Polish Linguisa

richard30(6 Eastern MA.)September 4, 2009

Would anyone else here recommend Polish Linguisa. I grew several this year for the first time. I wanted to try a new paste tomato. Like most others in my area my garden has been plagued with diseases this year. The plants that are partialy surviving have numerous fruits but they seem to ripen at the bottom of the fruit and then the top half stays green. If I wait till the top ripens the bottom is past its prime. I have tried to remove them early and let them ripen inside but I did not have any better results. I wasn't sure if it was the crazy season this year or if others have had the same problems.

What do others in the New England area recommend for paste tomatoes? This is my second year making my own sauce. If others have had problems with Polish Linguisa before than I will not give them another shot next year. I don't want to go through the same thing again. I find it too watery to make sauce without any paste tomaotes. I would like to use a good mix of tomatoes for the floavor.

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I've grown Polish Linguisa and find them to be very similar to Opalka. In this cooler summer, I find that many of my varieties, especially the larger ones, have more green shoulders or uneven ripening of one whole side than in a normal summer. That said, I do remember both long pastes in other years may have been a little slow to color up the stem end, but normally a couple of days in the house would take care of it. I don't think Polish Linguisa is unusual for this, in my experience.

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richard30(6 Eastern MA.)

Thanks ddsack. I will give them another shot next year.

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I've grown Polish Linguisa two times, once in a very dry year and this year in a very wet season. Both times Polish Linguisa showed high susceptibility to leaf wilt.

Grown at the same time, Ludmilla's Red Plum and Opalka were both more productive and less susceptible to leaf diseases than Polish Linguisa, in my limited experience with those three varieties ... and they tasted just as good or better. Heidi is another productive, open pollinated Roma type tomato.

Plum Regal is a new hybrid plum saladette/paste tomato that is highly disease resistant, tasty, high-vitamin content, etc. And it gives two huge concentrated sets of tomatoes per plant before going out of production as a determinate short bush. Great tomato.

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I have been growing Polish linguisa for 5 years. They are the best tomatoes. I have never ever had any problem with them. I am very surprised to learn that you guys have problems with them. Maybe it is climate related but I've never experienced that phenomenon of uneven ripening, and I've been growing tomatoes for 10 years. Polish linguisa in very sweet, delicious to eat raw, and very productive until frost.

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I agree with you that Polish Linguisa is a good flavored tomato, but I continued to have disease problems every time I grew them. So, I recommend Opalka as an alternate. I never had a problem with Opalka when grown in same conditions, same year, same gardens. And I've grown Linguisa from two commercial sources with same results, same symptoms. That was enough for me. Glad someone else was able to enjoy a good tasting paste, though.

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