Giant philodendron fell over

adsckuDecember 31, 2012

My philodendron finally fell over and there was no way I could get it back up. Looking for advice on cutting it or just leaving it alone. There are 2 others that have come up around this one over the years, so I'm thinking the best to do is cut it, but .... I had a board holding it up for a long time and as you can see in the photo, its bent right over the board.I thought about cutting it 6 inches or so above the sprout shown. Thanks for any advice. Jim

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

I have only grown this when I lived in Hawaii and we considered them an attractive nuisance plant that would eat your house if you turned your back on it and took a nap. One could do anything to it and it would not die. I imagine that one could cut the top off and it would grow roots where there are already roots growing from it. They are naturally a hugely thick vine that is looking for a fat Palm , any tree to climb up and strangle.The below part will send off new growth points. , but wait for others because my experience is from when I grew them in a tropical area.

I had an awful experience when I moved here from Hawaii and lopped off a precious ti plant that was leggy and awful in my opinion and it died. In hawaii it would have sent out many branches and the treatment would have made it thrive. I am no longer a knowledgable person on the subject of tropical plants.

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tx_ag_95(7/8 Lewisville)

Well, all I know is what my mother did with her's in San Antonio. She had a couple in pots that eventually became too big and too rooted into the ground to move, so they got covered with blankets every freeze. Then, they decided to retire and travel extensively, which required moving all the potted plants north to DFW. So, they took one of the smaller offshoots that had sprouted up and potted it in a large pot to bring to me. It's thrived. I had to repot it into a larger pot after a couple of years, and should probably do so again this spring.

Thanks for the native information, Mara! I'd wondered why they grew that way, but (obviously) never enough to go research it.

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I grow these in Rockport. Mine froze I cut them as close to the ground with a power saw. Probably only 8 inches above the ground, mine were as thick as the one in the picture. I went way down past where green was showing. It took the plant 2 years to come back. The original trunk rotted out, and new growth came from the sides of it. I am glad I went as low as I did, because it is now managable. It was getting too large. Mine are planted in the ground. I did the same thing with my giant bird of paradise, it also is coming back 2 years after I wacked it down, from side shoots. Barbra

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What u have is a philodendron tree. Your board made me smile as I have done the same. My main trunk is fine this was one of the branches. I let it fall over and put the part of the branch that bent over a big pot with water. It started rooting. Now that it has its own two types of roots the long branch connected to the main tree died. I can put it in the dirt at any time. So you can do the same, or cut it and pu it inside in water till spring.

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tx_ag_95(7/8 Lewisville)

Yes, there was a section of "trunk" with mine that definitely died, and attracted what I think are carpenter ants. They didn't bother me OR worry me UNTIL I needed to move the pot into the greenhouse for the winter. I'm very forgiving of "pests" as long as they don't bite/bug me when I'm outside OR threaten my house. :)

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

I had two large ones freeze completely in 2011. Thought they were gone and cut it off at the ground. Both grew back from the roots and are doing very well though they are smaller.

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You have a couple of choices, they like to snake along the ground so you can just leave it be. But, here in our climate, like HI they get big enough to eat your house. You can whack it off and root it, they root like weeds. Try throwing it in the compost pile and it will just grow there.
My neighbor has one that they cut to the ground every couple of years when it starts to block the pathway. Thought is died in Ike but it took off and tripled in size. I had to laugh at her yard man out there trying to chop at it with an axe!
Tally HO!

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Thanks everybody for the advice. I went ahead and cut it off a little above the shoot thats coming out. After reading alyx c post above, I decided to take the part I cut off and stick it in the ground. I cut off most leave and tried to save all the roots I could. We've had lots of rain, so the part that about a foot down is surely in the water. I'll let yaw know if it roots. Thanks Again, Jim

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