Tomatoes just not ripening!

jan_wi5(5 West Allis)September 14, 2011

Anyone else in the Milwaukee WI area having this problem? I have loads of big tomatoes but they're all as green as green can be. Even my cherry tomatoes are poking along with only a couple here and there getting red. I should've been canning them and enjoying BLTs long ago! Is there anything that can be done to speed things up a bit? Or do I just have to be a little more patient?

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dickiefickle(5B Dousman,Wi.)

Did you plant them late ? Nothing but time ripens them naturaly ,With possible frost due in our area take precautions so your crops dont freeze . I dont have this problem as all my plants are done for by disease.

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I am in the area and everybody I know is having the same problem. This is due to our very cold spring and then when the plants started to bloom we had temps in the 90's so most flowers did not set fruit until the temps dropped. My plants had a few fruit at the bottom and then there was another 2-3 feet of growth before fruiting resumed. That gap was our heat wave. I am just now starting to eat some maters usually I begin August 1.

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Same problem here in North Colorado. It seems that every thing just stood still all the month of August with the heat. Now the plants look good with many green one, but because of the cool days they don.t ripen. My only hope is a very late frost.

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Same here in NW Ohio.

I keep lookin' at those big ol' greenies.

I've only had to cover 'them once...frost scare.

I sure hope I can have enough to enjoy! It gets pretty cool, at night.

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I am in Baraboo, Wisconsin and I am having exactly the same issue. I did a Brandywine in a container and it produced rather prolifically, but only 3 of my tomatoes ripened in August. Now September is almost over and I am looking at all the many green tomatoes still on the plant as it rains and rains and the temperature sticks in the 50's. I don't hold much hope for any more ripening before the first frost. And from my experience Brandywine do not ripen well off the vine. Disappointing season.

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You can accelerate ripening on the vine by reducing watering, pinching off flowers, picking small fruit, pinching off yellowed leaves, and shifting roots. Here's a link that may help.

Here is a link that might be useful: 10 ways to ripen tomatoes on the vine

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