougly sent me a card with deep pink hollyhocks, zinnia candy cane (appropiate for a Christmas swap, lol), Bouquet dill, Hyssop, and mixed Calendula. Thanks a bunch!

My mom, Darlyn58 sent a gorgeous card with 2 chickadees sitting on a watering can filled with poinsettias, surrounded by clay pots, a trowel, and more poinsettias and holly with falling snow. Very pretty.

Inside it, after fibbing and tellin me she had no seeds for me, she included a seedrack's worth it seemed, lol. They were:

Brilliant red oriental poppy
lemon balm
de cicco broccoli
two packs of old glory mix morning glories for around my flagpole
orange california poppies
Blue star columbine
carrot, sweet treat hybrid
carrot, big top
carrot, short and sweet
cardinal climber vine.

Thanks, ma.

Speaking of darlyn58, she has been receiving all y'all's cards, but she has not been able to log in to thank anyone yet. Hopefully soon she can!

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daffodillady I will send you some.

I actually already have some packed. I do not need anything in return.

These Clematis grow well. If you ever want more you know where to ask :)

Sweet Autumn Clematis is all gone now...

Anyone want something else? I have mostly common stuff. I can surprise you.

Come on I have more stamps to use :)

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12 cards so far with a total of about 30 different wonderful seeds from all over the USA. They are like gold to me, sooo THANKS TO :
columbusgardener/Debbie What a pretty Nativity card & luffa seeds I'ld hoped for for several years.
poisondartfrog/Alana sent a pretty snowy picture with the AMERICAN flag with seeds I asked for.
canyonwind/Ann sent a great Corsican gourd I've never heard of so warm weather won't come soon enough to sow those seeds.
molly_and_me/Margaret sent a very Festive glitter & plaid card.
flowergirl34/Vina sent 3 colorful yarrows & 2 colorful coneflowers that should thrive here in zone 9.
rosemctier/Rose surprised me with brandy wine tomato & I think it's heirloom. And Happy Birthday, Jan. 13 th
pumkingal/Lisa sent one of the 1st cards with a snowy picture and the mexican hats seeds I asked for.
jodie74/Jodie also sent mexican hats but a have a large area and needed lots of seeds.
micyrey/ Michelle hand made her pretty card and sent red amaranthus which I've wanted as a tall background plant.
smitties/Margo sent green envy & white swan coneflower that I've had a hard time getting, but NOW have.
missmojo also was one of my 1st few cards and was hand decorated & had my 1st purple balloon flower seeds.
ishare/Lisa sent seeds for a purple basil I asked for to complete my cooking herbs.

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Canyonwind ~ Thank you for the lovely card with snap peas and winter savory and warm wishes inside!

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cryptid(Southern OR 7)

Woo hoo,...lucky me! Another wonderful card-n-seeds today!!

From w9yards (Diana): A totally fab, sparkly Santa card, with Chocolate Morning Glory (straight off my chocolate wish list request!) and Rocket Salad Roquette Arugula (aka Garden Rocket - Mustard family, Cruciferae - grown for leaves - reportedly smells and tastes like peanuts - Rich in vitamin C and Potassium - Heirloom (of course)). Diana, you totally made my day! Absolutely looking forward to planting these! Thank you soooo much!! :)

This gifting swap is just the absolute best!! You guys-n-gals are truly the greatest!! Best to all of you for a very merry Christmas and a fine and happy new year!!

    Bookmark   December 22, 2010 at 2:24AM
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Karendee; I would love some of the purple agastache and sweet autumn clematis both. I have looked for someone to exchange for the agastache for a while and would love to get some. Thanks for your generosity. Imogene

    Bookmark   December 22, 2010 at 10:29AM
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Thanks to Faye/nottoulgly for:
morning glory mix
ornamental gourds
giant crimson zinnia
Tea Time 4 O'clock
deep pink hollyhock


    Bookmark   December 22, 2010 at 10:34AM
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Well, I haven't posted my thanks to too many people. THANK YOU ALL! And, I like cryptid's colorful and fun post, so I'm going to copy her holiday cheer. Thanks, cryptid, for the colorful fun!

