Best lilac for Central Texas?

Xtal(z8b Temple. TX)December 9, 2007

Does anyone know which variety does better here? I've never actually seen a lilac, much less one in bloom. Do they need acid soil? If so, that's probably why I haven't seen one.

Thanks for your opinions!


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My husband would like one too but I didn't think they would grow here. Did you ever get that email I sent you?

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denisew(z8 TX)

A neighbor of mine has one, but I haven't seen much blooms from it. It tends to look real scraggly in our Texas heat. I think they are better suited to up north. Instead try a vitex, also called chaste tree.

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hitexplanter(8 a)

I agree with a vitex being a much better choice. Texas A&M is working on a lilac for the south but still haven't heard any new news so it may be a few to several years before some experimental ones become available to try.
Happy Growing David

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brarygrl(z8 TX)

I've always heard that a "Persian lilac" can withstand TX heat, better than the French varieties grown up north, but I've never actually seen one of these so called Persian varieties growing...

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patsy_b(z8 Tx)

Betsy Ross (white) has done great for several years with morning sun and afternoon shade at Moody. Same blooms and fragrance as the purple.

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ltcollins1949(9a TX)


You mention a "Persian lilac". The only thing that I can find on the web about it is its botanical name Melia azedarach L. It also goes under other common names including chinaberry, Chinaberry tree, Chinaberrytree, Indian lilac, lelah, paraiso, pride of India, white cedar. It is considered an invasive by the Invasive Species organization and by the Invaders of Texas organization. Please do not plant it as it is highly invasive.

Thank you!

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The latin name of Persian Lilac is: Syringa persica. This is a true lilac.

It is on A&M's recommended plant list for El Paso. So, I assume it would do well in Waco.

However, since Ltcollins couldn't find anything using the common name and I was only able to find a few links using the botanical name, I don't think this plant is commonly available in the nursery trade.

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I have a neighbor here in Dallas with a Syringa X persica. It was covered in blooms this past spring. The scent was just about the same as I remember lilacs in Ohio. Though the flower heads are a bit smaller. I haven't been by since, so I don't know how it did during the summer, but the plant was an old one.

You can find plants on-line. They'll be small, probably, but I'd give it a try... As a matter of fact, I plan on doing just that myself.

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My grandmother in Michigan had so many lilacs... I used to cut and cut them and bring them inside. A sure sign of spring. What about Texas mountain laurel? We have an old one in our yard, and I actually like this more than the vitex tree. It smells so much like what I remember of lilacs, perhaps a little more grapey, but overall has a similar personality as lilac.

also - I was looking up lilacs and came across this discussion about lilacs and persian lilacs on the southwestern gardening forum --

Here is a link that might be useful: lilac bushes

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olgaflowers(8 - DFW)

I second what Jeffreyed said, I also have It I found mine
at Walmart, Here was what is written on the tag.
Purple Persan Lilac
Syinga x Persica
Mine is also very small, But I'll keep it because It does
Bloom very Cute flowers !! Telling me it's Spring.
Good luck, Olga

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Xtal(z8b Temple. TX)

Thanks to everyone that responded. I've got 3 vitex going right now. So, I'll be looking forward to their blooming next year. I didn't realize that they were that fragrant.


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I just pulled up this thread because I bought a Persian lilac at Lowe's today. I am really looking for information about planting an fertilizing. I'm thinking of locating it where it will get afternoon shade in order to mitigate some of the heat.

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mistigardens(TX 7/8)

Go for the Persian Lilac. It is the best for our area. Those who posted they planted Vitex, I just hope they planted them far from any stucture. Vitex can get quite large without regular pruning.

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