My Heirloom Harvest! Pics

behlgarden(9)September 13, 2011

Glad to see some fruits turning red now. I dont have bumper crop as I started in late June and for some reason I am seeing a lot of BER. well, its worth if I can get to taste all of my 7 varities so I can pick and choose. My cherries are most prolofic.

1884, sweet, fleshy, delicious!

From Tomatoes

Chocolate Stripe Black Tomato

From Tomatoes

Monster Brandywine Red - should come in at over 1.5LB

From Tomatoes

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As for the BER, are you growing in the ground, raised bed or a container? If ground, did you amend your soil with lime and if not, have you ever had your soil tested for pH and calcium content? If you are growing in a raised bed or container, what potting mix/soil did you use?

Lastly and most importantly, are you keeping the soil consistently moist (I know this is easier said than done

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these are in raised planter, I did not amend the soil when I planted as I just bought this home. I do water consistently, 3 times a week, giving them at least 5 gallons/week. soil is typical clay/sand mixed planter fill. I used 3" of manuare and 2" of kellong garden soil/compost before I planted any tomatoes. if BER was issue on heirloom due to watering or soil, I should have seen the same in cherry tomatoes but they went perfectly. I might need to do PH test.

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WOW that 1984 is a looker! Good job, enjoy! Linda

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I would get the soil tested for calcium content as well as pH by your local extension office. At mine it costs $9 for the test.

Cherry tomatoes are less susceptible to BER than other types of tomatoes, so the fact that the cherries were unaffected doesn't mean the problem wasn't inconsistent moisture level in the soil.

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