tomato horn worm

ChicagoDeli37September 3, 2012

Is there a specific time if year these guys decide to come out?

The last few weeks I've been noticing a lot of black balls on the ground under my tomatoes that im assuming is their sh*t. I've found a few big ones but then the next day there's more balls ..

Is this time of year time for them or am I just starting to notice them?

Where do they even come from and how could I get rid of them without actually searching for hours...

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Don't know about timing, but I had one in June. Then Saturday, there were three. Fortunately, parasitic wasps had done their thing on two of them.

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I am killing about 2-5 a day on just 3 plants for the past 2 weeks. But I live in the big riddled humid hell of NC

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wertach zone 7-B SC

I haven't had a single one all year! It may be because I was very diligent last year. I had a bunch of volunteer toms that came up far away from my garden, so I thought that I would experiment.

When I found one with parasitic wasps on it I moved it to the volunteers. Then each one I found afterwards I moved it there also. Within days they would have parasitic wasps on them.

I'm not sure if that helped or not, but it made me feel good!

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BT is the best. I don't think I would have had one plant after the Spring because of those little brats. Spray it on the veggies only, and before you see a mad breakout, and you should be fine I think!

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You can look for waste to help find the worm & pick it off.
The moth comes out in Spring in S.C., then lays eggs on tomato plants. The worm eats his fill in a few days & falls to the soil below , then digs in. We are blessed with a long growing here & the worm become a moth & lays eggs again in July. So I get two crops of THW, but I only got 6 worms this year. Mostly because I hand picked them, tilled in the fall to kill most of the worms in Pupae form & rotate my crops.
The wasps (2 kinds) help a lot.
Trap plants help also.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kill Tomato Horn Worm

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