My confederate jasmine has gotten crispy...any idea why??

i_love_my_catDecember 8, 2010

I bought a good-sized (about 3 feet tall) confederate jasmine approx. 1 month ago. Unfortunately, I bought it before I was actually ready to plant it...I know. )-: So, after I finished building its trellis (about 2 weeks later), I planted it in the ground. While it was still in its nursery pot, it was outside and was watered.

Now, however, almost all of the leaves have gotten crispy, for lack of a better word, and they fall right off with the slightest touch. The leaves that are coming off are still green, but are clearly dried out. I have, of course, continued to water it after I put it in the ground, but the crispiness issue doesn't seem to be getting any better...and if fact, is getting worse.

Did I let it dry out too much before planting it, and now it's too late to revive it? Or did it maybe already get cold damaged? The roots looked healthy when I planted it, so I don't think it's anything related to that. And I've checked pretty closely for pests and haven't found any...

I'm wondering if I should prune it way back and see if it'll grow when spring gets here?

Thank you for any ideas!!


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I think it was damaged by the cold. I'd say cut it, provide a good winter protection and hope for the best.


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