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nyvoices99December 2, 2006

This round robin is an extention of a wonderful group of talented , generous and spirited traders, the Traveling Daylilies, who when at all possible trade daylilies. The way into this group is to have traded with at least one of us and to be recommended for membership by one of more members of the group. We are not snobs, we just want to protect each other and you from any game traders... should there be any. If you know any of us, email privately and they will be allowed to get you in on their recommendation. We'd love to have you!

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Testing Photo Bucket

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Thats strange,
yesterday I posted a quick note on our old thread, now it is gone.
Could it be because I mentioned how unfair it has gotten here?

And here I thought this was a free country and we had freedom of speech.

Dear sweet Anita. Thank you for starting a new thread. But, I see you also have dyslexia(grins) Each of our threads has 100 posts, so it goes up 100 not 1 like I did (and now you, bigger grins) It should have been 9200. giggle(on both of us)

No time to post another long note today. Hope everyone is well and has a wonderful day,
big hugs to all,

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Oh, Yep, Sorry:(

Had to share this one from Shirley:)

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Anita-Love daylily Playing with Sharks, just beautiful. I'm going to swipe your picture of Spacecoast Gator Eye. That has to be one of the best ones I've seen. Your beds are as neat as Cindys. Love the rock path through the middle of it.

Jo-You and Anita too funny but you are right it should have been 9200 but it doesn't matter in the least. Someone can correct next time.

I had a great time at our Ladies Ministry Banquet last evening. The food and program was extra special. I love this time of year and all the fun things going on. I have been invited to a cookie party this Friday and we are going to swap socks. Yes I said socks, good grief I don't know what kind of socks to buy. Maybe Christmasy ones.


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cannahavana(z7a Knoxville)

Heads up secret pal! My elves have finally finished the secret swap box and will be on it's way today!

Went to Harrah's in Cherokee, NC and came home broke. *BOO*


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I got a wonderful ss box nice throw with wolves, will probably be a wall hanging a corn bag with wolf cover, extra ladybug cover angel kit 2 visors for my other swap visor project gold candle holders blueberry pie candle, cute deer homemade ornament, pen and notepad, material for making snowflakes, snowflake window stencils santa hand painted on stick star shaped snow man decoration. here is a pic guess who my generous santa is. I love it all thankyou super santa!!

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Yeah I got one Christmas tree all decorated and 3 more to go.

Nice box Carol....love the wolves.


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♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫Happy Birthday Dear Angie♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫
♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫Happy Birthday to You ♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫
Belated ....¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾¾


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cannahavana(z7a Knoxville)

Oh boy, oh boy! Santa SURELY must think I was a good girl this year! I got my secret Santa box today!

- 5 different Tulips : Menton, Purissima, Bright Parrot, Pink Diamond, and Lip Gloss

- bell door hanger, goes great in my living room. May keep it displayed all year!

- A lighthouse butterfly house love it!

- two pair of garden gloves

- a wooden wirly blue bird

- Candy Cane seeds. Too cute, they are mints! With a snowman ornament.

- notebook and snowman note pad

- Bath and Body bar soap

- Chocolate filled wafers yum!

- two snowman candles

- a belt made of sequins that my little diva took off with

- Garden Gate mag, my favorite!

- a kitchen towel set with a pumpkin shape cookie cutter and the towel has a recipe sewn on it for Harvest Pumpkin Sugar Cookies

- Bali's Best Coffee Candy, which Doug promptly took off with!

- And last but not least, stockings for Maleah and Dakota with goodies inside!

- Oh, and my first Christmas card of the season!

Thank you Santa, I have been blessed with such great goodies!


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Posted for Dawn:

Wow, my Secret Santa sure made this a special Christmas. As you can see, it was a VERY large box and SS did a good job of wrapping everything and filling the package full of sparkly tissue and multi-colored icicles and bows.

I will do my best to list everything that was inside......

* 8 boxes of Dots, some regular and some tropical. Yes, 8!!!!

* Large bag of jumbo walnuts.....Mac is soooo happy.

* Bag of millet sprays.........the birdies are just munching away!

* Treats for both Oreo & Pookie, plus a dog & cat toy for each of them. Lots of wagging and purring. : )

* A HUGE bag of peanuts in the shell and a HUGE bag of sunflower seeds in the shell. DH's favorites! He's all stocked up for the weekend (He loves to eat seeds while he works).

* Nursery rhyme wall "stickies". These are really cool and will be so perfect in the nursery. Love em!

* A beautiful bowl made of bamboo. This is so nice and I didn't have anything like it. Just beautiful and I will treasure it.

* Tulips!! 'Flaming Spring Green' & 'Ice Stick'. Gorgeous! We are expecting beautiful weather to return this weekend so planting them at the new place will be on my "to-do" list.

* New titanium Scissors! Oh how I needed another pair. I spend more time looking for my scissors because I never put them back in the same drawer. Very nice and very much needed. Also came with a thread clip......something I didn't have and can't wait to use.

* The cutest daisy w/ smily face. It's made of tin and it wobbles a bit. You can't help but giggle when you look at it. I love it!

* Gold earrings w/ pink beads. These are so me and just perfect. Wearing them now. : )

* 3 opal beads.....1 for bellybutton & the other two can be interchanged in the earrings. I love these. They are hard to find around here.

* Tons of Swarovski Crystals/beads for in my bellybutton jewelry. So many cool ones! All different from what I already had. Thank you!! You must see them to appreciate the sparkle. : )

* All the jewelry came in beautiful little boxes, including a set of nesting boxes w/ an angel on them.

* A glass Toucan ornament for the tree. My closeup's came out blurry so i'll try to get another pic. He's wonderful and a great addition to my glass parrot & bird ornaments. Thanks so much!

* A ceramic dish with 5 chirping birds sitting on the edge. So cute! You could use this for so many different things, but I put candy in it for now. Perfect!

* The most beautiful, hand painted saw blade w/ stand. It makes me think of our new house on the hill. Look at our name painted on the mailbox! This made me cry. Thank you.

* 4 beautiful knit stockings. They are each different. I can't wait to hang these on my new fireplace someday.

* A cross-stitch black capped Chickadee......I can't wait to make this! I've been in the crafty mood lately.

* A stained glass angel holding a bluebird. Stunning! Yes, I had to shed a few tears when I opened this one too. This is really meaningful and will get a special place in my new house.

* And finally, the most beautiful gold necklace with a Mother & Baby charm accented by a diamond. Wow! This is so special and the tears were just flyin' when I opened this one. My closeup picture of this one didn't turn out either and will try again. This means the world to me and I will wear it with love.

(Please note: This sad little tree in my office has not been decorated yet except for the lights and two misc. glass balls that I forgot to take off last year. I hope to get it done before Dec. 25th, lol)

I sure hope I didn't forget anything.

Secret Santa, you sure went crazy but let me tell you that all the hard work you put into this package really shows. You have warmed my heart and given me so many things that I will hold dear. But more importantly, you have given me your friendship and for that I am forever grateful.

Thank you so much!

And thanks to all of you. Ho ho ho!!


~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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Hi Anita, I'm here! Now will you stop it? lol Your daylilies are beautiful! I can't even pick one to like the best. ;-)

Ya'll are getting such nice boxes. I'm sure everyone of you is excited when it comes.

Dawn, your sawblade is fantastic! I used to have one of those but can't think of what I did with it. hmmm, maybe I gave it to my DS.

Angie, Happy Birthday, I hope it was a great one.

Shirley, your little tubby doggie is precious. He made me laugh and want to pick him up and cuddle him.

Carol, I really like that wolf throw. It's got such pretty colors and the blues in it match your wall paint. Very pretty.

Jo, just so you know, we do have FREE SPEECH as long as we say what they want us to! From what I can tell, all of that disappeared. Do you think Spike is back? Nah, the personality is missing now.

Canna, looks like you got some goodies. It sounds like Halloween, you get the goodies and everyone else eats them. Be sure to save some for yourself.

Where are Gloria and Deni? and all the others.

Has anybody heard anything from Joey lately? I hope he's ok.

Our upstairs toilet blew the pipe off a couple of months ago and did quite a bit of damage. It ruined the carpet in the upstairs hall and the stairs and living room. There was also a lot of damage to the sheetrock in the living room so we had to re-do all of that. I decided to put in laminate flooring instead of carpeting since we live in the woods and track so much in. So far I'm loving it. Here are some of the pictures during the work and after.

The living room ceiling

DH looking good sweeping the LR. Love the broom?

Bare stairs

Finished living room

Stairs left natural.

I'm not sure I like the natural stairs but Jerry does and the contractor did. I'm trying to get used to it but they are subject to change. What do ya'll think? Honest opinions please!

Oh, and the dog crate isn't still in there. 8-)

Nite all,


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onesherri(z5 OH)

Hi everyone...hope everyone is well.

I have been busy, busy with school and Christmas shopping. Loving every minute of both,so far.:)

Anita, I love the pics, Bohemia after dark has been on my want list for a long time. After seeing your pics, I think I will switch it to playing with sharks. I like it much better. I cannot wait to see all my crosses next year with teeth. Hopefully some will actually have teeth.:)

Since I don't see a post from Cindy, I will let you all know that she is off sunbathing and probably daylily shopping in sunny Florida at the moment.:)

Nancy, WOW, what a difference. It looks great. I think I would prefer the stairs to be finished right along with you, but they do look good like they are.

Angie, sorry I missed your b-day, hope it was great.

Jo and Anita, the two of you must be spending to much time together. Your rubbing off on each other.:)

What a great job everyone is doing putting boxes together.

Is anyone else buried in all this snow? Sure hope it doesn't outdo itself before Christmas. Sherri

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Nancy, Love the new floor! I noticed the dog crate in the LR and thought it was kind of cute, keeping the dog near you and all that. Where do you keep it?

It's really hard to say about the stairs since we don't get the 'whole look', but I'd love to see them the same color as the LR floor. Dont get me wrong ... I'm not crazy about having all the wood in a home match ... I'm just the opposite, I think it adds tecture to mix up the wood ... so maybe your DH is right about those stairs!

Wow, that was a lot of damage and work to get it all fixed up!

Anita, love all your pictures! Playing with Sharks and Darla Anita have tied for first place in best looking. I have Darla Anita and I don't see how anyone can do without it! It does well in my zone, 5/6.

Shirley, you will have to let us know what kind of socks you gave and received! I think that was a great idea!

Lots of great boxes being sent. I enjoy seeing them.

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Good Morning Everyone:)

Cold & snowing here, YUCK!!
Christmas is soon to be over for another year, Wow I just cant believe how fast time has gone by this year,

Secret Santa boxes sure are wonderful this year,

This weekend we will be having baby D's 2nd birthday party, Kinda a spur of the moment thing, as I was told last year Susan would want him to have a party on the weekend for him, as his Birthday isn't till the 11th, but anyway, when I called to check she was sad, as she did not have the money to have a party for him, so she graciously said I could have him, I'm sure it was a ploy to get money to do so, but it did not work, as I snickered to myself, I graciously said, Well, I will give you money for Christmas, so you can get him a few more thing's, as I had to do last year, as we all know she has no money, But hopefully the people I invited will come on such short notice anyway,
His cake will be Pooh again this year:0) Sure that surprises no one,

Then next weekend will be my Hill Family Christmas, no not the name, just I live on top of a hill & over the last 10 years have become wonderful friends with 4 couples that if you cant find 1 of us home check the other 3 homes up her as you will find us then, Mickey & Angel live on the road that comes to my road, about 3 miles away, then on my road I have
Penny & Virgel that live at the bottom of the road, then up 500 yards live Jo & Merry, go up about a mile & we have Ed & Marge, then at the top David & I live, yes top, I live on the second highest hill in Steuben County, Airport not far away, so we see many of the planes that fly in, They are the best friends anyone could ask for.

