Thick rounded tomato leaves

hemnancy(z8 PNW)September 25, 2011

I have one determinate tomato labeled Napoli which doesn't have the correct paste tomato fruit. It also has thick rounded leaves unlike any of my other tomatoes. I'm trying to figure out if the label was incorrect and is really another tomato on my list or if it represents hybridized saved seed from Napoli. Do the leaves look like any tomato you have grown? They don't seem like a regular tomato leaf, a rugose leaf, or a potato leaf type to me.

The tomatoes are small, in the 1 oz, 1-1.5" range, completely blemish-free, and are borne in clusters of 6 fruits.

The plants are really loaded with fruit. They are tasty but have a lot of gel and seeds inside, not at all like a paste tomato.

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

Where did you get your seeds from?

I looked around online and at Tania's T-base I found there were three Napoli ones, but she shows no pictures, and all were described as det , regular foliage and small red plums.

I looked at the sites listed there as well, and all listed Napoli as Napoli with again saying small red plums, det and regular leaf.

Have I grown any varieties with foliage that looks like what you show? Yes, and I could argue either PL or RL for what you show, leaning strongly to perhaps PL. There are several different known forms of PL foliage and PL foliage as you know is usually more substantial than RL foliage. And what you show is not rugose as you also agree.

But since you said they weren't paste tomatoes b'c of too many seeds and too much gel, then that seems to me to be the most important point. Could that have been weather related in any way?

Which gets back to my initial question, which is what is your seed source?

Since RL ( Napoli) is dominant over PL which is recessive, any initial cross pollination should have led to an initial RL, not a PL variant, .


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hemnancy(z8 PNW)

My seed source is Mariseeds, one pkt. I ordered and the other was a gift. I don't remember which I used this year. It apparently wasn't seed I had saved. Anyway there is possibility of error either in the sowing process or in the planting out process that could get the wrong name on the plant. I just can't figure out what other tomato variety I sowed could result in these tomatoes. One I can't find in the list of planted out tomatoes that I had in my list of sown tomatoes is Lebiajinski but it doesn't really match the photo on the Tanager Song Farm site where I bought them. Anyway, I like the tomato for productivity and non-blemished fruit but not much for being seedy as I prefer a paste or heart tomato that is mostly fleshy instead. I am saving seed though and would grow it again. Thanks for your help, Carolyn!

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