Subjects for spring seminar

ginnypenny(East TXZ8)November 12, 2012

Ok, gang, I need your help. The Cherokee County Master Gardeners is going to hold our annual Spring Seminar sometime in February or March. We'd like some suggestions on subjects to cover. The only stipulation is we'd like it to be applicable to Cherokee County and the surrounding East Texas Area....Not a lot of hill country and coast stuff around here!

Seriously, give me a few ideas, please. Last year we did design in the garden, both flower gardens and vegetable gardens.

We usually have two speakers with a short break between. They speak for about 1 hour each. The talks do not have to be on the same send us lots of ideas, OK?

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Native plants of East Texas
Gardening in alkaline soil (isn't your soil alkaline? If then gardening in acidic soi)
Fruit production in East Texas
Growing tropical fruits in East Texas
Year round vegetable gardening
butterfly, bee and dragonfly friendly gardening
Gardening with alligators
Tally HO!

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ginnypenny(East TXZ8)

Thanks for the great suggestions. I'll bring them to the committee next week....well maybe not the gardening with alligators....we have so few here! Lots of copperheads though.

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Lin barkingdogwoods

And feral hogs!

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

Maybe chilli thrips could be addressed. I don't know where you are in relation to Houston, but they are in that city as well as in counties further north. It might be helpful for gardeners to know how to recognize them and what to do about them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Chilli thrips in San Antonio thread ...

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ginnypenny(East TXZ8)

Roselee, thanks for the suggestion. I downloaded the tamu pdf and will take it to the meeting. I have no real idea of the number of days under 24, but it's not many. And if ya'll have it in Austin and SA, we're not far behind, I'd think.

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