Then the weekend of the 22nd we will have our Christmas with Baby D & Joey, Last year D was more
interested in climbing the gifts than what was in them so I think this is going to be more exciting for him & me:0),
Then come the 26 we will have my family Christmas at my sisters house, with my 7 brothers & sister's & spouses & a gazzillion kid's, I think at last count it was like 46, no way can I buy for them all, so I only do my Brothers & Sister's, Oh & my Mom of course.

About time, I was about to send out the search & rescue dog:) Nope, nothing from Joey in a long time, not sure if he even wants to still be with us, Deni cant get on GW something to do with her ISP, so someone is sending her all the post's & she has started a group on Yahoo, but I am very confused as to how to use it, If you don't have the link for it I can send it to you? Dawn was sent to Disney so Paul & her sister are posting for her, till they let her back, other than that the rest of us are here, just not enough time in the day I guess:)
Your house looks very nice, David tells me the broom & vacuum only fit MY hand's, that's OK he is the one that works from 4-5am till 5-10pm, so I don't have a problem at all doing EVERYTHING!!!!!! OK, maybe a slight one, cuz is it to much to ask to PLEASE not leave your dirty cloths on the living room floor? I would love to either have a laundry shoot put in or even better yet, take out most of 1 of our bathrooms & make it a laundry room, Upstairs, Oh Yes That's what I really want, not to have to do them 13 steps everyday to do laundry, he tells me when I'm old he will move it up for me, OLD!!! Has he lost his mind, I will never be old in my eye's (unless I look in the mirror & see the wrinkles) But it sure would do my back good to not have to lug laundry baskets up & down.

Yes, go ahead, I got it from you, so you are entitled to the pic of it:) When my computer died last time & it had to go to the shop I lost ALL our E-mails about the Spacecoast Daylilie's, Do you still have them? If so can you send them back to me, both end's?
Check out the silly sock swap over at our other meeting place, I should have joined it:) I'm sure you will have fun with the Ladies. Tree looks nice, only 1 for me, I would go nut's doing more than 1.

Well, I better get my butt busy, Hug's to all:)Anita

Tried posting a Birthday wish for Angie, It won't let me?

So Happy Belated Birthday Angie:)

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llbean(z5 MI)

Hi to all...
I just wanted to post that I had received a very nice package from Deni, a while back.. The only reason that I didn't post who it was from was because I thought she was my secret santa, but I am pretty sure this was a welcoming gift. SHe sent me the best daffodils ever (I have no spring bulbs) she also sent allium. I can't wait for spring... She also sent some note paper with flowers and some lotion which I needed. I do not want her to feel neglected that I didn't post this sooner that it was from her. But I am very happy and I am very excited to see what spring brings.
Paul~ I had sent you an email asking if she was my santa because I had not rec. a santa swap and so I am posting this so she doesn't feel bad.. Since I did not hear from you I am assuming it is ok to post this..
Please let me know..

Happy Holidays

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Hi all,
Just a quick post to say, I got my secerte santa box, I will post more on it when I have time, Thank you so much Santa:)

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Good Morning Everyone!

Earlier I was not able to get on GW.

Anita, I love the pictures of our daylilies, and I cant pick out a favorite. IÂve got so much to learn about these beauties. I know I have the best to learn from.


It sure is cold this morning; my outside thermometer is reading 0. I hope everyone if they are without power, will soon get it back. I canÂt believe it is taking them so long to get them power.

It looks like you guys are getting nice boxes from you SS. I do enjoy seeing everyone post.

Nancy, so good to hear from you and you guys did a great job on remodeling.

Has anyone heard form Maryb?

Shirley, I do love your windows, and the tree is so impressive. I put up a small table top tree and when I came home the other day the tree was on the floor, with ornaments everywhere! Needless to say, my herd entertained themselves while I was out. I didnÂt put anything breakable on it, and IÂm thinking real hard about taking it down. I do love the decorations, but donÂt like cleaning up the mess all the time IÂm getting too old for this, and not worth the stress but the little devils did insisted on helping me pick it up.

Dawn, if you are reading this, I was busy running with sis, but your labels will go out the first part of the week.

I hope I didn't leave anyone out.


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I just noticed I said "our" I ment yours. Sorry about that!


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marybz5ny(zone5 NY)

Good Morning All,
It sure has been a long time..... I'm still alive and well, just Sooooo busy with work, kids and Christmas stuff right now. Just don't have much opportunity to get on right now. I've been trying to play catch up though and see what all is going on.

Sorry to see Dawn is having difficulties - really sad the way things are working out. WELCOME JENNA - thank you for coming on and filling in for Dawn. I hope she is able to be back with us really soon! She is SOOOO loved here and we will miss her terribly until she is able to return.

Lots of nice Santa boxes! I received mine this week also and just sent out a mass email to everyone. Lots of good stuff!

Anita, Nice daylily pictures - thanks. I acquired Darla Anita and Playing with Sharks this year. Can't wait to see them bloom next summer. Your picture of your garden is amazing - looks HUGE! No wonder you got like 400 new daylilies this spring - lots of room to fill up.

Jo, where are you? Missing your daily posts. I know how busy you must be right now with DD's new baby in the house and working 2 jobs too.

Annie, I was so happy to see that your Sister got a good diagnosis. I hope she is feeling well.

Gotta go get a couple of things done before work. Hope you all have a good day!

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I think the stairs need a coat of clear seal it is amazing what a clear coat of olympic clear can do. here are my 4 wk old kids chub chubpatches
I just love to cuddle them, with their milk breath. hugs chilly

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Oh Carol, they are just sooooo cute!

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namso(Z5 OH)


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Hi All,
Just got home from taking baby D home, I need to take care of about 100lbs of Deer meat, so I will post my santa box in the morning or mid day, not sure if DH will be here, Santa I did not forget you:)Thank you so much, :)Anita

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Good Morning Everyone,
My Secret Santa Box:
Well, My Secret Santa was very good to me:) In my box I received:
2 if not 3 Christmas Cactuses, Santa could you please E-mail me the colors?
2 of the coolest Marionettes, 1 Santa 1 Nut Cracker, they are sooo cool,
An Amaryllis
A Los Angeles Lakers outfit for baby D, Hint, Hint!!!
Frosty wind sock
Frosty towel
Traveling Daylilies Ornament for the tree,
Frosty coffee mug with a frosty in it
Bag of Reese's peanut butter cup's
A Naughty or nice Christmas T-shirt, Hint, Hint!!
A wrapped gift for baby D for Christmas morning,
A Christmas Card with an IOU for ORCHID'S, HINT, HINT, HINT!!
Thank you so much secret Santa:)

Today is D's official 2nd B-day, wow how time passes..

I agree with the OUR, yes they are OUR Daylilies:) I thought nothing of that post, only thinking, Yep!!! cuz many have come from this group making them ours, so you are right:)

Mary B,
Now simmer, we don't want DH to know about 400 new one's:), Was it really that many new one's?

Carol, Love the baby's, Can you send me Chub, Chub?, Just kidding, I so don't ever want to do puppies again.

Test??What did you do ??? Maybe you just better E-mail it to me, don't post it:)

OK I have a gazillion things to do today DH is home & I'm making the best of it, hope I did not forget anyone from the new post's:(
Santa I weill post a pic of my box later, again thank you soo much:)Anita

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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Hello friends! I am back from my brief vacation!

Tamara, if you are reading this, thank you very much. : )

I'm so glad to be back with all of you. And just thrilled Cindy is back too. : )

MaryB, what a wonderful thing you said. I just love you too!

MamaG, where are those pics from St. Lucia? Are you tanned?

Awesome Secret Santa boxes! Can't wait to start guessing.

That enormous, busting-at-the-seams belly you see above is at 17 weeks. Today I am officially 18 weeks. Only 10 more days 'till the big ultrasound!

We have 4 walls built at the new house, but they aren't standing up yet. That is supposed to happen Saturday. It's really neat and i'll have some pics for you soon.

I'm headed over there now. I've been playing on my backhoe. : )

Hugs to all!
~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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namso(Z5 OH)


adding thanks to Tamara


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mareas(OR Zone 8)

Hi everybody! HURRAH HURRAH we are all posting again! I sent Tamara a thank you email.

Anita, those ARE great photos! I just love the way you arranged those beds on your estate - show more views? Great santa box you were blessed with too! It's FINALLY a secret santa i can guess! Although I think i know which boxes Cody & Jo sent...

Dawn - glad to see that baby growing by leaps & bounds there *grin* Those belly shots are so dang cute! lol

Nancy - i love that beautiful wood on your stairs, too, but im with you on thinking they look odd against the railings and that utterly gorgeous floor. You keep such a tidy house - how wonderfully free it must be to NOT be a packrat like me & my DH...

I have most of our stuff packed & moved now - just the few necessities to live here, 5 vehicles, our mtn of a rock collection & my plants left to go.
Hope you all have a wonderful, loving cozy Christmas if i dont get to talk to you before then.

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cannahavana(z7a Knoxville)

Dawn, you need to fire your photographer. He keeps cutting off your head!



PS. Thanks Tamara, you're a peach!

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Hi all,
Doing the H-A-P-P-Y D-A-N-C-E!!!!((((Dawn))))((((Cindy))))

Dawn, Canna is right, why do you do that to us? Now I know you have some with your head on, don't you?

Will get pic of Santa box in the morning, I'm to beat to unpack it all right now,My neighbor built me a rolling cupboard & I spent I don't know how many hours cleaning out food cupboards & organizing today, I can't wait to we remodel my kitchen.

Have a great night all:)Anita

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Just stopped by to check in, and I realized that the post I put on here the other day, (that dissappeared) was my post about my secret santa box.


I do not have time right now,(heading out to work) but I will post on Wed evening. I work all day till 10 tonight, and till 4 tomorrow, so it will be after then.

so glad to see you here. I am sorry I have been MIA. I have been working 12-14 hours a day.It is starting to take it's toll I'm afraid. I go straight from one job to another. Told my boss at the store, I just can't do all the hours she is scheduling me for. So, hopefully I may have a bit more time for "me" soon. Need to get so many things done.

Got home at 10 last night, up at 5:30 this morning to get the sugar cookies baked(2 dlb. batches) that I mixed up on Sat.Morning. They have been sitting in covered bowls in the frige, had to get them done before they spoiled.

I am sorry, still only half done. Hope to finish them on Sunday. I have Sun. off. I deeply apologise. Thought i was gonna have plenty of time. But, she has scheduled me for so many hours, I have barely had time to finish anything in the last few weeks. Glad you had a gret time on your trip. hugs

sorry we haven't been able to get together. I haven't even been able to spend much time with Devlin. And he is home only a couple more weeks. I won't see him after he goes to Washington, he will go from there to Iraq. hugs

Dawn and Cindy,

Thank you Tamara!

gotta run,
hugs to all,

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Hello everyone. Great Santa boxes... I'm checking with the last few people about the status. Once that's done, we can start guessing.

