wild pig infestation (College station area)

avalonweddingsbcs(9)November 30, 2010

Once again Avalon is suffering from a wild pig infestation. They've already destroyed about a half acre of bluebonnets, which i doubt i can replace cause it may be to late to replant.

Anyone wishing to kill pigs are welcome to do so... email is avalonweddingsbcs@yahoo.com... invitation is year round...

however... since the odds of someone killing them all at the same time is probably slim.... and a hog trap might catch one, but not all..

does anyone think a solar powered electric fence that just covers 20,000 feet MIGHT work to keep them out? Everyone i've asked said the only thing that will get rid of pigs is a bullet, but I cannot sit out there ever night on the off chance i MIGHT see one...

So do you think an electric fence would at least keep them out of a small area like that? Most people who say it wont work are thinking 100's of acres to keep pigs out of... I'm talking about 20,000 feet... rectangular shape..

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I'd post this on TexAgs Outdoors board. They would know or be able to help you.

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holleygarden Zone 8, East Texas

It just may work.

My brother in law has a house with an electric fence surrounding the area to keep the wild pigs out. I couldn't tell you how many feet it is surrounding - probably about the size equivalent to three or four suburban yards? They will go up to the fence line, but not cross into it. One night he forgot to close the gate, thereby not closing the circuit, and they tore the yard up that night. He did run the wire fairly close to the ground, then fairly close to each other to be effective. The little ones will go inside the fence, but only to a certain distance. I guess they don't want to be too far from their mothers.

Good luck in your quest. They are a real nuisance.

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ltcollins1949(9a TX)

I would contact TAMU. Also you might want to check out this website:


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