MANY MANY thanks to ishareflowers for her generosity, once again! Lisa, you just outdo yourself. I got some Mount Atlas Daisy--YEA! and Gold Rush Shasta--DOUBLE YEA! I LOVE LOVE LOVE daisies, so thank you so much! Then there's the fantastic Monarda Coral Reef--DOUBLE YEA! I lost some Monardas this past winter. Thanks for getting my stock back! Also Astrantia 'Star of Billions'--YEA! and vinebark--These will be FUN to grow! And, finally, thank you thank you thank you for your generosity with the Armenian Basket Flower--TRIPLE YEA! Thanks for sharing your stock. I certainly do appreciate it! You make my garden so much more beautiful! These varieties are all so fantastic and so desired. Where do you get all your stuff?!

Many thanks to buturfliis mom for her generosity, too. Wow! So many seeds! She shared Prairie Dropseed 'Tara' and Angelica Gigas, two new ones for me that will be fun to grow. THanks for sharing your favorites! She also sent me some coveted Asclepias, both Soulmate and Silky Red. THANK YOU! Then I got Foxglove 'Foxy'--I LOVE FOXGLOVE! Grew my first this year from a plant swap and it is awesome. Can't wait to grow these!. Lastly, got some fantastic Lobelia Cardinalis. This flower has always caught my eye, and it will be a great garden addition. Thanks so much for your Christmas blessings!

And now, ilovefarac is giving me some Christmas riddles, which all helps to ward off Alzheimer's, right? She sent me seeds, and I think they're Rudbeckia hirta, but no label. They sure do look like Ruds. Thank you so much! Everyone loves a little surprise for Christmas!

Thank you to gmom2_6boys for sharing one of her favorite seeds, lavender Agastache. I know I will enjoy it as much as you have, so thank you very much!

Lastly, thanks to rbrady for the Helenium autumnale. Thank you for the big bunch of seeds! These were seeds I wanted last year and they were mislabeled, so I'm happy to get some Heleniums finally! Thank you!

All of this sharing amongst strangers is truly a blessing this season. My mail carrier may be tired, but I feel springtime happiness every time I get a mailbox treat. Thank you all! Have a peaceful, blessed, loving, and Christ-filled Christmas everyone!


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nottougly(Zone 7)

I am a few days late with the thank yous. My sister is 46 years old and we found out she is going to have open heart surgery right after Christmas. I was shocked but not really. From my immediate family there is 6 of us. 5 out of 6 has had by-pass surgery. She is the youngest. I am the only one that has not had any problems. Yet. Please keep her in your prayers.
I would like to thank daisyb for the beautiful card with the amaranthus and the cardinal vine seeds.
Thank you to buturfliis for the persian jewels, foxglove foxy, jack in the pulpit, lobelia and the poppy seeds.
Grannieb thanks for the nite blooming jessamine, the salvia and the celosia seeds. They are very much appreciated.
And cryptid Me and my mom both just loved the crocheted butterfly. She is wearing it now. Thank you for the black eye susan vine, rudbeckia cherry brandy, clasping cloneflower love in a mist and the poppy seeds.
Thanks to everyone.
Merry Christmas to everyone and thank you very much.

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Got more seeds more fun! Got more stamps so I am sending out my second round of seeds. Yay!

Nottougly, I am sorry to hear about your sister. I will be praying for her. I know prayer works. My dad was very sick on 2005 and was on ventilator and he came out from death bed after 2 months in hospital. I recently heard the miraculous story of healing from Cancer. It was an amazing story. I thought to share that here. http://www.sidroth.org/site/News2?abbr=tv_&page=NewsArticle&id=9645

Neohippie - sent me cute card with scarlet runner beans and Tomato brandy wine. Thank you so much. I love tomato and beans and grow every year.

daisy_b sent me pretty christmas wreath card with Salvia lady in red seeds. Last year my salvias didn't do good so i could not collect any seeds so it would be very nice. Thanks a lot.

w9yards sent, Cute sparkly santa card and Thai pepper seeds. I love peppers and sparkly things too. Thanks a lot.


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oops! it didn't put link so i am trying again.

I recently heard the miraculous story of healing from Cancer. It was an amazing story. I thought to share that here.

Miraculaous healing from Cancer

Dave Hess was given a death sentence from his doctor -- an aggressive form of leukemia. The medical prognosis was that he had one month to live!

    Bookmark   December 22, 2010 at 11:37AM
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Elves Good Morning,

I have mail....

Margaret (molly_and_me) sent me......