Marea, it's interesting you know which is Cody's box when he's not even playing... LOL. And a Lakers outfit??? hmmm... someone is trying to trick you all... or maybe not :-).

Laura, I did not get any emails from you, but your posting above was fine. Now... where's your secret Santa box???

Carol, those puppies are so cute.

Headless Prego... LOL. Are you going to find out the sex at the ultrasound? We didn't want to know for our first one.

Happy belated birthday to Angie and Baby D. I'm glad Tamara finally came to her senses (uh oh :-o).


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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Hi everyone,

Cindy, my emails to you have been returned. Wonder why? Said they were "undeliverable". I've never had that problem sending to you before.

Marea, thank you : )
How do you plan to move your mountain o' rock? Can they be picked up and loaded by hand? Glad you are almost done and can't wait to see the new place!

Canna, LOLOLOL! My photographer is me, hee hee, and I cut my head off on purpose. It's bad enough i'm showing my bare belly, let alone a face with no makeup! HUGS

Anita, i'll think about showing a pic with my head included. But i'm warning you , it's a scary sight!

Jo, i'm huffing and puffing after reading your email. I can just "feel" how busy you are. Make sure to take some time for you & DH. : )

Mr. California, ; ), yes.....we will be finding out the sex. As long as baby cooperates. Please send some OLV's (that's open leg vibes, lol). I think it will be so much easier to shop & pick things out if we know. I originally didn't want to know, but DH did. I'm easily swayed.
Speaking of California, it's been a dream of mine to visit there someday. What do you have blooming today? Pennsylvania is pretty colorless and brown right now. But at least it's not white. I'd be happy if we didn't get one single flake this year.

I just dropped a roll of Tyvek housewrap off for DH. It's supposed to rain tonight so he wanted to be sure the framing was all covered. I can't wait until Saturday to see the walls go up. DH said we are going to be using the backhoe to help hoist them up into place and guess who has to operate it????? Yep, the headless preggo. I'm not sure i'm ready for that job, but DH said I have to do it. Please say a prayer for me. ; )

Wait 'till you see what I bought for baby. It's the cutest thing ever, but sadly when it arrived today it was broke. : ( It's like a one of a kind thing and i'm hoping we can fix it. Pics on the way soon.

Anyone still gardening? I'm going to plant the tulips from Susan this week. I think I decided to put them in my whiskey barrel planter.

One last thing....group email coming soon. Yes, it involves plants!

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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Prego Headless One, I want to see if it is that bad!!!

I am not getting the E-mail's from the group? Can you all make sure I am on it?

OMG 1hr 11 min & 54 secs I just spent on the phone with Jo, & I'm still fine, LOVE YA JO!!!
Will post pic in the morning, ran out of time today:) Jo I love ya:)Anita

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namso(Z5 OH)

Good morning all :)
trying to catch up a bit..if i missed something plmk.

im in a christmas shopping rut. Stocking stuffers?? anybody with ideas for adults? lotto tickets is all i can think of. i need to finish shopping soon.....and cant come up with any ideas.

Dawn, finally got your emails. came all at once lol. very glad we are both back on! lol on headless prego.

Angie, Happy Belated Birthday!

Shirley, Wonderful room and tree. :) you sock swap sounds like fun.

Nancy, love your new room. looks awesome to me.

Sherri, got your mail...responding soon.

Nice boxes all!

Anita, loved all your pics. Your garden is stunning. love the shape and the rock path through it.

Spacecoast Royal Ransom
sometimes blotchy here, but when she shines she shines.

Spacecoast Peach Fringe
new here...liked the edge though

Carol, oh those puppies are cute.

Marea, wow what a move job. i bet youll be glad when its over lol.

Sharon/Anita....oh i love Darla Anita too. awesome plant. so is that Clothed in Glory.


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My Secret Santa Gifts

Ziva Paperwhites
With cute black container
and the little pepples to go inside.

Christmas Napkins
For when we eat the big
Christmas Dinner. Christmas tree design.

Book Mark
Handmade and
oh, so pretty.
Blue ribbon, blue
watering can, a picture
of a blue and white petunia.
Did you know how I love to read?

Flower Press
This is new to me.
I will have to investigate
which flowers are best to use.
What fun this present will sure to be!

Add an Addiction
she/he says. No more I say!
Datura and Brugmansia, I smile!
Double Purple Swirl, Lilac Datura.
James x Coral Glow, Cool Blush x First
Day Brugmansia. Directions to grow and
Chamomile tea to spray, how thoughtful. Could
this be the 'clue' to the 'who' of my Secret Santa box?

White and Red
Yummy and good!

Refrigerator Magnet
A cute little Snowman!

In a cute little box,
a round faced Santa Claus head.
Did you see my smile? Did you hear my laugh?
Did you hear my shout, "Bring me the Head of Santa Claus!"

I felt it
in this box!


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Cindy, to fill up my kids and hubbys stockings I use food ... cashews, honeyroasted peanuts, small can of smoked oyters, small bags of different kinds of Jerkey, etc. My sone loves shrimp and daughter clams, and this year I actually found 'bags' of these by the cans. Yes, keep at room temp.

One year went to a liquer store and got 5 cans of very unusual beer and filled hubbys stocking with those.

My son loves chili, and at Gander Mountain I found the makings for 'Whoop As_s' Chili. Into his stocking it went.
Also found the cobs of corn in a bag that you can pop there.

Of all the 'food' items I've given, my kids have liked the Jerkey presents the best!

Love the pictures of the daylilies.

Welcome back Marea, sure missed your postings!


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Cindy can't believe you have daylilies blooming now, they are beautiful. SS I just couldn't use your gift as a blanket, here is where it is, we love it here also is a pic of my pot ghetto which dh covered in plastic for the winter, can't get in to it so kinda wonder if everything is ok. lovely belly Dawn, baby is getting big, news just said most babies now are girls so hope you are the exception and my boy guess is right my blanketmy pot ghetto bed time hugs to allCarol

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Dawn, be sure to print a pic of your belly for your baby book and put beneath it "Headless Preggo" so that you will always remember you were loved enough to be thus teased! lol your belly is so cute! Don't be doing any Evil Knievel stunts on your new toy.

Cindy, I think S/C Royal Ransom is the most gorgeous D/L I've seen yet. Can you tell me where to get one and if I can afford it. LOL

Cindy, my mom always put fruit and nuts and the Book of Life Savers so I've always done that too but I also put earrings, nail files or small manicure sets, lip glosses, carmax or chap stick for the guys who will appreciate those if they hunt, hand warmers or gloves.

Thanks for the comments on my new floor and stairs. I finally told Jerry that I don't like the stairs and he said he'll change them for me. I guess they'll have to be painted or polyurethaned since they have been sealed already. He even admitted he didn't think they looked right either but didn't want to get into it with the contractor.

Marea, oh, you are sooo wrong! I am a pack-rat too. I just took the pics when we were just finishing the room and putting everything in place. You know it also has to be dusted after all that sheet rock work. lol Jerry's neat but I'm sure not. I want everything around me in case I want to look at it or do something with. I see everyone's homes in their pics and start feeling sorry for Jerry. ;-)

Carol the puppies are adorable. I love them when they're too little to tear anything up or when they're old enough to know better.

Jean, we only had the crate in the house for Andy because our new dog that got killed was so rough when he played we were afraid he'd hurt him when we weren't home. He's always had to eat in his little carrier so JJ our dog that we lost a couple of years ago wouldn't eat his food so he didn't have a problem getting in there. We say eat and he goes to his box.

Paul, I don't think I complimented you on your handsome children and your wife is very pretty too. As for the sewing, you did a great job on the costumes.

I keep having to go back and look at that saw blade. It is go pretty. I want to know who painted it so I'll be looking for the revealed names. I have a couple of guesses in mind though.

Jo, you're going to really crash after Christmas. You need a warm bath with candles and a good book and time just for you even if it's only 30 minutes girl. If you overdo it who will take care of everybody else? ;-)

Anita, nice loot from Santa!

Hi to everyone else and have fun shopping and decorating.


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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Good morning!

Just thought i'd stop in for a quick hello before beginning my busy day. I am babysitting until noon, then leaving for my 1 o'clock doctor's appoint. This is just my regular appointment and i'm assuming i'll be able to listen to the baby's heartbeat again. That's always so wonderful and reassuring.
Then it's over to the new place to enjoy this beautiful, 60 degree day while DH finishes putting sheathing on wall #4. He said he plans to start on wall #5 too. I am just so anxious to start setting them in place. : )
Here's DH working on wall #1...

Another wall....

I didn't get very good pictures, but you can see an almost complete wall laying there. That one is actually my back master bedroom wall.

Cindy, 'Royal Ransom' is so lovely. Thank you for sharing those pics. : )

Sharon, what a great SS box and descriptions! It was fun to read. : )

Cindy, Sharon is right....food is always a good stocking stuffer. But the lottery tix are a great idea too. My Dad gives us an envelope full every year. You could even do like a "coffee stocking" filled with packs of flavored coffee, creamers, & a mug or do the same with tea. Add maybe some gourmet biscotti all wrapped up pretty and the coffee or tea lover will be thrilled.
Or you can keep it simple and slide in a nice bottle of wine or spirits.
Tickets to a local show or sporting event would be nice too.

Carol, your new blanket looks like a lovely tapestry on your wall. And your pot ghetto doesn't look too bad either, lol. That's a great way to keep everything protected. A local nursery here does pretty much the exact same thing and they won't dare take the cover off until all bad weather is behind.
About the baby, seems as though everyone in the family is starting to get "boy vibes". I think I might be too. I had a dream about a baby boy.

I can't wait to find out! Only 1 week to go!!
I called the hospital yesterday and spoke with the ultrasound department to make sure I was all pre-registered and they told me I can bring a videotape! LOL, Fun! She said they'll tape a few minutes of the end of the ultrasound. They also have a 3-D imaging scan, but not sure if i'll be able to get them to use that one on me. I think they will only use it if they find it to be absolutely necessary due to the fact that insurance companies don't like to pay for it.

Nancy, great idea! I will definately print one out with the Headless Preggo title on it, lol. Actually, i'm making a whole Headless Preggo collage. : )
I'm behaving on the backhoe. I wear my seatbelt and make safety my first priority. I've been practicing "scooping" with the front end loader. It's not as easy as it sounds. : )

Is everyone all decorated up? I didn't put up much of anything at all. One small tree in my office and two feather trees in the kitchen, plus some white lights outside on the shrubs. Normally they are strung over every single bit of my house. It's so strange, but I prefer it this year. I'll save it all up for my 1st Christmas in the new house. Besides the fact that I don't have the energy, the last thing I want to do us UNpack boxes. ; )

I did a small amount of shopping online and will try to finish up this week. I don't have alot to get this year. My family made the decision to not buy gifts this year since everyone has so much going on and money is tight. Only presents allowed are for my neice. : )
So that just leaves DH's family and we are going to keep it simple.

Angie, a VERY, VERY, belated Happy Birthday. I can't remember if I had told you or not. Are your kids ready for Santa?

Annie, how is Sis? And the rest of the family? Hope everyone is doing well.

Lisa, how are things up your way? Have the temperatures been above normal?

Carmen, hope you are feeling well. Love that bunny!

