First freeze of San Antonio

phoenix7801December 11, 2012

So how is everyone's plants doing so far. At my house alot it was OK and at the gardens I don't think we got too low.

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

It was pretty benign here too. Just a few very tender plants that were out in the open froze back, elephant ears, etc. No freezes are predicted for the next ten days so with this nice weather I'll be busy digging up plants that got too much sun, or didn't get enough, and moving them to conditions more to their liking. Hopefully someday I'll get every plant in the right place. Incidentally, there's a nice little crop of oranges on my young Satsuma. They are very sweet and seedless. Their first few fruits last year were on the sour side.

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jardineratx(zone 8, Texas)

We've had 29-30 degree lows the last two nights, but the damage has been pretty minimal. I brought my container plants onto the covered back porch and laid a thick layer of hay to protect the roots of my lemon, satsuma and grapefruit trees. I left my angel wing begonias and my jatropha tree unprotected and their foliage is pretty well killed off, but I think (hope, actually) they will come back from their roots. In the meantime, I am debating whether I should cut my pentas, angelonias, lantanas, hibiscus, plumbago, etc. down or leave them alone for the rest of the winter.

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Worst night was last night...25.9. The night before was 29.1 and forecast for tonight says 32. Some of the foliage is wilted and there's a few plants that probably won't recover. Oh well, it's winter and I bet you're glad you don't live up in these hills! Strangely enough I saw a Common Mestra butterfly today...not sure how it survived, but good for it! Otherwise, I've seen sulfurs, one Red Admiral and several American Lady butterflies. My little winter hummingbird is still showing up also! Hope the feeder wasn't frozen when it came today...I forgot to warm it up this morning.

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