Pappy Bush

labrea_gwSeptember 26, 2013

Pappy Bush former WWII pilot former President ocassional traveling companion of Bill Clinton's

A man from the time when men were men & women were women ( Fanci I had to go there)
Witnessed the wedding of two women Bonnie Clement and Helen Thorgalsen long time friends!
Good for him & Barbara!
The people over on Free Republic had the sadZs with a side order of the cranks.

Not really a hot topic just a nice touch I actually voted for this Republican!

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Hey Labrea - What a nice bit of news and a lovely picture!

I also voted for him - only the second time I voted Republican (usually I voted outside the box, often write-in). I haven't been to the Freepers in years and will not go there now. But they probably already didn't like him because of his close friendship with Bill Clinton.

Mazal Tov to the bride and bride!

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got to love this wish it were my ds1 mil and her long time partner...

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Great pic! Also loved the video of GW with his grandbaby, I know totally OT :)

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It is a nice pic. He looks frail but happy. Apparently he doesn't agree with Guido Barilla. ;) Good for him,

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