Well, guess I better get ready for my little sweetie to arrive. Watching my neice has been the most unbelievable experience. My heart gets so fuzzy when she smiles at me! I can't believe how fast she is growing.

Hope you all have a nice Thursday,
~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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namso(Z5 OH)

quick check in.....

Thanks for the great stocking ideas sharon, Nancy & Dawn. tons of great ideas there....ooooh im going to be done soon:).

Carol - only wish i had blooms. all pics from summer. i take alot and process them slowly all winter. Cool wolf hanging and great tarped pot getto :).

Nancy - Spc Royal Ransom is still a bit pricey...think its going around 50 or so on the auction. ill keep an eye out.... it was the first intro i bought and have had some seedlings (i think-lost all tags lol) bloom. still using it, so cant dig in the spring, but if you can wait, might have in the fall. btw, did you ever get pics to go with your names?

Sharon, do you know you bid on a few more than 9 seeds? lol

Dawn, cool walls. :). & what a beautiful day. im still betting girl.
Decorations???? none but outside this year. im thinking i might skip lol. did get cards done finally....


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barbamaman(z5/6 OH)

Hi -

Still alive in our woods in winter. So far barely any snow, lotsa gray days, and then a nice warm up til this weekend. I got some tender trades out to people while it is warm enough.

I'm making a new drape for the big room. I never know what to call this room, it's living room which just merges into dining area which faces the open kitchen with loft over. Great room sounds so pretentious...so we call it The Room. You'll like my new drape I think. I'll take some pictures.

All these wonderful boxes! Beautiful daylilies to make us drool all over our Christmas decorations! Not fair to put such gorgeous flowers up in the middle of winter!! I'm having enough trouble getting through the catalogs without ordering stuff and I need more seeds like a dog needs fleas!

I keep thinking I have some of the SS's figured out, but then another box comes and I think, no, THIS one is from so and so, and now I'm completely confused. Wonderful, very thoughtful, boxes, all of them!

Annie, So glad your sister's doing all right. Hug her for us.

Anita, your baby is growing up so fast! Our DGD will be 18 mos. this Dec. She's still a tiny thing, not walking, though she could. She toodles around all over the place while holding on to things. I think she wants to make it perfect when she does. DD wanted pictures of herself for a teacher's training class, so I went through old albums and copied them for her. It makes me feel something almost like grief at not having those babies that were my now grown daughters. I miss them, and the little girls they were, and even the teens.
DGD's mom at 4
Decorations? Me neither. I still have to get greetings out to everyone.

Packages are starting to come in with the goodies I bought online. Dawn, check out the link below. I bought one for Marie, the small ladybug - I'll keep you posted on how she handles it. It's a big hit in the UK, eldest DD says.

Dawn, you must be so excited about this next ultrasound! Once you know whether it's boy or girl (I still vote girl!) you can have a sense of the child. And that house! With that view! And that wonderful DH. You are one lucky girl.

I'm so behind on all the thread stuff.

I've been knitting - a warm sturdy dark green sweater and trousers for DGD, some Italian Greyhound sweaters, socks, fingerless gloves, and banana warmers. There's the perfect stocking stuffer! A banana in its own handknit yellow sweater.

The table is entirely occupied with my drapes. Drapes are new to me and it's a big ol' piece of fabric! I seamed the length of 2 panels and ironed them today. Tomorrow I'll seam and press the lining. I got an insulating lining and that plus the drape fabric should shut out cold from that window, anyway. I have fabric for the identical opposite window way on the other side of the room. We're planning Roman shades for the rest of the windows that make up one wall of The Room. So much left to finish on this house but I love it anyway. Our first, and hopefully, only house.

Luther's Christmas outfit is done. It's a turquoise velvet suit that wraps him up warm from neck to tail. I knit a nubby sweater to wear over it. Wrapped up like that he is comfy even when it's freezy, but he still basks in patches of sunshine.

Isn't it fun preparing all these things for the winter holidays? Mom called it "making Christmas." Tomorrow DD the photog.'s box wings its way to CA. Hope she likes it.

Well, it's late. Tomorrow another day of scrubbing floors squeaky clean enough for DGD to crawl and toddle everywhere.

'Night everybody.


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Cindy, shhhhhh, don't tell anyone! LOL
I can't help it!!! Every once in a while I check out the auction and find those great deals on the seeds or Dl's and I bid. I bid very low, so if I get them, its a great deal, if not then, whew, I didn't need them. I've won enough that I've been wondering where to dig for next spring. The greatest and worst part is, someone on the auction messed up her/his auctions and can't send me the seeds I won, so now they asked if I wanted a refund or if they could send me a 'ton' of seeds ... you know what I said. ;o)

Off to work,

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OH BIG HUGS ALL...see I'm still alive and kicking...hehe

Susan...you sweet girl..smiles..a BIG THANK YOU to and Dan!
Love it,love it...SMILING BIG
It really floored me when I went out to get the mail and there was a box just sitting there.I'm thinking now what in the world is that.LOL.Then I see your return address.Now I'm thinking..what did I miss..don't remember getting in any trades..LOL.YOU sure made my day..HUGS
and now for those who dont know...Susan sent me the cuties cookie jar,just out of the blue..cause she was thinking of me.And its has cookies in it too...LOL...but now I think someone is going to want chirstmas cookies for it..Oh that would be hubby by the way..Smiles..thank you,thank you.

I'm sorry been so busy with the house and work..Dec is so busy with chirstmas partys and all...only had one day off this week.I just finshed the tree yesterday..hehe..still have the most the house to clean and decorate.Ya know its hard to get in the mood with no snow...sigh..its been in the 40's here..its just to strange.
Dawn house is looking good ..and so is the tummy..Love those pictures..hehe
OH,oh and the dayliles ladies..stop stop would you..Now you have me looking for Spacecoast Royal Ranson and Gator Eye.
Cute,cute puppy and lol..milk breath kisses

Glad to see most of you all back to posting..sometimes there is no humor to be had here.

Jo hows your hubby? My is doing great and it seems he really listen to what the doc's told him.

Be well all and keep love in your hearts


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Hi all,
I know, I have been MIA "AGAIN".

Well, here is the long awaited pic and list of all the wonderful goodies my SS sent to us.

*The cutest handmade catnip mouse for my old kitty. (holding till Christmas for her)
*Adorable fish shape stocking with treats for her as well.
*Another bone shape stocking with treats for our doggies
*3 "surprise" gifts for our grandkids.(holding these for Christmas as well)
*Oriole feeder (LOVE this, I have wanted one FOREVER.We always had orioles by my mom's when I was growing up, they nested in the tall tree in back of our house every year.Loved to listen to them singing every morning, just outside our bedroom window)
*package of "mum booster" (can hardly wait to try this on my mums)
*9(count them, "9")packages of seeds-who hoo
*LINDOR TRUFFLES!!!!!!!!!!!!! YUM!!!!!
*adorable socks with little purple flowers on them, in a cute handmad paper bag.
*Old and unusual buttons (big hint here) I plan to use them to make victorian ornaments for my tree, that way I will always have a special memory of my SS every time i hang them on my tree.
*container of "gingerbread coffee creamer" yummy!!
*the cutest snowman ornaments (several)
and everything was wrapped in long sheer curtains. I have every intention of painting a border along the bottoms and using them in my guest room. (grinZ)
Thank you so much my SS. I LOVE EVERYTHING!!!

your house is really coming along.

So sorry I missed saying Happy Birthday. BIG BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and a warm fuzzy birthday hug.

I try, but there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day. I have been able to take off (from both jobs) Thurs. and Fri (21st and 22nd) So, we can spend time with our family. We are really looking forward to it.

Love your pics. Glad you posted them. It is so "brown" here. The color is most welcome.

hugs. He is doing good. His testing and surgery has been rescheduled. We go the 18th for testing and orientation, and the 28th for his surgery. He will be getting a defib implant. Our younger son, and DH brother and sis in law will be going with us. And perhaps our oldest son as well. DD and her fiance' had appts that day, so they cannot be there. I just keep saying prayers that all will be well.

hugs to all,

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Hello all,

I'm so happy to see Dawn and Cindy back and Tamara thank you!

I can't get over how fast December has gone. It is hard to believe in 10 days another Chrismas will be behind us.I have a couple more things to buy then I'm calling it quits.

All that is up here is a tree with lights and no decorations on it.

Carol, your babies are so cute.

DH had to take one of my herd to the vet. Giving meds to her is like pulling teeth, and by the time you get it down her, you have it on everthing, the cat and yourself. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

I'm going to a new house to work starting Sunday night. We have 6 new clients in their early twenties that have aged out of the facility where there were at. Each and everyday I'm so thankful that I have not had to put any of my loved ones in a home and I can't imagine what people go through when this must be done. It is so stressful on both parties.

Well, I must get some housework done today. DH does a great job helping and I am so blessed to have him.

Jo, good luck with your DH and keep us posted.

Dawn, that package is coming to you it really is. I've just been so busy. When you least expect them, they will show up at your doorstep. I love the show and tell pictures and please keep them coming.

If I've left anyone out I sure didn't mean to.


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Hi All,
Quick post to let you all know, I found a BOAT load of E-mails in my SPAM folder, change my settings a bit so hopefully that don't happen again,
Going to be a bit, till I have time to catch up on everything:)Off to get things ready for the Christmas party:)Anita

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Morning everyone!!!!

Finally a few minutes to try and play catch-up.

Sent you an e-mail. Did you get it? Glad you had a great time on your mini vacation.

Love both your "growing home" AND "growing belly" pics. It is wonderful to see how well everything is going.

How did your party go?

Mine does very well about listening to the doc about everything but working around the house. He isn't terrible about it, but I do feel he overdoes a bit now and then. But, it has been so long he is really getting cabin fever.
I am so greatful that yours is doing so well. I am just "hanging in there" till we get past his surgery, and he is on the road to recovery.

this was a great swap.Thanks for hosting.

Those puppies are just the cutest. Of course, I love Jack russells. Mine is a standard, wire hair, and getting old, but he is our sweetie. Don't think I could choose just one of those little ones, I would have to take them both.(smiles)

How you doin? You have kinda been MIA as well.Hope everything is ok.

How are you out there in the snow and cold? Has it warmed up for you too?

Can you believe our weather? DH has been doing extra work outdoors. It has been just unbelievable.

Thanks again for posting those lovely pics. They really do brighten a day.

Where are ya girl? Miss you.

I am so happy that things turned out well for your sis. Hugs and prayers for continued health for ALL your family.

That is a lovely pic of your daughter. Easy to see where the photog gene comes from.

wow, seeds! You are worse than me where seeds are concerned.hehehe

Big cheery hello!

How are you? Please stop by and let us know how you are doing. Miss you.

You too, stop by and let us know you are still with us. Miss you as well.

