Question as to when should I start my Japanese morning glory seed

honeybunny2(Z9TX)December 28, 2012

I purchased 50 Japanese morning glory seeds, I would like to start them indoors with cactus mix. Problem is I don't know when to start them. Does anyone know the best time to start from seeds. The instructions said to soak the seeds overnight before planting, no other instuructions. I think they need to go in partial shade. I have only had one MG Grandpa Ott, given to me by Kathy, and it took over my yard. I understand the Japanese MG are not invasive.I loved the Grandpa Ott, but it reached the top of my 20 ft palm trees, so I had to remove it. Barbra

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I grow various Japanese Morning glories.
I do soak my seeds, but have never started them indoors.
I like to start my seeds sometime in March.
They grow pretty fast. I usually sow about 4 seeds in each pot, using regular potting soil.
They are not as invasive, although the only MG's I had this year were volunteers from last years dropped seeds.
I grow mine in morning shade.
You could probably get good information on the vine forum.

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