live oak tree

garciafaNovember 18, 2011

i planted a oak about a month ago it was doing fine, but now leaves are turning brown. do you think in the spring it might come back, i know it should be a evergreen. hate to lose 250.00 and have to start over

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

I would call where you got the tree from, and ask them. Many tree nurseries have a guarantee. I know Home Depot does or did.

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Leaves should not be turning brown or falling until Feb - Mar.

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I would call whomever you bought it from, find out their guarantee. A month ago it was still pretty warm, and it may be suffering shock and will recover in the spring. I just had a peach tree, a crepe myrtle and another tree replanted when I turned that area into a big flowerbed, they're not looking great but are still green when I scrape the bark with my fingernail. Hopefully it's just shock from the moving!

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