We are working on Christmas gifts today. My youngest GD told us she wants a "Purple dollhouse"(she loves purple)Her mom and I stood there looking at each other with blank looks on our faces. Where on earth would we find a PURPLE DOLLHOUSE!!! Well, the old brain finally started to function. In the attic of my moms old house was an old handmade wooden dollhouse that belonged to our DD. We went there and got it. It needed some serious cleaning up. We washed it, today I will paint it a pretty light lilac, with purple trim. Then when she comes over to stay with us, we are gonna make furniture for it. I have popsicle sticks, paints, fabrics, and tons of other items, so she will be in "craft" heaven, she loves to do crafts with nana.I am gonna make our GS a bank that looks like a John Deere tractor, out of sculpey, he loves JD tractors, and has ever sice he could talk. For the longest time he called green and yellow, JD colors, not green and yellow.
For my other GD I have made her a set of 2 fleece cats with big pink bows. (she is the one who loves pink) and for our oldest GD we got her a bath set, with soap and gel, scrubber and salts, they smell so pretty. She is at the age where she really loves that kind of thing.
DH is gonna be wrapping some of the gifts today, so we are not still doing the wrapping on Christmas eve. LOL

Also, we got each of them a book that comes with an interactive CD at JoAnn's for $1. They have quite a few different titles to choose from.

guess it is time to get to work. Gotta pick up the house a bit, then it is time to paint the dollhouse.
have a wonderful day everyone,
big hugs to all,

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Hi Everyone.

We're waiting for a couple more to post about the Secret Santa swap, then we can start the guessing game.

Anyone heard from Ellen? I sent her several emails, but haven't heard back from her. Perhaps she's having computer problems.


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Okay got what should be bd news yesterday 17 yr old grandaughter is 2 mo pregnant, trying hard to be unhappy but I will get to see my great grandchild. she is gonna finish school and graduate this year. not gonna marry the daddy, he has a job and is gonna help her out. hugs to all I'm trying my best to be unhappy, she is in texas andI will be going in june or july for the birth, I told her it's been so long ago for me I would try to get answeres from Dawn if she has questions. hugsCarol

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Carol, it's okay to be unhappy about the circumstances but to still love the person and be proud that your lifeline is going to carry on and you will be able to love the baby.

My best friend emailed me today and said she became a great-grandmother twice over yesterday by 2 different grand-daughters! How often would that happen?

Cindy, no, I haven't got pictures of all the NOIDs but I do have them for some. I just wasn't up to gardening much this year.

Dawn,I can't believe how quickly you're growing! Got any walls up yet? I'm dying to see the nursery so hurry.

Annie, I hope your sister is feeling better now. I know you were all happy she didn't have cancer.

Barb, I love the black and white photo of your daughter. I have lots of old photos and love to look at them. That's Jacey's favorite thing to do when she's here, look back at old pics and make fun of us. lol

Happy thoughts for all of you and big hugs!


Friday I had a myelogram and CAT Scan of my back and have another appt. with the neurosurgeon on 1/3/07. I will be so glad to get it over with. If you have never had a myelogram, DON'T. I swear I believe that's the worst pain I've ever had. At least it's over now though. I'd appreciate all prayers you're able to offer.

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big warm(but careful and gentle) Hugs.
Will say lots of prayers.

Not sure you are getting my e-mails, I haven't heard back from you, so I have sent you an e-mail and I am posting here just in case.
Your package went out today, the DC# is 0306 0320 0004 1958 1062
Again, I apologize on how late it is. Hope you aren't too angry with me. hugs,


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barbamaman(z5/6 OH)


We took all 3 dogs to the vet - all had symptoms that could've meant big trouble - but their bloodwork was perfect! She concluded Luther might have food allergy so put him on a trout and sweet potato dog food.

I'm knitting like mad to finish up some things. We've been trying to locate a crib to beg, borrow or steal for Marie. I guess everyone else around here had the same idea cuz there aren't any. DH put up some lights so it's starting to look festive. Course it's 50 degrees mostly these days so the grass is still green.

Our well pump went out. It cost big bucks, so that's where our money will go for awhile. The water pressure is back and our wonderful clear water again!

Annie - I love hearing from you! You give such good glimpses of your life and family.

Cindy - Those Spacecoasts are just so beautiful!

Sharon - Laughed about your LilyAuction haunting. I do that, too, but like you I already have seeds to try. There are entirely too many different DL's!

Jo and Jean - It sounds as if both DH's are following dr's orders and getting better. Keep us posted when you can.

Jo, your dollhouse sounds so cute! It's nice to recycle the toys in the attic. It'll be fun to furnish and decorate. Great gifts - you are so creative!

Nancy - I've had all those tests, and some really hurt. I'm glad yours are over - hope you're feeling better.

Gloria and Dawn - What fun vacations to escape the midwinter gloom. I've always wanted to snorkle in those warm, clear waters. The beaches look so gorgeous in photos.

Carol - A GGrandma! If your GD gets help until she grows up all the way, she and that baby will be fine. You're right to be happy.

Everybody, please, tell us about your Christmas parties!

Nancy, your renovations look so good! I like the stairs better "after" too. The whole thing just looks great!

Dawn - what a house, what a view! I wonder if you'll ever have another year so full of wonderful big beginnings!

DH spends these nice sunny days cutting firewood. The days are about as short as they are going to get, and we've had very little cold yet.

Our electic coop magazine has an article on the return of bobcats to Ohio. Do any of you a bit to our south see them?

I've joined into several fun seed round robins this year and I'm doing one more because I couldn't resist drippy's theme garden swap. That's what I'll be doing right after Christmas, that and getting the very early seeds going.

We're pretty busy in the winter, with the animals to care for, and as far off the main track as we are. The winter birds are at the feeders now, and all the woodpeckers want to eat is cat food scraps.

We just got an old German clock from around 1910. I can't find any like it in the books so far, but it would be helpful if our library had more reference books on old clocks. It has the most endearing chime, just melodious and pleasant to hear. I'll try to research it more after the holidays, too.

You should see the dogs all flopped out around the woodstove! Their Christmas plans are all done!

Sleep tight,

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Take the back off your clock if you can. Many had lables inside.(sold one on e-bay last year, all the info was on the "inside") If it has the info, then you can look it up online.
good luck.

Has anyone heard from Gloria? I have sent her 3 e-mails, and no response. Just wondering if she is even getting them?

well, off to bed, I am beat,

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I have to run to work, but just wanted to stop in and say 'hi'. Burrrr, there is frost outsde again. What happened to the fall??? LOL

I stopped at gordon food service yesterday after work to pick up a desert for christmas that my dad really likes. I'm in charge of the desserts for christmas. Well, I spent $$$ there buying desserts. Theirs is so much better than what I could bake myself. Since this is my last day of work befor christmas, I am taking a nice HUGE chocolate truffle brownie sheet to work for everyone. Sure wish I could send you all a bit of it. :o)

I promise to come back tonight or tommorrow and say more.

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Got back from Pigeon Forge, Tenn. Thought of you Canna while there, the weather was just gorgeous..Really didn't seem like Christmas with 68-70 degree weather but loved it anyway.

Gloria-Got your great Christmas swap box and all I can say is thank you, thank you. I love it all.

Watering can-I absolutely love it..love the colors and will never let a drop of water enter it. LOL I am putting a roof over my deck and will definetely use this out there. They are working on it now and should have it done by the first of next week. Yeah.
Avon rich moisture cream---You know I love this stuff
Milk chocolate candy bar-Yum
Paperwhites for forcing-I can't wait to see these in bloom
Journal-Plan to use this, always needed.
Candy canes
Peppermint candy
Amaryllis 'Clown'-I love these...thanks a bunch
Plaque/with my name on it...Oh as you can see it is just beautiful..Another treasure to put out on my new covered deck.
Cross ornament inscribed with the Lord's prayer-Oh I will treasure this forever. I love things like this and will remember every Christmas when I place it on the tree who gave it to me.
What a nice surprise to come home to such a nice package.


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Oh no Shirley... you said the "G" word.

Well, it seems life has gotten in the way of few people from posting what they received. Instead of waiting I say
You can either post your guesses here or email me privately. I will tally up all the correct guesses and declare the winner on 12/24. As a reminder, participants are: Cindy, Shirley, Dawn, Marea, Jo, Sharon, Mary S, Debbie, Mary B, Anita, Meghan, Deni, Susan, Lisa, Carmen,
Betty, Carol, Rebecca, Gloria, Dianne, Paul, Ellen, and Laura. if you need a reminder of what each person received, let me know.

My apologies to those that sent gifts but their partner has not posted. I hope they will still go ahead and post what they received. Also, there may be a lost box, which I hope gets found.


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Paul, I'm in the mood for a little guessing this morning.
First I will make some educated guesses, then I will make some WILD guesses. LOL

I think...
Gloria sent to Shirley :o)
Marea sent to Debbie
Paul sent to Anita

Now for the Wild Guesses ...
Deni sent to Canna
Anita sent to Dawn
Sharon sent to Cindy
Shirley sent to Carol
Carol sent to Gloria
Canna sent to Sharon
Debbie sent to Carmen
Cindy sent to Paul
Mary S sent to Meghan
Meghan sent to Laura
Laura .... Mary S
Dianne sent to Betty
Betty .... Marea
Mary B .... Deni
Jo ... Dianne
Dawn ... Jo
Ellen sent to Susan
Susan ... Anita
Carmen ... Rebecca
Rebecca ... Lisa
Lisa ... Ellen
Ellen ... Mary B

Ok, that was fun! It will be interesting to see if any of my WILD Guesses were right.

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To my Secret Santa, my daughter had her progressive Girl Scout dinner last Thursday and we used the Christmas Napkins. The Paperwhites you sent are doing well, growing with a ton of roots already!

Carol, how cool to hang the wolf throw on your wall, and I loved the picture of your pot ghetto. I'm thinking I may have a Lily pot ghetto some day. Got a chuckle out of the little kitty cats at the end of your post. :o)
Thats hard news to hear about your Grandaughter. It's ok to be disappointed and to even let her know you are disappointed in her. But you are looking at the positive side and if she has family to support her, she will do well in life.

Dawn, have you found out the sex of Baby Biird yet? I too really liked Nancy's idea of saving the 'headless Prego' pictures.

Cindy, did you get those stockings filled?
I was outbid on those seeds. Just as well.
Can I post one of my all time favorite dls?
Here goes ... You know who ... it's Debbie Smith.

Barb, what a cute picture of your Daughter! You sound like you are keeping really busy with all of the things you are making.
Sorry to hear about your pump going out. I can sympathize. Our stove hood died, then our microwave is dieing, so for Christmas I'm getting a combination hood and microwave. We have bought it but are waiting till hubby gets time off after Christmas to put it in. Now our oven won't light. Hubby wants to work on it, but that scares me ... and it is already 15 years old. And we are spending big bucks to have all the wood trim on the house replaced with siding. Should have done that years ago. Hubby is getting too old and 'big' to do that on a 2-story house. We just laugh and tighten the belt a little more. Kind of wish we hadn't bought the cottage, but the kids keep saying it is worth it.

Jean and Jo, glad your hubbies are doing well.

Jo, love the idea of a purple dollhouse. Years ago my sister in law built a wood dollhouse for her daughter. It was a big hit then. She is saving it for her Granddaughter, whenever that is.

Shirley, very nice box you received!

Sorry I rambled on so long.

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Oh good grief...It hit me this morning what I did..Hey guess who my secret santa is!!!!! I should never have posted when in the frame of mind I was in last evening. I have never been so UPSET in my entire life. I have carpenters covering a deck on my house. Well unknown to me my DH decides to have them build an extension to another porch on the house. They did this over one of my flowerbeds. Needless to say I have daylilies, japanese irises, siberians, etc under concrete. They had the nerve
to tell me there wasn't anything there when they were digging to pour the posts. Hello I planted all that stuff with labels and I know the plants were there. I knew I was going to either cry or explode, it was the latter. I told DH he could get out that I never wanted to see his face again. It was bad. I just kept going out there with a flash light to try to make heads or tail of what was left. I am still mad this morning, all the guys here at work scattered when they saw I was in a bad mood.
Hope this passes soon it makes my head hurt.