Cosmos seed paper, (I want the recipe for this), so cool!
Candytuft Dwarf Fairy mix
Marigold Jolly Jester
Marigold Queen Sophia

Margaret, thanks so much. Let's talk after Christmas. I owe you answers to your Q's!!

Faye, my thoughts and prayers are with your sister and your family!!

Merry Christmas!!


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Wow, Another card today.
From: ##Nottougly# (Faye T) I received a neat card along with Cleome Rose Queen, Mustard green wave lettuce, Pink JMG, White Hibiscus, Deep Pink Hollyhock and Spinach Giant. Thanks so much Faye, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!
Barbara C. PerkyBarb

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Faye, hope surgery is a success for your sisters, my prayers.
Thank you for the pretty card and seeds I just got...especially for Iris Cajun Love.
Whenever we trade in the future, you and other pals- I'll have at least 1 of special seeds for you, saving printed pages of your wants.
Main thing that all is well...again, well wishes to your sister and yours..and everyone.
Need a break, like a spring cleaning, had to clear frozen plants before any decorating for 3 days and almost all done for a while anyway.

Blessed and joyous Christmas!

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bumblebee1(Z10 FL)

A big thank you to daisyb for the double purple datura in lovely card with 3 red candles nestled into boughs and berries!

And from flowergirl134 I received some very pretty clematis jackmanii and asiatic oritenal lily mix in a card with 2 adorable snowmen and Ho! HO! Ho! inside from my secret Santa!

Thank you both so very much!

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thankies to w9yards fer the cool polarbear glittery card and the thai pepper

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hibiscusfan zone5-Northwest Ohio(5 northwest Ohio)

Today I received from Lois and her two cute kitties oriental lilies all wrapped in Christmas paper. Thanks Lois I love all types of lilies and will soon winter sow them!!

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Today I got from neohippie the strangest Christmas card I have ever received. It was some upside down bats and some beams of light and stars. I really liked it actually. In the card there were seeds of red brandywine tomato, which I don't have but wanted, and chihuahuan landrace cushaw squash, which I have never heard of but of course also want. Thanks neohippie for the the seeds and the wacky card.

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Deanna, how do you change the color of your font?

Amy/amybeth82, thank you for the gaillardia and surprise sunflowers! I think it is a lot of fun to grow something and not know what exactly the results are going to be! Surprises are so much fun!


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In a real hurry, just was told my envelope with card and seeds was received opened at both ends, what happened with 2-3 cards I got from you...hmm, post office needs to be notified ... I need to know if they are doing something intentionally? May be since it's a thicker envelope they are wanting to make sure of it's content?? It's new this year!!

They can have it all, just leave seeds alone! lol

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WOW, I got a nice surprise today

Neohippie/ Amanda sent me--Tomato, jalepeno and garlic

(I was so excited about the garlic I went to tell my hubby and he was not as happy. He just does not get it. What a great Surprise! You made my day!)


cardinalwv the seeds are on the way!

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roper2008 (7b)(7b)

Thank you nottougly for the Mexican Petunia, cosmos and aster.
Been really wanting the mexican petunia..
I will pray that your sister's surgery goes well.


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To those of you who got some of my bat cards: I got them from Bat Conservation International, which is a nonprofit org for the conservation and appreciation of bats. They have an online catalog that has all kinds of neat stuff. And it goes to a good cause since bats are wonderful animals, especially for us gardeners!

(Ok, and I used to intern for them and got their extra Xmas cards after the holiday was over. Couldn't resist getting Xmas cards with pictures of bats hanging upside down from Xmas trees!)

Glad my garlic is getting through ok. Was a little worried after hearing of some people's seed cards being opened, but maybe the openers are vampires or something and didn't want to open my garlic. ;-P

Here is a link that might be useful: The Bat Catalog

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Here is the html code for color change. When you put red, green or whatever color (font color=red) it will give the color and when you change the numbers of size=4 size=5 or any number you can change the size of the font.
Here is the code:
<font color=red size=5>Red</font>

<font color=blue size=7>Blue</font>

<font color=green size=8>Green</font>

It would look like this.



the img code for image would be something like this.
<img src="image url here">

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Melinda Hagen

A big thank you to Faye! Another card today with salpiglossis, jap. morning glory, and petunia! Much appreciated!
Do hope your sister does well with her surgery. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you this holiday season and all year.
Hugs, Melinda

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Iris Hendry

BINGO !!!!

