Gomphrena seed collection

cynthianovakNovember 5, 2011

Hi All

In the past, I just cut off the flower heads that felt dry then tossed all the "bits" into the soil in spring. It didn't work. I have the light pink / lavendar variety growing with my pink zinias this year and would love to do it again next year.

Anyone have success saving the seeds and growing again?

thank you


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weldontx(z 8a TX)

Cynthia, I have comphrena "Strawberry Fields" and have
an abundance of seeds. I always get volunteers. They self sew well, but I don't believe that all seeds are fertile. I
take the seeds when they have lost their color. I have had luck planting in small pots and then transplanting while they are small.
Wanna trade some lavender for red?? Does anyone have the Aggie maroon ones?


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bfff_tx(z8b TX)

Yes I save seed. You will normally find the flower heads that are yellowing on the bottom have formed seed. You can feel it when the flower heads flake off from the bottom.
Gomphrena seed needs light to germinate, so it's best on top of the soil. Colours I grow are Strawberry Fields, Carmine, Orange, White, Pale Pink, Lavendar and Purple.

Aggie Maroon ones ???? I've not heard of those.....
Cheers Kim - BFFF

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Speaking of Gomphrena, would anyone know where to find Gomphrena 'Little Grapes' seed? I got the plant a few years back from a TDG plant sale, and got it to reseed a few times. But now it's gone and I sure would like to grow it again!

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Thank you

Talk about a "DUH moment!" I was gathering seed heads when I realized I had only responded in my thoughts not online~

Yes I would like to trade some. I cut off the brown and 1/2 brown heads. The seeds must me tiny. Maybe they will fall out in a few days. I sut them into a white plastic cup. Hopefully I'll see the seeds soon. Hopefully they will reseed too.

always something to learn


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