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llbean(z5 MI)

Fellow DL friends..


I want you all to know that Mary B. Sent me a box and it apparently has been lost in the mail. The status says del. but it was not del. here.. THIS is ok.. I appreciate her time and thoughtfullness in preparing a box for me and she has sent me an email apologizing which was not needed from her. I did however ask her NOT (I REPEAT NOT, MARY ARE YOU LISTENING). to send me another box. I did however ask her to go to the dollar store and pick up some mittons and hats and take them to her local shelter or inner city ER where they can be given to little children in need.. Sometimes, this maybe the only gift they get. I have worked as a Nurse Practitioner in an inner city hospital for over 8 years now and to see the little faces light up is a gift beyond words. Besides, sometimes the parents can not afford to get their children these items due to the cost of the childs medications (esp. those with Asthama) I am blessed to have what I do, my health, family and friends.. Mary please do not send me anything else. I sent you an email, Lauren's grape poppy if you can find seeds would be great.. If not, then lets hosta swap in spring..
To everyone else.. Mary is a blessing and I appreciate her kindness, Please remember how blessed you are this Christmas for your health, new babies, homes and family. Oh and friends.. But remember that their are children who do get nothing.. Probably like me, your local dollar store sells gloves two for a dollar. One pair can make a difference.. SO can you.
Thanks again Mary and thanks Paul for hosting..
Merry Christmas to all....
Laura (beans)

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Hello everyone! Thank you for the warm welcome! I just wanted to quickly mention that my family & I are anxiously waiting to hear about my niece-or-nephew-to-be!! Which will it be?? We are so excited, and we will love that baby so much! The pictures don't do Dawn justice...She is much cuter in person!
Have a wonderful holiday!
Jenna (auntiebirrd)

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My Santa Box:)

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cannahavana(z7a Knoxville)

Yeeesh! Dawn where are yooooooouuuuuu! Your killing me!

Aunt Canna

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luvmybulbs(Z6 IL)

Thank you guys for the Birthday Wishes, spent the evening at a local bar with a bunch of friends. Couldn't ask for anything better.

I just can't find time to post. The boys are running my ragged. They are so excited for Santa to come. The oldest wants a Hamster and the little guy a Hover Craft. I can't wait for the Hamster.

Nancy your floor looks great. That is on my to do list-a kitchen floor in the tiled looked and wood in the dining room. Hopefully I will get that accomplished in 2007.

Carol-just try and help out your grand-daughter as much as you can. It is hard to people that young having babies. It is such a huge in their life.

OH that puppy is the cutest little thing.

Cindy on stocking stuffers- gloves, small cologne, flashlights, small tools-drill bits , just go to the automotive section!!! Love that spacecoast! I have to check if that is one I bought this summer.

Laura-I don't think I have welcomed you yet. I have been missing in action lately! But welcome to our group.

Shirley don't be too hard on DH, but I sure would be peed off too. My dad is good at coming over and weed whacking. It last year or the year before he took down a huge section of Trumpet Lily's!!! I about cried!

Dawn- boy-girl???

Well off to a hair appointment. Talk to you all soon.


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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

But most importantly, the baby is healthy and everything looked perfect to the ultrasound technician. We are so relieved and happy I can't even tell you. And to find out we are having a boy is just wonderful! We're walking on air right now. : )

The u/s tech. was just great and she made a video of the entire ultrasound and gave me a whole bunch of pics. Here you can see our sweet little guy, and in the 2nd pic he's even waving at us. : )

He was extremely active during the u/s and was just moving all over the place. Just sooooo neat!

Aunt Canna, sorry it took so long. My appt. was at 4pm, but they were running VERY behind and didn't take me in until after 5. DH celebrated with a Dominion Oak Barrel Stoudt. I had a water on the rocks. ; )

Angie (or anyone Mom or Grandmom to boys), i'd love all the advice you could give me. Our family is filled with girls and this is pretty much the first baby boy. We have NO boy experience. : )

auntiebirrd, I am so excited for our babies to grow up together. What fun we are going to have. : ) You are the best!

Shirley, I feel your aggravation. I'd be steaming mad too. I hope you are able to salvage at least some of the plants, and that you are feeling better today. HUGS

Laura, that was a wonderful post. I will do my part to donate to the needy this winter. And I hope the box turns up. If it was from Mary B., i'm sure it was filled with love.

Nancy, no walls up yet, but we have got lots of them built. DH said the longer we wait to stand them up, the better. What we are thinking now is that it's time to start the fireplace/chimney that runs up through the center of the house. Besides being decorative, it is structural as well. We will probably run that up before standing the walls in place. We won't face it yet....basically it will just be the "guts" of the fireplace.

It's killing me to wait to see the walls go up, but i'm being patient.

We bought 2 massive logs from a log home dealer yesterday to use as exposed beams in the dining room and living room. We aren't sure we really like them now and think we'll use them in the bedroom and get something different. I'd really like some old hand hewn barn beams if I can find them.

Anita, nice loot from your Secret Santa. : ) What will Santa be bringing baby David??

Susan, sorry I didn't get back to you yet....that email was so very interesting and I enjoyed the pictures. I printed it off and am keeping it. I've got some stuff to tell you and will write soon. It's wierd how much we have in common. : ) HUGS

Lots more to say, but I better go lay down for a bit. I want to relax and enjoy this special feeling I have. Words just can't describe how wonderful I feel. : )

HUGS to all,
~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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namso(Z5 OH)

Dawn-????legs crossed special????

Paul - i guess i sent Shirley my DH.

so sorry Shirley :(, he tries in his own sort of way. ill send postage so you can send the concrete king elsewhere :)

Barb - just loved your DD pic and posts. would love to see the drape :). i picked out some fabric for the LR windows but 7 years later (since we started looking), im waiting to replace some carpet to see if it will match. grin.

Sharon lol. what would you have done with all those seed anyway? ooohhh loved the Debbie Smith pic. ive wanted that one since you first posted and it just always seems to elude me....

Jean, maybe you'll come back and share some pics of that beautiful garden of yours? the newer ones havent seen and I need to drool a bit :). glad to see you post and happy to hear DH is doing well.

Carol, simple congrats here. My great gma came to my college graduation. She was so proud. So was I.

Annie, hows your sis doing?. Susan could do much more justice on the cats meds, but mine i crumble them with a simple mortar and pestle and put it in cat food with gravy. no problem at all, but shes a huge food monger.

Lauara, so sorry to hear Maryb's box is mia. her boxes are awesome. you are a kind and genereous soul. :)

Nancy, eewww even the name of that surgury sounds painful. i hope your feeeling better now and after the next. will keep you in thoughts and prayers. and happy to try and help with the id's when you are better :).

Angie, so happy to see you post. next set of pics i will post some of the perennial garden in a box you sent me :). next year i will be in the automotive lane. already done this one, wwwhhheweww....

Jo, aw i have to post the pics to get over the "brown" time of year. i havent heard that expression before but it is so apt. glad you liked. and so neat on your purple dollhouse, your GD will never forget :)

Terry Lynninger


Cindy O

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namso(Z5 OH)

Dawn, posting while you are. so HAPPY a big healthy BOY!!!

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Cindy I want Terry!!! Darn it!!!
Dawn, I was balling my a$$ off when jo called me, I will have to get back to you:)

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cannahavana(z7a Knoxville)

Hi BABY! Yay! I knew he was a boy. Now Jason can buy him a football!

Whew, I was worried about you. I was starting to think something was wrong! But, I check before going to bed and saw little TJ waving at us! Doug said that TJ Schoedel sounds like a great name for a Steeler QB or receiver, LOL!

((Big Hugs))
Aunt Canna

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Dawn, Congrats on the boy! Great to hear he was very active in the u/s. As he gets bigger he won't have as much room to move so he won't be as outrageously active as he is at this stage.

Cindy, remind me in the spring and I should have an extra fan of Debbie Smith to send you. She sets pods easily. :o)

Ok, I couldn't stand it, I've started my Head Turner x Head Turner seeds.

And did I mention to you ladies and guys that I bought varigated Cliva seeds from ebay a while back? 12 seeds + bonus in fact. Well, I did, and most of them have germinated. Then several weeks later, the seller (from China) sends me an email asking if I had received the seeds ... I emailed back saying yes I had and that I had already emailed her and had posted pos. rating and that I was extremely happy since most of the seeds had germinated. Then, I get a package with 13 more seeds!!!!! I emailed her back letting her know I had gotten the extra seeds and what to do? The seeds were kind of brown from the cold weather. She says just to keep them. I wasn't sure if they were still viable, but I planted them anyway and some of them are germinating ... So in a year of 2 I'm going to have a TON - way more than I want to keep - of Clivias!!!! Hint - you may be seeing these pop up in your gift boxes!!!!
I figured they were an early Christmas present. grin

Angie, glad to see you posting! And joy of all joys you didn't have a tree fall in your yard. LOL I got a chuckle out of going to the 'automotive section' for stocking stuffers. My hubby has been hinting all year that he wants a nice Maglite flashlight. So I told the kids to get him that for Christmas. They came back with the HUGEST one you can buy! About 2 1/2 feet long! HaHa! I had them go back out and buy 2 smaller ones to go with it. Of course I didn't say anything bad about the BIG one, just said a couple smaller ones with it would be even better.

Jenna, Talking about Joy of all Joys, you will have a little nephew to play with your daughter! smiling here.

Shirley, I'm heart broken for you. Can't think of anything to say to make you feel better...
Well, now you get to buy more plants to replace those you've lost ... does that help just a little?

Laura, sorry to hear about you not getting your SS gift, but your solution is Heart Warming.

Off to the dollar store to pick up little gifts for those Christmas Games (thanks Carmen). And then to the book store to pick up Moving Mars (thanks for the tip Marea).


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Dawn Congratulations I am so happy for you.

Little boys pockets hold amazing things, fish worms, apple cores, a mess of string. But nothing compares to the wealth one finds in little boys hearts and little boys minds.

Sounds like everyone had great SS boxes.

Laura~ Maryb is just an awesome trader, hope it shows up, because you would be in for a real treat, Ive traded with her the last 4-5 years. Bless your heart for the suggestion that you made.

Gee, the post goes so fast that it is hard to keep up, so if I miss anyone I assure you it was not intentional.

Cindy~ thanks for asking about my family. Sisters are doing great, and Shelby has to have some dental work done. Even though he goes to the dentist every 6 months, his teeth started going pot after the chemo. He never had a cavity before his insurance will not cover all the expense and Im glad we are able to help him out.

Barb~ I love the black and white picture of your daughter. They grow up so fast and before you know it out the door they go.

Carol~ your babies are so cute. It is going to break your heart when they go to new homes, or have you change your mind and are you going keep them :O)

Nancy~ My prayers are going out to you, I hope you get feeling better soon. Spring is just around the corner, it feels like it here anyway.

Shirley~My heart goes out to you and if there is anything that I have extra of you are so welcome to. Just let me know and it is yours. I would be honored to send you some plants in the spring for you to make a new garden.