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thankies jas --same images as before

they were taken with my iphone (please ignore the da watermark)

i *think* i can get a better picture with my larger cameras (a nikon d40 and a nikon l20 are more powerfull then the iphone) that picture would have the new cards in it too (including one my mom got from germany!)

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Melinda Hagen

Way to go Iris!! Thought no one was ever going to Bingo!
Congrats! Melinda

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angelady777 (was angelady on GW) - Zone 6(6)

Congrats, Iris! WooooHooooooo!

Also, I have to apologize for not posting my thank you's yet. I couldn't log in for a while, then I left town for a week. I'm finally back trying like mad to pull off Christmas after being sick for over a month. I can't thank you all enough. I'll get on here tomorrow to list everyone. If I got a card recently, I'm not aware of it. Since my husband is out of town with our vehicle, I can't check the mail until he returns. (Our mailbox is about a mile away from our home.)

I also planned to send out several more cards than I was able to with so little time left before Christmas. I'm expected them to start being received very soon. I was kind of hoping to see some posts tonight with happy recipients, but I'm sure it'll be soon. There's so much going on with just a couple days left. Post after Christmas, if it's as crazy for you as it is for me!


P.S. That homemade Christmas card box craft link was awesome! I can't wait to try it. The instructions were so simple, too. Thanks for sharing it.

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msirie(7 - GA)

You guys rock! Thank you so much for making my Christmas a joyous one.

I would like to thank:
F. Tilley
D. McKinney
Wish Design
for brightening my holiday spirit with your cards and everlasting goodwill.

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Neohippie, The garlic was a great surprise. I have not grown it before but always wanted to try.

I sure hope I don't mess it up.

Should I store it in a cold place? Or is it ok with my other seeds?


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I'd like to thank w9yards for the thai basil and the glittery bear card! thanks dd.

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rosemctier(z5/6 waynesburg PA)

congrats iris!

thank you faye for the morning glories, hibiscus, birdhouse gourds, cypress red vine, moonflower, and triple yellow datura!
i am going cabin-crazy and want to sow these all nowwwwwww LOL i am going to attempt wintersowing of some of my new seeds next week.

happy holidays everyone!

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Another card for me, wow!

Thanks to Amy/amybeth82 for sending me me Shasta Daisy and Gallardia, Cut card!

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I got another really cute card and great seeds today.

appaloosa909/Andrea - sent chives, purple dames rocket
and family heirloom tomato Aunt Pat's cherry tomato

Thank You so much and a Merry Christmas to All.

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6 more cards to catch up with.
Aimsterif sent sweet basil
W9yards sent giant orange/yellow marigolds.
Nottougly sent golden jubilee tomato, yellow coneflower, zinnia, marigold mix, sweet basil, fortnight lily, becky daisy, and frosty fire dianthus
daisyb sent butterfly bush, and dwarf marigold
Sherrih sent 2 butterfly bush, purple and yellow and orange marigold.
michiet sent chinese chives and butterfly bush.

This is by far the best swap I've been in. Thank you everyone so much. I hope everyone has a wonderful, safe and healthy Christmas.

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Woohoo! Thank you to Amybeth82 for cute snowflake card and the "new to me" morning glories! Looking forward to those. :)

thanks also to flowergirl for the nice card and great assortment of seeds!


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Wow! Thanks so much Amybeth82!! The card is beautiful (I may steal this idea!!) and the seeds are so fun. I can't wait to start planting this year. She sent Copenhagen Market Cabbage, Seven top turnip greens, and Early snowball cauliflower.
Thanks to you too Angela! My mother in law is visiting, which always gets me quite tired for some reason. It was such a gift to get your letter in the mail. It's like getting an extra Christmas.

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YAY ! IRIS...I didnt think anyone was playing..lol

I have many thanks to give out, and shall sit down after Christmas and write them. I have been pushing myself and now have a bit of cold...BUT I am happy to say the shopping and baking is done :)

I hope everyone will take the time to relax and enjoy the essence of Christmas this year !

There are STILL Cards being mailed...so enjoy mailboxing for another week !

Merry Christmas to the greatest Elves I know !!

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More mail...oh my!!!

Ellie sent me...

Nasturium Cherry Rose
Nasturium dwarf Jewel mix
Blue Lake beans
Mixed Marigolds
and a beautiful card

Thanks so much. Merry Christmas!

