Ants! How to make them lewve my garden?

PhytoRoNovember 10, 2013

They are everywhere. I believe they might be fire ants, but i'm not very sure. I poured boiling water in 4 or 5 of the ant hills, but I found a huge one underneath a bench and where my thyme is growing. I'm very concerned because I have three small children and we can't even walk in the area, because of all the ants. Any ideas of how to get rid of them and still be able to eat my thyme? I also have a rosemary plant nearby, plus the kids so I don't want to use any chemicals. They are not coming into my house, it's just that this particular area is where we could sit and enjoy our backyard and we just can't do it because of the ants.

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For me I have found just water with a few drops of dish soap do the job. It washes off the waxy coating and you should see them curl up and die. Now you will not get the queen as she will be at the bottom of the mound and they try to protect her. Even if you kill her they will create a new one. But they do not like being bothered and after a while they will move away form that area.

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Lynn Marie

I use poison. Better than ant bites!

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I use poison too. Orange oil will kill your plants. The poison gets washed out of the soil fairly quickly and loses it's potentcy.

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Corn meal in my vegetable garden since I don't like to use any poisons around food plants. In the yard, I use anything with permethrin in it.


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