Double Rose of Sharon Seeds?

pepa(z9 TX)December 12, 2008

I have seven types of Rose of sharon single and double. Each year I get lots of seeds and seedlings from the single but have never gotten any seeds from the double. This year I found two seeds pods full of seeds in my double pink. I'm wondering what will grow from them. Has anyone planted double Rose of Sharon seeds before?

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pjtexgirl(7b DFW)

I read somewhere the doubles are sterile. That's not 100% for sure tho. PJ

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

And I heard that seeds from Rose of Sharon will not often be true to the mother plant. Try them and tell us. Anyway the plant is easy to start from cuttings. I lost my double so will be looking for another start at the San Antonio March 21 plant swap. (hint hint :-)

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pepa(z9 TX)

I will plant them see what comes out, I'll let you know. Roselee I go to the Galveston plant swap but will be happy to mail you some cuttings. When is the best time to root them. I started a double purple, double pink, and double white which I am hoping will root? It's allready winter. I usually start rooting in the spring through early fall. But I found out the Galveston swap will be held only once a year (Next year in March) I also have the single lavender, single pink, single white, and single white with red center.

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trsinc(8 TX)

Oh no, Roselee. How did you lose your double? I'm going to snip you a start right now. It may be too late for mine, though as it is starting to die down from the cold weather.

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trsinc(8 TX)

...just in case pepa's don't take.

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

Thanks so much for the offer Pepa. I really appreciate it, but let's wait and see if I can get a start from someone around San Antonio.

Tammy, I moved the mother plant this last spring. It put out new leaves and did fine for awhile and then died. It probably did not get the constant supply of water that it needed to get it through the summer.

They root very easily. Last year about this time I stuck a bunch of cuttings in a glass of water. All of them put out roots where every little dot on the stem was and almost all of them survived when transferred to a potting medium and set outside under a sheet of clear plastic. I covered them with a quilt when a freeze was predicted. Then I gave them all away since I had the mother plant.

Tammy, try sticking some stems of whatever is still alive above ground in water and see what happens.

Thank you!

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trsinc(8 TX)

Will do! :)

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