Congrats Iris on Bingo!!!

Santa Kym, be well!


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I also want to thank nottougly.. she sent me Bachelor Button Blue Boy, licorice mint (smells really yummy!) and astilbe amethyst! Love them all, Faye - thanks!

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Good evening everyone - I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Crystal - Crisann & Elli with Elli wrapped in Christmas lights with the following seeds attached: Joe Pye; Bellflower and Lamb's Ear seeds. Two of the kinds of seeds were on my Wish List so Thank you so very much. Happy Holidays to all!!

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angelady777 (was angelady on GW) - Zone 6(6)

*âÂÂMerryâÂÂ* ã � ààààà�
�ãÂÂâÂÂChristmasâ ãÂÂ* ãÂÂ
� ã � ÃÂÃÂà* _à_____*ãÂÂ*ÃÂ
àà�ÃÂ� à⦆�"��"� ï½ÂéÂÂ⦆àMerry Christmas to you all!

Wow! The "day" is almost here! I hope you're all ready? I'm not, but Christmas will be here soon, ready or not. :-)

I would like to thank:

plant-one-on-me: Yea! I'm so excited to grow the quinoa! Thank you!

not_the_green_thumb: Thank you for the sweet banana peppers and straight eight cucumbers! Yummy salads are coming my way!

suegardens2: Yea! Marjoram is an herb I haven't grown yet! Way excited! Maybe I'll have enough that I don't have to buy it in the store again!

graanieb: Thank you, girl! I haven't grown any of these and can't wait to see if I can get these to grow. Thanks for the Hibiscus 'Luna Bush', purslane, 2 kinds of zinnia, cosmos 'Happy Ring', and red Tithonia!

ilovefarac: Wow! I'm SO excited! I was shocked at what all awesome heirlooms you sent me! WooooHoooooo! I was going to list everything you sent, but I'd be here all day! Besides, we don't want to make anyone envious! Wow, girl!

w9yards: Yippee! Meyer Lemon & Thai Basil! I'm totally going to wintersow this and hope that every seed makes it!
missmojo: Thanks for the Liatris Spicata! I'll have to look this one up, but I'm sure it'll be an awesome addition to my spring garden!

fearadyn: Thank you for the blanket flower, mutant marigold (LOL, love it!), calendula (yes!), and I'm super excited about the moon and stars watermelon!

yotetrapper: I love the words on the card and the Bible verse! WooHooo, thank you for the moon and stars red watermelon (Yippee!), white acorn squash (love), jumbo pink banana squash (been wanting to try this!), and the "ice cream flavored" moon and star watermelon (WoWWee!).

This is seriously unbelievable how good of matches you guys all made for me! WOW! I'm so gonna have a great garden this year in my new home. I can't wait!


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angelady777 (was angelady on GW) - Zone 6(6)

Oooops! I almost forgot to post my thank you to ruthz! Thanks, girl, for the Bok Choy Tatsoi (yea!), lemon cucumber (yummy!), and the awesome snowman card!

I also wanted to mention that so many of the cards were beautiful and some handmade and gorgeous! I just love them all and have them displayed in my China cabinet instead of dishes. They're so beautiful in there when it's all lit up!

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Iris Hendry

Hi everyone ! ya know, thats the first time I ever won BINGO .. lol ... well , its almost Christmas Eve... I am worn out !I think I will rest all weekend !

I have more thank yous to give ...

to Cryptid/Darrin and his lovely wife Elly , they sent a pretty handmade card with a butterfly and sparkly snowflakes , inside was a beautiful hand crocheted butterfly pin ... tell her thank you for me okay, Darrin ? ...and also lots of different kinds of Rudbeckia and Sunflower seeds !! some of my favorites ! I think I am going to try wintersowing my Black eyed susans this year ... also... Darrin wrote in the card " ...I just know you'll have a miraculous New Year " ;-) yes, I agree ;-) Thank you Darrin and Elly !

Diana/w9yards sent a funny card with Earthwalker sunflower seeds ... have to look these up ! Thank you !

Priscilla2007 sent a card to thank me for the seeds I sent her ... you're welcome Priscilla, hope they grow well for you !

Aggiebee sent a wonderful homemade card with Abutilon ( have to look this up ) Butterfly Weed and California Poppy seeds ... thank you Aggie !

