Best variety of Boxwood?

red_geraniumNovember 4, 2007

Need a variety that will comfortably take year-round full Texas sun. The ones I have planted under deciduous trees are doing just fine. The ones I just spotted at Home Depot say "part sun". any suggestions? thank you.

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pjtexgirl(7b DFW)

Be sure and smell box wood in full sun at the nursery before you buy any. Some people think they smell like cat urine in full sun. It's best to test for yourself before planting them and regretting it. I saw the same box woods (common ones that are in a lot of places)in part shade and full sun at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens.PJ

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Hmm, maybe THAT'S why my side garden is stinky ... Maybe it's not cats at all! Then again, could still be cats. We've got a bunch of feral ones.

If you want free boxwoods, red_geranium, I have a ton you can have, if you want to give them a shot. They're all in full sun, healthy, I just don't want them there. I'm tired of boxwoods.

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pjtexgirl(7b DFW)

My poor neighbor was doing everything to "stop the cats". She was amazed and sad to find out it was her boxwoods by the front door. I would keep them away from windows and doors for sure. PJ

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Wish I had seen this earlier I pulled out 8 today and gave them away. I too thought cats were doing their thing in the shrubs. Maybe it was the shrubs themselves. I have a whole side of the house planted in Holly shrubs that need to come out too. If you want those you can have them but they are about 3 feet tall and been there for lord know how long. They are healthy but problably rooted deep.

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denisew(z8 TX)

I just planted a small boxwood out by my pond in part shade. The label said it is the "wintergreen" variety. I have not planted boxwoods before because others I see have their tips turn brown in the winter and I figured this would survive the winter. But, I had no idea they smelled like cat pee! I knew the Tam Junipers stink, but not boxwoods. I used to work for EDS in Plano years ago and they had those planted in some of the medians. When I came to a stop sign (especially in warm weather) I kept smelling cat pee and it took me awhile to finally figure out it was the junipers. I might need to replace my boxwood with a clarissa holly or something else. I do not want cat pee stinky bushes in my yard! Glad I only paid about $3 for this one! I'm not out a bunch of money.

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