did all ohio tomatoes do bad this year ?

heygeno(z5 oh)September 1, 2011

I was embarrassed by my plants this year........ I began to complain to other local gardeners and have found that all in the Columbus area have had bad tomato results. Are there other articles at the site on this ?

MY NEW fav. is White Cherry . They taste sweeter.....more tart.....( sweet tart candy ??) then my old fav Black cherry

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Live in the burbs on the Ohio River across fro Marshall U. I had 60 plus tomato plants because I love growing them. Last yr I froze some but this yr I ate all I wanted and gave tomatoes away by the ten lb bag. I gave to needy folks, girls at the library that call when a new book comes in. I gave to my folks and sister. They took thirty or forty lbs to their church buddies. Big softball size Estler Mortgage Lifter and fifty or more baseball size Orange Slice. I gave 30 lbs ea to three personal friends and former work friends. My tomatoes did great. Vines are blighted now as I dont use Daconil but I have Cherokee Purple and another one doing well in the 5-1-1 mix on my driveway. I gave approx thrty sandwich bags full of orange, yellow and choc cherry miniatures. Now my garden is full of crab grass and weeds and I hate getting started cleaning it off. Still have some bell and habenero peppers in there. Sweet banana also. Corn, cukes, eggplants and beans all gone. Cant wait till next spring.

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This is my worst year....ever! I got my plants out 3-4 weeks late because of all the rain. I usually give several neighbors plenty of tomatos and we freeze 25-30 gallon. This year we are getting a few tomatoes each day and there has been no new flowers on most plants for weeks. One pink brandywine gets a white mold on it within a day of harvest and rots almost immediately. I have talked to several people and have read of this mold on other forums and no one has ever seen it before. It is where the stem was or on any blemish. Looks like the white corrosion on a battery terminal. Seems to be in several mid-west states. With the bad luck with tomatoes and a very poor crop of beans and cucumbers, I am not real excited about next year.

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heygeno(z5 oh)

Cukes, Fennel and passion fruit vines did terrible .... normally they grow like weeds.....

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dickiefickle(5B Dousman,Wi.)

i guess that would be a yes

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Here in Colorado the poor things had such a bad time staying alive through the spring winds and the hot summer that they never got around to producing any fruit. Just a couple each.

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I would have to agree it was a tough year in Columbus. Had 90 tomato plants and between being behind in getting started due to the rains, struggling with early blight before the vegetation got going and now having blight make a major comeback just after the production started -- it is rather disappointing for tomatoes.

I will probably end up with about the same yield as 1/3 of that number of plants would produce in a good year. And the cucumber beetles and squash bugs took care of killing their respective plants even after daily bug and egg squishing.

Honestly, I'm thinking about starting to use fungicides on the tomatoes and insecticides on the vining plants next year -- even though I've traditionally not used either. Its not so big a deal when its a just a hobby. But when you really want to produce some food on a small scale to eat, it doesn't seem worth the risk to leave it to chance...

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I am between Dayton and Cincinnati. I started mine early this year and had a great harvest of tomatoes in July. Green Zebra was the first to fruit, and the first to die mysteriously. Had a ton of tomatoes til about 2-3 weeks ago when it got cold down here, and then everything slowed down. Now it is hot again, and so some of the Mortgage Lifters are looking good again, as are the Arkansas Travelers. The AT gave me more fruit than I could handle. Hoping to get at least one more harvests before it gets cold again. Also had a very good year with my peppers.

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Ohiofem(6a Ohio)

I'm between Dayton and Columbus. I grew only 11 tomatoes all in 25 gallon containers. This was my first year growing only heirlooms, so I expected a smaller yield than I got with Early Girls, big beefs and such. But my yield was much smaller than I expected. In 20 years of growing about the same number of plants in containers, this was my smallest yield.

The heavy rain early in the season didn't prevent me from planting in late May as I usually do, but the plants were 6 feet tall before the first tomatoes formed, and my first harvest didn't come until mid-July. Then everything stood still in the record breaking heat. My peppers, cucumbers and eggplants did very well, though. And I must add that the tomatoes I did get tasted so much better than Early Girls that I don't plan to go back.

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heygeno(z5 oh)

My container grown toms are always smaller and less prolific..... there is nothing like direct ground , for me. I am sure it is because I have not figured out the fertilizing end of growing in containers.

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ediej1209(5 N Central OH)

We did OK. Not spectacular, but not a complete bust. My ML's are still the winner for us, with only 2 plants we've had a couple dozen nice slicers and only 1 BER, and more maters coming on. Big Zebra had quite a few but most of them were smaller and they're pretty much done now. Only had 1 Big Rainbow so far; it was so good I hope, hope, hope some of those little ones make it to at least breaker stage before frost. All the cherries are done already (wah!) The "experimental red determinate" tomatoes that were the freebie seed from Shumway produced like crazy, but almost all of them have had BER (we tried growing them in containers - next year we will try them in the ground to see if that helps.) Oxhearts, also not so good. Out of 3 German Strawberry plants, so far we've only had 1 ripe, and of the 3 yellow plants only about 7 that didn't have BER. And I'm afraid that we're losing the plants to late blight. Ugh. Arggh!!

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My season was good in Chillicothe - when spring looked like it was going to continue to July I potted 100+ tomato plabnts in 20+ gal containers - made my own mix - used a product to inocculate the soil with a variety of micro - endo & ecto micro organisms - fertilized - all organic and had really good success - planted other seedlings when the ground dried up - had to really work the heavy "clay" soil and then planted my tomatoes, peppers & other veggies - I was going to sell plants also but was too busy with the business "About Cooking" so I gave away plants and tested others with new propduct I have been studying for 3 years. (now available retail in Omri & non Omri versions)
I grow mostly heirlooms - don't like the big seed companies etc - I have seeds for over 350 varieties so I was trying how several worked back here - wife is from here and we moved back in Aug/July 2010 - will try more varieties this year - gave away a bunch - black krim (12 other blacks & bunch of purples), cherokee purple, green & chocolate - greendoctors - aunt rubys , Evegreen (Ohio tomato & other gree varities) - Snow white & super SW - kelloggs - kbx -sungold select OP - several wild boar farms varieties - black green & bi's - several french, russian and old usa tomatoes plus new ones - NO HYBRIDS

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As I posted above, my tomatoes did good last summer. The main thing I battle is early blight and so does my neighbor who uses Daconil on his 500 plants. This yr my strategy for late tomatoes is to start some from seed and set them in large containers in the 5-1-1 mix about July 1. But seeing as how the spores are air driven this prob will be only partly sucessful unless I use the spray. I am not going to spray in my garden but I might do 3-4 plants on my driveway.

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Ohiofem(6a Ohio)

As I said before, my yield was disappointing. I grew my plants in smart pots using 5-1-1. I had more leaf disease than usual, which I think now must have been early blight. I have never sprayed for disease, and only used a little neem for white flies.
My plan for this year is to use Actinovate as a soil drench and spray along with potassium bicarbonate from the beginning as a preventive. I came up with this plan based in part on a discussion on this forum started by Raybo linked below. If he sees this I hope he will chime in.

Here is a link that might be useful: Serenade vs Actinovate

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