Skywaitress/Tina also sent a pretty homemade card with Burgundy Blanketflower and Wonder Bell pepper seeds ! Thank you Tina !

Sherrih sent a beautiful Christmas stocking card with a very nice note and with many seeds from my wish list - Dill, Sunrise Serenade MG , Swan River Dwarf Daisy, Purple Flash, Coleus Palisandra, California Blue Bell, Purple Tansy, Corno di Toro pepper and a mystery package ;-) so far I haven't been able to identify the seed ... maybe a sedum or dusty miller ? Thank you Sherri, I can hardly wait for spring to plant all these wonderful seeds !

Aimee/Aimsterfl sent a cute Snowman card with Black Krim tomato seeds ! Yum ! that is a wonderful tomato ! Thank you !

For those of you driving to friends and family tomorrow and over the weekend , please be safe and have a wonderful holiday !


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lily55rjw(5 Northern Michigan)

Finally! I've been trying to get on here for days... So I have a list of Thank you's to give! THANK YOU!!! And I apologize ahead of time for any mis-spellings on secret santas...

DEBHG - Asiatic Lily, Siberian Iris, Zinnia
CRISANN - Phlox, Mix Blanket Flower, Mix 4:00
DARLYN58 - Zinnias
JODIE74 - Zinnia, Cosmos
PAULAN70 - Mixed Petunia, Torenia
CATHY\MAO - 2 Gaillardias
GGWRN - Cosmos, 4:00's, Zinnias
FCOFFIL - Red Daylily
MISSMOSO - Liatris
RUTHZ - Columbine, 4:00's, 2 types Lantans
SHERRIH - Lantana
AMYBETH82 - Asiatic Lily, Milkweed, Gaillardia, Stella D'Oro Daylily
CRYPTID - 4:00's, Columbine, Petunia, Cosmos, & a crocheted butterfly!

Thank you all so much! You have truly bleesed my holiday season with your generosity. You have made my holiday season so much brighter. Thank you all so much again! Merry Christmas to you all!


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nottougly(Zone 7)

Thank you Aggie for the wonderful card I received from you today. I really liked it.Oh yea thanks for the california pooppy seeds also.
This is great.
Merry Christmas Everyone.

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I havn't had this much fun for the Christmas season since my kids were young! You guys have made it the best!

Thank you so much for the beautiful cards, I mean they are incredible and wonderful seeds~

Neohippie~I love collards!! Spent about twenty or so years down south and up here in Pa it is hard to find them, my oldest sons first taste of 'real' food was collard juice my mom in law gave him in the tip of her finger, boy did he smack it up~lol~Oh and the momma and baby bat card is wonderful!

dirt-under-my-nails~I love the snowman card and the cosmos seashells mix, can't wait to see them bloom in person!

Appaloosa 909~Just love the nutcracker card and the orange cosmos, morning glories, and grandpa otts morning glories, what a beautiful mix!

Wishing all of you many blessings, health and happiness for this holiday season and thru the new year!

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Hi everyone, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! :)

Thank you so much columbusgardener and nottougly!!! I received your mail yesterday. I love the seeds you sent to me!

I received Rudbeckia Cherry Brandy and Red Riding Hood(I think). I also received petunia mix, salvia, balsamina impatiens, chocolate joe pye weed, mexican sunflower.

Thanks again! :)

    Bookmark   December 24, 2010 at 12:11AM
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daffodillady(7b/8a central AL)

Went to the Thrift Store today, just to get out of the house for a while. Got a bunch of tiny clay pots- just the right size for starting cactus seeds in the spring- for 29 cents a piece, and a cute plaque that said: free weeds, pick 'em all!! Wonder if I put that out by the road about July....humm....in the mean time....let'r snow!! (We might get just a trace of snow on Christmas- LOL)

    Bookmark   December 24, 2010 at 12:36AM
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i suspect a few of my cards are still uncounted fer

just thought id say *yay!* lol aas ive got a LARGE hard drive on my computer (after a year with a small one) then i installed the os AND got it working on our wireless nearly by myself

its a 320 gig internal and it only cost 50 bucks (the operating system is/was 100% free outherwise you would need to buy a new one)--i still need to get some things moved over (passwords and such lol) but i get to have a new toy LOL

    Bookmark   December 24, 2010 at 3:31AM
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Nottougly, thanks for the card and the various seeds you sent me. Zinnia,tumbling tom tomato
, Viola, rudbeckia, fireworks tomato,blanket flower
Wishing your sister ' speed recovey