Jo, and Jean glad to hear your DH are doing better.

Im off now until Christmas night, and boy am I happy for that. They made the mistake of putting packages under the trees, and they are like kids in a candy store. It wouldnt surprise me if they are all open by now.

My brother-in-laws birthday is Christmas and we are having a surprise party for him tonight. I better go and see what I can help out with.

Again, if I've left anyone out I sure didn't mean to.


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Just a quick post to rub in that I said boy, carol rules!!!
hugs Dawn, I have two boys and they were a joy, one still is
hugs to allCarol

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dian57(M-H Valley NY-5)

Veeja, that's too funny. One still is.
I raised two boys, too. They were loud, rambunctious, fast, always into something, always climbing, building, taking things apart, breaking something. Then they got older and got louder and deeper and smellier and more expensive.
Through it all, they were loving and kind and respectful and boys, then men, that any parent would be proud to claim.
My sister had two girls. They whined a lot.
God knew what he was doing sending me boys.

Son up to son down,
A mother's work is never done.

Boys rock!

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onesherri(z5 OH)

HI all. :)

Dawn, congrats on that little boy, he looks like he's already a football player.:) A little boy will keep you a little busier but nothing replaces the love a little boy has for his mama.

Annie, I love that poem. It so perfectly describes little boys.

Cindy, I love your pics as usual. Do you hide the good ones when I come??? Is there a hidden bed I am not allowed to see? LOL

Sharon, awesome on the seeds. You can never have to many.
Love your pics, you have such a perfect collection of daylilies.:)

Barb, I can certainly sympathize with you. It seems everything in my house has broken in the last month. My microwave, coffee maker, toaster and the biggest expense was my bathtub faucet just busted loose a ridiculous leak which ended up costing 400.00. Glad you were able to get it fixed and not let it ruin the holidays.
You should have your daughter photograph those dogs in front of the wood stove in black and white, would make great postcards or even christmas cards to send.

I would also like to welcome auntiebird to our group, glad to have anyone associated with our mamabird.:)

Everyone have a wonderful christmas and I will see you all back here afterward to tell us what your best and favorite gift was.:) Sherri

Shirley, you have to forgive the poor man, it is xmas.:) I know how you feel though, I had a clematis that was just huge growing on my fence and hubby tried to help me weed when I was pregnant and lo and behold he whacked the clematis at the base. I could have killed him. Down side, he refused to help me weed anymore. Good side, he doesn't know a flower from a weed.:)

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Dawn congrats!!!A baby boy..smiles..had two myself.Good times..mine both love sitting in my lap and snuggling.Teddybears,trucks..and so much more.

Pictues of my garden...Hmmmm

Joan Senior and Wild Mustang
Then to the brownest...

Then came the snow...so pretty...smiles

Sigh then back to the brownest again...no snow for us on christmas

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas
Hope all your homes are filled with family,noise and love...
Hugs Jean

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Dawn, congratulations. Amazing stuff.

Well... so far I only have two guesses: canna and Carol. I guess everyone's busy with Christmas and all... Remember, the guesses are due when the clock turns to Christmas.


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Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!


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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Hi everyone and Happy Christmas Eve!

I hope you are all enjoying the holiday. Santa will be coming soon!
I received the best gift today.....DH took the day off! He totally surprised me this morning and got up and began to get ready to go work on the new house as usual. Just as I was about to give him a kiss and send him on his way he said, "I'm staying home today!". I was so surprised and very happy he decided to take a rest.

Tomorrow will be spent visiting and our first stop is my Sister Amanda's house. This will be her first gathering as a married woman in her new home. : ) They are making orange-glazed ham.
Then it's off to see FIL, then we will be going to MIL's.

I will be back to catch up with all your posts, but want to thank you all for the wonderful comments about boys. : ) I had tears welling as I read them. You are all so great.....thank you!

Baby is moving around quite a bit. I am feeling him more everyday. DH is dusting off the ol' VCR and we are about to watch the tape from the ultrasound. Should make for a very special Christmas Eve.

You are all in my thoughts and I hope Santa is good to each of you.


Love & Hugs,
~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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Dawn, you're looking good and the baby waving with one hand and sucking his thumb on the other one is just to precious for words. Watching the video is something you'll always remember to tell him about his first (well, it is, lol) Christmas!

Jean, I think you got all the seasons in there. That's just perfect since we seem to be experiencing them every one this month. I love the snow pic, we don't get enough of that for me.

Cindy, thanks for offering to help me name my D/Ls when we get time. Shirley, I hope you'll at least let him come in for saying grace and give him a turkey leg so he won't starve. lol I'm so sorry he buried your flowers. I know that had to hurt since you have so many nice ones. Thanks for the well wishes and for the offer of

Annie I hope you had a great party for your birthday. Thanks for your prayers, I'll need them all.

The kids were here for the weekend but left after dinner today so they can be home tomorrow with Jacey for Christmas day. She was supposed to come here but her Auntie just adopted two babies and she wanted to play Santa for them. She said since she doesn't believe in Santa anymore it would be just too much fun to be him! lol I can't wait to see pics.

Angie, I'm so glad to see you again. I thought you had left us. Merry Christmas! Be good to those boys for Christmas and don't make them sleep late.

It sounds like there are a lot of boys in this family. No wonder we love 'em so much!

My sister's grand-daughter asked if 6:30 was too early for them to get up for Santa tomorrow morning and her parents didn't answer so Susan said, "6:30"? are you kidding? Your mom and aunts were ALWAYS up by 4:00!!! LOL Do ya'll think that may have been payback? Of course mom and dad decided that 6:30 was quite early enough.
I don't think I welcomed Laura and auntiebird either but we're so happy that ya'll decided to join us.

Merry Christmas to all and I didn't mean to leave anybody out. I hope Santa is good to all and that Jesus is looking down on your babies in their cribs tonight no matter how old they are. God bless!


    Bookmark   December 24, 2006 at 10:56PM
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It's Christmas and I'm the first to type it. Ho Ho HO!
MERRY CHRISTMAS! Just waiting for the kids to wake up and check out their stockings!

I just love the puppy pics.

And a boy for Dawn. Congrats! They are so much easier than girls!

Loving all the flower and house pics too. You folks really went all out on our Christmas boxes. NIce warm fuzzies hugs.

Oh the kids are up... Let the mayhem begin!


    Bookmark   December 25, 2006 at 7:52AM
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cannahavana(z7a Knoxville)

Merry Christmas to my favorite Daylily peeps!

Love to you all!

    Bookmark   December 25, 2006 at 10:10AM
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Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Baby D gave me his bug for Christmas, so I won't be doing anything today:(Anita

    Bookmark   December 25, 2006 at 11:00AM
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Merry Christmas All,

It sounds like everyone is having a good one, and I'm glad to hear that.

Nancy, thanks for the birthday wishes, but it is not my birthday LOL. Hey, the years pass by quick enough. I really don't care that I am getting older, and I don't worry about the grey hair but I do miss the energy.

It is quiet around here today. Shelby is at his in-laws,and that is fine,they spoil him rotten. I would be sad if they didn't.

I did go in to work for an hour this morning to help a new girl with the van lift, I remember how afraid I was of it when I first started. Paper was flying when I walked in, they were having a grand time opening their gifts. It is amazing the little things that make them happy. It makes one appreciate the things we do have.


    Bookmark   December 25, 2006 at 12:00PM
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Merry Christmas to everyone. Hope Santa was good to each and everyone. I'm feeling some better about the concrete and flowers, but still sad about it all.

Annie-Thanks for wanting to share your flowers with me but not necessary as I still have lots. Do hope we can do some trading in 2007. I didn't have any hostas or bearded irises in that bed. I meant to write down all the flowers in that bed but never did. That's what I get for putting things off.

Anita-Sorry to hear you have a bug. Alot of the kids at our get together Sat. night were sick. They just sat on parents laps and did not play or anything. That is the first sign a child is not feeling well. Hope Little David had a Merry Christmas. I'm sure he did with grandma Anita buying. Dawson and his sister Brittney are the only grandkids on three sides so they are very lucky. They get all the attention and presents.

Dawson on Christmas Eve:

Sharon-If you get my name in swaps next year I love clivias. The varigated would be awesome.

Dawn-A little boy...how wonderful....I think the first child being a boy is special...I had a daughter first but wanted a little boy first. Yes it is very different raising little boys. Dawson loves carrying things in his pockets. It is a little boy thing. He picks out all my rocks in the indoor plants and puts them in his pocket when he is here.

Jean-We haven't seen any snow thus far this year. It is raining here today. We have actually gone through entire winters with no snow. Like your pictures.

Nancy-DH swore he told the carpenters there were flowers in that bed and they would have to dig them up and put them in buckets but who knows. He knew I would be mad when he saw what they did. Not a flower did they dig up and put in any buckets. I wonder if they are that dumb???
Sorry Paul and Cody but there is a thing called common sense.

Sherrie-DH doesn't know flowers from weeds either. But he will call me and ask alot of the time when he is weed-eating.

Sharon-After I pay this roof bill I won't have money to buy a tulip bulb. LOL I had no idea it was going to be this expensive. I was thinking around $5,000.00 not even close. $5,000.00 won't even pay the carpenters. I told DH if I had known it would cost this kind of money I would have chosen a garage over the deck roof.

Cindy-How much postage money do you have? LOL

Angie-That is so sweet of your Dad to help you out. It's hard to get mad at someone trying to help.

Paul-I will sit down and try to figure out the guesses for the Christmas boxes. Thanks for hosting such a fun swap this month.


    Bookmark   December 25, 2006 at 1:50PM
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Merry Christmas everyone!!! I hope it's been a great one.

Sorry Annie, my bad, I meant to say I hope your party for your Brother-in-Law was a good one.

    Bookmark   December 25, 2006 at 6:01PM
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Shirley, I knew your birthay was right around Christmas and I was so disappointed when I checked today and it said the 24th. Anywho, I thought of you!
I see that Cutie Dawson having a blast on Christmas Eve!
Here's to hoping that I get your name in a swap and WILL send you clivias!!!

Jean, great pictures.

Paul, I made some guesses, but I made them on this forum, don't bother looking for them though, most of the quesses are wrong for sure.
Hey, did you get that email from me about the SS gift?

At our Christmas Gathering we played several of the Christmas games from the website and had a great time!


    Bookmark   December 26, 2006 at 4:34PM
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namso(Z5 OH)

Happy Belated Birthday Shirley! hope it was a very wonderful one :)


    Bookmark   December 27, 2006 at 8:02AM
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I hope your birthday was happy, sorry I'm late but the wishes are just as strong.


    Bookmark   December 27, 2006 at 2:43PM
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Well, everyone, there was a mix-up earlier. I was in 2 Secret Santa Swaps. I thought the first box I received was from the TD Secret Santa, so I posted here what I got in that box.

But just today, Dec. 27th, I received my Secret Santa box from my TD's Secret Santa.

I felt pretty bad about the mix-up since the person from the other swap thought her box had been lost in the mail. She personally delivered me a second box on Christmas Eve. Her and her husband drove out of their way on Christmas Eve to make sure I received my Christmas box before Christmas.

