Park's Whopper Tomato Problem

nhgarden14August 20, 2011

Hello! This is my first year of vegetable gardening and I have a question regarding the Park's Whopper Tomato variety. I bought some seedlings from a local nursery and planted them in the ground in late May. I also planted Big Boy and Lemon Boy varieties. I have already harvested three Lemon Boy tomatoes and they are great. However, my Park's Whopper are red on the bottom with black patches towards the top. They are also cracking like crazy. What I have I done wrong? I water them once every week deeply from the bottom. I did not mulch or prune them. Please help because I want red tomatoes.

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What do the leaves and stems of the plant look like? Did you spray the plant with fungicides at all?

It is best to post a picture because it is hard to know without seeing the plant.

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

red on the bottom with black patches towards the top

Are the black patches like the dark, greenish-brown areas on the shoulders of some "black" tomato varieties? If so, your Park's Whopper may be a different variety. [This year my 17 purchased seedlings include at least one, possibly two mis-labelled varieties.]

Or do you mean black patches that might be mold or decay in the cracks?

Or something else?

Here are some photos of problems that affect tomato fruit:

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Thank you for responding so quickly! Unfortunately I do not have a camera therefore I cannot take a picture of it. But based upon the links my problem is most likely early blight. The black patches on my fruit match the picture in the other link. I sprayed last week with a fungicide and I thought it was working but it didn't. My other tomato varieties remain good though. What should I use to prevent it from spreading farther? What do you recommend?

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