a trowel by any other name

cynthianovakDecember 9, 2012

I'm In the middle of the annual big dig where I dig up and drag in as many plants that will fit in green house, garage and windows. My trowel broke. I go to HD, garden section of course. I ask a young man in plants where I can find them. He looks at me like I am suddenly speaking gibberish. He's got a load of plants. I slowly say "trow-el" gesture, dig hole, plant those. He is still blank.

An older woman, also working there asks what I want. I say a trowel. English is not her first language, I do the same description I gave the other guy. She figures it out and takes me to them. I am happy that there is still a shelf label for trowel.

I pass the first guy, he looks, I show him. He says "that's a tiny shovel!" I make my way to check out. I ask the clerk, who just rang it up, do you know what a trowel is? He says no. I show him. He thinks it should be called a little shovel.
I hate it when I fall asleep and words fall out of use. Can't someone find a use for trowel in a video game before it is extinct before I am?

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carrie751(z7/8 TX)

I'm with you on this, Cynthia...............sometimes it feels as if I am having a nightmare that I cannot wake up from.

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PKponder TX(7b)

That is just crazy! It is in no way a little shovel! I guess that's what kind of help $7.50 an hour buys :-)

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there was a little tag attached to the trowell I bought that that called it a "hand transplanter" in English and Spanish.

I went to Ace today and noticed that they have trowel above the hook where the various trowels hang. Their trowels also are using English and Spanishon the trowel itself. Maybe they don't use trowel and that is the reason for the shift.They must describe what it does.

I know little in Spanish but learned that they do not have a word for stroke, must describe what actually happened in the body. Who knows.

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debndal(8a DFW, TX)

If you really want to confuse them at the big box stores, try asking for a Bill Dookie!

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Its not a dull day thanks to debndal! I'd never heard that term before, and had to look it up. :)

come on... a trowel???? They are working in the gardening area and they don't know the names of things? Its just sad.

Try looking for Bing cherries in a can at Walmart. :( They finally found me an older lady who knew what they were. None of the cans say 'Bing' on them anymore and no one but me and that older lady had a clue what I was asking for.
But the jello salad turned out exactly as I remember it from my childhood.

Haven't made or eaten it in at least 30 years.

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Yeah check this out. I've asked for a drain spade at Lowes and they're like huh? So I show them what it is and they say oh that's a shovel. So I go to another Lowes and ask for a sharpshooter and when I show them what it is they its a shovel.

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Y'all remind me that I am not alone. the language is changing. But with all the cash and talk about better diet for teens I am still not surprised when I buy something exotic and the young man or woman doesn't recognize a fig or even an odd radish. In fact, I was checking out as the 20ish bagger was surprised to see one veg. He asked what is that? I replied cauliflower. He said is that broccoli or something? sighh

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

What is also happening is that so many people don't do anything but computer and just don't know that there are different functions to the different shapes of similar tools. A snow shovel does not work well digging a post hole.

I do think that the world has become visual learners and not verbal learners. I have heard educators talk about this shift. Our kids have become rewired by all these forms of media.

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jardineratx(zone 8, Texas)

I see what I call lack of general information all of the time and it frustrates me. Last year, I went into a Kirklands store and asked the pretty girl (appeared to be college age) where the nativities were. She said she didn't think they had any....and followed with "what are they"?

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Most people do not even know how to garden much less have ever worked in one. As for Bing Cherries I can understand that as there so many different sweet cherries either fresh or canned. When I was a young boy I was told the only reason for raising Sweet Cherries was so the birds would leave our sour cherry trees alone. Sweet cherries do not make good pies, but are only good eaten fresh or now canned.

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