Growing ginger in Houston

rumbum(9)December 9, 2013

I just received a few ginger bulbs. They already have stalks with the leaves cut back. The guy I got them from said this is a cold hardy variety; probably to the teens. Should I plant them now or wait for spring? If I wait how do I store them until then? Also any other suggestions would be appreciated I am using a long trough planter which is about 10" deep I guess. Thanks!

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Lynn Marie

I don't think you can screw them up. I'd go ahead and stick them in the ground as soon as the temps aren't quite so arctic!

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I had success with my ginger (simple stuff purchased at the grocery store) by soaking it overnight before planting.

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plantmaven(8b/9a TX)

Sounds like shell ginger. When you plant it, does so with plenty of room. A neighbor gave me 3 pieces in 2008 or 09. It increased to the size of a truck tire by this summer. A family that lives on a farm came and dug it up for their place.
I loved it, but I have a small yard.

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it could be one of several different, alpinia, hedychium or even a different one.
No need to soak it overnight, you can rot ginger.
Stick it in the ground and mulch it for winter.
Full sun for alpinia or shell ginger, the hedychiums like a bit of protection from afternoon sun. Costas-unless variegated will stand full sun.
bury the rhizomes really shallow.
Tally ho!

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Sadly I left it in a fruit bowl during the cold snap and it molded. Maybe I will try with some store bought ginger.

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