How Many True Leaves Should a 4-week Old Seedling Have?

yumtomatoes(10a/FLA)September 6, 2011

And about how tall should they be? I know it varies from variety to variety and growing conditions like temperature and light, but if you can estimate on average for an indeterminate, full size (not cherry) tomato, that would help me.

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

Yes, all of the variables you mentioned are included which is why it's difficult to answer your question precisely for any specific variety.

I think it's best to say that seedlings should be transplanted from the seed pan or whatever you're using to start your seeds in to a larger container when they have about two sets of true leaves and forget about height.

For instance the variety Riesentraube, an indeterminate, forms a very short seedling to start with, so height is not important, but the number of sets of true leaves should still be the way you look at the situation.

I transplant mine when there are one to two sets of true leaves to 4 pak plastic cells about 2 X 2 inches/ cell, 8 paks to a standard nursery tray for 32 plants/ tray and grow them to outside transplant size in those same cells and transplant at about 6- 9 inches tall.

The FAQ here at GW on how to start from seeds,which I've referred you to before, discusses when to transplant from the seed pan, etc., in case you've forgotten about that FAQ. ( smile)

Suffice it to say that no two folks raise their plants the same way from seed, there are only guidelines, and you have to find out what works best for you in your particular situation by trying different ways of doing it that give you the results that you want.


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Thanks, Carolyn. The results that I want are healthy, productive tomato plants, lol!

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