ok... want to grow 1 more..but only have a 15 gallon pot.-advice?

ameera(z11 Dubai)September 23, 2011

So... I just heard about an tomato named Orange Minsk...now I really really want to order some seed now to grow this (I have already planted seeds for the varieties I have...so this one will be behind the others).

Because I found a way to fill the fabric pots (the soil) at a reasonable price, I decided to buy 2, 30 gallon pots and 2, 45 gallon pots for the 4 tomato varieties.

But I also bought a couple 15 gallon ones just to maybe plant flowers.

So, if I want to grow 5 tomato varieties, one of them will have to go in a 15 gallon pot... but I just want to see if I should forget it or if you could recommend one of the varieties that might still do well in a 15 gallon pot.

If not, I will still buy, but save the Orange Minsk seeds for next year.

Here are the varieties:

Super San Marzano

San Marzano Redorta

Green Giant

Kellogg's Breakfast


Orange Minsk

Or, could I grow Kellogg's Breakfast and Orange Minsk together in 1 45 gallon pot since I am not planning on saving seeds? If I can I will give away the KB seedlings I hve now and re-plant more seeds at the same time as OM so they grow at the same time.

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15 gallon pot is fine to grow any tomato in. Some are successful in as small as 5 gallon pots.

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edweather(Zone 5a/b Central NY)

I agree. I grew in containers this year ranging in size from 5-20 gallons. Bigger is usually better for tomatoes, but a couple of my best plants this year came from 5 gal. buckets.

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ameera(z11 Dubai)

ok, I will try this then!!! thanks!

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Are the gallons smaller in Dubai? Your plants are going to be happy with all that room.

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tomncath(St Pete Z10a Heat 10)

Since you're Zone 11 the trick to a smaller container is that with smaller soil volumes and container diameter you have to keep the soil from getting too hot, so I'd try to shelter the base/container from getting too much direct sun.

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