RoughseasSeptember 16, 2012

If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over & over while expecting different results, then following reaganomics is insane.

tax cuts do not increase revenue.

giving the rich tax cuts does NOT increase employment.

free trade causes the world to degenerate to the lowest pay scales & most enviromental damage.

journalism that presents both sides without pointing out the

falsehoods is not journalism


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Is this an opinion or are we missing a linked article?

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Looks like a recent history lesson to me...but even with a link some people will not believe it.

Mitt Romney 2012
Let's Do it Again!

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In today's Seattle Times, there is an article re the shrinking middle class. It is an interview with Hedrick Smith, a Pulitzer Prize-winning former reporter for The New York Times and Emmy-winning producer for PBS.

"The plutocarcy owns the place." Smith said. Since the 1970's the middle class has stgnated even though productivity has skyrocketed. Yet the superrich have amassed fortunes that would scandalize the robber barons of the 19th century. Globalization and technology aren't the reason for the changes since then. After all, Germany has retained its middle class and social compact. The biggest driver of wealth inequlity has been the rise of big business's control of politics.

Smith is the author of the book, Who Stole the American Dream?. "I made a conscious decision to follow the story where it took me. This isn't the book I set out to write. I didn't have my mind made up. I had questions."

In the tough battle against the radical right's insistence on tax cuts, the government must do a lot of the heavy lifting to get us back to where we were in the years between 1940 and the 1970s. Tax cuts don't create jobs.

"It's a bogus argument. Tax rates have been low since the recession, and business is sitting on close to $2 trillion. They're using it to buyback stock. The problem isn't capital, it's growth. Low pay means low growth means low demand."

Many of the shifts leading to our present day plutocracy, termed The New Economy" all worked against the interests of the middle class. Among them: replacing secure pensions with unstable 401(k)s, offshoring, hollowing out the manufacturing economy and now high-end jobs, destroying unions, undermining consumer protections and the deregulated financial rackets.

Here is a link that might be useful: Read it and weep for what's left of the middle class

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Mitt Romney - Neocon backed, Rove approved, Norquist blessed.
Now there's repeating insanity in it's purest state.

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I don't need a linked article to continue adding to the "insanity list"... for example:

What we do, right here in HT, could easily be described as a form of insanity, much in the same way... we discuss the same things over and over, and the same people defend the same positions, some of them completely false, illogical, or without credibility... or, we hear the same talking points used over and over, or are subjected to the same attitudes that come to the surface through various posts, over and over.

There... that was easy.

Yes... whether you call them Reaganomics, or supply side economics, or trickle down economics, nothing makes it real or logical or work as the ideas are said to work. It was a giant scam from the very beginning, benefiting those it was suppose to, and though many people saw through it, many other people fell for it... hook, line, and sinker... most of them proponents of Republican idealism.

And since some folks hold fast to the notion that it's their way or the highway, because they just know, or because they said so, we end up in quite a quandary most times, not solving much... if anything at all.

The only sane thing that appears to be done here, is that we do bring in current issues and news to discuss, and we do present the real facts... though, often to the consternation of others.

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That two trillion held by corporate America kind of proves that 'trickle down' doesn't work.

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obviously it's my opinion, as compared to a disingenuous twisting of a news story from the post jmc referenced.

we'll be a third world country soon- like some of the south american countries where the peasants starve with others are employed guarding the super rich.

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we'll be a third world country soon- like some of the south american countries where the peasants starve with others are employed guarding the super rich.

You mean...again??

Disingenuous twists. That's putting it mildly.

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That was a terrific post Jodik.

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Dockside, thanks for posting the article. I've observed the changes in my own lifetime and believe we are, indeed, witnessing the decline of our nation. We are certainly far off the trajectory we were set upon after post WWII prosperity, when there actually was a large and growing Middle Class.

What the super rich just don't get is that their world will not be safer and more secure in future when the rest of us will be peons, but that it will be far more dangerous and unstable for THEM.

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tobr24u(z6 RI)

Why can't some people just accept that privatization is the answer to everything?

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Thanks, Mylab.

LOL, Tobr!

Exactly, Roughseas, Maddie, Wooodnymph... and that's IF our polluted planet can continue to support life within the time span it takes to slide all the way down to the bottom. But, we ARE headed in that direction.

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