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tom8olvr(Z5 MA)September 22, 2008

the start of tomato sauce (with cherry tomatoes) can't let them go to waste!

Indian Stripe:

Shared this one in a previous thread, but I like it so much!

Cherokee Green

I'm not recalling what this one is -

This is the love apple sliced... LOVE IT! Talk about porn baby!

This year, I'm most impressed with the taste of Cherokee Green and Indian Stripe (IS also with production - lots of beautiful tomatoes!)- BUT I just got a few LATE varieties that are starting to turn - and looking foward to trying those!

Anyone else?

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Very nice! How long did it take to skin those cherries?


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My gosh, how beautiful! You've inspired me to plant more heirlooms!!!! Did you grow these in the ground or in pots? Also, what was the name of the cherries?

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I LOVE the Apple Tomato. Is it yummy?

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tom8olvr(Z5 MA)

The cherries really aren't that bad to skin - just pop them
into the water, take them out and then pinch them after
they've cooled. They slide right out of their skin.
They really aren't THAT bad.

I have a raised bed that I fit about 20 plants in - and another
plot along a fence that I fit an addition 20 plants in. I have
issues with sun (or not enough) - I throw tomatoes in where ever I get enough
sun. The cherries are: Sungold, Isis Candy, Dr. Carolyn, Green Grape,
and Black Cherry. I was most impressed by Sungold.
The size is PERFECT for popping - the others are larger cherries.
Although they're so prolific - cherries - I couldn't eat them
all, so thats why I was making sauce out of them! :)

My father used to tell as story about me mixing up the plants
as a kid and my grandparents recieving plants that were all
cherries and they were making sauce out of them. He used to
think that was pretty funny... I think he mixed them up
and relished the thought of my grandmother skinning the little
suckers... but I digress. I didn't find it all that daunting.

As for the love apple - I've cataloged my seeds this year and
looked up the tomato - the only tomato that little love
could be is Ananas Noire (thanks to Jeff W). And Trudy, it's fabulous!
I like the taste, and I like the color - very different,
but the texture is just so wonderful - soft
but not squishy - and smooth inside the locules... It
really is a LOVELY tomato. Recommend it!I have
been having so much fun with my tomatoes this year... and
it's not like I haven't grown a lot of varieties in the past,
but being able to document (I'm finally in the digital age)
and share my experiences of tomatoes has just been the greatest
Here's a few pictures of Ananas Noire cut up:

Here's another pic of Ananas Noire:

I've been impressed with it.

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lalameija(8 oregon)

I too think is is Ananas Noire. MIne looks just like that. Isn't it the most beautiful thing? I took a bunch to work and everyone oohed and aahed about it, about the flavor also. My FAVORITE!

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