Aggie, got your nice bird card with zinnia and dwarf balloon flower

Merry christmas

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flowergirl34(5 Upstate NY)

Merry Christmas Eve!!
I received 2 wonderful cards yesterday...


amybeth82 for the beautiful handmade snowflake flower Christmas card (really cute idea!) and the rudbeckia and gaillardia seeds


celeegra for the beautiful Christmas card and all the wonderful seeds :) gaillardia noid, gaillardia goblin, columbine: heirloom black, columbine: lemon ice, columbine: purple longspur, columbine: woodside gold, columbine: green apples, mother of thyme. AMAZING!!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!
CONGRATS to Iris for the B I N G O!!!! I was only one word away, but I don't think I've ever been that close to winning :0) This has been the funnest swap!!!


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keiki(10 FL)

What a surprise and fun to still be getting cards.

Aimsterfl sent me a envelope marked beneficial insect garden mix. Not sure what that will include but it will be fun to see, thank you.

Nottingly sent tom thumb basil, garlic chives, lime basil, cosmos orange & gold and velvet queen sunflower. I can't wait to go look that sunflower up it sounds so beautiful. Thank you very much.

Buterfliis_mom sent a lovely card filled with seeds of mrs burns lemon basil, fish peppers, cosmos picotee, zinnia tall pink, and her favorite capiscuum unnuum calico. Now how in the world do I pronounce that? :) Thank you very much.

I want to thank everyone for sharing your gardens and for all the fun and warmth this swap has provided me!
Merry Christmas Everyone

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From highalttransplant, I got a wonderful tree ornament made from her son (I think) which is now hanging on the tree. How thoughtful! She also sent an amazing amount of seeds including black hungarian pepper, cascabella pepper, patio red marconi pepper, sweet pickle pepper, chinese giant pepper, cherokee chocolate tomato, broadleaf sage, and Extra Curled Dwarf Parsley. I cannot thank you enough. Those are all new to me so I am very excited to get these planted. Thank you very much for your generosity and the wonderful new ornament/card.

From bumblebee1, I got a great Santa card with garlic chives, calabrese broccoli, celery, and sparkler radish seeds. Thank you very very much - I am new to several of those and can't wait to get them started!

From darlyn58, I got this old fashioned printed card with a horse pulling a trailer. Brings me back to the good ol' days. She also sent the most generous amount of danvers half long carrots. WOW. Thank you so much and Merry Christmas!

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Melinda Hagen

Want to say hello to all! Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas and be safe! God Bless! Thanks again for all the wonderful seeds and cards! Melinda

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daffodillady(7b/8a central AL)

Vogt0047: sent TWO wonderful cards and generous amounts of Rudebeckia hirta, red yarrow, aster Wonder Of Staffa. Thanks for the great seeds!!

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It is almost here,,
I had the best year of elfing ever,,
You guys are just the best other family any one could hope to have,,
A Very Big Thanks to You ALL,,Very Merry Christmas

Faye your sister is in my prayers,

Crissann how do you make those beaded bulb covers,, I have tons of beeds,,pattern please-please,, just loved them,,

Now Big thanks goes out to notougly-Faye;;she was so kind to send me white cotton,,love in a puff,,and lion tails ...

Big thanks goes out to aimee--zinna mix yippie

Big thanks goes out to perky barb;; lambs ears,,pink & white columbine,,evening primrose,,,can not wait till spring..

This years wonderful little treasures have been the best,,thank you all for making the season so bright..Lisa & grandson too,, he is overjoyed as well..

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Thank you riley17 for the salsify seeds and the beautiful swan card.

I've never grown or even eaten salsify before, but I thought I'd like to try it. These are some weird looking seeds. I was expecting something more carrot-like.

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IT'S CHRISTMAS EVE! All the cards have been delivered, all the packages too. And now I get to rest and enjoy my weekend...YAYYYY!!! After dinner I'm going to bake a new york style cheesecake, and mix in diced candy bars. If y'all want a piece, you'd better get here quick tomorrow...lol!!!

Appaloosa909, THANK YOU for the snowy card filled with sunflowers, rudbeckia, and figleaf hollyhocks! I'm wintersowing this weekend, and the hocks and beckia couldn't have come at a better time!

-Santa Dan

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