Planting dutch iris bulbs

jardineratxNovember 1, 2011

I purchased a pkg of dutch iris bulbs at lowes and I'm looking around my garden beds trying to find where to plant them. I have had bearded iris and Louisiana iris in my garden for several years, and I know that the dutch iris are bulbs and not rhizomes, but I know nothing about their blooming and growth habits. Is the foliage evergreen? Do they return if left undisturbed? How long do they bloom? Are they sensitive to over/under watering? Any input from Texans' experiences with Dutch Iris is appreciated.



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Molly, one of my first plants at our new house 40 years ago was Dutch Iris, it bloomed great, came back every year, I don't believe it was evergreen. When the area slowly became shady they quit blooming, so I dug them up a few years ago and moved them into a "storage" area, they come up but don't bloom; I plan to replant them in my new sunny flowerbed and hope they make a comback.

A really pretty Iris in my opinion!

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Thanks for the information, OGRose! I planted my dutch iris bulbs in raised, sunny beds and I'm hoping they will be blooming around easter sunday (April 8) when my ranunculus, louisiana iris and bearded iris are also in bloom!

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random_harvest(z8 TX DFW)

I have three varieties of Dutch iris that bloom in three distinct waves. Earliest is the common sky blue, then a yellow/blue combination called Oriental Beauty, and last a dark, almost navy blue that was supposed to be Sky Beauty but obviously isn't. Here, the sky blues bloom with the bridal wreath and the earliest roses. Oriental Beauty blooms with the ranunculus and yes, a few early bearded iris. The navy blues bloom with the mid-season iris, giving, as you've planned, a wonderful and effortless contrast in form and color.

Dutch iris foliage comes up in mid to late fall, survives our occasional hard freezes, and then dies back for the summer along with the daffodils.

Here's Oriental Beauty and Roper's Revenge - a bit gaudy!

And this is Spartan with the navy blue Dutch iris.

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Wow, thanks for the photos and there's nothing gaudy going's beautiful!!!
It seems that I should have a good display of various iris blooms this coming spring. I especially like that the foliage will go down in the summer since I have a lot of annuals and perennials that can pop up and share the same garden space.

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