Here is what I received from my TD Secret Santa:
Candle Wall Sconce
Beef Steak Nuggets
Pay Day Candy bar
Christmas kitchen towel
4 books about cats
pear candle
Lubriderm lotion
hand sanitizer
wreath ornament
dangling earrings

Thank you,

    Bookmark   December 27, 2006 at 7:30PM
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Happy Belated Birthday Shirley, I'm so sorry we missed it:(
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, still not up to par yet but Baby D is over it now, thank the lord, was not much fun having Ritz crackers & chicken broth for Christmas, but is was better than nothing:)Anita

    Bookmark   December 27, 2006 at 8:06PM
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Secret Santa Swap Winner:


Whoever has the TD trophy please pass it on to Carol.color>

It was a tie so I made an executive decision. Gave the prize to the person with the most uneducated guesses... they say sometimes it's better to be lucky than good :-).

Correct answers were:
Cindy to MaryS
Shirley to Rebecca
Dawn to Carmen
Marea to Debbie (most got this correct)
Jo to Carol
Sharon to Jo
Mary S to Deni
Debbie to Lisa
Mary B to Laura
Anita to Dianne
Meghan to MaryB
Deni to Susan
Susan to Dawn
Lisa to Betty
Carmen to Marea
Betty to Cindy
Carol to Meghan
Rebecca to Gloria
Gloria to Shirley (all got this one)
Dianne to Ellen
Paul to Anita (all got this one too :-)
Ellen to Sharon
Laura to Paul

I hope y'all had fun. Thanks and happy new year!

    Bookmark   December 29, 2006 at 12:03AM
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Oops... I forgot to say thanks to Sharon for "guessing" wrong on who she sent to... I assume to throw everyone off :-). I counted that one correct :-).

    Bookmark   December 29, 2006 at 12:06AM
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Congrats Carol on winning the Secret Santa Swap!!!

    Bookmark   December 29, 2006 at 8:23AM
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Congrats Carol..smiles

Sending wishes out to all of YOU
For a Happy New Years!!!

Hey we got snow,or should I say its snowing.

Hugs to all,Jean

    Bookmark   December 29, 2006 at 10:53AM
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Hi Everyone,

I have been MIA again, sorry.

Happy Belated Birthday Shirley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big Congrats, I will get the trophy ready to go out ASAP.

DH had his tests, and we just got home today. He did get the defib implant. He is a bit tender, but otherwise he is fine. I am breathing easier. I lived in constant fear he would have another fatal one when no one was there to help. But, now I know he will be ok. I have been saying prayers. Things got changed all around and instead of driving for 30 minutes to the local heart and vascular hospital, we had to drive nearly 2 hours to a different one, as the surgeon couldn't come down to do the surgery there, like he had planned. But, all is well, and we are planning on celebrating big time (without any alcohol) for New years.
We had a good Christmas, but our oldest son did not make it after all. I had a good cry, but am thankful the reasons he couldn't make it were nothing bad. We do not know when we may be able to get together again, as our youngest will be going to Iraq in March. So, I will just continue to say prayers, and try to keep the faith that sometime we may all get to spend Christmas together.

Thank you so much for hosting such a fun swap, and another big thank you to my secret santa Sharon for a wonderful box of goodies.

hugs to all,

    Bookmark   December 29, 2006 at 6:16PM
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mellen(4a/5-ctrl. IA)

Dear Jo, It's been ages since I posted, but I do keep up on reading them. But when I read about your husband and sons, I just felt I needed to say something. How wonderful for hubby, you, and family that he finally had the surgery. An answer to prayers, praise God! I can also feel your hurt at not seeing your son over Christmas. I do wish there was something I could do to ease that. Having our son out of easy driving distance makes for tough times, too. We had not seen him since August. As for your youngest, he has my utmost respect! Also being his mom, you must be proud but also apprehensive. I will be adding him to my list of people that I pray for. May I know his name? I hope your New Year brings your glorious and joyous times with your family. Mary Ellen/Mellen

    Bookmark   December 29, 2006 at 7:14PM
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barbamaman(z5/6 OH)

Hi - Sorry I haven't been posting much. A touch of winter gloom, I think.

We had a nice little Christmas with 2 of our 4 daughters home. GD Marie was here, still not quite walking but doing absolutely everything but! She ate an amazing amount of pancakes this morning, then DD and husband bundled her off to his parents. They fly home tomorrow. Boy, the house was littered! Baby is in the container phase - put things in, take things out, etc. It was fun watching her open presents - she sure can do that efficiently! She's my perfect wintertime blossom.

Marie Playing with Acorns

I received a Night Blooming Cereus. With the cuttings Susan sent, it seems I suddenly have 5 Epis! I will be emailing you, Paul!

Paul, I think everybody enjoyed your Secret Santa Swap!

Jo - So glad to hear your husband's heart is safer now.

Happy New Year and Birthday both, Shirley! I thought of you before, I remembered it after, does that count???

The lining for my new drapes came - again! The well pump went out and we had to spend mucho dinero to get it fixed, but our water pressure is up and we have our wonderful clear water again. That has been the best well!! The dryer of course broke down just when all the family was here, and baby needing a change of clothes all the time. DH fixed it. He got the railing up on the big loft room over the Big Room so Marie wouldn't fall off. That is one more house detail done!

Jo - That crazy huge Helleborus foetidus you sent is preparing some enormous, bizarre, over the top blooming fit. A smaller one is doing a more modest show.

And Harry Lauder is in bloom! Which is remarkable because DH nearly burned him to the ground when the rain got in his power plug to a string of lights and caught fire. Harry never looked so festive! But little damage was done.

Such a busy holiday! Oh, and DD#@ arrived with almost no brakes on her car and a job to return to in MI in 2 days. Our good local mechanic, may he be blessed and rewarded!, fixed it THAT DAY!!

Watching and worrying about everybody who is sick. Reaching out in my heart to sons and daughters overseas. Love to your old folks, too, as our parents now need all the love we can gather. Teensy hugs to Baby Schoedel! Bigger hugs to all the other kids.

Happy New Year, the best to all of you!


    Bookmark   December 29, 2006 at 8:29PM
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Barb, what a cutie. I am happy to be a winner but paul did you have to say you picked the dumbest person to win, I think that may be an insult, but too dumb to be sure. Thankyou for the beautiful note cards. I meant to order some from you but must have forgotten. Jo My prayers are with you, I have one son I don't see,, even tho he lives 20 miles away he send a post card every few weeks to say he is alive and loves me tho. my daughter was in Iraq last year so I know how you must be feeling. give him my love and thankyou for keeping us safe. my kids go next week here is the last pic I took of themhugs

    Bookmark   December 29, 2006 at 9:09PM
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Thank you Mary Ellen and Barb.

Mary Ellen,
His name is Devlin. He was very disappointed that his brother didn't make it. He has not seen him in 3 1/2 yrs. I had asked that all 3 of our children be here for Christmas, that was all I wanted, because we have not had all the family together for Christmas in over 10 yrs. When they all said they would be here, I was over the moon. Then, 3 days before, our oldest e-mailed us. (I felt so bad, he said he just couldn't call, he was feeling like a big jerk) He said that there were several reasons he couldn't make it, none by themselves were insurmountable, but stack them together, and he just couldn't get past them all. I know he felt terrible, he wanted to be here so badly. To see us and his brother before he goes. But, it just wasn't to be. I just keep saying prayers, it helps me.
Thank you so much for adding him to your prayer list. All of our young men and women in the military need our prayers so very much. I make it a point to personally thank any I meet. And to give them a hug as well, if they let me. I so truly appreciate all they do, so that we can sleep safe here at home.

Have a great night everyone.
hugs to all,

    Bookmark   December 29, 2006 at 9:09PM
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Posting same time as you.
thank you so very much.
I will show your thanks to our son. He says very few people he has met ever bother to say much of anything to him, let alone,thank him. So, your thanks will mean A LOT.

big warm hugs,

    Bookmark   December 29, 2006 at 9:16PM
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Jo-Hate your son did not make it for Christmas, I know how disappointing it must have been. Glad DH is doing fine. I know how relieved you must be now that he has had the surgery. Yes please tell Devlin how thankful all these gardeners are that he is keeping us safe. Prayer is one of the greatest things we can do for our servicemen and women.

Jean-Snowing huh...It is so beautiful coming down, but I always want it gone the next day.

Carol-You are a riot woman....You must keep you DH entertained with your wit and charm. I love the puppy on the left, wish I could have gotten him.

Anita-Hope you are 100% better. Maybe now you can have a feast since you only had soup and crackers to eat for Christmas dinner.

Barb-Oh that Marie is precious...so intent playing with the acorns.

I can't believe everyone guessed Gloria sent my SS box..LOL

I think everyone owes me a prize for giving them that awesome hint.


    Bookmark   December 29, 2006 at 11:43PM
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Carol, congratulations on being the big winner and so sorry you are a little on the dim side. Keep hangin' with this bunch and you will learn a lot, garunteeed! Your babies are so, so cute. I have a new granddog/son. He's a 10 week old lab and precious but he sure does have sharp teeth. My DIL said her ankles look terrible from him biting them when she gets out of the shower. Sounds like she's a little dim too. lol

Jo, such great news about your DH. I know you had a huge sigh of relief when you could go back and see him and that you said lots of prayers both before, during and thanksgiving ones after. I thank him for mine constantly! I add my prayers for your son and hope that he will know that we are all truly praying for his and every other soldier's safe return and that they will accomplish what they can. I don't know if I told ya'll that my nephew has joined the Navy. He's 30 years old and I didn't think they'd take anyone that old. It wasn't his first choice but they are the only ones who will. He will go in in March.

Anita, hope you're over the bug and glad baby D got well for Santa. Even though you had soup and crackers it was good for you. You know what mama says, chicken soup is good for the soul.

Jean, thanks for the Happy New Year! I'm so jealous of the snow you're getting. I'm hoping we get some this year. We had a flurry last week but I slept thru it of course. Since I'm not working, I'm staying up almost all night and sleeping way too late but I can't do anything else and the bed feels so good, trust me!

Barb and Shirley both of your little grandchildren are so sweet looking. I just know they're both angels. Barb, now you know how to get things done around the house, INVITE COMPANY to stay with babies. No, I'm really glad you got things fixed. I know what you mean about it being expensive working on the well.

Dawn, I hope everything is going along with your house and that the baby is letting you have a little rest. You'd better get it now. It's so nice that your sis and you both are having them so close together, you can babysit and give each other nights or mommy's days out.

I add my Happy New Year to the rest of them.

God bless all and keep you safe.

Love to all,


    Bookmark   December 30, 2006 at 2:14AM
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barbamaman(z5/6 OH)

I read everything here, every word, and I have such concern for all of you with difficulties. If worry ever did any good, then you should have some help on the way! Hugs and more hugs, virtual tho they may be.

Someone asked me to show some of my knitting. I usually pack it up and send it off, and forget to take a picture. Here's the sweater set I made for Marie, and one of the sets of fingerless gloves I did for the daughters.

The buttons are strawberries!

And our Christmas dinner this year was yummy but not too traditional...

Here's the Big Room, it's sort of rectangular to the back, and octagonal to the front, which would be the left in this shot. D'ya think I need more houseplants??

The real triumph was to get that table cleared off. That happens about once a year.

Anybody here ever play Cranium? We had lots of fun with it!

My pictures are all a little blurry this time. Maybe the battery was about to go.


    Bookmark   December 31, 2006 at 12:39AM
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