One Month After Starting Seeds and Sun Gold has a Blossom

yumtomatoes(10a/FLA)September 11, 2011

I put the Sun Gold seeds in the seed starting mix on August 10th after soaking them overnight. They starting to sprout about 3 days later. I have potted them up twice and just cut a bunch of lower leaves off in preparation to pot them up again all the way up to the top leaves (all others were cut off)

Sun Gold is already starting to blossom. That seems kind of early to me. Should I cut the blossom off since I am getting ready to pot it up again?

This will be the last potting up until the final potting up in its permanent home.

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yes, its a waste of energy that could be going to root development.

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OK, then I will keep snipping the blossoms off until they are in their permanent home in 2 weeks.

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